Harry potter 8


Dumbledore's Will
Harry walked into the room and sat down in his regular chair. Harry looked up and saw Dumbledore's portrait staring down at him. The portrait gave him a little smile and a wink. Prof. McGonagall went around to the back of the desk and sat down. "We have found Dumbledore's will and you were mentioned in It. " she began. After a moments pause she continued, "He left you a few of his belongings including the sword, pensive with a few bottles and this locked box. He stated in his will that you would be the only one able to open it. "
Harry thought this a little weird because Dumbledore did not tell him anything about opening a box. "Now Harry I know that Dumbledore told you not to tell anyone about where you went that night. " McGonagall got up and walked around the desk to Harry. She stopped in front of Harry and bent over. Harry could see straight down her robes. Her breasts were small and perky and if Harry looked hard, he could see some sparse, dark hair.
Harry cleared his throat.

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   "That’s right prof. there is only a couple of people that know and Dumbledore told me that they had the right to know but I should tell no one else. " Harry said with a little dryness in his voice. McGonagall stood up and pulled her shoulders out of her robes. She then let the robes fall to the ground. Now for being 70, she the body of a 20 year old. A skinny, small breasted, light-tanned 20 year old but never the less.
She then bent over and pulled Harry's robes up past his cock, which was now as hard as it could get. "Are you sure you can't tell me?" she said but before Harry could give her a response she took it into her mouth. Her mouth was nice and warm. She then started moving her tongue around the head. Harry then grabbed the back of her head and pushed her down onto his pelvis. He could feel her nose tickle the hair above his dick. Harry then moved her head up and down as fast as he could get her. McGonagall then stood up and turned around with her ass in Harry’s face.

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   Harry grabbed a hold and shoved his face into her ass. He then stuck his tongue into her hole and got a moan from his teacher.
Harry then had a decision to make should he stick it in her ass or her pussy. Harry then felt her pussy juices drip onto his chin and decided he wanted the pussy. He grabbed her hips and brought he down and impaled her as much as he could. She started rotating her hips in a circle and was moaning loudly. This had caught the attention of the portraits, which were now staring at them. Harry heard a couple of comments like "Wow I wish I could have gotten away with that when I was in charge. " and even "Hey Dumbledore, he's lasting more than you. " Harry thought this comment was a little weird but now McGonagall was sliding back and forth along his cock.
Harry could not stand it anymore and wanted to pound this pussy raw. Harry stood up and managed to hold his cock into position as he pushed her head onto the desk. Harry then grabbed her hips and pulled his dick most of the way out and then pushed it as fast and as hard as he could. He then moved him hips as fast as he could sliding his cock in and out of her pussy. She seemed to be drying up but Harry or even McGonagall seemed to care.

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   Popping sounds here coming from in-between their hips.
Harry could fell the pressure building up in his balls. Harry then picked up speed and started pushing harder into her. They were pushing the desk into the back of the room and every other thrust they had to take a step. Harry then grabbed her hips and held her still as he unloaded his cum stream after stream into her. "Sorry prof. but I still can't tell you. "
Harry gathered up his newfound positions and left back toward the dorm room. He entered and it was deserted because of classes going on at the time. Harry sat the pensive down and realized he did not know how to use it. He had always been pulled out whenever he finished. Harry scrimmaged through the box of memories when he came upon a note that stated, "To return from whence you came, jump to the stars and things will be the same. " Harry thought it a little weird be he kept that in mind.
Harry started picking up bottles of silver liquid, which had been labeled, and read each of them. "Prophecy, Bob Ogden, Horcruxes (Slughorn) and one bottle labeled Minerva.

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  " Harry knew the later one was prof. McGonagall’s first name. There were other bottles here but most of them Harry did not recognize the names on them. Harry then took the locked box into his hand and examined it. There were two side-by-side circles on the top. There was also an inscription on the top of it. It was in a language Harry did not understand. Harry just sat there staring at it when the door opened and Ron, Ginny and Hermione walked in and sat down next to him. "So what did prof. McGonagall what with you?" Hermione asked him
Harry told her about the will and everything that was left to him. "So he said only you could open the box?" Hermione asked. Harry told her, "That’s what the will said anyways. " Hermione just sat there thinking about what it could mean. Harry showed her the inscription on the top of the box and she did not know either. However, she did promise him that she would find out for him.

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   Hermione stowed the box into her bag and set off for the library before her next class. Ron followed her to help her look in books. Harry and Ginny meanwhile went through the rest of the bottles of memories when they heard the bell ring for the next classes.
Ginny helped carry everything up to Harry's bed and went back down to their classes. Harry had different classes than Ginny so they went off into different directions. Harry took off for his D. A. D. A class. Ron was sitting toward the front of the room and flagged him down. Harry took his set right next to Ron. Harry then looked around the classroom and it looked about as half-full as usual. Harry heard the door close behind them and before he could turn around, he heard. "This is you final year here at Hogwarts. " said prof.

