Taking the camdens part 3


Two Camden girls down and one left. Lucy had always been my favorite with her large tits and blonde hair i knew she was going to be the best. I crept up the stairs and slowly opened the door to lucy's room she was sitting in front of a mirror brushing her hair. She had on a long white T shirt that didnt make it halfway to her knees. as i walked behind her she saw my reflection in the mirror and turned around startled "who are you" she screamed i didnt respond and ran forward and grabbed her throwing her on her bed. I climbed on top of her and started fondling her massive breasts i reached down and pulled her t shirt off she tried to fight me off but to no avail. she was now wearing nothing but a pair of white cotton panties. Her tits had to be DDs they got my cock hard instantly i pulled it out and mounted her chest i slid my throbbing cock between her tits and squeezed them together as i tit fucked the blonde beauty. she was crying and begging me to stop. after a few minutes i got off of her and slid her panties down revealing her tight slit. It was covered in a small layer of peach fuzz i went down on her and gave her pussy a tongue thrashing. then i took my cock and placed it to the entrance of her cunt By the look in her eyes i could tell she was still a virgin the thought turned me on more and with one fell swoop i rammed my cock into her virgin pussy she screamed as i popped her cherry she started crying profusely as i thrusted back and forth into her her pussy was so tight it was like a vacuum on my dick. I pulled out and blew my load all over her massive tits i got off of her and she rolled into the fetal position i told her to get up and come with me. I took her downstairs and she screamed at the sight of her two sisters unconscious and naked on the floor. I told her to shut up and used some rope to tie her up. I sat her on the couch and picked up Ruthie and layed her on the table in front of Lucy face down i tied her there and went behind her and spread her cute little but cheeks Lucy begged me not to hurt her sister but i put my cock to the entrance to ruthie's ass and rammed my cock into her bowels the shock woke her up and she screamed i told her to be quiet or it would get worse.

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  I didnt last long with ruthies tight ass squeezing the life out of my cock. I blew my seed into ruthies ass and told Lucy to clean my cock off she hesitated but obeyed i then went and grabbed Mary and tied her from the cieling so that her cunt was right in Lucy's face i ordered lucy to eat her out and she did the stimulation woke mary up she freaked out but was overcome with the sensation and came all over her little sisters face. I gagged all three of them and left them all tied up there. as i left the Camden house i saw some light coming up the street I hurried back to my house as Mr. and Mrs. Camdem pulled into the Drive. .
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