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What I'm about to tell you is totally true and it happened about a >>year ago, in New York. I've been a security guard for Warner Brothers>>for a few years now and for the last couple my job has been that of a>>baby sitter to the cast of the Harry Potter films. For quite some>>time it was the most boring assignment ever. Until that s I got to>>guard Emma for the New York premiere of Harry Potter and  The>>Prisoner of Azkaban. >>>>As I understand it, normally one of Emma's parents will chaperone her>>at these events but for some reason – death in the family I  think –>>neither could be there. And so I was assigned to Emma 24/7 even to>>the extent of having an adjoining room next door to her  hotel suite. >>>>            And that's how it started. She was pretty young at the>>time – 14 I>>            think – but she was clearly developing into a beautiful>>woman. And>>            her body, wow that was starting to form some very I'd been on the set of the first two Harry Potter movies>>so I'd seen>>            her develop from a flat chested prepubescent to the young>>lady I now>>            guarded, on the cusp of woman-hood and raging I'd spent two days with Emma in New York doing the>>tourist thing and>>            all that time I couldn't take my eyes off her. Mostly she>>wore tight>>            blue jeans, hugging her wonderful ass which my eyes were>>locked>>            onto. One time, in a McDonalds, she bent over and I>>caught a glimpse>>            of the top of her little breasts. Just being with her was>>torture. >>            But we got on pretty well even though she was kind of>>stuck up. >>>>            On the night of the premiere I couldn't resist it and>>spied on her>>            through the keyhole of the door that connected my room to>>her suite. >>            After an eternity I saw her come out of the shower,>>fluffy pink>>            towel wrapped around her, droplets of water around Her hair was up in a towel and when she let it free it>>cascade>>            around her shoulders. And then Emma let the towel drop to>>the floor>>            as she went back to that bathroom and for a brief second>>I caught a>>            glance of her perfectly dimpled buttocks.

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   But when she>>came out she>>            was in a bath robe and then disappeared from my field of>>vision to>>            get dressed. >>>>            For the premiere Emma wore an elegant white dress which>>made her>>            look far older than she was. She was, quite simply,>>stunning and I>>            could barely keep my eyes off her. The dress was slit at>>the leg and>>            I couldn't stop staring at Emma's thigh as she walked. >>>>            The after show party dragged on, as these things do, for>>ages. But>>            eventually I got the instruction that Emma was tired and>>the limo>>            took her and I back to her hotel. As we drove I got that she was a little drunk on champagne. >>>>            I got Emma to her room and thought I would try to steal a>>kiss. I>>            moved towards her face, eyes drawn to her thin but "Erm…WHAT do you think you're doing" Emma spat as she>>recoiled. >>            "A goodnight kiss, Emma, that's all" I said, kind of>>taken aback. >>            "Firstly, it isn't Emma it's MISS WATSON to you and>>secondly who the>>            HELL do you think you are?" Emma said, her eyes raging. >>            "Sorry, I just thought……. " I spluttered. >>            "Thought what? Thought I'd fancy someone old enough to be>>my dad?>>            Just get out" Emma said, showing me to the door. >>            Alone in my room my heart was pounding.

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   I wanted her so>>much it>>            hurt. And the rejection from that little bitch hurt too. >>I spied>>            through the keyhole and could see Emma walking around,>>her dress>>            open at the back showing her bra strap. She walked into>>the bathroom. >>>>            I thought about taking solace in a shot of heroine. I had>>all my>>            gear with me and all I had to do was push the needle into>>me and it>>            would take me away from this place. But a rage was>>growing inside of>>            me, an uncontrollable desire. I tried to fight it,>>wrapped the thin>>            rubber hose around my wrist to bare the vein, placed the>>needle to>>            my skin and………>>>>            I had a better idea. Instead of using the heroine Stealthily I opened the door. I could hear the bath>>running and see>>            a shadow in the bathroom. I crept towards the bathroom>>and as I did>>            so heard the water stop running. Then I heard the sound>>of Emma>>            taking a pee. >>>>            Pulse racing, I hid behind the door, biding my Emma emerged, her dress now pulled down over her>>shoulders. I>>            grabbed her from behind, twisted her around and then fell>>onto the>>            bed with her, one hand over her mouth. >>>>            Emma tried to scream, but I was far more powerful than>>her and my>>            whole hand covered her mouth.

