It's Kobe's Fault


The door swung open and there he stood, so tall, and so handsome. His eyes traveled all over my well-shaped young, white body, and as they did, something inside me snapped. I mean this guy was a dreamboat! Neatly dressed in tight blue jeans, the outline of his long male tool showed through his pants. I don't think I had ever seen one that big and my pussy tingled even more as I thought about seeing and touching it!"You wanna see it?" he said, interrupting my lewd thoughts. "See it?" I replied, licking my lips a little obviously. "My championship ring. ""Oh, yeah, that'd be neat. ""Well, come inside. "I hurried into his suite and slammed the door. My pussy was juicing like a piece of old fruit. As I followed him into the livingroom area, I knew in my heart that I'd be the type of pretty white girl that would get hooked on thick, black cock, but at thetime, though, I thought it would be with oral and vaginal sex. "Let's sit on the couch," he suggested, smiling and I swear the snake in his pants twitched. I sat next to him and told him he was gonna have fun at the resort. Then, taking an aggressive approach, I reached my hand between his legs, and beganrubbing over the bulge, feeling it grow hard and long - real long. I realized then that I had my hands on a real monster and another surge of juice oozed from my pussy!His hips moved a little and he said, "Miss, you're getting Mr. Happy caught in my clothes and it's starting to hurt.


  ""I can fix that," I said and began unbuttoning his jeans. He leaned back as I spread the tops of the pants. The gleaming white jockey shorts looked incredible against his coffee colored skin. "Lift your ass up a little. I need to get these down," I said. It was so exciting ordering a big, handsome black man to do what I wanted and I wondered if he could smell the gooey mess between my legs. He lifted up and I grabbed his shorts and jeans together and pulled them down. His huge black cobra springing up and slapping his belly button. I couldn't help bending over and immediatelyslurping it into my mouth. I'd sucked off plenty of white guys, but this cock was the prize of my life. His very dark dick filled mycheeks and pressed into my throat, but I was determined not to gag on this beauty. My head bobbed up and down for a few minutes with my hands (yes, both of them) stroking up and down in concert on that monster. He was so cool, just leaning back and enjoying my mouthwork on his dick. As I continued, I took one hand began to squeeze his ball sack, rolling those giant orbs around in my fingers. It was so much fun being the aggressor with such a big, masculine guy.

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  After a while, he lifted my head with both hands and brought my mouth close to his. Saliva from my sucking glistened on my lips. Our eyes met and he pulled our mouths together, then stuck his tongue down my throat. His dusky tongue felt as big ashis penis as he fucked my mouth with it. I tried to imagine my white college girlfriends, seeing me right now, swapping spit with a black guy. No, with Kobe Bryant! My pussy juice was pouring into my panties. I don't think I've ever been more aware that I was a female. "Let's get our clothes off," he suggested. Sounded good to me and we stripped in seconds. My legs shook as my eyes took in his rippling muscles. He reached out a hand and began playing withmy pussy. The skin on his fingers was soft, for some reason not like I expected from a black man. A long finger went inside me like a little black cock. He diddled my clit and moaning, I had a short, quick first orgasm. I knew I was just building up for some real big ones.

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   Dropping down on him, I rubbed my cum-soaked pussy against his majestic black cock, wanting toget him to put this beautiful piece of manhood in my throbbing pussy. He sat up on the couch and pulled me over so that I was lying on my stomach across his lap. He reached between my legs and scooped up some my pussy juice, and I was making plenty of it for him, then he reaching into the crack of my ass and started to move his fingers up and down from my clit to my ass, tickling both as he passed by them. He was stimulating my clit when he reached into my pussy and I started wiggling my ass and moaning uncontrollably. Still, he kept moving from my pussy back up to my asshole. I've always had a tiny asshole, but a very sensitive one. When I played with myself, I liked to stick a fingertip in it. But I never tried to push it any further up or put any more than one fingertip in. Back and forth, he kept transferring juice from my pussy to my asscrack and I kept wiggling my ass as another orgasm began to overtake me from his ministrations to my clit and anus. With each pass he spent more time around my asshole. His fingers would rub my anal ring, then one would enter it a little, then slide back to my pussy for more juice. When I was thoroughly covered with my own slick fluid, he took his long middle finger and began pushing it into my anus in earnest. In and out, in and out, deeper and deeper it went into my ass. I surprized myself when my body began pushing back on it as he stroked into it. Then he started making circles with his finger, causing my asshole to expand.

