Goddess Rhiannon Pt2


Joni Dickford - Hank


I've been fucking my brains out forever it seems and I still want more.

Dawn entered my room and announced, "Rhiannon has decided that will be sufficient for

now, you may all go back to your rooms and rest up until you are needed again. "

"Nooooo don't go!Please, I need you all!" I began diddling myself since they were all filing

out of the room ignoring my pleas.

"I'll be back once you are in a more flexible frame of mind," Dawn declared as she locked

the door behind her.

"Fuck me, fuck me. . . " I chanted urgently working my twat.

Almost one half hour later Dawn entered another heretofore-locked room, "Joni, I have a

job for you. "

"Yes mistress Dawn," Joni stood up ready to follow.

"Before we leave, make sure it doesn't show," Dawn instructed.

"I'm ready mistress. "

Dawn led the lovely woman to Hanks room and opened the door, "Hanky, I have a new

friend for you. I want you to say hello to Joni, and you had better be extra sweet while you say

it, or I won't let her stay. "

"Nice. .

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  . pleased. . . ooh, so lovely to meet you Joni," I stammered, while not missing a beat

with my vulva ministrations.

"I'm pleased to meet you too Hanky," Joni offered her hand to shake.

I forced my hand from my nipple to make contact with hers and shook it.

"I bet if you beg Joni for sex, Hanky, she would be happy to fuck you. . . " Dawn suggested


"Please beautiful Joni, will you fuck me please?" I begged shamelessly.

"You know what I want you to do first, Joni," Dawn winked at her, "I have customers to

attend to, so I'll leave you two alone. "Dawn closed and locked the door behind her.

"My, you got it bad Hanky.

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  You must have been a bad, bad boy!Just look at the size of

those boobs. They have to weigh almost as much as the rest of you. "

"Ooh, but they feel so. . . " I moaned.

"Okay, we might as well get on with it. Would you take my skirt off for me Hanky?"

My shaking hands were all fumbles, so it took longer than normal to deprive her of he

skirt and as soon as I had, my hands went right back to their stimulating of my sex.

"Now I don't want you to be frightened when I turn around Hanky, so ready yourself," she


My mouth was watering thinking of her luscious pussy, but when she turned, "Oh my god!

You've got a cock!"

"I certainly do and before I can fuck you with it, mistress Dawn insists that you suck the

sperm out of me first," she informed me, with her member rigid, and six inches from my nose.

"Suck your cock?No way I. . . I. .

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  . I can't," I pleaded.

"Darn, okay well then I'll just put my skirt back on. . . "

She made to do it but I stopped her, "No please don't go!"

"So you want to suck my cock after all?" she asked having momentarily stopped pulling up

her skirt.

"No, but I. . . I will if I have to. . . " I whined.

"You make it sound so unappealing Hanky. I guess I had better leave.

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"Oh please. . . " I nearly screamed.

"Only if you beg to suck my big thick cock, and you better swallow when I shoot my wad

missy, or no fucking for you!" Joni threatened.

I was beside myself with lust and yearning, so I didn't really have any choice, "Please let

me suck your big thick cock Joni. I promise I'll swallow!"I knew that I was broken and that

whatever perverted sexual desires anyone asked of me, I would be a willing, meek participant.

Joni presented her huge throbbing member for my mouth to encircle. I uncertainly

slipped it between my lips and began licking it up and around the shank and occasionally

tonguing her glans.

She reached over and began working my free breast, rubbing, pulling, and twisting on my

large sensitive nipples.

I was so hot that I actually shoved my head down farther on her big cock and slipped it

down my throat a ways.

"Ooh you're a good cock sucking whore. Yah, suck it baby!" Joni urged.

I grabbed her testicals, which were the size of two big fuzzy tennis balls in a fleshy sack,

and stroked them, cupping them, and gently squeezing from time to time.

"Mmm, that is good too.

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  See if you can take all of my big cock into your mouth baby,"

Joni moaned, tweaking her own nipple.

My own hand in my crotch busily working my clit provided a sexy splooshing, squishing

sound and I was getting insanely hot. I must have lost it, because I was driving that huge penis

down my throat. I had to slide it out at times just to breathe but I quickly drove my face back

down on it, farther and farther. Finally, my lips closed around the base of it, right at her

scrotum, and I moaned in desire and accomplishment.

