Bangin At Bayside


   Saved By The Bell, Bangin At Bayside part 1 { mf,m solo,ff }
 Kelly Kapowski and Zack Morris were on a date to the movie. They weren't watching the
movie though because
they were busy making out. Zach was kissing Kelly and reaching undr her shirt to play with
her small but firm tits. Kelly felt Zack reach under her bra and her nipples were hard as
pebbles and her pussy was getting very wet. They had been dating for about 2 months and this
was as far as she had let him get but she really liked it and she wanted more. Zack was
really excited as he squeezed her small tits and pinched her hard nipples. He started to
move his hand down her flat stomach and in between her thighs and under her mini skirt
rubbing her pussy through her panties. This caused Kelly to moan loudly into Zacks mouth
and spred her legs wider. Kelly put her hand into Zacks lap and felt the lump of his cock
and she started squeezing it. Zack said "lets go to my house my parents aren't home and we
can have alot more fun. " Kelly knew she should say no but she was tired of being "the
goodgirl" she wanted to have fun and she wanted to see what sex felt like.
They were barely inside when Zack started kissing her again and started lifting her shirt
up. He couldn't believe this was happening he had wanted Kelly for as long as he had known
the difference between boys and girls. He got her shirt off and unfastened her bra then he
pulled it off and let it drop to the floor. Zack dropped his head down and took her right
nipple into his mouth and started sucking it and flicking it with his tounge. This caused
Kelly to moan and she said "oh Zack that feels so good.

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  "He pulled her skirt off leaving her
standing there with just a pair of blue bikini panties on. Zack dropped to his knees and
started to pull her panties down very slowly. He got them down and there right infront of
his face was the most beautiful sight he had seen in his 14 year life. Kelly's pussy had
just a small patch of black hair and her lips were completely bare and he could see
moisture on them. Zack leaned in stuck his tounge out and started licking her slit. He had
heard of eating pussy but this was his first taste and he loved it. Kelly moaned and her
knees started to buckle so she sat down on the couch and spread her legs wider so he could
get his tounge deeper into her hole. Kelly had never felt anything like this before she had
been masturbating since she was 12 but this felt a thousand times better. Zack was licking
deep in her hole and loving the taste of her juices which were flowing like water. He
licked the length of her slit and when he hit her clit Kelly screamed "OH MY GOD ZACK KEEP
LICKING THERE. "Zack concentrated on her clit and stuck a finger in her pussy and started
fucking her with it. Kelly's hips were bucking wildly and she could feel herself getting
ready to cum. She said "Oh Zack lick my pussy. Suck my clit. I'm going to cum all over your

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  " She let out a lound squeal and her hips bucked up as her orgasm hit her spraying
pussy juice all over Zacks face.
  Zack crawled up next to her and kissed her she could taste herself on his tounge and she
liked it. Kelly started taking Zack's clothes off. She loved his smooth chest without a hair
on it. Then she undid his jeans and pulled them and his underwear off. She reached out and
grabbed his cock. She had never seen one before and she was excited to have a cock in her
hand. Kelly didn't know how big one was supposed to be but she was happy with Zacks 6 and
1/2 incher. Zack reached down and put his hand on Kellys and started moving it up and
down. He was moaning and saying "I've dreamed of you stoking my cock and now here you are
doing it. Oh Kelly that feels so good. Please Kelly suck my cock I want to feel your lips
around it. "Kelly leaned over and stuck her tounge out and licked the head. This sent a
shiver down Zacks back and he moaned "oh Kelly yes lick my dick. Open your lips and slide
them down over the head.

