Dizzy Mrs Lizzie


Dizzy Mrs Lizzie.
My name is Joe and I'm a nobody. So why is my story in the celebrity section. Well I'm one of the nobody's who populate the classrooms along with Lizze McGuire, Miranda and Gordo.
The only interest in science class today was the pairings for our term project. Would it be Lizzie and Miranda, who would fight over the topic, but still be friends afterwards. Or maybe Lizzie and Gordo, so she could goof off, and let him do all the work. What about Lizzie and Kate that would be fire works for sure. My mind was elsewhere when I vaguely heard my name being called repeatedly. Snapping to attention and focusing on the teacher he repeated my name and then that I would be paired with Lizzie. I just sat there stunned until I was passed a paper outlining the project.
"Class, each pairing will have two weeks to complete this project on the lives and habits of an animal. Select wisely. "
The teacher turned to the board and began to clean it, he asked for any questions, my hand shot up to ask why I got Lizzie but with his back still to us he said "class dismissed". With that the room emptied and I was left sitting alone and Lizzie hadn't even bothered to talk to me.
Hey I'm a nobody.

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   I'm not tall enough for the basketball team, I'm not big enough for the football team and I'm not fast enough for the track team. I get a B average in class. My only "fame" at school is cycling, for which I won the school its only trophy. So the big question was still hanging out there "Why me and Lizzie?". I spent the rest of the day in a daze, so that night at home I put together some stuff to show Lizzie to see which way we should go on this project.
I caught up to her at lunch the next day and I showed her my selection of animal choices. Gordo looked impressed and told Lizzie she could ace this project with me. Lizzie looked bored, then she wrote her phone number on a piece of paper "Ring me Saturday and then we can work on this. " she said. Then Miranda arrived with some girly gossip and I was just ignored so I left her and her friends.
I'd done a fair bit of work on the project during the week and I thought that on Saturday Lizzie could at least paste a few things together and write some captions for the pictures. Well come Saturday morning and getting the paper from my wallet I went to ring Lizzie to see what would be a good time to come over. She didn't answer, surprise. I tried again after about an hour and still no luck.
Sick of just sitting around I bundled all my notes into a back pack and then I had three choices,
1) get Mom to drive me over (I'd look dumb if no one was home)2) get the bus (why waste the money if she's not there)3) ride my bike ( good for getting out frustrations)
I decided to ride and just to impress her I put on my one piece cycling suit hoping this may jog her memory for who I was.

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   It took about 20 minutes riding hard to reach Lizzie's house and as I turned the corner I saw a car pulling into the drive. "Yes" I thought "she is home". Riding up the drive I got off my bike as an attractive women exited the car, her legs swinging enough to give me a quick view up her skirt.
"Hi, are you a friend of Lizzies?" she asked.
"Yeah, my names Joe, Lizzie and I are paired for a science project. " I replied.
"Well she never mentioned that to me. She's gone out with Miranda and Gordo for the rest of the day. "
I bent over and placed my hands on my knees taking a few deep breaths to calm me down. Mrs McGuire came over and patted me on the back and asked if I was alright.
"You see Mrs McGuire I've done all this work on the lives and mating habits of animals and Lizzie has done zip and I'm supposed to put her name on it. "
"Why don't you come inside and I'll get you a cold drink and then I'll see what I can do to makeup for Lizzie's thoughtlessness. "
I followed Mrs McGuire up the stairs to the front door. She had her hand bag as well as another bag of groceries. She went to unlock the door when she dropped the keys I quickly bent to pick them up and as I did I got another look at her legs.

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"Just drop your bag and follow me" she said heading for the kitchen. I put my bag where no one would trip on it and went to the kitchen.   Mrs McGuire was on a step stool reaching for a glass from the cupboard and again I got another look at her legs as her skirt rode up. It was then that I felt my cock twitch as it reacted to some sub conscious thought flashing in my brain. I looked away, shook my head and moved closer to the counter in case she saw my hardening cock.
She got me that drink and we talked about the project. She was genuinely interested and added some ideas I'd missed. I finished the drink and said I'd better leave. It was then that she asked me to help bring her other shopping from the car. I agreed but was sure surprised when I discovered whole cartons of stuff filling the car.
"I shop at the bulk discount mart and the boys very nicely packed it for me. " she gave me a funny smile as she handed me the first box.
I took boxes of all sorts of stuff inside and then because I was sweating Mrs McGuire offered another drink. While I was drinking it she then asked could I stay and help her unpack. I agreed and she began working out the best way to store everything.