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   But then the feisty little>>bitch bit>>            me and I pulled back, enough for her to scramble free. >>She fell off>>            to the left of the bed and tried to run to the door. But>>in her long>>            evening gown she couldn't run and I caught her by the>>hair, pulling>>            her back to me and slapping her around the face. Then I>>placed a>>            sharp punch directly into her abdomen and Emma bucked up,>>winded and>>            paralysed in pain. She collapsed to the floor in a about, hands clutching her stomach, face screwed up in a>>silent>>            scream of agony. >>>>            I dragged Emma back to the bed and pushed her skirt up>>over her>>            belly, to reveal her little white Calvin Klein panties. . >>With one>>            movement I ripped the panties off her and shoved them>>harshly into>>            her mouth. Then, using the silk belt of her night gown I>>tied her>>            arms to the bed post above her head. >>>>            Emma kicked harshly but I restrained her legs and slapped>>her around>>            the face harshly, causing her little snub nose to bleed. >>Dazed, she>>            half-fainted and I seized the opportunity to grab the>>syringe I had>>            brought with me and jabbed the needle into Emma's wrist,>>pushing the>>            plunger down. Emma's eyes flashed open and in a moment as>>she>>            realised what I had done her face distorted into a mask>>of sheer>>            terror. But it was too late and the chemical was through her bloodstream, doping her senses. >>>>            As Emma began to gently convulse as the drug possessed>>her, I>>            grasped the top of her dress and pulled it down over Then I harshly pulled at the catch of her bra opening it>>to reveal>>            Emma's breasts. Smaller than I imagined, Emma actually>>seemed quite>>            flat chested even though I had previously admired her>>bust when she>>            had been clothed.

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   A quick glance at her bra padding. >>>>            In contrast to her tiny breasts, I noticed that Emma's>>nipples were>>            actually quite large, perfectly round and a gorgeous>>pink. The>>            nipples themselves lay flat but the areola were plump and>>jutted>>            away from the breast. >>>>            Emma's head was lolling from side to side, her eyes>>dilated, her>>            senses reeling. From the look of fear she knew what was>>happening>>            but the drug within her was rendering her helpless to>>fight I grasped the him of Emma's dress and wrestled it upwards>>over her>>            soft flat belly. Then my eyes took in the vision that was>>Emma's>>            pussy, covered in a slightly untidy triangle of dark>>brown pubic>>            hair. For her age Emma was actually very hairy down>>there. I traced>>            my fingers through the hair and then shoved two roughly>>at the>>            opening of her vagina, causing Emma to wince in pain>>through the>>            panties which were still wedged securely in her mouth. >>She was very>>            dry and tight and my fingers were clearly causing discomfort. I forced another finger in and watched Emma's>>face as>>            her brow furrowed in I couldn't hold back any longer. I wriggled my pants down>>and pulled>>            down my boxers too, unleashing my now engorged cock which>>was>>            rampant and pulsing. I forced my body between Emma's legs>>and, as I>>            watched her eyes grow wide in terror, I sunk forward and>>pushed the>>            tip of my cock into her vagina. >>>>            "MMmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnggghhhhhh" Emma screamed in pain>>through the panties in her mouth>>>>            God she was tight, so much so I though she would rip the>>skin of my>>            cock. She was still very dry and I had to use>>considerable force to>>            push my cock deeper into her. But the look of sheer pain>>on her face>>            as I drove into her, ripping her hymen as I did so, was>>just so>>            incredibly sexy, it drove me on and now my massive cock>>was buried>>            deep within her, thrusting in and out.

