naughty me, with orlando and elijah pt. 1


Naughty me
“see you later honey, I’ll be back early tomorrow morning and don’t forget not to let anyone in whilst we’re gone!” my mother moaned at me just as she was about to leave our house for a hen night in town with all her friends,
“okay mum, now go I’ll be fine!” I shut the door after her and sat down on the sofa for a long 3 and a half hours drooling over orlando and Elijah in lord of the rings! Legolas is so hot in them damn tight leggings! And frodo, well he’s self explanatory, even if he does have hairy feet! Then my doorbell rang, I opened the door only to find, Orlando bloom and Elijah wood standing on my doorstep “oh my…………..” I was speechless; I invited them in and asked them if they wanted a drink or some biscuits, after I had finished making tea I took the tray into the living room, and there they was, the men of my dreams, orlando on one couch and elijah on the other, I didn’t know where to sit, which one do I like better, I was thinking, but I just sat on the closest couch, I placed the tray down on the little coffee table and sat down next to orlando, as close as possible of course, he didn’t seem to mind he just smiled at me! I looked over at elijah who grinned and shot me an innocent look with those gorgeous blue eyes of his. “so, miss naughty, we’re here to talk to you about your acting career!” orlando started to say as soon as he noticed that me and elijah were falling in deep for each other! “ha, what acting career?!” I laughed, obviously thinking he was joking “your future acting career! Peter Jackson’s next movie, he would like you to play the main character in it, are you interested?!” he asked me, dazing into my eyes “well yeah, totally!” I laughed, then I stopped all of a sudden because I felt orlando put his arm round the back of my waste! “are you hitting on me?!” I smiled grimly at him “maybe!” he smiled back! “elijah, phone peter and say it’s on! We’ll be in this afternoon!” he said to elijah on the other couch who was getting a bit jealous! “Tomorrow!” I quickly added “my mother’s out and………I’m busy tonight!” I shot elijah an innocent look, he knew what I was thinking about “you dirty little girl!” orlando laughed at me but I just shot him a sexy look and walked over to elijah bent down and kissed him on the cheek, “I’m gonna go and change out of my night clothes! Wanna come?!” I whispered tenderly into his ear, then nibbling on it a little “sure” a huge smirk spread across his face as he stood up and took my hand, letting me lead him upstairs, and as I passed orlando I winked at him, when elijah passed orlando he just smiled and patted his shoulder “be back soon dude!” orlando just shook his head, still smiling.and we was, back soon I mean, we didn’t get up to anything whilst we were up there, you know, like elijah wood saw me naked, but that was nothing compared to what was about to happen, elijah went down the stairs first with me right behind him, as we walked past orlando I sat myself down on his lap and kissed him gently! “you want more?” I asked Orlando as I slightly pulled up the rim of my mini skirt in which I had just changed into, revealing more and more of my soft dark skin! I moved round so I had one leg on each side of orlando, facing him, I unbuttoned his shirt slowly revealing his gorgeous soft chest, and as I did so he reached out to put his hands up the back of my small skimpy t-shirt, clearly to unclip my bra fastening!
