Call to power pt1: Alex's training


Call to power pt 1: Alex’s training
Description: this is set hundreds of years before the events of star wars (its around the time Yoda is training to be a Jedi) the forces of the dark side are just as powerful as the forces of light and a silent truce has been made between the two forces.
P. s and names placed in from other Jedi movies or game references may not be accurate and for this I apologize. Oh and I don’t own star wars or star wars related concepts. I am a fan and I wrote this for personal means alone.
Alex shifted uncomfortably in his seat on the transport shuttle as he heard various moans escaping the confines of the nearby toilet “umm…ohh yeah right there…fuck yes… harder harder hardeeaahhhh!!” he blushed slightly as he noticed his cock was now fully erect and aching to be touched and it took all his will not to just pull his pants down and relieve himself I front of about 50 other students.
By the muffled fumbling in the stall Alex could tell they where finished and hurried to extinguish his lustful urges, kai had become quite good at sensing lustful urges a tribute to Jedi basic training (which is basically a 300 people orgy) but not Alex no he is one of the rare type that believe whole heartedly in the Jedi code.
First the girl came out looking slightly flushed and like the rest of Jedi students she was 19-21 depending how fast she graduated 5’9 quite tall for a Twi’lek Alex couldn’t be sure of her breast size on account of the lime green tentacles dangling over them but guessed a C although she did where clothes that accentuated them. While Alex was lost in thought the guy came out and looked at Alex and instinctively read him through the force
“Yes they’re a 32 C” the man said grinning at his own splendor.
“Oh hey Kai I saved you a seat” the 6’2 blue eyed Jedi student passed Alex and flopped into his seat as if standing was draining his very life essence. Kai has dark brown hair but always has it dyed silver (claims the girls love it) its stained into his hair now it wont even wash out but Kai doesn’t care, his hair is spiked up and because he hasn’t had it cut in a while it kind of flops to either side, although well built he purposely wore clothes that do not show this off he loves the reaction a girl gives him when they see his well toned body for the first time.
“I see you forgot to get your hair cut again Master Sheek told us to look our best when going to the Jedi Temple” Alex knew his answer before he gave it but loved to see what kind of spin he would put on it “agghh c’mon Alex” he was too exhausted to think of an excuse so he just didn’t “you know that hairdresser hates me ever since I fucked his girl”
“and besides I look better than you” Kai eyed up his friend who was wearing only plain ash brown clothing his blonde hair only slightly gelled and very short and what always perplexed Kai is that he also had green eyes he never understood how a blonde guy could have green eyes, everything other than his eyes screamed boring.
“What because I don’t dress like a man-whore. ” Alex gave him a half scornful and half playful look.
“Jealous” Alex gave a puzzled look “don’t even try and hide it I could sense you in the toilet and here is me thinking Jasmine was still horny…I tried to stick my finger up her ass” we both let out a series off laughs that only intensified when people kept giving us looks.
All the students strapped in while the shuttle began to land near the entrance of the Jedi temple when the shuttle doors opened Grand master Oden Ta’ll was pleasantly surprised to find all students standing at attention showing signs of respect, previous transports have shown students acting like spoilt children the 140yr old human grand master always believed that the academy was too soft on students and he had lost count on how many students that came from the academy failed to succeed at the Jedi temple.

