Alien Planet


Col.  Sheppard  and Samantha Carter were imprisoned on an alien planet.  

"Who were those people that took us?" asked Sheppard.

"I don't know, I've never been here before. " Carter said.

Carter was wearing a tight black shirt that showed off her amazing boobs. Attached to that shirt was a walkie talkie.

An alien came to the cell. As he did, Carter's walkie talkie went off.

"what was that?" asked the alien. "

"Nothing" said Carter.

"Give me your shirt" said the alien.

"Here just take the walkie talkie" she said.

"No!" yelled the alien.

Carter realized she had no choice. She took off her shirt leaving her in just her black bra and pants.

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"Now your pants" said the alien. He looked at Sheppard. "You too, shirt and pants. "

They both had to agree. Carter stripped herself of her pants leaving her in just her black bra and her black panties. Sheppard then took off his shirt and pants, leaving him in his boxers.

The alient left.

Sheppard couldn's help but notice how nice Carter's breasts were and how fine her legs looked. Without even knowing he started to get a boner.

Carter noticed his raging hard-on, even though he didn't.

"Um, Colonel, you might want to put that away. " She said, looking right at his dick.

"Oh, god, I'm sorry" he said as he put his hands over his dick trying to cover it.

"It's ok, i can understand, I am half naked. I could only assume you would get hard.

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There was silence for a moment.

"um. . Colonel, do you think since we are here anyway, do you want to pass the time?"


Carter stood up and unhooked her bra.

"Do you like my big tits?" she said.

"oh. . . . yes. "

"take off those boxers. "

As he was doing that she was taking off her panties.

She pushed Sheppard on the ground with his penis pointing up. She got down on her knees and put her hand around his dick. She slowly started to jack him off.

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He started moaning. She started jerking faster and faster.

"I'm gunna cum!" he said.

She stopped and put her mouth around his dick and started to suck him off.

"ohhhhh. . . . "

Sheppard blew his load into Carter's mouth.

"time to return the favor. " she said.

She sat down. Sheppard sat down and moved his face inbetween her fine legs. He started to eat her pussy.

"oh yeah, thats it.

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  " She threw her head back in pleasure.

Sheppard continued.

"oooh, OOOOOH IM CUMMING!" She came on his face.

"Are you ready for the main course?" she said.

"Oh yeah. " He said.

Sheppard laid down with his rock hard cock in the air. Carter came over and slid her pussy onto his cock, with her facing him. She started bouncing up and down.

"oooh yeah!" they said in unison.

She continued to fuck him. Sheppard grabbed her perfect ass as she did it. Then he started fondling her boobs.

"ooh, your boobs are perfect. I dont know why we didnt do this before!"

"oh my god! im cumming!" sheppard yelled as he shot his load into her.

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Carter came right after that.

She collapsed onto him.