Lizzie is never too old for a sleepover with her friends.


"So what are you doing this saturday night?" Miranda asked. "Nothing as of yet. Why? What do you want to do?" responded Lizzie. "Well my parents are leaving for the weekend, and since i'm 16 now I asked my parents if I could stay on my own, with out a babysitter for once.   They finally agreed, and I was thinking we could have one of out classic slumber parties.   Are you up for it?" said Miranda. "Of course I am. " Lizzie responded excitedly. " We should ask Gordo, he never got to go to any of our parties before and he always felt left. ""I was thinking of the same thing. " agreed Miranda. The bell rings and they head to class, luckily it is one with Gordo.   "Hey Gordo, you want to hang out at Miranda's on saturday, we were thinking about having a sleepover?" inquired Lizzie. "Uhmm. . Yeah I guess so.

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  " Gordo responded nervously.   He had always fantasized about being at their sleepovers. He even jerked off when they called him before they went to sleep.   They would unknownly tease him with details of their tight pajamas and kissing games.   This was his chance to be there in person. "Great. " responded Lizzie and Miranda together.   "You'll love our sleepovers Gordo.   We never really sleep, we just sit up all night talking and playing games. " said Miranda.   " Plus my parents won't be home, so we can don't have to worry about being quiet or getting in trouble. "The though of his friends alone in an empty house turned Gordo on.   He never really thought of them in this way, but after puberty Gordo started noticing Lizzie's nice tits and Miranda's round ass.   He never told them about his feelings, for fear he would ruin a life long friendship.   Fortunatly, Miranda and Lizzie have been having the same feelings too.

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   They were always curious about boys and wanted to learn more.   They used to wisper about how "big" they thought Gordo was.   Everyove was anxiously looking foward to saturday night. After the longest week of his life, Gordo was nervously packing his overnight bag.   He was trying to find some things to wear and not think of what was going to be occuring in a few hours.   Out of the corner of his eye he saw a gold shimer.   It was his condoms.   A few months ago his cousin bought him some magnum condoms as a joke, but Gordo actually filled them out.   He threw them in a small side pocket, not thinking he would ever use them.   When he finished packing he headed off to Miranda's house. When Gordo arrived, Lizzie was already there.   It was only 8 o'clock, but they were already in their pajamas.   Lizzie had a tight spagetti stringed tank top with no bra underneath, you could see her plump breasts.   She also had on a tight flannel pj bottom that were riding up her tight ass.   Miranda had similar outfit, but with even tighter pants that make her butt look as big as ever.

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    "Are you gonna change Gordo?" Lizzie asked.   "You can change in Miranda's room and come down when your done. "He went up stairs and into Miranda's bedroom.   As he closed the door behind him he saw the panties.   There were two pair of lacey thong underwear laying on the end of the bed.   This turned him on a bit, then he relized that they were Lizzie's and Miranda's, and that ment they weren't wearing  any underware.   He changed into a t shirt and shorts, and went downstairs.   "Took you long enough. " Lizzie said jokingly.   "Come sit here on the couch we are about to start the movie. "  She padded a spot on the couch inbetween her and Miranda.   Gordo sat down and moved a nearby pillow on his lap to hide and future erections.   They all started watching the movie.   As the movie played, Miranda ended up leaning on him and Lizzie eventually laid down with her head on the pillow in his lap.   Gordo moved his arm out of Lizzie's way and it fell of her hip a few inches from her ass.

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    He didn't move it and waited for Lizzie to say something, but she never did.   He got the confidence and put his arm around Miranda.   Expecting her to say something. She said nothing, and actually leaned closer to Gordo as his hand settled next to her breast. Gordo's erection was so strong he was sure that lizzie could feel in through the pillow.   Luckily by the end of it movie it want down.   As the credits rolled Miranda got up and picked up the remote off the floor.   She bent over at the waist showing her great ass right in the face of Gordo and Lizzie. "Hey girl, move your big ass. " Lizzie said jokingly. "I don't have a big ass. " Miranda joked back. "Is my ass big, Gordo?" She struck a pose showing her soft ass to Gordo. "Uhmm, no. .

