My Date with Bill Paxton


It started when me and my best friend Melissa were watching Twister on TV, you know the movie with Bill Paxton in it. HE IS SUCH A FUCKIN HOTTIE! I really wanted to hop on and ride him! Many nights I was up with my vibrator in my wet pussy wishing it was his cock thrusting in me instead of this hunk of plastic. As if, I thought. Like that would ever happen. So many times my friends got sick of hearing me blab on and on about how sexy he was. I think they were just jealous that my crush was hot and theirs were……. . blegggh!
Anyway, a commercial came on about a contest where you could win a date with Bill Paxton. All you had to do was call in at the right time, answer a question, and poof! I figured I’d give it a try, even though I’d never won anything before.
When the time came, I dialed the number and waited. To my surprise, it rang. “Hello, you’re the ninth caller!” a voice exclaimed. I screamed. “All you do is name five movies starring Bill Paxton and you win a date with him!”
“Um, Twister, Titanic, Frailty, Predator 2 and………um…”
“Come on, I need that last movie title!”
“Congratulations! You’ve just won a date with Bill Paxton! I need your name and address and a limo will pick you up on Friday. ”
I told him the information and hung up the phone. Then I started screaming.

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   What Friday will bring, I don’t know…
When Friday arrived, I found myself wearing a blue and silver halter top, black leather pants, and black high heel boots. I even wore a thong that said “Lucky You” on the front. I heard a horn honk outside and my stomach churned. I walked outside on weak legs and opened the door. Inside sat Bill, looking as sexy as ever. I got in. “Hi. You must be Jennifer. ”
“It is so great to meet you,” I gushed.
“It’s great to meet you too,” he said. “You’re very beautiful. ” I blushed. “So where do you want to go?”
“I get to decide?”
“Of course. You’re the guest. ”
I smiled as we headed to the beach.

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   The driver stopped the limo and we got out. “I’ll call you when we’re ready to be picked up,” he said. We walked along the shoreline talking and laughing. I knew something was going to happen when he put his hand on my thigh as we sat down to rest. I looked up at him. He smiled and looked down.
I decided to make the first move. “Hey, Bill?” he looked up at me. “I know you’re married, but what if I were to do this?” I moved in and pressed my mouth to his. OH MY GOD, I thought. I’m kissing Bill Paxton!
I broke away and looked at him for some reaction, hoping it wouldn’t be rejection, but knowing it probably would. “If you did that, I would have to do this. ” he kissed me back, hard this time. His tongue quickly found mine and explored my hungry mouth. I straddled his legs and ran a hand through his hair.


   I felt his dick get hard as a rock and press against the part of me that ached for him the most. I got on my knees and watched him stand up. He unzipped his pants and brought out his huge cock. I knew what to do. I stared at his neglected cock, longing to be licked and sucked. I took it in my mouth and began sucking on it as if it were a lollipop. He moaned as I slathered his dick in my saliva. I felt him pull out of my mouth right as he was about to cum. He laid me down on my back and pulled my clothes off. Then he finished getting undressed and prepared to enter me. I felt a tiny twinge of pain, then complete and utter pleasure as he thrusted his cock into me.
“Oh God, baby, I love your cock,” I moaned.
“Oh man, I’m gonna fucking explode!” he yelled.
“Fuck me harder,” I screamed as he slammed his dick into me. I screamed as he hit my G-spot.

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“You okay?” he asked breathlessly.
“Pain and pleasure,” I moaned. “Faster, faster, FASTER! Make me cum!” I screamed.
“Oh God, here it comes!” I felt him stiffen up and squirt his cum in me. It hit me with such force that I came, moaning and screaming. He pulled his cock out of me and spread my legs even wider apart. He got down and I moaned as he licked and sucked on my clit. “Make me cum again!” I screamed.
His tongue felt like silk on my clit. Right as I was about to climax, he eased off. He slid his cock back into me and thrusted until we both came. He pulled out and shot his load all over me. “OHHHH!” I screamed. He kissed me one last time and we got dressed and left