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  Oh my god that feels great. " Kelly saw a drop of precum at the slit
and licked it off. WOW she thought that tastes great. She opened her mouth and started
sliding Zacks cock into her mouth. She could only get about half of it in her mouth before
she started to gag but she loved the way it felt and the way it tasted,she totally loved
sucking cock! Kelly kept bobbing her head up and down then she reached down and started
rubbing Zacks hairless balls. Zack could feel his cum starting to rise up his cock and he
told Kelly "I'm gonna cum if you don't stop I'm gonna fill your mouth with my juice. " Kelly
took her mouth off his cock long enough to say "Come on Zack shoot your load in my mouth I
want to taste it and drink it all. "That was all Zack could take and his orgasm hit shooting
5 large spurts of cum into Kellys mouth. She did her best to swallow it all but there was
too much and it started dripping out of her mouth and running down his cock into his brown
pubic hair. She loved the taste of cum and knew she would have to have more.
 Kelly crawled on the couch next to Zack and began kissing him hard. She was still very
horny and said "Zack I want to feel you inside me. Please stick your big dick in my pussy
and fuck me till I scream. "
 Zack began fingering Kelly's pussy again and said "I want to fuck you so bad I'm about to
die. " He started to crawl in between her legs when they heard the grandfather clock chime
on the half hour.


  Zack looked at the clock it was 10:30. He knew Kelly had to be home by
11:00 and it was a 15 minute walk to her house. He told her"we'll have to wait because I
have to get you home,because your dad sad if you were late again you would be grounded for
2 months and I can't imagine waiting 2 months for another date. "
 "You're right Zack but we"ll have to wait till next week because my family is going to my
grandmothers in the morning and won't be back till Sunday night. "
 They got up and got dressed as Kelly started to put her panties on Zack said "let me keep
these it will help make the week go faster. "
  "Zack you're so nasty,let me have my panties. "
  He handed them to her and she took them and wiped them along her slit soaking up more of
her tasty juices. She handed them to him and said "this should make the week even better. "
  Zack walked her home and all the way there he kept his hand on her beautiful ass rubbing
it with every step. They kissed goodnight on the front porch each knowing next Friday was
going to be FANTASTIC.
 Zack went home cleaned up the livingroom then went to his room to go to bed. He laid there
but couldn't get Kelly off his mind. He took Kelly's panties and laid them on his face
while he reached down and started stroking his hard cock. He had Kelly"s panties in his
mouth and the taste was driving him closer to orgasm then he reached down with his left
hand and started rubbing his balls. His middle finger on his left hand accidentaly rubbed
across his asshole causing him to shudder and moan.

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  He was curious so he licked his finger
and inserted it into his asshole he moaned out loud and thought this feels really good. He
started fucking himself with his finger while stroking his dick at the same time. That was
all he could take and cum shot from his cock. The first spurt landed on his chin and then
some on his chest the rest on his stomach and hand and arm. Zack had a strange urge to taste  his cum,he had gotten a small taste when he had kissed Kelly after she had sucked him
off,but now he wanted more. He stuck his tounge out and licked his chin the taste was
amazing he scooped it all up and lcked his hand clean then fell asleep and dreamed of
 Kelly had gone into her room and started getting ready for bed she took her top off then
her bra she wasn't happy with her tits they were very small she only wore a size 32A bra
and that was mainly to keep her nipples from shoing through her shirt. Her ass on the other
hand was nothing less than spectacular. Everybody stared at it she had even heard some of
the boys call it "an onion ass" because just looking at would bring a tear to your eyes. She
was just about to take her skirt off when her little sister Nikki walked in.
"Hi Kelly how was your date with Zack?"
"It was fine Nikki we went to the movie and had a really good time. And don't you know how
to knock? I was just getting ready for bed. "Kelly said as she grabbed her night shirt and
put it on.   
 Kelly didn't know that Nikki had a crush on Zack and that her pussy got wet just from the
thought of him. Kelly pulled her skirt off and when she did Nikki saw she wasn't wearing any  panties.

