Jack looked around the jungle, there was'nt a sound of birds or any animals. All he could hear was the sound of Sawyer walking. "So now what boss?" asked Sawyer, jack turned to see a smug look on his face. "We keep going, if we don't find a boar people are going. . . " started jack, but sawyer interupted him. "people are gonna look for a new leader. and little Jacky will be pushed aside" said sawyer smiling. Jack turned and kept walking, pushing leaves away from him. Jack liked having every-one looking to him for answers. Jack pushed a large branch away from him and realized he could hear water. Jack started to walk faster, the he saw it, a large lagoon, with a tall waterfall. "Beautiful" said Jack, he stepped out of the jungle and found it was cooler near the lagoon. Jack watched sawyer strip naked and Jack found him-self watching Sawyer's tight ass. Sawyer turned and saw jack watching him.

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   "what?" he said turning so jack got a view of his front side. Jack now realized he was looking at sawyer's long and fat 6" penis, and wash board chest.  "Whats wrong doc, want some of this cock?" asked sawyer laughing, he grabbed his cock and held it out to jack. "I always knew you had a little gay in you" said sawyer and he turned and dove into the cool clear water.  jack wasn't gay, he just enjoyed men too. Jack sat down and relaxed. He couldn't get sawyer's naked body out of his mind. Then he glanced up to see sawyer getting out of the water, his dirty blonde hair dripping. Jack layed back down and ignored sawyers glare as he pulled his pants on. The in the distance they heard a roar. Jack stood up and realized the monster was coming. Jack grabed the spears that locke had let them take. "Come on" yelled Jack and he ran into the jungle followed by shirtless sawyer. The two ran as the heard the monster following, the loud thuds following them. jack ducked into a cave and found he had to crawle on hands and knees.

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   Jack stopped and found that light shone in from little holes in the top of the cave. sawyer crawled up next to Jack and lost his balance. Sawyer fell onto of Jack's chest and found him-self starring into jacks brown eyes. Jack stared into sawyers greenish blue eyes and found him-self alittle truned on by the hunky man. Jack let the spears fall from his hand. "Can i get up?" asked Jack, even though he didn't want sawyer to get off him. "No" said sawyer. sawyer leaned in and kissed Jack. Then Jack opened his mouth and Sawyers tougue found Jacks and they explorde each others mouths. Jack moaned as sawyer's hand slid into his pants and found Jacks hard 8 1/2" cock. Sawyer smiled as Jack moaned again. Sawyer could feel abit of hair around Jacks cock, he removed his hand and ripped open Jacks shirt and found s chest with abit of hair on it. Sawyer licked Jacks chest and up his unshaven chin. sawyer liked the feel of Jacks five o'clock shadow on his face. Sawyer could feel Jacks hand slid down the back of his jeans onto his smooth ass.

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   Jack pushed his finger into the smooth ass and sawyer moaned. Sawyer then slipped put of his pants and Jack did the smae. Sawyer watched Jacks dick pop straight up and Sawyer opened his mouth and took jack's whole cock into his mouth. Sawyer listened to jack moan as he bobed his head up and down. Jack let out a cry of pleasure as Sawyers mouth filled with warm, sweet cum. Jack pulled his cock out of sawyers mouth and found him-self still spraying cum over sawyer's face. Sawyer quickly swollowed all the cum and then licked jacks cock clean. Jack was loving this. Then sawyer lifted Jacks legs up and put his head dopwn at Jack's ass. Licking it and jack realized what Sawyer was planning to do. Sawyer layed back on his back and looked at Jack. "A little help" said Sawyer lifting his cock up which was limp now, Jack turned onto his stomace and took the growing cock in his mouth. Jack felt it grow in his mouth and he listened to sawyer moan. it grew to its full 9" sawyer pulled his cock of jack's mouth. Sawyer then watched Jack climb jack onto his back, Sawyer then lifted Jacks hairy legs up and smiled at him.

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   "Ready?" asked sawyer, and before Jack could responde, Sawyer pushed his whole cock into Jacks ass. Jack yelled out in pleasure and pain as Sawyer rocked his hips back and forth. "HARDER SAWYER, HARDER" yelled Jack, enjoying the feeling. Sawyer moaned and Jack felt a load of warm cum spray into his ass, then felt it come tricking out of his ass. Sawyer was breathing deeply and puilled his cock out of Jacks ass, and then he started licking Jack's ass. Cleaning all of his own cum from Jacks hot ass.  once he was done, Jack cimbed onto Sawyer and licked off his cock. The two made out for another hour and then fell asleep.   Jack opened his eyes and found his cock in sawyer's hand. "Morning sleeping beauty" said sawyer, lifting his head up and kissing Jack on his lips. "We better go" said jack, he cimbed off sawyer and dressed. The two left and started back towards camp. The hole time they walked Sawyer had his hand down the back of Jacks pants rubbing his ass that had a little bit of hair on it. Before they feached the camp, Jack truned to sawyer and kissed him. "thank you" said Jack.

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   "My pleasure" said sawyer, and he rubbed Jacks cock through jack's pants, smiled, and walked away. Jack walked onto the beach and Kate walked up to him. "No food?" she asked, looking at Jack with a hungry look on her face. "Nope" he said, me and sawyer couldn't find anything he said. kate walked away and Jack looked over to sawyer who was sitting in his tent shirtless. "Can i help you doc?" he called. Jack smiled and walked away. Now sawyer found him-self watching Jacks ass as he walked away. .

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