Lord of the Rings "Dragon Piss"


 This is NOT one of my Stories I take NO credit for it. I found it on a web stie that was shut down.
Lord of the Rings "Dragon Piss"Hail This might  be fresher since the movie came One "Dragon Piss" The raucous shouts of hundreds of orcs echoed  through therough-hewn  cavern as the guards hauled Celebrain  across thefloor towards the throne. At  the foot of the dais  she tripped onshreds of green cloth that were the  remnants  of her dress. Cursing, one of the uruks grabbed a handful of  her  silvertresses, dragged her up the steps, and dropped her  painfully tothe  ground.
"Well, what have we here," growled  a voice above her.
Celebrian tried to  muster up the strength  to speak, but beforeshe could do so one of the guards  spoke  up.
"We snared this elf-bitch traveling through our pass, o  trulytremendous  one," he replied. "There were ten others with  her,but we did for 'em, the  filth. "
"Hmmmmm. . . good work,  Bagdush. So, slut, what do you have tosay for  yourself? Speak  up!" The guard twisted Celebrian's armbehind her and used  the  leverage to force her up onto her knees. Her vision filled with  the sight  of a large, muscular orcstaring down at her from  the throne, a jagged iron  crown on hishead. "I am Celebrian,  wife of Elrond of Rivendell," she replied,trying to  sound  imperious and confident, "and he will dealharshly with you if  I am  harmed.

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"Har! Har! Harharhar!" The goblin king raised  his gruff voicefor the  hearing of his assembled court. "You  hear that, boys?Aren't we scared?  Aren't we quakin' in our  boots?" The orcsroared with laughter. "Well, since  we don't  want to get introuble with. . Lord Elrond," he said with mock  reverence, "Isuppose we'd better be nice to his dear lady. "  He glanced  overat one of the guards and nodded meaningfully;  the guard scurriedoff.   "Yep, we'd better treat her real affectionate-like. "  Thegoblin king reached  around his waist and loosened the furswrapped  around him. Then he fished out  his erection. Celebrian'seyes  widened in terror and disgust as she viewed  the thing; iteasily  measured a foot long, thick as a spear,  itsbrownish-green  skin dotted here and there with hairy warts. Theking  hefted  it proudly, leering down at his captive. "I'll betyer husband  aint'  got one this big. Bet you're dyin' for a tasteof it. "  It took Celebrian a  moment to realize what he wasreferring  to. She shook her head, trying to  back away.

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"No, please,  not that!" She had never dabbled in what wascommonly called  "the Elvish Art," and the prospect of taking anorc's penis  into her mouth  horrified her.
The goblin king laughed again.   "Eh? Too bad, I've heard lotso' stories  'bout how talented  you elf girls are. " The guard whohad left a minute or so  ago  returned, bearing a flask gingerly. He handed it to the king,  who rolled  it idly in his free hand. Letting go of his penis  he unstoppered it and  gestured to theguards. "Bring her forward!"
Celebrian  struggled as the guards pushed her into a kneelingposition at  the very foot of the throne. He nodded, and one ofthe guards  pried her mouth  open. Then she felt the flask forcedpast her  teeth, and a burning, sour  liquid poured into hermouth. The  flask was removed, and the guards pinched  her noseand held  her mouth shut to force her to swallow. When she  didthey dropped  her to the floor again. She felt a sensation likefire  coursing  through her limbs. Her mouth was dry, but she feltdampness growing  between her legs. Trembling, she pushed herselfup with her  hands. "What have  you done to me?" she gasped,looking up at  the orc.