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   One box contained about 50 rolls of toilet paper and I suggested that they go on top of the cupboards instead of inside. She agreed and climbed the step ladder asking me to pass her some rolls.
From this position I again could see up her skirt and as she made movements with her hips I got a look at her crotch and arse. She was wearing pale blue cotton panties that matched the colour of the bra I could see through her white blouse. I kept passing her the rolls when she told me to stop and hold the ladder. She then stepped from the ladder to the counter top, right over my head, and back again. I could see her pubic hair through the lace panels on her panties. My cock again began to twitch and I struggled to maintain control. Was this women coming on to me or just teasing?
"Joe, can we trade places, this next box is full of heavy cans?"
"Sure Mrs McGuire. " I stammered
Stepping from the ladder she looked a me and I just stared at her face, framed by those sexy glasses, until I realised she wanted me up the ladder. I scooted up a few steps and when I looked down to take the cans I could see the tops of her breasts, held tight by the bra, down the front of her blouse.
Now I was in a spot of bother because my position on the ladder meant my cock was level with her face. Trying not to look down her blouse made me think of what I'd see if I looked down and thinking of what I'd see made my cock twitch and swell.
Suddenly Mrs McGuire asked if I knew that some animals put on a display of bright colors to attract a potential mate or that they had several sexual partners to ensure the survival of the species. I gulped, my mouth drying, my head spinning when I felt a hand tracing the length of my cock through my bike pants.

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   Did you also know, she kept talking, that in some species the female picks the male she wishes to mate with. The grip on my cock tighened and I climbed down the ladder to try and relieve the pressure.
Mrs McGuire took my hand and placed it on her breast and I matched her grip on my cock squeeze for squeeze. She moved forward and kissed me forcing her tongue into my mouth. She then stepped around my leg and humped my thigh whilst still kissing me. Still gripping my cock she walked me to the lounge room then taking one of my hands placed it under her skirt right on her mound.
"Rub and squeeze here" she whispered in my ear.
I rubbed and squeezed as I was told and feeling a little daring I slipped a finger under the material and ran it along her moistened slit. She moaned deeply into my mouth so I slid the finger to her opening and with one movement sank it into her cunt. I felt the weight as her knees went weak for a moment but she stepped back and removed her blouse and bra.
Her breasts were firm and topped with stiff nipples and my mouth went straight to work on them. Her hand was on the back of my head pushing me deep into these fleshy mounds. By now I had two fingers jammed up her cunt and was pumping them as fast as I could.
She pushed me off her breasts and grabbed the zip of my cycling suit. Pulling it down in one motion my cock finally sprang to release.

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   Mrs McGuire dropped to her knees and swallowed my cock deep into her mouth, her tongue twirling around the head, as her own head bobbed down the length of my shaft. Mrs Mcguire then stood and undid her skirt to drop it to the floor followed by her panties. She had short trimmed pubic hair and this I got to see close up as she pushed my head into her crotch and instructed me on how to eat a women. Legs either side and both of her hands on my head she humped my face as she moaned and groaned.
A few minutes of licking and her cunt was slick with our mixed juices. She then knelt on the lounge with her arse to me and asked if I'd learnt how to do it like the animals. Positioning my cock at her opening I placed both hands on her backside and thrust forward while pulling her towards me. A primal scream erupted from her as she pushed her arse back to greet each new trust of my cock. I was now pistoning my cock into her cunt and about to explode my load when she stopped and asked me to shoot it over her face and breasts. She turned to me and pumped my cock several times until I spurted a line of white goo across her face. The next shot splattered her chin and dripped to her breasts then she took my cock back into her mouth to suck out the rest.
The two of us sunk to the floor, her face covered in cum, her pussy leaking like a tap. My cock was slowly deflating when Lizzie walked in and I though she was going to scream but instead she asked her mother what was going on and her mother replied, "Honey I'm helping you get an A on your science project. " and with that she looked a me and laughed and all I could do was give her a thumbs up.

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