I felt her balls twitch and I still don't know why but I drove my finger right up her asshole,

wiggling it around as I did.

Joni drove her hips hard into my face and I could feel her sperm flowing down my throat.

I backed my face off finally to breathe and wound up with my cheeks puffing out like a


I had to swallow fast to keep from letting it flow out of my lips. Her huge balls must

have held a quart of jizzum, because I knew I was drinking down more than a l-liter bottle full.

"Oh yah, you're going to be a terrific cocksucker Hanky. Let's do that again baby, you

came really hard too, I know you did. Just swallow what you have left. There's more where that

came from," Joni urged.

I was amazed that she was still ready to go.

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  Her massive dick didn't become flaccid in the

least. I knew that I must do as she said, so once again I drove my face to the base of her

throbbing tool.

"Ooh good!Moan and suck baby, moan and suck," Joni was licking her large lipstick

covered lips as she stroked my head.

The thing that I realized right at that point was that I didn't need to stimulate my body as

long as I was sucking her big dick. I didn't know why but it drove back my yearnings to an

almost manageable level.

I was driving up and down only this time I put suction on her penis that pulled my cheeks

up against her pulsating implement. I was toying her testes with one hand and banging her butt

with the finger of my other hand.

It suddenly occurred to me to use another finger, so I poked a second up her rectum.

Her twitching member richly rewarded me. I felt her cuming so I squeezed her balls and

the flow down my throat increased plenty, but I just had to taste the salty goodness of her sperm,

so I backed my head off and got another mouthful.

"Ungh!Whew, that was a good one. Now baby lick my dick clean and maybe I'll fill your

cunny with squirmy, wiggly sperm," she taunted while holding my head on her massive


I obeyed her and slurped her penis clean as a whistle.

"You're a damn good cocksucker Hanky, now let's see how good a fuck you are!" Joni

announced as she moved one of my gigantic breasts to one side so I could lie on my back. She

then turned me so that my butt was hanging slightly off the edge of my bed.

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My legs splayed seemingly by themselves and I started playing with the one nipple still

within my reach, and man was it so good.

"She did you good, boy!You should see your cunt positively drooling cum!"

"Fuck me, please!Oh fuck me like a bitch in heat!" I moaned, no longer caring that I was

Hank, former macho man.

She teased my wanton hole with the glans of her penis for a while and my hips kept trying

to slip my labia around that pleasure pump.

I could feel Joni grasp my boob with both of her hands and pull that diamond hard point

of my ecstasy towards her.

"Take me, please take me," I pleaded wantonly.

"My, my, we certainly are a slut, aren't we?" she cruelly asked.

I didn't answer. It was humiliating enough having been, turned into this sex machine.

"Oh, you can't get away without admitting it Hanky. I'm going to stop if I don't hear what I

want you to say," Joni ceased all her ministrations.

My yearnings and needs grew exponentially until I screamed, "I'm a slut!I'm a fuck crazy

whore!Please fuck me. "

"That's better," Joni finally began slipping her massive member past my labia into my

drooling vagina.

"I'm going to make you a woman now Hanky. Hold onto your ovaries baby," Joni

proclaimed as I felt her stretch my hole tightly around her love rod.

She began banging her hips into my widely spread butt and I could feel those gigantic

balls slap against my fanny.

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  With each thrust, I spoke out a high-pitched girly moan.

"Hanky, I want you to squeeze my cock baby. Tighten that vagina down around my big

quivering cock. "

I discovered muscles down there that I didn't know that I had, and began gripping her

manhood to keep it from leaving my insides. I could feel my belly bulge each time she drove her

penis inside me.

I screamed a big trembling orgasm, clamping down my vaginal muscles tightly around her

Johnson, but she didn't even, slow down, she just kept fucking me.

She brought me to orgasm after orgasm until I felt her cock spew her huge load into my

uterus. Her hips seemingly glued to my soft womanly ass.

When she pulled out, it felt as if I was empty and hollow and the need for being filled

washed over my mind in an avalanche.

"Oh fuck me more, please, please Joni," I begged shamelessly.

"I intend to slut, now I want you to help me roll you over," she told me as she picked one

of my boobs and moved it to the same side as the other. I got up on my knees as she urged me

to, staring at my breasts lying on the bed way out in front of me.

"That won't do. Here, I'll swing your breasts around to the sides so we can play with them

easier," Joni offered as she moved the first one.

