All herein is entirely fictional, although i do wish that car was mine!
It was amazing, watching my unknowing prey dance on stage just a few short metres away from me.
As the final number tailed off, Britney disappeared through a backstage door, probably to change for the encore. This was my signal to leave.  I made my way through the screaming teenagers to the stairs down and out of the stands.  I got to my black Chevy Chevelle and trundled over to the layby at the mouth of the road Britney's convoy would be exiting from, and switched off my lights, but keeping the engine running. After about 15 minutes a lone Ford Taurus left the service road, and I just about glimpsed a head of blonde hair behind the wheel.
"Crafty move, Britney; not crafty enough though" I thought to myself as she drove past. So as not to raise suspicion I waited until she was almost out of sight before turning my lights on and following her. The big block V8 under my hood made catching up with her easy, and I proceeded to follow her. Whenever she took a left, I would rush to the next intersection, take that left and circle around the block. Whilst this made my following her harder than it needed to be, it also reduced the chance that Britney would get suspicious of me. In hindsight, using a muscle car wasn't the best of ideas - it stuck out a mile!
Eventually we reached the countryside, and I waited until we were on a straight, open road, with no other traffic in sight. As soon as it got quiet, I shifted down a gear and floored the accelerator. The sudden acceleration flung me back in my seat, and the Chevelle rocketed forward. The sudden roar of the V8 seemed to have startled Britney, because her car had swerved over to the shoulder and was braking hard.  I sent my car into a spin, ending up a few metres further down the shoulder, but with my left-headlight the only casualty.

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   As Britney exited her car and started calling to me to see if was okay, I pulled on my balaclava and grabbed the Desert Eagle under my seat. As soon as I could see her facial features clearly, I flung my door open, stood up and pointed the Eagle at her. Because she had kept on walking toward me as I got out of the car, when I raised th gun it came up within inches of her face. For a split second she didn't register what was in my hand, and that was all it took. In the half-second it took her to realise what was happening, I had my arm around her neck and my gun to her head.
"Alright, bitch! I know who you are and I also know that you will be coming quietly!""Wha? Who are you?""Do you really think i'm dumb enought to tell you that?""Er. . . I, um. . ""Oh, and if you were thinking of calling for help, don't.  I really don't want to get your blood on my car"Horror filled her eyes as she realised she was trapped. "Now, I want you to put your head on the hood with your hands behind your back. Kicking me in the crotch would also result in a very dead blonde""O-o-o-kay, mister, but you know you'll never get away with this!""Oh but I will, Bitchney"
She laid her head on the hood of my car, with her hands behind her back, which I proceeded to handcuff together.  I then picked her up and put her in the boot of my car - gagged, of course.

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End of Chapter 1, Chapter 2 is up to the reviewers! If you want Jed to get caught, put it in your review, if you want him to get away to a secluded ranch, put that in, or if you can think of something better than that, put that instead!
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