That Night Rocked Part 1


"Well, I lost my friends but it's no big deal. I can just catch a bus home. ""Which bus do you intend on 'catching'? If I were a girl like you, I'd have an idea of catching one of the tour buses or are you talking about the public buses?""The public bus, sir. " "Oooh, denial. I know you stick around for these rock stars to come out. Usually they've been real bratty about coming out to greet fans. Maybe every once in a while they do. ""I'm not sticking around to meet them. I'm just standing here. ""Okay. . . " He continued sweeping. The man was many years older than I and he had wrinkles on his face. I felt sorry for him to be working at an arena where loud music played and many teenagers leave mess around being incondsiderate. Since I really had nothing to do and I really didn't want to go quite yet, I picked up a few stuff to help him.

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   I picked up a bucket of water and a mop and mopped around a couple times. He thanked me and told me to follow him to show me where to put it away. I followed him and he led me backstage. I was acutally suprised I was backstage and I just wanted to wander around, but I didn't want to leave the man. Many people worked around us, they packed up the waterbottles, rolled away the trunks, took down the speakers, and cleaned the stage floors. The man brought me to a closet and I put the bucket of water down. I shuffled my hands together and put them on my hips. My eyes wandered around looking cautiously for any sign of the rock stars. The man said, "You're looking for someone aren't you?""Not really. ""Hmm. . . denial once again. Here, since you helped me out, I'll take you around. " I accepted his offer and I followed him around.

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   He took me to this one room and whispered to me, "this room is where the stars hang out while their crew picks up after them. " I stared into the crack and saw Joel Madden from Good Charlotte playing video games with his other band member Paul. Joel got up and headed towards the door. I backed away. The man behind me disappeared and I was left stranded again. My heart beated faster as Joel clutched the handle and opened it. He stopped and looked at me, "who are you and are you suppose to be here?""I don't know. Some man brought me back here because I helped him clean the arena. ""Good deal. Joel Madden. . . " he said holding out his hand waiting for me to shake it. "Catherine. .

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  . My friends call my Cathy or Cat. "He pouted his lips and said, "nice to meet you. You wanna hang out with us or are you going somewhere?" "No, actually my friend's ditched me so I'm really alone here so that'd be nice, thanks. " He tilted his head and said, "let's go this way. " I followed him like a puppy following it's master. He and I got to know each other better and later on I got to meet his bandmates including his brother. Joel looked so hot in his black pants with his boxers hanging out over his belt and his black MADE t-shirt. His red mowhawk made everything more hot. He led me into his tour bus and showed me around. The way Joel talked to me made me get wet. His sexy voice just was enough for me. He and I sat on his bunk and it was big enough for the two of us. I told him, "wow, I've never seen a bunk in a tour bus this big. ""How many tour buses have you been into?""None," I shamefully pouted.

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   He smiled innocently, "well, it's true this is a big bunk. Not regular size. " I looked at him and I felt a tingle. His hand started rubbing up my leg and I was filled with joy. I smiled at him and he leaned in to kiss me. He and I began making out on his bunk. His hand raised up and was on my cheek. I could feel his promise ring. The promise ring in which he promised his mother to never have sex until he was married. His other hand reached down and unzipped my pants. I breathed heavily as he and I made out. I knew I was wet. Joel broke the kiss and he allowed me to take off his shirt as he took off mine. He exposed my 32bs and he undid my bra in a matter of seconds. He pulled the curtains on his bunk and began to suck on my tits.

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   I moaned with pleasure. He flicked my nipples and it stiffened. As Joel did this I rubbed him over his pants. He gnawed on my nipples a couple of times which broke me out into a huge moan. His hand massaged my pussy. I swear I could have just fucked him right away but I didn't want to. I wanted the pleasure to last longer. He began to suck on my other tit and repeated the same process. He kissrd my stomach then trailed down under my belly button. He pulled off my jeans and all I had on at this moment was a pink thong. I began to moan knowing how much I've always wanted it. This was my first time and my first time was going to be with a rock star. I knew it was his too because of his promise ring. He slid off my thong and began playing with my shaved pussy. His thumb circled the top and teased me for a while.

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   His breathing on my pussy gave me chills. I couldn't stand it anymore and I began to shake. He leaned in and sucked me. I moaned and I was trembling. "Yes!! Yes!" I yelled as he circled his tounge inside me. He sucking every one of my pink insides and I felt his tounge roll up and down. He pulled back and looked at me. I had beads of sweat on my hairline. "don't stop. . . please. " He nodded and went back in with the same routine. My juices shined his face and he licked every one of them from my pussy. I rolled with pleasure and I hit an orgasm quickly.

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   "YES!! YES!!! OH FUCK!! YES!!!" He found my cilt and I hit another orgasm. I moan loudly and yelled in pleasure. He lunged his tounge into me and I pulled his head in. Gasps and screams escaped my mouth as I threw back my head. I knew he was watching me, I could see his eyes looking up at me and checking to see if I was okay. He then finger fucked me and I was out of breath. One finger became two fingers. In and Out he went. He licked me once more and stopped. "OOOH!!!!! Oh my god, dont' stop. . . PLEASE!!!. He rubbed the top of my pussy with his thumb and played with me. He looked at me and said, "are you okay?" "That was incredible.

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  " I unzipped his pants and he played along. He lay back and his penis stiffened as I took it out of his pants. I took out his penis and sucked it. He let out moans as well. In and out of my mouth it went and I was feeling his cum already. The Saltiness. My eyes looked up at Joel and he was innocently tilting his head back at times. He stroked my hair and he moaned louder as he had begun to cum in my mouth. He lifted me up and kissed me. I sat upon him and stuck his penis inside of me and began doing him in a humping motion. I yelled, "OH!!! OH!!! JOEL, YES!" He and I kissed at most times. I went up and down, up and down, repeating this many times and he and I started to come. He told me breathlessly, "We'd better stop. I can't cum in you. I'd get you pregnant.

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  ""I don't care about that right now. " I continued and he smiled. I felt my pussy getting tighter and his penis was finally being felt. I moaned louder and I went faster. Joel moaned louder as well and I started humping him. His hand slid under my pussy as I humped him which gave me more pleasure. "ugh! UGH!! YES!" He hit his climax as well did I. his face was red and beads of sweat dripepd of his nose. Joel lifted me off and kissed me. I got dressed in the bunk and he put his pants and shirt back on. His red mowhawk was drenched and I hair strands seperated from my own sweat. He kissed me and said, "I love you. " From a rock star I just met today, that was a suprising thought. "I love you too. " He and I cuddled in his bunk.

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   He lifted his hand and looked at it. I asked, "what's wrong?" He looked at me. He removed his ring and threw it into Paul's bunk and inhaled as he put his arm around me and kissed me on the cheek. I giggled and fell asleep. A few minutes later his brother, Benji Madden, entered the bus. "Joel? Joel?" Joel answered, "Yeah" Benji walked over to his bunk. He pulled the curtains, "They are al-, "interupted at the sight of me, "who's that?""Oh, my new girlfriend as you can say. ""Met her here?""Yup. " "Did you have a great night with her?""Definetly," he said as he squeezed me tighter, "let's bring her home. " Benji said, "okay, you sure she doesn't want to come home with us. I mean afterall this is the last show of our tour. ""Yeah, I guess we could do that. " He woke me up and asked me if I could. Since I lived alone and my parents wouldn't mind cause they didn't live with me anymore, I accepted. The band all came in the bus and they drove to their home.


   I snuggled with Joel in his bunk and fell asleep again after he gently kissed me. .

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