“uh-uh!” I whispered as I moved his hands back to the chair arms and jumped up, “behave now orlando,” I smiled at him, turned to face Elijah and flicked the rim of my skirt up purposely to show orlando a little bit of what he was about to get, then I left him, showing off half his chest and walked over to Elijah and sat in the same position, gazing into his gorgeous baby blues, our lips met, gently, Elijah sat there, accepting the invitation for this kiss, then I broke the kiss and started to unbutton his shirt, he placed his arms around the back of my waste, daydreaming it seemed, whilst I undressed him teasingly before I once again took advantage of his slightly open mouth, teasing at his lower lip with my tongue and teeth. i slid one arm behind his neck and the other in his hair, I slowly removed his hands from the back of my waste and stood up, lifted my t-shirt over my head and knelt back down on the chair
“how much more do you want?” I asked him tenderly as I sat back down in the same position “I want it all!” he replied, I moved his hands back to where he had placed them moments before and softly kissed his neck, without hesitation, I moved down kissing his chest, and caressing his nipples with my tongue, I got down to his trousers and pulled down his zip, looked over my shoulder at orlando, and released the button from its hole and pulled his trousers right down to his ankles, I stood up and blew a kiss to him and told him to take off his trousers and underwear, he did as I asked whilst I went back over to orlando and teased him a little more, this time I knelt on the floor in front of him and started to unfasten his trousers, there I was kneeling on the floor in front of orlando bloom wearing nothing but a mini skirt a bra and some 4 inch heels! I pulled his trousers to the floor and once again sat on his lap, with a leg on either side, facing him, I removed the rest of what was left of his shirt and started to play with his nipples, as I moved down I noticed him getting harder by the minute, I could tell through his thin boxer shorts, as soon as I realised how my actions were affecting him I moved back over to Elijah who was may I add absolutely naked right now, I winked at orlando “take it off!” I ordered as I sat back down on Elijah in exactly the same position, his huge 8” cock bulging underneath me, his face full of excitement I lifted my skirt up “oh would you look at that, I’m not wearing any panties!” I teased him as I sat back down, my hot wet pussy just a few inches away from his huge cock, “you still want more?!” I whispered into his ear, stood up and pulled him to his feet “sure I do!” he replied and pulled me close “I want every little bit of it!” he explained as I lifted a leg around his back and put my arms around the back of his neck “you got it!” I moved my leg and took him by the hand as we walked over to orlando who was getting so excited he almost came right there and then, “let’s go upstairs” I whispered tenderly in his ear as I stroked his bare chest and took him also by the hand, both boys followed me up the stairs and into my almost empty lilac bedroom, a king-sized bed, some draws, a wardrobe, and a few shelves full of books, we approached the bed slowly, when we got there I pushed orlando down onto the soft purple sheets and sat Elijah down next to him, I sat down in the middle, kissed Elijah on the cheek and then turned to orlando who was hopelessly laying there on my bed wearing absolutely no clothes at all revealing his beautiful 7” cock, I lay down close to him and placed my leg over his looking him in the eye, I lifted up my skirt, sat him up and sat on his lap, I placed his arms around my back and left him to fondle with my bra fastening as I ran my fingers through his hair, and kissing his neck softly, I felt his hardness against my wet pussy, hungry for him I threw him back down on the bed as soon as he had unfastened my bra, and lay down on top of him,
“I wanna eat you!” he blurted out before I had chance to kiss him, I just smirked at him and lay back down next to him with Elijah’s 8” cock right next to me, I licked the head of it and then took it whole in my mouth and started sucking really fast “uuuuuummm!” I heard Elijah moaning with pleasure, as Orlando was ready to eat me out, I felt his wet tongue on my lips, licking back and forth; I couldn’t help but scream with excitement around Elijah’s cock, I was sucking faster and faster until he shot his load and I swallowed all of it, I’d never done this before, but I liked it! A lot! After around 5 minutes of pussy licking and cock sucking I lay down on the bed with my legs open, orlando came and sat right in front of me “you ready?!” he asked me softly “yeah, I think” I replied as he lay down on top of me, I felt the head of his cock on my clitoris, all wet and ready do go down deep inside me, then it was in, slowly he pushed it further down, and once he got all the way he was moving back and forth rapidly, Elijah sat by my side holding my hand as I screamed with pleasure, after around 25 minutes of non-stop amazing sex, like you’d never know, I cuddled up to Elijah in the bed whilst orlando showered, “girl, your amazing, and your only 13!” he  said to me as he pulled the sheets over our cold naked bodies and we held each other closely “it was my first time though!” I explained, he just smiled and held me close until orlando came out of the shower, and it was his turn to shower, “WOW! That’s all I have to say about what just happened, girl, the best I’ve ever had, where you learn to do that?!” he asked me as he took Elijah’s place and took me in his arms “I didn’t, that was my first” I explained “wowzer, your such a tease as well. So your mum’s back tomorrow huh?” and at that very moment my phone rang “shh. Hello” I answered the phone, it was my mum explaining how she mistaken the hen night for a hen week in Blackpool and wouldn’t be back until next Tuesday! “okay mum, bye!” I put the phone down “so I guess we’ll be off as soon as he’s out of the shower!” he said dimly “oh no, don’t go please, stay here with me, my mum won’t be back till next week now, that’s what she was phoning me for!” I quickly added “fair enough” he lay down close to me and cuddled me, then Elijah came in and lay on the opposite side of me, I lay with me head on Elijah’s chest with my leg over his and orlando’s arm around my waist.