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"The shamans call it 'dragon piss', 'cause it puts  bitchesinto heat,"  replied the king, grinning. "Makes 'em  real fun tobe with, makes 'em do all  sorts of things they  wouldn't dobefore. " Against her will Celebrian's eyes  were  drawn to theorc's erection, and she stifled an urge to lick  her lips.
"No, please, make it stop!" she pleaded. "Don't make  me. . don't. . "
The orc guffawed. "Hey, I'm not doin' anything.   You can dowhatever you  want to. " Fighting herself and losing,  she movedher head towards the orc's  lap, saliva drooling out  of her openmouth. Tears ran hot down her cheeks as  she thought  of Elrondand how she was about to pleasure an orc in a way that  she hadnever done for her husband. She tried to close her  eyes, butthey  remained stubbornly open as her tongue flicked  out to lickthe tip of the  orc's penis. The rank orc smell  filled hernostrils as she pressed her lips  against his glans  and began towork the huge, scabby thing into her mouth.

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Above  her the goblin-king groaned, obviously enjoying herattentions.   Celebrian felt his claws dig into her scalp as hegrabbed her  head and  started to force it downwards. The glansdrove into  her mouth, and the orc  pressed her head down further,burying  her nose in his smelly pubic hair and  ramming his cockdown  her throat. She reached down between his legs and  cradledhis  balls in her delicate hand while inside her mouth her  tonguewashed  all around the shaft of his penis. She began to bob  herhead,  her lips pressed tightly around the orc shaft slidingbetween  them. Her sucking grew more insistent as the penis movedin  and out of her  mouth. The orc's fingers tangled in her hair;from  the ragged sounds of his  breath Celebrian realized that hewas  nearing climax; the tears streamed from  her eyes as sheconsidered  the loathsome prospect of the brutish  goblinejaculating into  her mouth. She tried even harder to pull away,but  to no avail.   She continued sucking, sucking, sucking. . .
The goblin-king threw  back his head and growled, and his penisjerked in  her mouth  as his seed squirted out. It was thickand warm, with a bitter,  salty taste; Celebrian felt it washover her tongue and fill  her mouth before  she swallowed, gulpingdown the vile stuff.   More orc-semen flooded in. She  tried tospit it out, but instead  she drank it down like it was  miruvor.

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Suddenly, she felt her  head pushed back from the  still-spasmingcock. It hovered in  front of her for just a moment, staring  likea one-eyed serpent.   Then it jerked again and cum splatteredagainst  her face, striking  her in the chin. More semen, whitewith tinges of yellow  and  green, sprayed her cheek and lips. Slowly the flow abated, until  it was just a lazy dribble ofsperm  trickling onto the stone  tiles. Still unable to controlherself, she extended  her tongue  to catch the falling drops. Shetook the softening penis her  mouth  and cleaned off the last ofthe semen, meanwhile fearing  that she would never  be rid of thetaste of the stuff. She  leaned over and spat out some of  it.
Realizing that somehow  she now had control of herself she spatagain  and again, wiping  the slimy cum from her face with theback of her hand.
The  king laughed again, and his assembled followers didlikewise.   "Can't  quite make up her mind, can she?"
Celebrian looked  up at him, trembling and sobbing. "What areyou going to  do  to me?"
"I'll let you find out for yourself," he answered. The  goblin-king turned  towards one of the more fearsome orcs near  histhrone. "Uzgash! Bring the  wargs!"
Part Two "The Wargs"A  sharp pang of fear shot through Celebrian at  the mention ofthe  evil wargs, wolves of great size, intelligence, and  malice.
No  doubt the orcs intended to watch her torn apart by the  savagebeasts.

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    But a small part of her felt relief that it would soonbe  over;  after what she had just been through, death seemed analmost  pleasant  prospect. She did not resist when the guardspulled  her towards the center of  the cave. She felt the coldmetal  of a shackle clamped around her ankle. She  moved her leg;looking  down, she saw that she was chained to an iron  spikedriven  into the rock. Then the guards withdrew, look fearfullyat  something  behind her. She turned, slowly, following theirgaze.
There  were at least four dozen wargs, each the size of a pony,stalking  towards her out of the mouth of one of the tunnels. Thebeasts  walked with a  slow, easy grace, glancing from time totime  at the orcs, but mostly eying  her hungrily. At the head ofthe  pack, leading them, walked one larger than  the rest, a grey-furred  wolf with an aura of majestic evil. Celebrian heard  thesound  of something being set down behind her, but kept her eyeson  the  advancing wargs. The wolf-chieftain stopped just in frontof  her, examining  her with glinting amber eyes. He licked hischops,  and it seemed almost that  he was grinning. Then his bodytensed  as he prepared to spring. She breathed  a whispered prayerto  Elbereth that he would be quick.
The wolf leapt up soundlessly;  Celbrian gave way before it andtripped on  something, falling  backwards before the beast.

