Harry potter 9


Pensive Adventure
Life had gone on over the next couple of weeks. Harry and Ginny made a couple of trips to the prefects’ bathroom and a couple of times invited Ron and Hermione to join them. They still had no success with finding out what the writing was or even open the box. About a month after arriving at school the four of then decided to take a trip down to the lake. They all took their usual seats, Ginny and Hermione between Harry and Ron’s legs, and was taking turns examining the box.
All of a sudden, a snake came slithering out of the water towards them. None of them looked worried and Harry told the snake to go back to the water. Hermione had been holding the box and screamed, "Harry it glowed just now. " Harry took the box from her and examined it carefully. It just looked the same to Harry as he twirled it around. "It happened when you told the snake to go away so try talking in parseltongue to it. " Hermione told him. Harry just shrugged and figured why not they had tried everything else. Harry say it down and in parseltongue told it, "open says me" Harry figured he would be comical about it. However, there was nothing comical about it, the box glowed a deep purple color. The writing on the box was now readable.

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   It said, "yoU Seek rEvenge in The sHadows, fEel Love and yOu Could Kill voldEmorT"
Hermione reached into her back and pulled out a quill and a piece of scrap parchment and jotted down the words before they disappeared. Hermione sat there, read, and reread it repeatedly before gasping. "Harry do you still have the locket you and Dumbledore thought was a Horcrux?" Harry told her it was up in his room "Why?" he asked her and she scooted next to him so everyone could see. She started crossing off letters until "USE THE LOCKET" were the only letters left. They all jumped up and ran up into the castle. It was right before curfew so they barely came across anyone. "Dinglebit" they all said to the fat lady and climbed inside. Harry hurried up into his room and opened his truck to search for the locket. He had found it right next to the looking glass his godfather had given him. He hurried back down stair without putting anything back and sat next to Ginny.
Harry looked the locket over and tried putting it onto each of the circles on top. With no avail, Harry opened the locket and placed it face down into the circles. The box popped open, after a little jump from Ginny, Harry opened it up. Inside was a locket, the ring Dumbledore wore last year and a piece of parchment rolled up. Harry grabbed the parchment and read it.

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   After reading it, he decided to read it aloud after checking no one else was around.
"Harry if you are reading this then that means my plan is going as planed. I left you the ring and locket, which were the only two Horcruxes I found. Yes, I know you are thinking what that locket inside of the cave was. Regulas Black, Sirius’s brother, left that locket. I knew he had taken it but I need to take you to the cave for my plan to work. I had to appear weakened for when the death eaters attack the school. Regulas had taken it shortly before he was killed. I found the Horcrux locket in Grimmuald after Serious died. I know also that you are mad at Snape right now but you need not be. He killed me on my orders. He had made an unbreakable bond with Narcissa and if he had not killed me, he would have died. I made Snape promise me that he would carry it out if Draco could not do it. He is more important than I am for your survival.
Along with this box, I have left you the pensive and all the memories you need to find the other horcruxes.

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   Three have been found already and four are left. One is in the Voldemort still walking around and Snape knows where the other three are. I believe in you Harry and you can kill Voldemort. You are the only one you can. Please stay at school and the rest will come to you in the following days. "
Harry finished reading the letter and looked around at everyone to get their responses. He could not see any; they just had blank expressions on their faces. Finally Hermione spoke up, "So Snape killed him because he told him to. That must be why he was pleading with Snape when he killed him. He was begging for death so that Snape could live. Harry just stared at her and started registering what she had said. Snape was actually still good but how could Dumbledore do that. He was more important to him than Snape was. Snape hated Harry for what his father and godfather did to him in school. What had happened after school to make things change?
Everyone went off to bed alone tonight to ponder what they just found out.

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   Harry sat on his bed thinking and he noticed the pensive sitting on the foot. Harry had put it there when he was looking for the locket. Harry pulled it close to him and peered inside. All he saw was water boiling on top. Harry reached off the bed and grabbed the box of memories. Harry started picking up each bottle and putting them to the side as he read them.
"Tom asks for job, Harry recalling Voldemort's return, Snape's remorse" Harry stopped with this one still in his hand and read it over. Harry grabbed at the cork and pulled it off. He then dumped it into the pensive and watched it swirl around inside. Harry then plunged his face into the cool liquid air. In and instant he was pulled inside and landed right next to Dumbledore. Harry felt a happiness come over him until he realized it was just a memory. Harry looked around and saw Snape sitting down across from them.
"If I had any idea what the prophecy meant I would never have told the dark lord. James and I have had our differences in the past but I did not want him dead.

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   He saved my life and I must be grateful for that. Lily was the best person I knew, she always tried to befriend me when I was always so mean to her. " Snape then broke into tears and continued, "Pleas forgive me Dumbledore. I will do anything to make it up to Harry when he becomes of age. I am the reason he has to grow up without great parents. "
Dumbledore then rose up and went over to Snape. He laid a hand onto his shoulder and told him, "I believe you have remorse for what you have done. Harry is going to need looking after until he comes to school. I have already taken the means of having lookouts posted and he is covered by old magic for protection. I need you to come to my school and teach. "
Harry knew the memory was over and thought about what he read. Harry bent slightly at the knees and gave a little push upward. Harry landed back on his bed in front of the pensive. Harry looked around and noticed everyone was still asleep. Harry decided to take another trip into the pensive.