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  . I think you ass is perfect. " Gordo nerviously studdered out.   He couldn't believe he said that.   Miranda didn't say anything in responce, she just looked at Lizzie and they giggled. "I'm bored, lets go upstairs and play some games. " exclaimed Lizzie.   They all continued into Miranda's room.   Gordo started unpacking his sleeping bag and pillow.   "What are you doing Gordo?" asked Lizzie. "Just unpacking my sleeping bag, why do you ask?" responded Gordo. "Well we just share they bed, Miranda has her parents old Queen size bed, there is more than enough room for all three of us.   Plus it is too cold to sleep on the floor. " said Lizzie.   The girls sat on the bed and tried to think of a game they could play.

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    "Well we could play spin the bottle now that we have more than two people. " suggested Lizzie"But wait, I'm the only guy here, what if you guys spin the bottle and land on each other. "  Gordo said confused. Lizzie and Miranda looked at each other.   "Well when we had our own sleepovers, we used to pratice kissing each other to get ready for boys.   After a while though, we kinda enjoyed making out. " Miranda explained  "We'd love to share with you what we learned. ""I spin first. " shouted Lizzie.   She spun the empty bottle of coke on a plate they had on the bed.   Sure enough it landed on Lizzie.   Without hesitation Lizzie leaned over to kiss Miranda.   Gordo stared at Lizzie's body, she was on all fours with her back arched.   Her big breasts hung free and her back arched perfectly to he nice round ass.   Their mouths embraced, they opened their mouths slightly and started playing with each other's tounge.

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  Although the kiss lasted no more than ten seconds, it was the longest kiss Gordo ever say. It was Miranda's turn now, she spun the bottle which landed on Gordo this time.   She leaned in and Gordo was able to see down her shirt.   She was not wearing a bra either and her small tan tits poked at the neckline.   She kisses him like he had never been kissed before.   He copied what he just say and started playing with her tounge.   They finished their kiss and Miranda sat back down. "This is boring, lets play something more fun. " Lizzie exclaimed. "How about this, whoever the bottle lands on has to do a dare. "Miranda and Gordo agreed.   Gordo spun the bottle. It landed on Lizzie.   "I'll do any dare you want. " she said with a suggestive grin.

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    Gordo was aroused at the oppurtunity.   "Uhmm. . ok.   I dare you to show us your breasts. " Gordo blurted out.   He couldn't believe he just said that.   Lizzie was red with embarassment.   Gordo was about to take back what he said and make another dare, but Lizzie cut him off. "I said I would do any dare. " said Lizzie.   She pulled up her shirt releasing her C cups.   She had light pink and puffy nipples.   Gordo was shocked and had a full hard on by now.   She put her shirt down and giggled.

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    "I can't believe I did that.   Oh well at least it is my turn. "  Lizzie spun and it landed on Miranda again.   She though for a bit then came up with a good idea.   "I want you to rub your pussy till you cum. " Lizzie stated.   Gordo was shocked, he could not believe all his fantasies about what his friends did over sleepovers were true. With out hesitations, Miranda slipped off her pjs and leaned back on some pillows.   She spread her legs and started to rub her virgin pussy.   She licked her finger peridically.   She found her clit and rubbed furiously.   She began to breath faster and moaned louder and louder. She erupted in orgasm and juices flowed from her pussy.   Once she caught her breath she didn't bother to put her pants back on and just said "My turn. "Gordo's cock was at full attention.

