Me Ben and Dan part 1


Ben and Dan are both similar in appearance, they are both delightfully skinny and have very soft facial feature. Dan has brown hair and Ben has blonde and we all share the same taste in porn.
Our day started out very normal, meeting up at Bens to watch porn. AS we went upstairs to Ben room Dan mention he had located some animal porn, Ben and I nodded in pleasure. Which featured some voluptuous women, a sort haired brunette with nipples on a wall and a deliciously hair pussy and arm pits. Also a tall curvy girl with red hair and huge naturally saggy boobs, and a black stallion with a tasty looking 16 inch cock. We were all particularly horny and were masturbating in sink in no time. We couldn’t keep our eyes off of what was happening on screen. At this point two women were licking the horse cock up and down. Soon the brunette grabbed a crate and centered it under the horse and you can image what happened next. I look to ben and dan and saw they were as excited as me. With in minutes of the horse entering the woman I felt an orgasm coming, grabbed a cup and blew my load into it. Within seconds Dan and Ben were also cumming and I handed them the cup. We pulled our pants up and turned on cable TV
A few hours passed and to our own disbelief we heard the back door open. It was Bens bitchy sister Becky, Ben ran down to find out why she was home. She asked Ben what we were doing and Ben said, "not much just watching TV.


  " Ben asked her the same and she said there mom had sent her home to bring us up to their aunt Judy’s farm. But she had to shower first. Ben ran back up and told us the news and said we should have lots to do on the farm. Dan heard the shower start and tapped me and said we should try and take a peak. So while Ben was fixated on the TV we walked down the hall to the bathroom door. I grabbed the handle and slowly twisted it sightly open. We looked threw to see Becky big beautiful ass bent over while she adjusted the water. This was our first time seeing her nude and to our shock we noticed a dark strip running up her crack, this was a shock because we thought she was a natural blonde. She stepped in the tube and closed the curtain, we returned to watching tv. Ben noticed our bulges and smiled but he warned us if she caught us he didn’t know what she would do. 20 minutes later we heard the shower being turned off and Becky’s bedroom door close. Next we heard her storming down the hall way and Bens door burst opened. We turned to see Becky in nothing but a towel. She scream, "which of you little fuck’s was peeping at me. " I could do nothing but smile and Becky walked over grabbed me by the jaw, noticed the cup from earlier and smiled.

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   She the poor the contents of the cup into my mouth, plugged my nose and held my jaw closed until I swallowed the salty mess. Then she smacked me and said, " don’t fuck we me you wont be able to handle the back lash. " Then she left and Dan and Ben could do nothing but laugh and Ben said, "I told you so. "
Half an hour later we loaded in to the car. . . . to be continued. . . .
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