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   Watson "This year we shall be getting you ready for the outside as best as possible. Now I know some of you are heading off to auror training. " she gave Harry a little nod "and some will be heading other places. I hope each of you is a real tribute to where ever you end up. Now This will be your toughest year yet. We will be studying advanced magic and even some dark magic. Now for some practical magic. First off I will be teaching you how to repel Dementors. "
With this Harry, Ron and two other people snickered. Harry turned around and saw Cho and Neville sitting at opposite ends at the back of the room. Two of the seven Dumbledore's Army left in school. Either the rest passed through school or their parents decided it was to dangerous to send them back. Harry knew what they were laughing about; he had taught them the Patronus in their fifth year at school. "And may I ask what is funny about Dementors?" prof. Watson asked them.

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   Harry figured since he was the one who taught them he decided to stand up. "Well prof. I taught Ron sitting here and Neville -n- Cho back there" Harry nodded to them. "the Patronus two years ago. I had set up a D. A. D. A class so I could prepare people for Voldemort," most people gasped at this and dropped quills "when we had a horrible teacher. " Harry then held up the back of his hand.
She looked un-convinced with Harry's story so she told him to produce the Patronus. Harry pulled his wand out of his back, put the thought of him and Ginny in the bathroom into his head, and said aloud, "Expecto Patronus" and a silver stag erupted from the end of his wand and did a couple laps around the room and disappeared. Ron, Neville and Cho all stood up and produced their patronuses for the teacher. The rest of the classroom oohhed and awed at the site. Even the teacher looked impressed. "Well then you four can help out with the rest of the class.

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  " the prof.
    told them. Considering there was only five other people to be taught they each took a partner. Harry got a Ravenclaw he had seen around school but never talked to. Neville was actually one of the first to be picked. A Hufflepuff with short red hair and was a foot taller than he was. Ron got a Gryffindor boy Harry had seen around in the common room and Cho got a tall stocky boy from Ravenclaw Harry had only seen a couple times. There was just one both left and he was from Slytherin. The teacher got him.
    After an hour, the teacher had called the class to a halt and told them all to practice. She then dismissed the class and asked Harry to stay behind for a second. Harry nodded to Ron and told him that he would meat up with him at lunch. After the door was closed Emma (prof. Watson) {figure it out yet} asked Harry to enter her chambers. Harry followed closely behind her and could smell blue berries emanating off her.

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       Harry entered and closed the door behind him. He then sat down in a chair in the middle of the room. Emily walked around her desk and removed her robe to hang it up. She was wearing a white halter-top and a black skirt that went down slightly above her knees.
    "I asked you in here because I wanted d to ask you what you taught your friends so I can make some arrangements. " she told Harry but he had just noticed that he could see her nipples through her shirt. Harry stared at her breasts and she gave him a puzzled look and followed his gaze and noticed her nipples plain as day. She then looked back at Harry a notice he had built a tent inside his robe. She then grabbed the bottom her shirt and raised it above her head.
    She had tits that would make Dolly Parton jealous. Each breast was the size of Harry's head. His jaw just dropped to the floor. Emma walked around the desk and shoved one of her breasts into Harry's open, awaiting mouth and Harry complied with her. He took her nipple into his mouth and tried to see if he could milk it. When he found it was dry Harry took his tongue and erected her nipple.


       He then took it in between his teeth and bit down hard enough to get a moan.
    Harry then raised her skirt and rubbed her clit with his finger. She was really getting wet now. Harry slipped two of his fingers into her pussy and curled them to try to find her g-spot but was un successful. Emma then pushed all the items off her desk and hoped up. Harry got down in between her legs and inserted three fingers. Even that did not seem to work until Emma grabbed his wrist and told him to ball up his fist. When he did, she shoved his hand deep into her pussy. Harry then pulled and pushed his hand inside of as if it were a cock. She leaned back across the desk and bent her knees up so she could position her feet onto the desk. "Faster!" she yelled out as Harry picked up speed and shoved his hand in until he hit a wall and then retracted. After a minute of two, Emma grabbed his hand and held it still. Harry looked down between her legs and received a face full of cum.
    Harry was just shocked in that he had no idea that that could even happen. Harry withdrew his hand and considered putting his dick into her.


       It was just that if his fist would fit in her and he probably would not feel much pleasure. Harry lifted her legs onto his shoulders. He then grabbed his cock and stroked it around her pussy to get it nice and wet. Harry positioned his cock at her ass hole and grabbed her hips. Harry then pushed and pulled as hard and fast as he could. He got a pleasant moan from his teacher and pulled back. Harry drove it home again and Emma arched the small of her back. Harry continued to pound away into her for what seemed like hours. In reality, he had not been at it for more then five minutes.
    Harry sent stream after stream into her ass. When Harry withdrew his cock, his semen just flowed out of her ass. Harry pulled his robe back down and sat back into the chair as his teacher got up and threw her robe on. She then walked around the desk and sat down and continued talking as if nothing had happened. Half an hour later left her office, headed down to lunch, and sat next to Ginny. She then leaned over and gave him a kiss on the lips when she sniffed him.

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       "What’s that I smell?" She asked him and Harry got nervous because he figured she was smelling pussy on him. She continued, "It smells like blue berries. " Harry felt relief and explained he was hit with some spray as he walked by a group of girls.
    They spent the rest of the afternoon in classes. After diner, they all hung out in the library to research the markings on the box. They were pushed out some time later with assorted books in their hands. They went up to the common room and sat down looking. Through all their searching, they had found nothing before turning in for the night.
    To Be Continued…

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