Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires- Chapter Eighteen - The Party


Harry Potter and the Spellbook of DesiresChapter Eighteen – The PartyDisclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author. Story Codes: mff, mff, ncon, x-mast, grope, hp, magic, spank 
The First Task was over for Harry and the other champions, with all of them getting through the event, relatively unscathed.   Fleur received a few burns, but Harry, Cedric and Krum were kind enough to give her a soothing lotion rubdown to treat her.   Harry had had his way with Hermione; using an enchanted necklace, he had been able to lower Hermione’s inhibitions and make her suck his cock.   Not only that, but Ron had apologized for the way he had been acting towards Harry after the task and as a reward, Harry had been kind enough to lend over the still sexually uninhibited Hermione to Ron, so he could get his rocks off as well.   Ron had fucked Hermione silly for nearly twenty minutes before depositing a massive quantity of cum, deep inside the teen witch’s vulnerable womb.   Luckily for Hermione, she was able to steal another vial of pregnancy potion and avoid any possible pregnancy.   After that, she and Ron decided to run up to Gryffindor Tower and set up a little party for Harry, with the help of Seamus, Dean, Fred and George.  
‘Ron… Stop it!’ Hermione said to Ron, slightly embarrassed, after Ron squeezed her ass for what was like the tenth time while they set up for the party.   Hermione knew what she had done with Ron and knew it had felt really good, but she couldn’t help but feel both ashamed and embarrassed.   It wasn’t that she didn’t like Ron, it was just she would have never normally even considered having sex with him.  
‘What Hermione?  Now you don’t want it!’ Ron said in a scathing tone, not understanding why Hermione was so resistant all of a sudden.   A short time ago she was riding his cock like a horny schoolgirl, even telling him she would let him cum in her anytime he wanted.   Now she was spurning every single one of his advances.   More and more, Ron was beginning to think that Harry had somehow bewitched Hermione for him.   Not wanting to piss her off anymore, or ruin Harry’s party, Ron dropped it for the time being.

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Slowly, the rest of the Gryffindor students returned to the common room, and waited for their victorious champion to return.   As Hermione looked around at the excited Gryffindors, she could tell that a number of the girls had dressed into more party-oriented clothing.   Lavender Brown and Pavarti Patil for instance, were wearing tight, short dresses, emphasizing their breasts and asses.   Hermione was a little jealous of the attention they were getting, but decided that it was best not to attract anymore for herself; she had been slutty enough in the last hour to last her for a good long while.  
‘He’s coming. . . Be quiet!’ whispered one of the younger students, keeping guard near the portrait hole.   Everyone got real quiet and waited for Harry to come through the portrait.  
‘Ahhhh!’ Harry shouted as six hands shot out and pulled him into the common room.   Harry was shocked to see that a huge party had been thrown for him, but was elated none the less after having nearly being eaten by a giant dragon.   As he entered the room, he could tell they had gone all out for him, with posters, banners, food and drink.   He could also tell there were a number of sexy female students, dressed in sexy dresses waiting for him.   He knew the extra attention was due, more to his added celebrity status after finishing the task, then his natural good looks; but he really couldn’t care less.  
‘Hi Harry!’ Lavender and Pavarti said to Harry seconds later, stealing away his attention with their tight fitting dresses.

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    It was quite obvious to Harry that they had been saving their sexy outfits for Harry’s benefit, and he was greatly appreciating it as he gave both girls a once over.   They giggled at his stunned reaction before Lavender said, ‘We thought you were really brave out there Harry!’ 
‘Yeah… Thanks… It wasn’t so bad…’ Harry lied, not trying to sound to full of himself.   In reality however, he knew what he had done was extremely impressive, and couldn’t help but be pleased with himself.   Harry tiredly went over the entire task with a number of admirers before the party eventually thinned out and people began to retreat to their respective rooms.   Harry was ready to hit the hay as well, until Fred and George walked over to him.  
‘Hey Harry… Great work there champion’ Fred joked as George fumbled around with something in his pocket.   ‘We’ve got a little present for you… A congratulations if you will’ he continued as George handed him a small perfume bottle.  
‘What’s this then?’ Harry replied, wondering what new and interesting product the twins had come up with next.   He turned the bottle around to see that the label was completely blank, with no markers at all.  
‘Draco Malfoy is a prat!’ George said, tapping the bottle with his wand and answering the question Harry was about to pose.   All of a sudden, the label was transformed from a blank one, to a colorful and interesting one.   It had the Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes name printed in bold colorful letters and a small description of what the bottle contained.   The perfume was evidently called, “Essence of Love” and the label read: 
A wonderful and fragrant concoction for the love a young man’s life.   Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes is proud to present a potent and intoxicating perfume, able to create an immediate and powerful attraction between two people.   Simply drop a single hair into the perfume before spraying it on the girl of your dreams.