I couldn't do much but lift my arms as she swung the boob around, except orgasm while

she caressed the second as she moved it.

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"Oh yes, Hanky was an evil boy!However, you will make amends for it, Rhiannon will

make quite certain of it," Joni informed me.

While I was on all fours, Joni slipped her big cock into me once again, and the feeling was

incredible. I was once again whole.

Her hips slammed into my huge soft butt, making it shimmy as if it were Jell-O. My

boobs, even though they were lying quite firmly on the bed, had quivers flowing out from my

chest, right to the end and then reflected back towards me, intercepting other out-going quivers.

The sensation was indescribably luscious.

I supported myself on one arm for a bit to reach out and play with my sensual boob, but

Joni's ass slamming was too much for me, to do it for long, that and the multiple orgasms

turning my brain to mush.

In the midst of one lightning, star filled orgasm I caught a golden flash from my peripheral

vision, but was too caught-up in pleasure to be bothered to look closer.

"You're doing a fine job of fucking this slut Joni," Rhiannon quietly stated.

Joni, breathing hard, replied, "Thank you Mistress Rhiannon, anything to please you. "

"Hmm, do you think Hanky would enjoy a bigger cock?" Rhiannon asked her, with a

vengeful glint in her eye.

"I am sure she would Miss Rhiannon," Joni answer with great trepidation.

"Don't you worry Joni, this will only be a temporary upgrade. Enjoy it while you have it,"

Mistress Rhiannon cooed to the frightened woman.

I could feel Joni's dick swell up inside me as if it were a rigid balloon and the slap of her

fuzzy balls began to feel as if it were the hammering of shot-putt size melons on my soft ass.

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I was so tight around her that she could barely slide in and out of me. I loved every

second of it though, being so full of her and yelping out my pleasure with each thrust.

"You know Joni, you look thirsty to me. Are you, honey?" Rhiannon prompted.

"Yes my mistress, I am thirsty," Joni replied knowing full well that's what Rhiannon

wanted to hear.

"Your goddess provides," Rhiannon stated.

I felt my breast swell and become heavier. They ached with their fullness, and I could feel

my nipples grow wet. I felt someone lift one of those gigantic orbs up in her feminine hands.

"Here you go Joni, some milk to give you increased stamina," Rhiannon urged, offering my

nipple to her.

Joni started sucking my teat and between the relief and the sexual stimulation, it sent me

over the orgasm precipice once again.

"I've turned you into a moo cow Hanky. You will need milking plenty often now. Consider

this payment for making your sweet boy think that it was his fault that his mother died, you

piece of shit!" Rhiannon yelled in my ear, with great vehemence, and then winked out, leaving the


"Mmm, you have such sweet thick milk Hanky.


  I sure wouldn't want to be in your panties

honey," Joni declared as she fucked me faster and harder than ever.

Not long after that, she exploded into my womb. The force of her ejaculation had sperm

flowing out around her massive cock on all sides. My thighs and stomach were covered in thick

slimy sperm.

Her orgasm triggered my own orgasm and I bit into the pillow so hard that I made a hole

in the casing. I was so insane from that I didn't even know my own name.

Nevertheless, when she pulled out of me, it felt as if she gutted me. I would do anything

just to get that back inside me.

"Please don't stop Joni. I need you so bad. . . " I whined.

"Here, suck on your other nipple for a little while," she demanded, handing me my teat.

I did, as she desired, feeling the bliss of pressure reducing in my aching boob and the

flashes of pleasure playing about my synapses.

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  My milk was indeed sweet and thick, reviving my

tired body and making me ready for another two or three days of fucking.

"You look much better now baby, so back on your knees," Joni insisted, helping me roll

back over.

"Joni, what did you do that made you into a woman with a huge dick?" I pried, my mind

barely my own for the moment.

"I took advantage of a boy in my class. Therefore, I must experience the desires a young

boy goes through in puberty. I can't look masculine, which would make getting what I desire

much too easy," she informed me. "Now you delicious slut whore, relax your muscles at this

end. "

I did and she took her sperm soaked cock and started ramming in my bunghole.

"My ass?" I asked fearfully.

"Most certainly. The mistress requires her sluts to be, filled with jizzum in every orifice,

and I would never do anything to displease her. The repercussions are too terrifying to be


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