Goddess Rhiannon


Goddess Rhiannon

By Wholeman

Forward - A Word from the Star


To all of My Devoted Loving Lusting Admirers,

I was so X-cited when our friend had propositioned Me for a story based on Me; Rhiannon

or as some of you know Me better as, Mistress Rhiannon. I was so thrilled to see the great

effort that he put into making this literary piece a sensual adventurous tale that filled me

with arousal of intense magnitude. I certainly hope all of you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Perhaps a sequel is in order. . . . ???

Whips and Kisses. . .

Breast Wishes. . .


Mistress Rhiannon

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The first part of this story is narrated as if from an outside observer.

The next chapters are from the viewpoints of the indicated person.

Collusion - Narrator


"Hello?" Rhiannon said into the receiver of her cell phone.

"Rhiannon, it's Dawn. We have this year's candidate. Where and when can we meet to

discuss things?" Dawn Whitham asked.

"I'm in the middle of teaching a class right now. I'll stop by your tattoo parlor on my way

home. Will that be soon enough?" Rhiannon asked, warily watching the children for signs of

impending riotous behavior.

"Sure, no great hurry. I'll see you then," Dawn hung up, went out to the parlor, and began

her part of creating a complicated tattoo, awaiting Rhiannon's visit.

Back to the Classroom - Narrator

"Okay you little darlings, Miss Rhiannon has a new song, to teach you," Rhiannon

informed the children.

"This is an old Welch ditty that has been put to a Rock & Roll beat. I think it will play well

in the school assembly later this year.

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  Who here knows where Wales is?" Rhiannon asked the class.

A bright-eyed young girl raised her hand and waited to be, called upon, "Go ahead

Millicent. "

"Wales is on the southwest coast of the Isle of Great Britain," she declared confidently.

"Very good, yes Wales is an ancient place, one of legends, myths, and folklore. Many of

these stories were passed down through song, many legends have been put to music over the

thousands of years gone by," Rhiannon told the children, though she had a far away look in

her eye as if remembering the past more than remembering the history taught her.

"It was a time of gods, goddesses, wizards, and magic," suddenly Rhiannon's mind seemed

to leap forward once again to the here and now, "Or so the stories tell us. "

"The song we will be learning was written around a very old legend of the warrior woman

Cathain. She was the fiercest warrior of her day, but a very lonely woman because of it. I'm

handing out the lyrics to everyone and we can all read them together. "

The papers were quickly, distributed and Rhiannon went on, "This legend should have

something for everyone. It has warriors, great battles, romance, and magic all in one. So boys and girls both will enjoy it. "

"Who would like to start us off by reading aloud first?" Rhiannon looked around the room

at the many raised hands, but like many teachers, she picked the quiet boy in the back that had

not raised his.

"Roger, would you start reading for me?" Rhiannon knew that the boys in her class all had

a crush on her. A raven haired beauty with curves to die for, a bust that was nothing short of

amazing, a petite frame which neared their own heights, and eyes which seemed to penetrate

them to their very souls.

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  Therefore, she didn't have to bully the children into doing things for the

sake of their grades, she simply had to ask them to do something for her, and they would quickly

jump to it, just to please her.

Roger obviously just wanted to remain anonymous in the back but Rhiannon was intent

on nurturing all of her children to be all their potentials would allow so Roger held up his paper,

gulped, and began reading aloud, "

The Cathain Legend

By: Grant Lee Phillips

Bid goddess rise from mists of memory

Rise the fair Cathain

In battle the equal of every man

And every lover disdained

Her heart was locked in a round tower's keep

And none that gate could unbar

Till rose a prince in Ulster's east

His name was Conchobar

By day she taught him feats of arms

With sword and mace and bow

By night they kindled passion's fire

That only lovers know

So king and warrior thus were joined

In battles blood and love

The throne belonged to Conchobar

To Cathain the Witch's Glove"

"Okay Roger that was very good.

I knew you would do a fine job. Now who should be


Hands all around rose once again, this time all of the children volunteered having seen the

praise Roger had received.