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    The reaction will be immediate and sexually bond the wearer to the giver for several long lustful hours!  Warning! One spray will intoxicate the wearer and sexually stimulate them for hours and hours!  There is no antidote to the perfume until its effects wear off! 
Seconds after Harry read the description, it quickly disappeared, leaving the label blank and innocent looking again.  
‘Huh!’ Harry said, both impressed and a little suspicious to where the twins came up with such a great idea.  
‘A simple thanks will do Harry’ Fred joked, patting Harry on the shoulder.  
‘Yeah… Sorry… Thanks!’ Harry sputtered, turning the bottle over again and again in his hands.  
‘Now… Have a little fun… As long as it’s not with our sister!’ George laughed, pointing over at Lavender and Pavarti, as he joked.  
‘No promises!’ Harry joked back.   The twins laughed and left to their room, leaving Harry in a near empty common room.   Harry didn’t tell Fred or George, but he fully intended to use the perfume on Ginny eventually.   Harry plucked a hair from his head, opened the bottle of the perfume in short order, and dropped it in, where it sizzled slightly.  
Harry looked around at the empty common room, seeing only Ron, Hermione, Pavarti and Lavender still waiting around.   Harry could tell Ron was trying to pick up Hermione, but with little luck as Hermione walked away from Ron seconds later and ran up to the girls dormitories.   As Ron followed suit seconds later, Harry, in a moment of horniness, walked over to where Pavarti and Lavender were sitting, took out the bottle and sprayed some at Pavarti, who had her back turned to him.   The perfume came out far mistier then Harry thought it would, and as it drifted towards Pavarti, it expanded and instead of just falling on Pavarti, some of it fell on Lavender as well.  
‘OOPS’ Harry whispered to himself, as both Pavarti and Lavender stopped talking in mid-sentence.   They turned around to look at Harry and with their eyes misted over, got up, walked over to him and started to tear off his clothes.

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    Harry was too shocked to say anything; he wasn’t quite prepared for how quickly and how well the perfume had worked.   Harry had obviously fantasized about being pleasure by two girls at once, but never had he been presented with such an amazing opportunity.   The girls had removed all of his clothes in mere seconds and as they both got onto their knees, Harry was in bliss.   He closed his eyes and stood there; buck naked and enjoying life to its fullest extent as Pavarti and Lavender began massaging his balls and rubbing his cock to full hardness.   It didn’t take long either; even with recently dropping a load on Hermione’s face, Harry was able to reach maximum hardness within a few minutes.   He was sort of glad he had blown his load recently; this way he would be able to last and enjoy his little threesome for far longer.  
‘Mmmm… Harry… Your cock tastes sooooo gooooood!’ moaned Pavarti, as she began sucking on Harry’s tip.   Lavender moaned in approval, as her tongue explored Harry’s balls.  
Harry murmured in agreement; unable to form coherent sentences with two sexy teen girls sucking and licking his shaft and balls.   Lavender stopped licking his balls just long enough for her to stand up and give Harry a long hard kiss before getting back on her knees and rejoining her sexy friend.  
Harry, enjoying himself so immensely, almost forgot about helping his two special friends with taking off their clothes.   He quickly reached down and tried to pull off Pavarti’s tight dress but had little luck.   As her head bobbed back and forth over his cock, he tugged and tugged at the annoying dress, but it just wouldn’t budge.  
‘Fuck Harry… Just rip it off me!’ moaned Pavarti, as she lifted her head from his cock for a few seconds.   Harry followed Pavarti’s instructions in quick order, tearing her expensive little dress off without hesitation.

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    Harry was pleasantly surprised to see that Pavarti’s tanned brown skin made her body look all the more appealing, as he got a great look at her small but firm teen tits, her nice ass and her trimmed pussy.   Her black pubic hair was trimmed into a tiny triangle over her pussy and as Harry bent over and gave her ass a quick squeeze and slap, he could see Lavender looking slightly jealous.   Harry amended that by turning his attention over to her and taking hold of her dress like he had done with Pavarti.   And just like with Pavarti, he tore the dress right off of her and exposed her beautiful body.   Lavender had very fair skin, slightly reddish-brown hair and a beautiful well-developed set of tits, capped off with tiny pink nipples.   Lavender’s pussy was completely shaved and her ass a little juicier than Pavarti, but all and all, Harry was mightily impressed.  
‘Okay… Let’s fuck!’ Pavarti said before Harry could take in the complete beauty he saw before him.   Harry was glad to receive a small break from the intense cock sucking he was getting in order to recuperate a little before the main course.   Pavarti moved over to one of the longer couches and laid down on her back, waiting patiently for Harry to follow and slam his cock into her waiting pussy.   Harry needed little encouragement as Harry was led by Lavender over to Pavarti and guided on top of Pavarti, where he took hold of his hard five inch cock and placed it into Pavarti’s wet pussy.   Lavender watched with a smile on her face as Harry slowly eased himself into her best friend.  
‘Mmmm… That looks good Pavarti’ Lavender cooed into Pavarti’s ear.   Pavarti had a look of pain mixed with pleasure on her face, as Harry inched more and more of his cock into her until he was completely submerged.
    ‘Ahhh… That’s much better… I love being filled by cock!’ groaned Pavarti, clearly happy about having Harry Potter’s cock stuffed in her tight teen pussy.   Lavender, not wanting to be left out any longer; got up onto the couch as well and sat directly onto Pavarti’s face.