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   Eventually, I could feel two fingers up there. Then, unbelievably, three fingers forced my asshole even wider! I wasdrooling onto the resort's white couch, my head lolling back and forth from the erotic pleasure and pain. I guess he finally thought I was ready because he picked me get up and had me bend over the back of the couch with my face pressed into the backrest. He was in control now, not me and I submitted to him, letting him have my young white body for his pleasure. He was standing behind me and I couldn't see what he was doing. "I think you're gonna like this baby," he said quietly. "Like what?" As if I didn't know. "You're gonna love having my big black cock up your fine little white asshole. I'm gonna fuck it hard and shoot my hot sperm right up inside your tight little poopshute. You want it, don't you baby?"I was scared because I'd planned on a little oral fun and then maybe some normal sex, but then he put the tip of his big cockhead up against my asshole and pushed against it - hard!"Uhhhh, it's too big!" I cried. "You're hurting me, please. It's too big!" I whined. I meant what I said, but in spite of myself, my ass pushed back to meet that thick ebony rod. The thought of its hot, thick,blackness inside my most private little white hole suddenly filled me with lust. "You can take it.

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   I made sure your asshole big enough with my fingers," he said soothingly as he pushed his dick into me. Then his monster cockhead forced its way past my sphinchter feeling like the biggest turd in the world was being forced INTO my ass! However, Kobe's fingerwork had made my asshole just wide enoughto take his huge salami all the way up my anal tract, and inch by inch that monster cock pushed its way in my little white tush as I grunted and whimpered. It felt as though it was going to tearme in half, the pain was excruciating!He stopped and suggested, "Just relax and push on it like you're trying to take a shit. "I did and after a minute or so it stopped hurting quite so bad, and then all I could think about was being completely filled by that beautiful long, black cock. I grabbed the back cushion of the couch as he began pumping in and out of my ass with thatwonderful tool, easing it further and further up my anus. Here I was, a nice white college girl, being anally fucked in a suite at a swanky resort hotel by a famous big black man, who happened to be a stud. No longer was I ashamed of what was being done to me. Everything about this situation was really turning me on and my body started to try to make him cum, my butt actually fucking back and rotating around on his cock on each thrust. His cock was in so far I almost expected it to come right up my throat, and now the pain was really mixed with pure pleasure. Before I knew it I was exorting him, "Cum inside me!" I gushed and started talking like the true slut I had become, "C'mon, fuck my ass you big black stud! Shoot your hot jism in my ass, Baby!"He grabbed my hips and went for it, slamming that huge licorice stick harder and harder. I couldn't move my hips anymore, he was just jerking me back on his big tool like a rag doll. Close tofainting from an overdose of cock up my ass, I just layed over the back of the couch and took it. Then, suddenly, I realized that I wanted it! I wanted to have a black man's big cock and big load of scummy semen up my pretty white, suburban ass! I had to have his cum and I knew I was about to get it. Suddenly, Kobe lunged violently, forcing his cock in my ass further than ever. "I'M CUMING," he shouted at the top of his lungs and I came, too, squealing like the stuck pig I was.

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   It was like his cock had worked my g-spot from inside my ass, not my pussy. My clit just went off like fireworks. We both twitched and humped and jerked around,moaning, gasping for breath, and I could actually feel his big cock twitch and then the hot cum filling my rectum. His cock continued squishing in and out of my now sloppy asshole and with his lastweak thrusts and twitches as my slack anus farted helplessly around his still massive dick. Finally it was over and we collapsed into a heap over the back of the couch. After a few moments, he pulled his big, softening piece of man-meat from my ass and walked into the bathroom to clean up. Using my hands, I pushed on the couch seat cushions to help get myself upright on shaky legs. As I got upright, I could feel his thick cum begin to ooze down the inside of my right leg. I was almost delirious with orgasmic bliss and just turned and leaned against the couch with a silly smile on my face. This was the most erotic and sexy suck I'd ever had!Kobe came out of the bathroom and looked at me with surprize. "You still here, Bitch? What the hell you here for, you waiting to get paid or something?"His words and tone of voice hit me like a slap in the face and I started to cry saying, "I thought you'd let me stay with you after the way I pleased you Kobe. "He laughed. "You white bitches are all the same. You love us brothers' big cocks and then try to tie us down like we're slaves who'll fuck you on demand. Get the hell out of here, Bitch! I got what I wanted.

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   I got to fuck your tight little white ass, and you were an anal virgin too, weren't ya? Take your clothes and get out, you whore! And don't try and say I raped you, 'cause you wanted it bad. You were fucking me as hard as I was fucking you, and you enjoyed it just like I did. Now get out!!"With that he pulled my hands away from my streaming eyes and stuffed my clothes in my arms before dragging me by the arm, stunned, to the door and pushing me out into the night, naked!I stood at his door for a few moments crying before I realized I had to get dressed before someone came along. After getting dressed I went back down to the hospitality department and, in tears, told my friend, Lisa, what had happened, except I told her that he had grabbed me by the neck and forced me over the couch before anally raping me. She insisted I call the police and that's when the whole thing went very public. Looking back on it now, I wish I hadn't allowed myself to go along with the prosecutor on a rape charge against Kobe Bryant, but that's history. Now that I've experienced it, I only want big black cocks and I have be fucked in the ass by them. I've moved to New York City because there are so many big black men there, like all those football players, and basketball players and longshoremen and garbage men and construction workers and bouncers, and. . . I guess you could call me an anal slut, but I can't help it. . . It's Kobe's fault. .

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