"I'm so pleased that you all want to participate. I think therefore that we should all read

the rest aloud together. Follow along now.

Dark rivals rose against the king

To challenge for his throne

All Ulster in the balance hung

Without its champion

A druid he sent to sacrifice

An offering to Cathain

A maiden fair with flaxen hair

Not once but two times slain

Two times slain

Ooh ooh ooh

But Cathain she would ne'r return

To fight the kings own war

Till druid did a virgin bring

To Conamara far

The fair Iona pure and sweet

On the self-same table lain

And by the Corclach's hungry stone

The innocent was slain

Hey hey hey

Hey hey hey

In rage the warrior goddess from

The Western Sea arose

Her bloody gauntlet dealt that day

A thousand fierce deathblows

The kingdom saved her quest complete

She sank beneath the waves

Till Ulster's sons with sacrifice

Bid her return once more"

A huge smile graced Rhiannon's full lips when they finished, "Wow, that was great!Now

all we have to do is, add the melody and were ready. "

Rhiannon took out her DVD player and patched it through the room's loud speakers, "As

some of you know, I'm not just a school teacher, I'm the lead singer for my band, Sweet-N-Evil.

I'm only saying this because I had them play the melody without the vocals so we could sing

along. "

Most of the children were somewhat stunned to discover that their lovely teacher by day is

the lead singer for a Rock-n-Roll band by night.

"Let's all listen to the melody first," she started the player and the class all listened to the

haunting music and its Gaelic overtones.

That day, the children left school reluctantly. The entertainment and fascinating subject

had enthralled them the whole day long and they couldn't wait to come back tomorrow to see

what Miss Rhiannon would do next.

Roger was the last to leave, as he often would be.

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  He didn't want to leave the loving aura

of Miss Rhiannon to return home to his abusive father. He would never say anything to the

teacher for fear that he would be harmed or worse, his last remaining parent would be taken

from him, leaving him orphaned. He missed his mother terribly.

Dawn Whitham - Narrator


Rhiannon hopped into her Ferrari and left the school for her visit with Dawn, waving at

young Roger as she went by him.

It didn't take long and Rhiannon swung into the parking lot of Dawn's tattoo parlor.

Dawn came out to greet her. (Hey, nothing sounds like a Ferrari in your driveway, but a

Ferrari in your driveway. )

Dawn moved in for a big hug of her longtime friend, "Damn girl, if I didn't know how long

you've been packing away money for that car, I would think you were a dope dealer or

something. "

"You know better than that hon. . I've got investments older than this whole country,"

Rhiannon replied cheerily.

"Don't I know it?You don't look a day over four hundred either!"

"Watch yourself girl, you may be way bigger and stronger than I am but. . . " Rhiannon

simply let the threat trail off unspoken.

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"Uncle!Sheesh, can't a girl tease you without worrying about finding herself eating flies

for the rest of her life?" Dawn backpedaled at warp speed.

"I was only teasing and you know it," Rhiannon declared as she walked into the business

with her friend.

"How long have we known each other now?" Dawn wondered aloud.

"Since you were about six years old hon. , about thirty six years," Rhiannon's memory, still

as perfect as it should be.

"And now you look younger than I do," Dawn sighed.

"What's your point?"

"Nothing. I'm just waxing rhapsodic," Dawn shook herself to bring her back to the job at

hand, "We have a new candidate for transferal. This one's a real piece of work. "

"Do you think you can handle another one this soon?" Rhiannon asked.

"Yes, I'm hoping for some more bulk anyway," Dawn, confirmed.

"So, tell me about our next victim?"

Dawn grabbed a file folder and handed it to Rhiannon, who took a comfortable seat across

from her and began to thumb through it.