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   He went through the bottles until he came across, "Teaching Susan" Harry pulled the cork out and poured the contents into the pensive.
Harry was standing next to Dumbledore behind his desk. There was a young girl of maybe 15 or 16 sitting across from them. "You wanted to see me prof. " the girl said. She was pretty with strawberry hair and nice firm breast Harry could see poking out her white, Weird Sisters, shirt. She had two little dimples in her cheeks and wore wand shaped earrings in her ears. Harry noticed a small mole sitting on her cheek, which just made her look better. It was like a beauty mark.
Dumbledore spoke up; Harry had forgotten he was even there, "Yes I wanted to talk to you about your O. W. L. S. It seems here that you want to be an auror but you failed D. A.

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  D. A. So I wanted to talk to you about taking a different career path. " She started crying, "I wanted auror, its all I’ve ever wanted to do since I was a kid. Everyone in my family are aurors and if I don’t get in ill be the disappointment of the family. Is there anything I can do to fix this?" She had gotten out of her chair and walked around the desk.
    She was then standing in front of Harry and Dumbledore.
    She then reached the bottom of her shirt and hoisted it up over her head. Harry was right; her breasts were nice and firm and rode high on her chest. She then put her thumbs into the waist of her skirt and pushed them down. She was completely bald down there; Harry had heard of women doing this but had never seen it. She then got down on her knees and opened up Dumbledore's robes.
    "Wow" was all she could say, and Harry could think. His cock had to be at least 12 inches long. She then bent over and took his cock into her mouth.

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       She bobbed her head up and down on it while taking more and more into her mouth. After 2 or 3 minutes, the entire 12 inches were gone. Harry, and Dumbledore, was impressed with her. He did not think she could do that. She moved her head up and down a couple more times before standing up, turning around and positioned her ass toward Dumbledore. He grabbed his cock and pointed it to her pussy. Once the head was barely in he grabbed he hips and pulled her down onto him.
    He slowly pulled her into his 12 inches and she took it all without any problems. She then lifted herself up and down onto his cock. Harry went around, got down and looked at the scene in between her legs. She seemed to be stretched beyond recognition but she did seem to care at all. Moans and groans escaped from her lips as she had her pussy stretched. Dumbledore then stood up with her still on him and spun her around until they were looking into each other eyes. Dumbledore then laid her on his desk.
    He then pulled so far out Harry thought, he was done but Dumbledore was just getting a running start.

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       He grabbed her hips and drove his entire cock into her. Harry was expecting it to come out her mouth. She gave a real loud scream of pleasure as he plunged into her repeatedly. She was covered in sweat while Dumbledore pounded her pussy. He grabbed her legs and placed them up onto his shoulders so he could get in deeper. After a few more strokes he grabbed her hips and pushed into her as far as her could go and let out a low moan and Harry knew he just came in her.
    As he pulled out, she just laid there exhausted. She took a few breaths before getting up and putting on her cloths. When she sat back down in the chair Dumbledore spoke up, "well I can do one thing for you. I will give you personal lessons for the next few weeks and have an examiner come in and test you again. " Harry knew this was over and bent his knees. Right before he pushed off he swears he saw a wink in Dumbledore’s eye.
    Harry landed on his bed with a full hard on. He dipped the bottle into the pensive and extracted the memory. Harry was now horny as hell and did not know what to do.

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       He figured he could just go down and take a cooling bath. He picked up his invisibility cloak and map before leaving. Harry had thrown the cloak over himself before leaving the room. He crept down stairs and started for the portrait when he heard a noise in the corner. Harry looked and saw a first year girl sitting in a chair. As Harry got closer he noticed she was naked below her waist and had a wand inside her pussy.
    She had her head leaning back as she pushed it in and out of her pussy. She then pulled the wand out and stuck it into her mouth, which gave Harry an idea. He took his dick out of his pants and pushed it through the cloak. He wrapped the cloak around it so if anyone looked they would just see a penis floating in the air. Harry got down and positioned the head to the tip of her hole. Her eyes opened brightly and looked around. She figured it was nothing so she closed her eyes again. Harry then pushed the head of his cock half way into her and hit a wall. The little girl jumped when he did this but stayed in the same position.


       She looked around again and then shrugged it off. Harry took this opportunity get push all the way in. Harry felt her hymen brake as he bottom out. Before she had a chance to respond he moved his hips in and out of her.
    She just laid back and started enjoying it. As Harry picked up speed she grinded her hips up and down. It was like a merry-go-round on his cock. She was making so much noise Harry thought someone would hear her so he picked up speed. Harry plunged into her as far as he could before he filled her with all of his cum. Harry pulled his cum mixed blood cock out and whipped it on the chair she was in before putting it away. She just laid there panting with her eyes closed. Harry went back up stairs, put his stuff away and lay down on his bed. Harry was out in seconds. Harry and Ginny was having sex in front of the whole school. There were catcalls from everyone.

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       Harry looked up and saw Snape standing in front of him. "Follow me Potter. " he said grabbing Harry up.
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