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        Harry could just make out Pavarti’s tongue moving in and out of Lavender’s bald little pussy.   Seconds later Lavender laid down on Pavarti and used her tongue to lick both Pavarti’s pussy and his cock as he rammed it into her back and forth.   It felt great to have Lavender’s long wet tongue add to the pleasure of fucking Pavarti’s tight hole.   With every thrust, Lavender provided more and more lubrication for Harry’s cock and as the minutes passed, it got easier and easier to slide his shaft in and out of Pavarti’s love tunnel.  
    ‘YESSSS!’ groaned Pavarti, a minute later, as she went through a powerful orgasm.   A small trickle of her juices started to run out of her pussy, as Harry continued to fuck her.   Lavender took the opportunity to lick up the excess juices, running her tongue along Pavarti’s inner thigh and Harry’s shaft.  
    ‘My Turn Pavarti!’ whined a horny Lavender.   Instead of switching spots however, she turned around so she was laying directly on top of Pavarti, looking directly into her eyes.   Now Harry was looking down at two gorgeous pussies, with a choice of fucking either one of them.   Harry decided it would be best for Lavender to have a turn, seeing that he had just given Pavarti a nice orgasm.   Harry slowly pulled out of Pavarti and placed the tip of his cock into Lavender’s quivering pussy.   Lavender was just as tight as Pavarti, but because his cock was doused in Pavarti’s warm juices, it was far easier to ram his entire five inches into her hole.  
    ‘God… Your cock does feel good Harry!’ Lavender responded to Harry’s slow thrusting.   Pavarti and Lavender began to make out as Harry picked up his pace and started thrusting into Lavender with more and more force, until he could here her squealing in pleasure.

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        Pavarti had warmed her up fairly well by eating out her pussy, making it easy for Harry to push Lavender over the edge and into an orgasm in only minutes.  
    ‘Ooooooohhhhh’ moaned Lavender into Pavarti’s mouth, as Harry continued to thrust into her.   He could feel her juices run down his cock as he continued to thrust into her.   He was reaching his end as well, but before he did, he decided to try something different.   Harry pulled his cock out of Lavender and placed it back into Pavarti, and with each thrust, he switched between the two pussies until his shaft began to throb.  
    ‘I’m fucking cumming! UNGHHHHH… UNGHHHHH!’ grunted Harry, pulling out of Lavender in the nick of time and blasting a warm serving of gooey cum all over both Lavender and Pavarti’s wet pussies.   Both girls moaned in satisfaction as they felt Harry’s hot sticky cum plaster their satisfied love tunnels.   Harry fired off five thick loads before stopping and proceeded to watch it drip down both girls’ cunts and down their thighs.  
    ‘Wow… That was great!’ groaned Harry, standing up, tired and covered in sweat.   Both Pavarti and Lavender didn’t answer; they were exhausted and holding each other in a tight embrace.   Apparently Harry had worn them out and they had fallen asleep, both with smiles on their face.   Harry thought about cleaning up the girls and maybe throwing a blanket over them, but decided instead to go and get his magical camera from his trunk and take a few pictures of the gorgeous cumsluts.  
    ‘Great memories!’ Harry said to himself as he ran back downstairs and took a few great pictures of Lavender and Pavarti holding each other, with their pussies dripping with Harry’s cooling seed.   The day had been a long one for Harry, and as he carried his camera and the golden egg he had won in the First Task back to his room, he thought that all and all; the day had been a good one.  
    ‘Harry… What’s going on?’ Ron said all of a sudden to Harry, as he re-entered their room.

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        Harry couldn’t make out Ron, so he lit a candle and walked over to his bed.   Harry then proceeded to show Ron the moving magical pictures he had taken.   Ron was deeply impressed by Harry’s conquest and decided that he needed to take a look for himself before he went to bed.   As Ron ran downstairs to the common room to take a good look at the two sluts, Harry walked over to his bed and fell asleep.  
    ‘Lucky Bastard! Ron said to himself, as he walked up to the sleeping Lavender and Pavarti, whose pussies were caked over with Harry’s cum.   Ron couldn’t help but get hard at the sight of them, lying there naked and comforting each other while they slept.   Ron instinctively pulled his cock out of his pajamas and began to rub it, slapping it against both of their faces for fun.   After about five minutes of rubbing, Ron finally groaned and released a torrent of sticky cum all over the two girls’ faces.   Ron unleashed six long strings of his warm seed all over Pavarti and Lavender’s faces, not even waking them, before pulling his pajamas back up and running back up the stairs to his own bed.  
    ‘Now I can fall asleep’ Ron sighed to himself, as he pulled his bedcovers up and fell asleep immediately. .

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