"We are considering this electrician foreman who has numerous complaints against him

from the females that have worked for him, complaints of sexual harassment, women who get the

nastiest jobs, his attitude towards female electricians in general. We have complaints from the

men working for him as well. He was arrested for, assault and battery on three separate


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  One reported incident of spousal abuse is in the record. The spouse has passed away

since then leaving him a single parent of one child. His spouse died in a car accident after fleeing

their home one evening. The coroner, a lady friend of mine, determined that many of the injuries

she sustained were from before the accident occurred. She says that in her opinion the reason

for the crash was that her eyes were nearly swollen shut, making it very difficult for her to see. "

"This qualifies in so many ways for our kind of punishment, however you stated that there

is a child involved. You know that I disapprove of leaving a child orphaned," Rhiannon stated

flatly, ready to toss the folder away without further consideration.

"You may wish to reconsider when I tell you the rest. . . " Dawn, with a mixture of anger and

sorrow, on her face, added.

"What could possible make me consider orphaning a child?" Rhiannon asked confident in

her rule's rightness.

"Look at the page with photos from the child's doctor and the emergency room. "

"Oh, this poor little guy. .

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  . " she declared, seeing the bruises and marks the boy sported,

"But orphaning him is still not the solution I would choose. "

Dawn swallowed hard and steeled herself for what she knew would be coming, "Loo. . . ah

Look at the name Miss Rhiannon. "Dawn, a hugely muscled woman body builder did not look as

if she would ever be afraid of anything. However, Dawn knew her godmother quite well, and so

she knew what could happen next.

As soon as Rhiannon saw the name printed on the paper, the very air in the room the two

women occupied took on a 'charged' quality. Small sparks jumped from chairs to tables and

from there to other objects in the room.

"Calm down, godmother. Don't shoot the messenger," Dawn cautioned, having been

present before when Rhiannon became enraged.

Dawn's use of the word godmother brought Rhiannon back from a blind unthinking rage,

which would have surely damaged portions of Dawn's parlor.

The fire slowly died down in Rhiannon's eyes and the sparks became fewer until they

finally stopped.

Dawn breathed a huge sigh of relief, "Thanks Rhiannon, I just bought some of this stuff

and I'd hate to have to go find it all again.

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  "Dawn smiled and gripped Rhiannon's shoulder in her

strong hand.

"Hank R. Speight!You knew?"

"Yes, I knew he is the father of one of your students," Dawn admitted.

"He's accepted as the next one, but you are going to help with the aftereffects, do you

understand?" Rhiannon's rage was closely held in-check as she stared at the image of the man,

with his hand raised, swinging on his son.

"Yes ma'am, I will do whatever you wish," Dawn pulled her godmother in for a tightly held

hug. "When do you want to do it?"

"Tomorrow night. Does Roger have any other family he can be placed with?" Rhiannon

asked, leafing through the file looking for the information.

"Don't waste your effort. Roger has no one other than his father. "

"You've done such a thorough job with this, so tell me who you plan to place the child

with?Neither of us has the lifestyle needed to bring him up properly," Rhiannon rightly

determined. "You're one of the few who know who I really am, and why I couldn't do it. "

"Yes godmother, and I know that my bodybuilding and business might not be the best

environment for a sensitive kid like him to grow up in. I have a lady I know who's only child, a

daughter, died a few months ago and is having a hard time filling the hole in her heart. "

"Have you spoken with her about the possibilities?" Rhiannon, asked in her all-business

manor now that she was determined to see this through.

"Yes, and she was so hopeful that we could place a child with her.

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  It nearly broke my

heart not to be able to promise her," Dawn declared, "If she gets him, she will dote on him like he

is the only reason for her to live. "


"Yes, Roger would still be one of your students," Dawn reassured her godmother.

"It's settled then, tomorrow after school, Roger comes home with me, and Hank finds a

new home," Rhiannon stood, having made her decision. "It's going to be tough onstage tonight to

smile and sing. "

"I'm sorry Rhiannon. I know what your students mean to you," Dawn hugged her

godmother once again.

"I'm sorrier that I didn't investigate this myself sooner. I've always felt protective toward

Roger and I should have followed my instincts about him," Rhiannon sadly admitted in self-


"You can't blame yourself," Dawn soothed.

"Poor Roger's life will be forever changed. .

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