Lights, Camera, Fuck Me!


Title: Lights, Camera, Fuck Me!
Author: Jenny
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Linkin Park
Characters: Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda, me
Warnings: Slash, sex, bondage and discipline
Summary: Chester and Mike decide to make a home movie.
Disclaimer: Not mine.   Not true.   Never happened.
Truth or Dare.   The best game in the world.   They were playing the DIRTY version.   All was going fine—until Mike and Chester were dared to kiss each other.   Fine, I thought.   No big deal.   Okay, maybe it is a big deal!  I gotta go get the video cam!!!
I went into the back bedroom and retrieved the mini-cam.   When I got back, I hit the record button and set it on a table, aiming it at the two.
“Kay, guys, do your stuff!  And you’re on candid camera, so make it look good. ”
Chester knocked Mike to the floor, straddled him, grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into a full-on, porn star kiss.   I thought they might’ve been enjoying it by the way they were making out.   That’s when I realized—I think they’re having too much fun.

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    Mike had a full on erection now, and his hands were grabbing Chester’s ass, pulling him down to him, grinding their hips together.
“O-kay, I think I will just leave you two alone,” I said, standing up and walking out of the room.
*Mike’s POV*
I broke the kiss and stared at Chester, grinning.   “Think we should shut off the camera?” I asked, motioning to the still-recording video cam on the table.
“Nah, it’ll make a good home movie.   Besides, we’ll be the only porn stars with dicks that are actually BIG enough to be noticed!”
I laughed and shook my head.   That was Chester for ya.   Always goofy.   I pushed him gently off of me and took the belt off of my jeans.   Grinning evilly, I turned him around and wrapped the belt around his wrists.   Once his hands were bound behind his back, I pushed him down on the floor, on his back, and stared at him lustfully.
He’d already taken his shirt off a while ago, so I kissed his neck and worked my mouth down his chest.   I stopped at his nipple, taking it in my mouth and sucking on it and biting down gently.   He moaned and I felt him squirm beneath me.   I could tell he wanted his hands free so he could touch me, but at the same time I think he loved the idea of not being able to control me.

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I unbuttoned his pants and slid them down his legs.   “Decide not to wear any underwear, did we?” I teased.
“You’re such a fucking tease,” he moaned.
“But ya know ya love it. ” Before he could say anything else, I had taken him in my mouth and was licking up and down his length.   His struggled words, turned into moans, which soon turned into screams, which then turned into, “Oh, Jesus Christ, don’t stop!”
I knew he’d never done anything with another man before.   He told me he’d thought about it, but wasn’t sure if he wanted to do it.   I’d done this many times before, so I well knew what I was doing.
I undressed and caught his stare.   I looked deep into his eyes and saw lust, want, and something I couldn’t quite figure out.
I grabbed a bottle of lube out of my back pocket, and saw his inquisitive stare.   I shrugged.   “You never know…” my voice trailed off as I pushed a finger inside of him.   He winced a little bit, and moaned a little, trying to get comfortable.   I inserted another finger in him and began moving slowly…in and out.

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When he was ready, I lubed myself up and positioned my dick at his entrance.   “Are you SURE you want to do this?” I said, wrapping his legs around my waist.
“Oh God, just fuck me already!”
I slowly entered him, and his eyes snapped tightly shut from the initial pain.   “Just relax, babe,” I said, pushing into him a little farther.   “Do you want me to stop?”
He opened his eyes and looked at me.   “If you stop now, I swear to God I will shove that video camera up your sexy ass!”
“Ooh, kinky!”
He squirmed around and raised his hips, begging me to move.   I began to thrust, and oh how good it felt.   He was so fucking tight!  I let out a groan of pleasure.
He soon got over the pain and gave in to the ecstasy.   He begged me to go faster, so I did.   He wanted me deeper, so I obeyed.
I thrust in and out of him and soon had him screaming.   “Say my name,” I commanded my name!”
“Scream it like you’re being raped!”
I felt myself nearing my climax, and I knew Chester was about there too.   I grabbed his erection and stroked him in time to my own thrusts.   Soon I was coming deep inside him, and he shuddered violently and came into my hand.

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    “Wow…” he gasped.   “That…was…intense. ”
I pulled out of him and sat him up.   Then I went to work taking the belt off of his wrists.
When his hands were free, we both lay down on the floor, his head on my chest.   “God, I think I wanna be gay now,” he said, looking at me.
“I thought you already were. ”
“I had my suspicions, but wasn’t sure. ”
I kissed him on the forehead.   He grinned at me.   “So,” he began.   “Same time tomorrow?”
*My POV*
After watching everything that had happened, I decided to do some planning of my own.   And it would involve me, Mike, Chester, handcuffs, and a blindfold…

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