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    He was sitting cross legged and managed to guide it down a pant leg, so it wasn't as noticable.   Miranda spun and again the bottled landed on Gordo.   "Wow. Were getting the some people.   Gordo, I want you to take off you pants and let us see and touck your penis. " Miranda ordered.   Gordo was embarassed that he was hard, but he got up anyway and pulled his pants down.   His penis poped up and stood at full erection.   Lizzie and Miranda were schocked.   They stared in awe then both got the urge to touch it. They reached out and gripped Gordo's cock.   Each got her hand on it and started to rub it.   It was the best thing Gordo ever felt.   Not only were two girls grabbing his cock, but they were his best friends.   They released the penis and giggled.


    "Your turn Gordo, your spin. " siad Lizzie.   Gordo spun and it landed on Miranda. "I want you you suck my dick. " said Gordo.   He had seen it in a porno and his cousin told him about it.   "Just put your mouth on it and suck as you rub it. "  Mirands licked her lips in anticipations.   She laid down on the bed and took Gordo in her houth.   The jerked him and sucked hard.   Gordo moaned in content and looked down to see Miranda round, tan, Mexican ass.   He couldn't help but to squeeze it.   Miranda's sucking picked up and before he knew it, Gordo blew his load deep into Miranda's mouth.   She gag, but sallowed it. "Ugh, it taste's like sea water.

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  " Said Miranda, wiping away some cum on her lips.   During the blow job, Lizzie felt left out and got undressed.   "My turn to spin. " said Miranda.   It landed on Gordo to the dissapointment on Lizzie.   "I want you to fuck Lizzie. " she commanded. "Miranda, I would love to, but I don't want to risk getting pregnant. " Lizzie said. "I have condoms. " Gordo blurted.   "My cousin gave them to me and I forgot to take them out of my bag. "  He went over to get them out and turned to see Lizzie right there. "I realized I never got to kiss you. " Lizzie said.

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    She pressed her naked body against his and gave him a long wet kiss.   Her breasts felt great against Gordo's chest.   He was instantly hard again, pressing his stiff cock against her thigh.   "I can see that some one is ready to go again. "Lizzie laid back on the edge of the bed.   Miranda held her up and started to massage Lissie's breasts while Gordo slipped on the condom.   He positioned himself at her wet slit about to enter, but paused a bit.   "Don't worry we already poped our cherries, so it won't hurt.   Go ahead stick it it. " Lizzie explained.   Gordo guided his cock into her tight pussy.   Even though she broke her hymen, it still hurt a bit and Lizzie had to squeeze the sheets to keep from screaming.   Gordo started slow at first, but started fucking Lizzie deeper and harder.   His balls were slapping her ass. Miranda had moved and was now stratling Lizzie's head making her eat Miranda's pussy.

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    Miranda started moaning and Lizzie touged her bald pussy.   Seeing this make Gordo fuck even harder. Lizzie's moans were muffled by Miranda's pussy and her body shuttered and she came.   With the tightening of her pussy, Gordo felt a tingling sensation in his balls and blew his load into the tip of his condom.   He pulled out and removed the condom off his dick.    Miranda finally came with all her juices lopped up by Lizzie. Lizzie sat up and say the cum on Gordo's dick and offered to celan it off. She sucked him cleam and got him hard once more.   "I want to be fucked. " Miranda demanded.   Gordo slipped on a fresh condom and laid on the bed.   Miranda strattled his cock and slowly allowed it to go deep into her pussy.   She started riding him while Gordo grabbed her ass and met her rythm.   Lizzie positioned her pussy over Gordo's face like Miranda had done to her and Gordo began to lick her pussy till her found her clit.   He licked this spot which she seemed to like to much as Miranda continued to ride his dick.

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    They all came at the same time and collapsed on the bed.   They caught their breath and looked at eachother. "I'm going to take a shower. " said Gordo. "We'll join you. " Said Lizzie.   "Wow it it only eleven o'clock, we still have the whole weekend to our selves, which means we can do this more. " It is easy to say that their friendship became a lot stronger that day and that thier free time together was well spent. "This is.