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   Butinstead of hitting the  stone  floor she landed on wooden boards. The wolf's forepaws pressed  down on  her shoulders while its hind-paws rested on the ground  between her feet; the  snout was inchesfrom her face, the white  razor-sharp teeth gleaming as it  lookeddown at her. Was it  toying with her? And why had the orcs  placedwhat felt like  a table behind her? For the wolves' "feast"?  Thewolf turned  his head to one side and barked and snarled to one ofhis  underlings  in what almost sounded like language; he repeatedhis orders  to  several other wolves. Celebrian felt them tuggingat her  dress, tearing the  cloth off from several directions. Sheglanced  to her left and saw one wolf  shredding the sleeve off ofher  arm; on her right another was doing the same.   Down betweenher  legs she saw. . .
Her gaze locked on the huge red penis protruding  from thewarg-chief's  grey-furred sheath. Suddenly realizing  what wasabout to happen, she  struggled to get up, but the  wolf bore hisweight down on her and bared his  fangs, snarling  viciously lessthan an inch from her face. She did not dare  move  as he grabbedthe front of her dress in his jaws and tore it  away,  exposingher firm breasts. Tauntingly he licked and nuzzled  at them,  hiswet pink tongue lapping at her nipples and cleavage.   Shesquirmed,  feeling the wolf's hot breath on her neck before  helapped at her chin, then  began licking her face. She started  tomove her head aside but stopped when  the wolf snarled again.   Itmoved back down to her breasts, slurping loudly as  he washed  histongue all over her nipples.


   Celebrian squirmed again, in  fear,and in shame, because despite her terror and disgust  she couldfeel  her nipples stiffening from the wolf's savage  foreplay.
She felt the last of her dress torn away from her  lower body,and also the  wolf fur brushing against the inside  of her thighs. She felt the tip of the  wolf's penis pressed  against theentrance to her sex, and she knew there was  nothing  she could doto stop him. The wolf looked down at her, staring  straight intoher eyes as he drove his enormous cock into her  with a  singlepowerful thrust. Celebrian gasped in spite of  herself. So big!
It  felt so. . . so. . . "No!" she told herself.   "It's horrible! I'mbeing raped by  an animal, a wolf. . .

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   evil!  I must fight it,must. . . " She gasped again as the  wolf began  pumping his cock inand out of her, and she struggled not to  acknowledge thepleasure it was giving her. She tried to ignore  the  exquisitepain of the wolf's penis stretching her with  each thrust,  thetickling of the fur rubbing the inside of  her legs, the stickywetness  spreading around her sex, the  rough wet tongue lickingat her rigid nipples.   She could feel  her climax building insideher, and each time the wolf's cock  slid in and out of hersopping pussy it pushed her closer.   Her mind recoiled  from theidea of being brought to orgasm  by an animal -- worse, a  servantof darkness -- but her body  did not care. She tried to block  itout by thinking of her  husband -- surely he must be on his wayto  rescue her! But  then all she could think of was what wouldElrond think when  he saw her lying there being taken by a wolf.
And the fact  that the wolf had  a larger penis. She squinted hereyes and  moaned as the enormous lupine cock  plunged into heragain,  intensely aware of every inch. Yes, at least twice  asbig.   She could no longer deny the pleasure it was giving her;with  each  stroke her sex burned like fire. But it was not justthe  sheer size of the  penis that aroused Celebrian, nor thesteady,  powerful, unrelenting thrusts  with which thewarg-chieftain  rammed its organ into her. The feelings of  fearand helplessness  had merged into a weird sensual thrill, and  shegasped passionately  as the grey-furred beast ravaged her likesexual  prey, the  wolf using her body to satisfy its lust withthe same ferocity  that  it might devour a deer to satisfy it’shunger. But still,  she fought against  showing it.