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"Oh I've already taken them off. "
"Idon't see them on the floor. Did you forget them at Zacks? Did you let him play with your
"Nikki how could you say that? You know I don"t do that. Besides it's none of your business
"Come on Kelly I know you get horny and play with yourself, I do too. I know if I was you
I'd be all over Zack any chance I got. I just want to hear the juicy details so I can enjoy
myself too. "
"Nikki I can't believe you're talking like that. You're too young to be thinking things
like that. "
"Geez Kelly I'm almost 13 and it's not like I haven't done anything. "
"Oh really, and what exactly have you done?"
"Well you Know Johnny that lives around the corner? I've seen his cock and even played with
it. I also let him see my pussy and play with it. "
"I don't believe it,you're just making it up. "
"No I'm not Kelly. I've even messed around with my friend Shelly. And boy was that fun.

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"Are you serious? You've played around with another girl? I can't imagine what that would
Just the thought Of Nikki messing around with Shelly was making Kelly's pussy wet. Shelly
was a very pretty redhead jr. high cheerleader.
"Oh god Kelly it was great. First we played with each other then she went down on me and
licked my pussy. Have you ever had your pussy licked? It feels great. Then I went down on
her it was so much fun and she tasted so good and that red hair on her pussy and the
freckles. Just the thought of it is making me wet right now. " As she said this Nikki
reached down into her panties and started rubbing herself.
 Kelly couldn't believe Nikki was standing in her room masturbating right in front of her.
Then she realized she was too.
"Tell me more Nikki I'd like to Know what it's like. "
"Kelly I can show you a whole lot easier. "
 With that Nikki leaned in and kissed Kelly on the lips. Kelly was shocked and started to
say something but when she opened her mouth Nikki slipped her tounge inside and that was
all Kelly needed.

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  She started kissing back and Nikki reached down and slid a finger into
Kelly's cunt. Kelly moaned and Nikki pushed her back onto the bed. Nikki stood up and lifted
her shirt over her head exposing a nice pair of tits. Kelly couldn't believe her sister who
was 13 months younger had bigger tits. Nikki thought it was funny she already wore a 32B
bra. Nikki also had blonde hair compared to Kelly's black. Nikki pulled her panties
revealing a very tiny patch of light brown hair on her pussy. Nikki layed down on the bed
with Kelly and started sucking on Kelly's nipples going from one to the other. Her hand was
sliding down to Kelly's pussy then she slid her middle finger in and started moving it in
and out. She licked her way down to Kelly's pussy then buried her face in it licking from
the bottom of her slit to the top. Kelly couldn't believe her little sister was licking her
pussy she knew it was wrong but she didn't care. Nikki started licking lower getting closer
to Kelly's asshole. Then with no warning she pushed Kelly's legs up higher and buried her
tounge up Kelly's ass. Kelly had never felt anything like this before and she started
shivering and shaking. Then Nikki pulled her tounge out and stuck her finger in Kelly's

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  Nikki started licking her clit while at the same time fingering her ass. That did it
that was all she could take and Kelly screamed into a pillow as she came all over her
little sister's face.
 They layed in each others arms for a few minutes gently kissing and Kelly said "that
was amazing now it's my turn. "
 She kissed her way down and sucked Nikki's left nipple then her right her hand was busy
playing with Nikki's pussy. She kissed her way down and while looking at Nikki's young pussy
she thought "now's the moment of truth can I relly lick my sister's pussy? Hell yes I can. "
and she dove in and started licking. Kelly licked Nikki just like she had licked Kelly she
even licked her asshole. Nikki was squirming and moaning she told Kelly "put your finger up
my ass like I did you. " Kelly did as she was told and started fucking Nikki's ass with her
finger. Nikki was groaning and said " put another one in " Kelly did and Nikki exploded
humping her pussy hard into Kelly's mouth.
  As they layed there holding each other Nikki said " tell me about Zack,how big is his cock
Did you suck it? Did he eat you? Did he fuck you? Tell me everything and when can I join
 They laughed and played with each other as Kelly told her all they had done.
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