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Master Jin Kenobi who was also a grand master as well as all on the council (it was a sign of respect to only call Oden Ta’ll it) was not shocked to find a familiar face amongst the new students he had sensed him coming long ago and had prepared himself for the encounter.
“Do you see him Jin?” obviously Grand master Ta’ll could sense Jin’s son also.
Jin was shocked by this master Ta’ll had lost much of his force power over the years (just one of the drawbacks of being human, go past 120 and risk brain failure a type of Alzheimer’s disease that even affects Jedi) and now he could sense an essence that he hadn’t sensed in 20 years.
“Don’t look so surprised my boy I could never forget anything I sensed that day” actually he only just sensed it when the shuttle doors opened but thought it best not to look surprised.
Alex was feeling a strange tension through the force although he was adept in this department he was only studying to become a Jedi sentinel and hadn’t completely focused on it, but as he glanced at Kai he noticed he was sensing it too but that contradicted me he was training to be a Guardian and wasn’t really as in tune with the force as he.
“Students you have all made it through basic Jedi training and have been chosen to learn to hone your skills, and in 12 weeks be shown to your respective Jedi masters where you will learn from them until he/she presents you before the council, where we will decide weather you are ready for the trails” they where hushed faces some even looked stricken as they realize this is the beginning of becoming a Jedi, Oden Ta’ll continued his speech “and if you pass you will then become a Jedi…you will fight to protect peace, justice, and democracy!” many students including Kai seemed proud of what they believe they will become Alex was becoming overcome not with pride but with anticipation his entire life was leading up to this he was going to make it happen “soon to be Jedi padawans welcome to the Jedi temple. ”
As the student turned to look upon the Jedi temple Alex couldn’t contain a gasp, he couldn’t believe how awe inspiring it all was the overall golden bronze made the temple look very rich and a little imposing, he then noticed the people in the four towers that encircle the main temple.
The student had began walking into the entrance of the temple and Alex couldn’t help but ask master Kenobi who was walking quite close to me and Kai “how many Jedi currently reside in the temple master Jin?” quite blunt and flat Jin stated “408 Jedi, 174 Jedi masters, 1000 students and 8 Jedi Grand masters” Alex noticed master Jin’s hidden stare at Kai who had started walking away.
Kai had to get away from Master Jin the force was trying to tell him something about him, there was something familiar but unknown about him he could sense it and it disturbed Kai to be around Master Jin.
Alex tried to catch up to Kai but found himself jogging after him as he quickly maneuvered the crowd of students “Kai!” but Alex couldn’t hear anything over the din of the crowd, he was constantly bumped and pushed into all directions as he attempted to escape the mass of students blocking him.
Alex was walking down a corridor looking at room numbers and was quite happy to know that the corridors where not full of horny students looking for their next dose of sex Alex thought he was in paradise when Kai ran down the corridor after him.
“Hey Kai I’ve been looking for you”
“Doesn’t matter now everyone’s at the party you gotta move we can be there in 10 minutes” Alex’s happy bubble burst then at the realization that things will only change when he becomes a Jedi and can laugh at these fools for not studying.
“No I’m going to go to bed its gunna be a long day tomorrow” Alex said rather coldly.
“OK fine more for me then, oh I got some guy named Trent something who’d you get?”
Alex looked down at the sheet and read aloud “err…Kina Ventura, the name rings a bell”
Before Alex could name everyone he ever knew he chimed in with “sounds posh hey I’ve gotta go so I’ll see you tomorrow” while running off Kai shouted back “I’m in room 212!”
Alex finally found his room “209 huh oh well at least I’m far enough away to drown out the moans. ” He used his brass key for the first time and entered the room.

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He looked around the plain white room with simple black carpet containing one bathroom and two beds on opposite sides of the room, Alex noticed that kina’s things had claimed the left bed “Kina must be a party animal too” Alex resigned his worn out self too bed.
About 3 hours on and Kai had had enough he arrived at the party late and all the easy girls had been paired off already. Kai winced in frustration as he was forced to listen to a type of dance music with a wookie voice over “bloody wookie”.
“I’ll say but I don’t think you'd want to tell him that” Kai was startled to notice someone had sat near him at the bar without him sensing it, silently blaming the din he turned to see a girl of pure beauty she was 5’6 and sported dark brown hair that stopped just short of her shoulders, light blue eyes a very petite nose and mouth, from neck down she wore a skin tight beige t-shirt and matching pants with a glimpse of her midriff between them.
“Hello you still with me?”
Snapping back to reality Kai quickly recovered “I’m sorry I was just so…mesmerized by your beauty” he looked deep into her eyes trying to sense her feelings but was surprised to find nothing almost like he was being blocked out.
“Are you finished trying to scan me yet you haven’t even asked me for a drink”
What, this was the third time she had caught him off guard and he didn’t like that.
“…how?” his damaged pride clouded his mind forgetting that he was trying to seduce this girl.
*I can do a lot more than that* she didn’t even move her lips he had heard this in his mind, beginning to get panicked Kai backed away defensively.
*relax I’m not going to hurt you*
Beginning to ease up Kai replied with “How do you do that?”
“I’m training to be a Jedi consular, I guess you’ve never met one of us before”
“Ahh…sorry I haven’t” Kai marveled at the force power of a student consular
“Don’t worry I knew what you where looking for when I first saw you…and I want you to know I’m looking for it to” she leaned in close to him and licked his ear, Kai shuddered finally realizing why she came up to him.
“Ooo…you’re a naughty girl” Kai said grinning as he let himself drift off to the image of him and this Jedi Consular “oh and Kai my name is…” but he was too lost in thought to even hear her. “Baad Consular” Kai said putting his daydream into words.
Watching Kai’s mind wander she knew exactly what to do to snap him back to her company “Hmm yeah I’ve been bad, I think I need to be punished”
As his eyes met hers he could see the lust in her eyes as she awaited his answer.
“Let’s get out of here” she beamed at him as she grabbed his arm and quickly guided him to the exit. “My place” Kai loved the fact that she thought she had control but knew that once his naked body is revealed he would use her temporary awe as an opportunity to take charge, he had used it hundreds of times and it never failed.
--------Back at the Academy-------
Going back to the Academy with this enchantress had put Kai in a highly delusional state, Kai wasn't used to waiting and it had an obvious effect on him.

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After being let in her room Kai went into hyper speed discarding his clothes wile she was locking the door behind him.
As she turned around she let out a slight gasp at the look of his well toned body and 8” fully erect cock this was the time Kai was waiting for, he allowed a dark sex starved grin come upon his face. “Showtime”
Part 2 coming soon and I apologize for the lack of sex in this first part but I found it necessary to set the scene. And please leave feedback if you like the story so.

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