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   It felt amazing,>>the muscles>>            of her young virgin cunt gripping my shaft. I looked down>>and>>            delighted in the image of my thick cock shoving in and>>out of her>>            hairy vagina, a thin film of blood on my shaft from her>>broken hymen. \I was close to cumming but I didn't want to impregnate>>Emma with my   bastard child so I withdrew. As I did so Emma started>>to sob. My  cock was pretty sore but I still wanted I pulled the ties free from Emma's wrists and flipped her>>over onto>>            her stomach, pushing her head into the pillow. Her>>trembling arms>>            reached behind her trying to push me away but I grabbed>>the wrists>>            and pinned them up against the headboard, Then using my>>weight to>>            hold her down, I re-tied Emma's arms above her head. >>>>            With my right hand I grabbed Emma's long golden curly>>hair and>>            pulled her head back up off the bed, forcing her body to>>curve>>            towards me. Then with my other hand I reached around and>>pulled the>>            panties from her mouth. Immediately she went to cry out>>but I forced>>            her head down onto the pillow, my right hand still>>pulling painfully>>            at her hair. >>>>            I positioned myself behind her and gazed at her tiny pert>>little>>            bottom and smooth thin legs. With one hand still firmly>>on her head,>>            I used the other to manoeuvre my cock between her>>buttocks, pushing>>            it forward until the head of it rested against her anus. >>>>            From the pillow I could hear Emma's muffled squeals "No! Please…please…not there…. I beg you…not there!!!">>Emma screamed into the pillow. >>>>            A bead of sweat had started to trace it's way down Emma's>>naked back>>            which looked so erotic I was filled with a desperate urge>>to fuck>>            her. I thrust forward trying to force my cock into the>>young girl's>>            tender anus.

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   I was so big, and she was so small there, it>>took a>>            massive amount of effort just to get the head of my cock>>in and I>>            had to use one hand to steer my throbbing member. This>>allowed Emma>>            to turn her head away from the pillow. As I thrust>>forward, impaling>>            her on my penis, she cried out in agony. >>>>            It…. hurts" Emma cried out. But this just made me push>>deeper, deeper>>            inside her. Her anus was so tight I could feel my>>foreskin being>>            pulled back painfully but I didn't stop, I just harder and harder, deeper and deeper, my fists pulling on>>Emma's>>            flowing gold hair, using her hair to pull myself deeper>>within her. >>>>  "aaagggagghhhhh… Emma wailed as now I was putting my entire >>weight behind each thrust and my cock was burrowed deep within hurts…so…much" Emma wailed. >>Oblivious to this I continued to pound into Emma spluttered as the>>effect of her ass fucking and the heroine loosened her bowels. I>>could feel a new warmth engulf my cock and I realised that she really>>had lost control of her bowels. >>>>Unable to hold on, I knew I was about to cum and I started to thrust>>even harder inside Emma's anus. Then at the last moment, I pulled>>out and with one swift movement, flipped her over onto her front,>>  straddling her, my shit coated cock pointed at her face. >>Immediately>>I started to masturbate furiously and within seconds shot a huge>>  glob of hot white cum into Emma's face and hair. >>>>            "Now suck it clean" I ordered, forcing my member mouth. In response she tried to turn away, her neck>>muscles>>            straining.

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   I grabbed her throat and started to choke her,>>as an>>            automatic response to which her mouth opened and I shoved>>my cock in>>            there. >>>>            "Now suck it" I ordered and Emma did so, her eyes screwed>>tightly  shut as the foul taste of my sweaty cock, covered with her>>own blood  and excrement. And then I could see she was about to gag,>>so I  rolled off her. >>>>            Emma immediately vomited on the floor. I got up and>>started to put my pants back on. I walked back to my own room and>>turned for one>>            last look at Emma Watson, who was now lying on the bed,>>sobbing>>            violently, clutching at her bleeding vagina. .
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