My mentor.


My mentor.

As a young teen guy,I'd found a mentor which had much interest of everything I found of interest. Motorbikes,football,pubs and of course the female form. I can't recall how he became my mentor but that's of no consequence here. Least to say my step father and I had nothing in common.
A craggy tallish bloke in his 40/50s I found out in conversations with him of a manly nature shall we sat,that he put it about a bit with the knowledge of his wife. Further he had a bit of a reputation close at home as a womanisor. He told me when we were doing bike repairs or at swimming or the pub about which of his neigbours he'd screwed. I thought at first it wasall bull,but found out by watching it was in fact very true. - All of it.
He also had a weird but funny presence of mind that I found interesting to say the least. For example. His motorbike broke down,his exclamation was. . . Ahh, The great god of machinery tells me to open the gearbox and replace the spring.

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   - The bastard knows its a shit of a job because its at the back of the gear train. - IT WAS.
Another time when my own bike was burning oil. . . Aah,the great god of oily parts recommends me to take you to see George the wonderous turner of all re-bores in this neck of the woods. George re-bored my pot and replaced the piston and rings. JOB DONE.
There was many more examples! but one relative to this tale I must relate. . . While swimming one Sunday,a buxom wench swimming on her back allowed one of her ample breast to escape from the top of her costume. Immediately my mentor was at it. . .

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   Aah,the sign has come,the nymphet of breasts has sent the signal. I have to explain all things about woman's breasts to you and by the look of the crease - See boy as she rises like a mermaid,see there,look between her legs,the very crease that created us. I SAW & LIKED THE PLAN.
Anyway,he helped me in growing up by these common interests. This particular happening came about quite by accident and you may think it weird. So here goes;
He'd made it clear over time that he had an interest in my divorced aunt and claimed he gave her every assistance in her hours of need. I wasn't stupid and knew perfectly well he meant he fucked her. Up until then I hadn't been around and had never saw her getting it,but I had saw one of his neighbours wife's getting it or at least her pulling her knickers back on having just got it. As I had been told by his wife where he was at. I entered looking for him. No comment was made by the neighbours wife but she certainly knew I'd seen her pussy fur before it got hidden by her errant knickers. - "Will it be okay?" - Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! He's alright,aren't you cowboy,just saw a bit but that's all wunnit?" - With a stiffy rising I assured all I hadn't really saw anything. - "See Ivy,sound as a pound this one" A slap on my shoulder, - "Go on then,What's up?" - "Nothing,just wondered where you were,we're going down to see how the plant works,remember" - "Oh yeah,I hadn't forgot,is it that time already?" - Not for my ears I suspect,he said, - "Got a go Ive' - Quietly now to her - He'd make you jiggle,fancy a try with his?" - A clear response came back, - "Get off with you,you dirty old sod,I'd blow him out as bubbles" Indignantly I thought like hell,I'd make you scream for me to stop!
"AAH! The great god of love, - she's tempted to let you fill your boots there!I laughed as only youth can, "She's older than mum" - "That's the one's boy,those with the sands of youth running out takes without scrupples. You've never had one I bet?" - I nodded NO! - "AHH! To worship the pussy is no shame,want me to fix it,the great god of sex has said its time. .

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  . Come on lets see the plant,remember on our way back I have to divert,yet another calling from that god I feel.
We spent several hours in the plant and especially interesting was the tea room talk. Much of which was about women or more like their sexual attributes. My mentor took the leading roll and had the neck to say,your missus should be all the better for the experience. I couldn't believe my ears he'd just told a mate he'd just fucked his wife. What's more I knew it was true because I'd just seen them at it. "Ahh,she's cock mad,I'd never cope without your help,buy us a drink for it when we see you in the pub"
My cock hardened again,was the whisper more real than a joke as I thought,was my mentor diverting to get me a fuck with her?
Riding pillion off we went,but disappointment descended as we passed the house with the wife in from earlier. Abruptly stopping round the corner at my aunts. - "Aah, the sex god says wait out here,but enter in about ten minutes. It takes time you see,time that is all it takes" - I waited on edge, I so wanted to see him fucking aunty. Forever I'd spent time trying to see her pubes and a couple of times I'd got lucky and spent many moments masterbating over the image of that pussy fur and hidden slit.
I could wait no longer, entering the door, conveniently left on the latch. I knew exactly what was happening. My aunt was having or nearing an orgasm,I assumed that she was being fucked.

