Benji Madden [A NIght To Remeber] Billy Mariot


Sweat dripped off of Benjis nose. He jumped around rapidly moving his hand up and down the shaft of his guitar. He looked up to Joel, as he hopped around the stage singing his little heart out. Benji couldnt help but think to himself Wimp. He then looked more to the left to Billy. His white shirt was soaked with sweat. He could barely make out two nipple pairings. He stared a little longer and then broke contact. The concert didnt take long to end. He smashed up his guitar, it was lame anyways. He made his way to the back of the stage. He took a towel from a nearby person, and wiped off the many beads of sweat accumulated. Behind him Billy stalked and wrapped his hands around Benjis shoulders. Hey there, He smiled slyly. I couldnt help but notice you starring at me. He smiled even more.

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  Benji looked back down to his still-soaked shirt. He made an evil smiled and pinched the silver ring that hung from his nipple. Maybe just a little more starring then usual. Billy slightly moaned in his throat and stared with lust-filled eyes and Benji. Well I got the idea from you! He looked down to his perked nipples and said Its just too bad you dont wear white so we can't see them. Benji laughed a little and took Billys smaller frame into his own. He reached down and grabbed Billys firm ass. Billy made a deep purr, and then wrapped his large hands around Benjis neck. Benji came closer and licked Billys lower lip. He bit his piercing and then bit harder on his lip. He practically swallowed his lips in his warm mouth. He prodded with his tongue, begging for entrance. Billy opened his mouth, a little too enthusiastically. There was a slight Ahem From the side, and both men jumped looking to Joel. Joel raised his eyebrow, and winked.

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   You could take this somewhere private. Benji starred with wide eyes and then paused. Youre right. He took Billys hand and dragged him out of the stuffy building. He could hear screaming fans nearby. He looked at two vehicles in the parking lot. There was a huge tour bus, and small sport motorcycle. Benji gravitated towards the motorcycle and took the leather jacket. Mmm Leather He said, in a deep voice to Billy. Billy smiled shyly. They both put their helmets on, just in case. Not like Benji was a crazy driver. Benji got on first, followed by Billy. Benji moaned as he felt Billy run his hardness on him from the back. Billy wrapped his arms around Benji, giving a tight squeeze.

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  They were soon zooming down various streets. They were practically in the middle of nowhere, when Benji stopped. There was a forest nearby, and Benji led Billy inside the humongous maze. Umm, do you know where you are going? Whispered Billy. Benji gave a confident smile, and led him on a little faster. I took my first serious girlfriend out here. He said. They passed an abandoned Shack, and continued. Billy could hear the sensual sound of running water. They came to a small pond with several rocks in the middle. There was a louder sound of beating water. And Billy looked to a small waterfall. Benji took Billys hand and led him into the fairly cold water. Benji giggled at the soon shivering from Billy. Cold? He crooned.

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   Billy just nodded. Well, youll be warm sooner. Benji rubbed Billys wide shoulders. He looked down seeing that his shirt was once again completely see-thru. He moaned at his need in his crotch. Benji once again took Billys lips in his teeth, and bit down hard. He heard a moan from the smaller man. He took his hands and placed them on Billys slim waist. Billy tugged at Benjis shirt, willing him to take the extra cloth off. Benji realized this and helped peal the wet fabric of his broad chest. Billy rubbed Benjis moobs. He took Benjis spiked metal nipple piercing in his soft hands. Benji began to unstrap his studded belt. And pull down the zipper. He looked to Billy and thrust his hands through Billys hair.

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   Take off your clothes, He said in a husky demanding voice. Billy obeyed, getting turned on by Benjis demands. He took of his wet shirt and through it into the river. Not realizing it would probably float off and he would have to go to the tour bus naked. He began to unbutton his pants and un-zip them. They swiftly fell to his knees. He then slipped off his black boxers revealing his hard cock. Benji looked at him, with mischief glowing in his eyes. Gosh Billy, no wonder you get all the hot girls, He bent down and licked the tip of Billys slick shaft. Billy moaned grabbing for Benjis head. Dontdont stop! Benji just smiled and took Billys chin in his hand. He pulled down making Billy kneel in the water. The water came up to his nose. He could barely breathe. Benji slipped his pants and boxers all the off and then shoved Billys head down making his warm mouth enclose around his needy cock.