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   She struggledto remain still  and silent while the tension of her  body woundtighter and  tighter. She would not give her orcish captors  thebenefit  of seeing a lady of the Noldor beg an animal to fuck  herharder.   She would not provide them the sight of the wife ofElrond Halfelven screaming in orgasmic bliss, impaled on awolf's cock. Cock!  So big. . . so deep. . . so. . . good. . .


   no,mustn't!. . . must stop!  so good! must  fight it!. . . so. . . . big. . . so. .

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  . "Ohhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!"  Celebrian wrapped her legs around thewolf's  hindquarters as  she threw back her head and screamed withpleasure.   "Ohh!Oh!Oh!Yes!Oh!Yes!"  She ground her crotch againstthe warg's, trying to  drive the  beast's penis deeper into herspasming sex.   Softmurmurings continued to escape  her throat as her climax  wounddown and she lay there, rolling with the force  of the  wolf'sthrusts. As she savored those thrusts she became aware  that  theywere quickening in pace. She also heard a low growl  rising inthe  wolf's throat. The growling grew louder, and  the louder itgot the faster and  harder the penis drove in  and out ofCelebrian's drenched sex, each time  eliciting an  appreciativegasp, until the growl became a fangs-bared snarl,  the thrustsbecame rapid, savage hammer-blows, and Celebrian's  voice rose  ina delirious lust-crazed wail punctuated by the  shriller cries ofher  climaxes. Finally Celebrian felt the  cock slide all the wayinto her and hold  there. A second later  she felt it pulse,followed by the sensation of hot  warmth  filling her, wolf-semenstreaming against the walls of her womb  in  forceful spurts.
Celebrian's scream announced her orgasm  as she arched her  bodyagainst her grey-furred captor. Above  her the warg raised itshead  and howled. The whole pack took  up their chief's call as hereveled in his  conquest, asserting  his dominance over her with aflood of semen.
The wolf slipped  his cock out quickly and slid off of her. Mustering some  of  her returning strength, Celebrian sat up andwatched as the warg-chief  walked through his pack. The otherwolves crowded around him,  pushing aside  the others with snarlsand barks.

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   Whenever the  chief glanced towards one or  the otherit fawned on him, as  if seeking a favor of some kind.   Celebrianwatched, curious.   Suddenly the wolf-chief stopped and looked  atone of the larger  members of the pack, then uttered a sharphalf-bark,  half-growl.   The other wolf rubbed appreciativelyagainst the chief and  howled,  then turned. The rest of the packmade way as the recipient of  the  leader's favor trotted, headand tail held high, towards  Celebrian. Her eyes  went wide whenshe saw the erect penis  dangling beneath him and grasped  theimplications.
"Elbereth,  be merciful," she whispered. "There are almost*fifty* of  them!"  She slid down off of the wooden platform wherethe warg-chief  had  raped her; his semen trickled out of herpussy and dripped  down her legs.   Watching the approach of hernew bestial paramour,  she sank submissively to a  hands and kneesposture. She pushed  her ass into the air in invitation,  waitinganxiously. She  felt the wolf climb up top mount her. She  tensed,legs spread  slightly, eagerly awaiting the first brutal thrust.
The wolf  did not disappoint her. Soon Celebrian's body rockedunder the  savagely-fucking beast, her breasts quivering withevery stroke.   As her  orgasm began to erupt within her, shethought of her  expected rescuers, and  she whispered anotherprayer to Elbereth:  "Please, don't let them find me too  soon!"

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