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   "You will! I command you" - NO!NO! Don't make me what would my sister say if she ever found out?" - "I assure you she won't,anyway she's overdue for a good cocking" - "Come on woman,it'll be good for you!!" - Frantic squealing and exagerated gasps followed, - "No! No! its so wrong! Okay! Okay! I will. . . When? When? When have I got too" - "Now,Right now while you're still hot and willing" - Hearing movement upstairs I moved from the stairwell onto a handy seat in the living room. They appeared,my aunt looking hot and flustered, - "You're here,did you hear us?" - I nodded a NO, see sound as a pound" - "Over there then,sit!" - My aunt sat and held her dress down over her knees. I had a full hard on from listening and was sure my aunt had agreed to my inaugeration.
Boy its time,your aunt thinks as I do,you need breaking into love like any colt does too a saddle. Ha! Ha! bit similar really,its all about riding after all" I felt sheepish now,not because I never dreamed my aunt would be the one but more because I had no idea how to start doing her. My mentor had thought of that it seems. "Cowboy,your aunt is very hot already,I've seen to that,No I haven't fucked her, have I Brenda?" - A NO was nodded - "So settle back now Bren' and let it happen" I'm not sure who was the most apprehensive,her or myself. I could see she had her legs closed but not tightly, My mentor placed his hand between them and tried pressing them apart,they slightly responded before she covered her eyes with her hands then as if she could hide she grabbed a cushion and held it over her face. This must have helped her because as he pressed at her thighs now with both hand she opened allowing my first real look at her pussy. Without a word my mentor indicated for me to come closer and as I did he lifted first one leg over the edge of the chair arm and then although she resisted at his attempt to put the other over he said, "Come on Bren' don't be difficult he's already looking at your hole its just he needs more room to get between your thighs" Her dress was way up now showing the white belly and milky thighs with the puffiness and darker shades of her labias with her mass of curly pubes.
In wonderment I looked and went to touch her pussy. Mentor nodded but indicated for me to strip down my trousers and stuff.

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   I had no problem there as my rampant hardon came into view. "He's got a real nice sized one for you Bren' Take a look" - Her head nodded a NO as on touching her cunt slit for the first time, she jerked and it released a dribble of love juice that trickled towards her ass crack. I had too feel it proper,I just loved how soft her tanned inner labias were,all puckered and warm. My mentors fingers opened the petals,the pinkness made my cock dribble precum, and lifting the hood,tickle her on that little bean. I touched he clitoris and her ass trembled as I started to play around it. The cushion got pressed in harder to aunts face as her body started responding to my touching. Little whimpers started from the cushion and as her body moved in rythm to my touches, - "She's ready for you,go on my cocker,fill your boots. He took over wanking her clit as I moved between her thighs proper. My hardon touched her pussy lips and she knew exactly what it was as she brought one hand down and felt my cock while trying to press it to her slit. - "Ram it in,she's hungry can't you see"
Without further ado I rammed my cock into my first wet warm slippery,Oh so slippery vagina. It was amazing,as I felt my hairs touch hers and my ball sack slap at her ass cheeks her thighs wrapped around and her calves gripped my bum cheeks as she humped at me for all she was worth, Somewhere my mentor had unwrapped her tits and as they flopped about with nipples like organ stops I gripped at her waist digging my hands around her hips for purchase and pounded my first ever shot of cum into my own aunt. The feeling of her vagina around my cock was all I ever imagined and more as her muscles worked themselves on my throbbing hardon.
Not stopping now I ran and ramped my cock into her sploggy sex hole untill she screached FUCK ME! FUCK ME! Make him fuck me you fucking perv' Its all your fault,you fucking perv' AAH! AAH! OOH! I'MMM CU-MM-INGGG! She did as did I. We now lay me on top of her as she emerged from under the cushion, OO OO You randy little swine, I never dreamed you were capable of doing that to me. OO OO OO! My pussy's all a tingle,you must never tell anyone,nor you you perv' Her attempt at looking annoyed didn't fool anyone, as her legs were still wrapped round me holding me into her cunt.

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She dropped them down and I pulled out of her. A slug of my cum followed my cock out. She put her hand to her cunt and drew it through the slit then looking at the proceeds on it wiped my cum onto her dress. All this time I was marvelling at her still letting me study her vagina.
"I suppose I'll have to let you come to bed with me tonight now" - "See boy,just like I told you!" She ignored this but I knew what he meant, - Youth running away,these women cut to the chase. I smiled as did he. - "Go on pervy,you may as well leave him here now I 'spose"
God I love my aunt!.