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   Benji moaned at the warm tunnel around his cock. Billy began to lick the tip and deep-throat his large cock. He bobbed his head back and forth. He began to gasp for air and gag at Benjis large shaft. Benji began to gravitate towards the waterfall, making the water deeper and Billy squirm more. Billy began to feel light-headed and he needs to show Benji that he needed air. He took his teeth and chomped them on Benjis huge member. There was a gasp from Benji, and he stopped pushing Billy in the water. Billy gasped up for air, and took in large breaths. Billy realized it was a mistake. He whimpered at Benjis scowling glare. Owww Benji growled in a deep voice. That was a bit. rude. Benji reached out and grabbed Billys small frame.

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   The water fall was nearby and Benji shoved Billy onto the hard rock surface. Benji took both of Billys hands in one of his and held them back. He then took Billys knees and rested them on his wide shoulders. Billy moaned, and Benji just starred taking in Billys revealed entrance. Benji took Billys head and pushed it back, drowning him in the waterfall. He then took his fingers and rubbed around Billys tight hole. He entered one finger in the hole and prodded deep sliding inside and out. Billy twitched. Benji didnt wait long before he entered another finger. There was a gasp of pain from Billy as Benji shoved them in and out with a fast pace. Hurts, huh? He growled. He then entered a third finger and smashed Billy with a purpose. Billy though he would faint from pain until Benji hit his prostate. Pleasure flamed inside of him and he arched his back moaning. There was an evil chuckle from Benji, as he prodded Billys magic spot again and again.

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   He then took his fingers from his warm entrance. He then positioned his hard cock right outside of Billys hole. He then thrust forcefully into Billy. Benji moaned in pleasure and Billy screamed in pain. Benji thrust again, this time causing pleasure to them both. He nailed Billys pleasure spot. Together they rocked back and forth in unison. Benji then took Billys cock in his hand and jacked him off. Billy collapsed at the double pleasure. Billy couldnt hold back any more and arched his back. His whole body shook with pleasure and his orgasm rolled over him. His cock pulsed and then his white fluid rocketed out of his cock. It hit the waterfall washing out into the pond. Benji took his hands back and licked them. MmmBenji, seeing Billys orgasm, couldnt hold himself back.

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   He nailed Billy one more time and then he felt himself explode. He took his shaft out of Billy and watched as his cum leaked out of Billys ass. Billy, fell over, and Benji fell on top of him. Benji gasped out Fuckthat was good. Billy smirked and then said, I still like Brittnie better. Benji raised an eyebrow and then once again fell on Billy. YeahKcs better too. Billy and Benji lay in each others arms. They were still sitting there, when the sun rose. They both opened their eyes in shock. Billy shoved Benji off and said Holy, shit we have to go, get the fuck up!Benji smiled and said, You werent this active last night. We get to go when I sayBitch! Cried out Billy. He tried once again to shove Benji off. He didnt succeed. Nope, youre my bitch now.

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  next to Kc. He slapped his ass. Billy howled. Of course, they really did have to go. So Benji got up getting dressed. Billy went to get dressed too and then realized that all his clothes had washed away. Benji went on a laughing fit, with the same realization. Now when we go back, everyone will know what happened, He continued to laugh uncontrollably. Billy pouted and then ran off, naked, into the woods. Benji followed still laughing like a maniac. When they reached the bike, Benji hopped. On smirked as Billy hoped on nakedly behind him. Lucky leathers semi-soft. He said and accelerated the engine. They continued the streets until they got back to the tour bus.


   Joel and Chris and were standing outside, starring with open mouths at Billy and Benji as they made their glorious entrance. Both were holding back their laughter as Billy hopped of holding crotch and running to the bus. Benji just fell off his bike laughing. He made his way to Joel, and said Yeahhe lost his clothes. Somehow. He smirked and then followed Billy to the bus. Joel and Chris just sat with gaping mouths and smirked. Stupid fags. WERE BI! yelled Benji on his way into the Bus. Joel just mouthed Same thing Benji found Billy begging Brittnie for clothes. He then saw the appalled look on Kcs face nearby. Benji just shrugged and said, Yeah we had sex. He just smiled and took Kc into his arms. Because Kc was used to Benjis kinky and exploring side, she shrugged and gave him a vigorous kiss. Brittnie in the meantime, was holding up clothes, leading Billy into the bedroom.

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   Then she cried out to Benji and Kc, Maybe we can join next time!.