The Investigation


THE  INVESTIGATION   It was late.    Rebecca fumbled with her spare set of keys as she stood at the front-door of her nondescript 'Housing Commission' townhouse.    She couldn't seem to get her door key to work.    The young brunette cursed.    Rebecca had misplaced her keys at work.    Pausing, she tugged at the cuff of her shirtsleeve.    Employed as a 'Control Centre Operator' in North Melbourne, Rebecca had spent the last eight hour at work.    She uttered a soft, girlish sigh.    She wasn't even sure if the spare key was actually the right key for her locked front-door…"Poo…" she murmured.    Toying with the collar of her short-sleeved, uniform shirt, the brunette turned, sensing that she was no longer alone.    She hesitated. "Oh?   What…" she sighed.    There was a police car parked beside her car…"Hello there, Miss?" a female voice called.    'Probationary' Constable Angelina Margarson stood at the front-gate.    The teenage policewoman had been watching Rebecca for a couple of minutes - Angelina having been called to an anonymous complaint of a 'Disturbance' at that address. "Is this your home?" Angelina enquired.

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     Rebecca nodded.    The unexpected presence of a young policewoman had caught hr quite by surprise…………………. .
"My name's Angelina, " the policewoman explained, smiling reassuringly, "Constable Angelina Margarson, and you, Miss?""Rebecca…" the twenty-something brunette replied.    Rebecca felt quite foolish.    It must have appeared to one of her close neighbours, that Rebecca had been trying to break in or something.    "…Rebecca Campbell - this is my place, Constable!"Angelina walked slowly to where the red-faced Rebecca stood.    Watching the policewoman intently, Rebecca savoured the tempting scent of the policewoman's 'Tommy Girl' perfume…"I don't think my spare key is working…" she whispered to Angelina.    Rebecca stood back.    She glanced at the nametag pinned to the front of the policewoman's uniform blouse.    Rebecca had always fantasized about the sexy Angelina Jolie.    As the policewoman tried the door key, the brunette securitywoman looked her over approvingly. "Mmmm, " Angelina murmured, glancing sideways at Rebecca, "I thought so, Rebecca!"Moments later, she had Rebecca's front-door open.
Angelina held the door open for Rebecca.    Slipping her handbag over her shoulder, Rebecca smiled wickedely to herself…"Thankyou…" she whispered to the policewoman.

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     Angelina nodded.    Taking gentle hold of the policewoman's arm, the relieved brunette kissed Angelina on the cheek. "Anytime, " Angelina reassured the woman.    "We can't have you spending the night on your front door-step, Rebecca!"Rebecca traced the woven 'Victoria Police' shoulder patch on Angelina's shirtsleeve with the very tip of her finger…"I want to show my gratitude, Constable Margarson, " she told the policewoman, "Would you like to a cup of coffee?""Yes…" the policewoman replied.    Toying with the collar of her uniform blouse, she slowly ran her fingertip down the dark-blue 'trim' of her collar lapel.    "I'd love to have a cup of coffee with you , Miss Campbell…thankyou!""Rebecca…" whispered the brunette securitywoman.    She ushered the policewoman inside.    Angelina wore a uniform skirt…"Call me Rebecca?" "Rebecca!" agreed the policewoman.   Rebecca hesitated.    The teenage policewoman's skirt had been unofficially shortened to a much more fashionable length, well above her knee.    "……I'm Angelina, Rebecca - don't let the uniform worry you!""I'm not!" Rebecca reassured her.    Angelina's tight-fitting uniform blouse accentuated her firm, well-rounded breasts.    The brunette securitywoman rather liked the uniform. "I think your uniform's rather HOT!""Really…. ?" The policewoman enquired.

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     Rebecca closed her front-door.    She'd already noticed that Angelina wore no bra under her uniform blouse.    She turned back to Angelina.    Instinctively, both Rebecca and the Angelina, knew that they were both lesbian.
Rebecca smiled seductively.    Slipping her handbag from her shoulder, she placed it on the coffee table.    The policewoman brushed the hair from her eyes with the back of her hand.    Beneath the flimsy, pale-blue fabric of her issue blouse, Angelina could feel her skin begin to tingle.    The soft polyester-cotton caressed her hardening nipples as she watched Rebecca…"Coffee, "  Rebecca asked, walking across to the nearby kitchen,  "Or, what you prefer something else, Angelina?""Coffee…" the policewoman answered.   There was a large picture of 'Angelina Jolie' on the loungeroom wall.    "Are you sure?" Rebecca teased.    The kettle would only take a couple of minutes. "Mmmm, " Angelina sighed, turning to join the securitywoman in her kitchen, "I'm still 'ON DUTY' and in uniform, Rebecca?""I know…" Rebecca murmured.    Leaning across the kitchen counter that separated her from the policewoman, she offered a muffled sigh.    She could feel her own nipples hardening beneath her shirt.

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     "What did you have in mind though?" the policewoman enquired.    Rebecca wore her shirt 'halter-style' about her waist, allowing Angelina a tempting glimpse of the securitywoman's trembling breasts. "I wanted to say 'THANKS'……" Rebecca told the policewoman.    "Rebecca?" Angelina sighed.    Rebecca moved closer to the teenager, pressing her moist lips Angelina's waiting mouth. "Thankyou…" the brunette securitywoman whispered.    She caressed the policewoman's trembling lips with her tongue…"Oh…" Angelina gasped.    Closing her eyes, she slid her tongue between Rebecca's lips, savouring an unexpected kiss with the brunette securitywoman.    The pale-blue fabric of the policewoman's blouse sent a shiver through Rebecca's body as it brushed against her skin.    Their tongues entwined.
The kettle boiled.    Caressing the policewoman's cheek with her fingertips, Rebecca explored Angelina's mouth as they continued to kiss.    Constable Angelina Hamilton was lost in the moment.    As the brunette securitywoman started to run her fingers through the policewoman's hair, Angelina started to unbutton her 'Victoria Police' blouse.    She pulled her unbuttoned blouse from where it had been tucked into her uniform skirt.

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     The both of them had forgotten all about Rebecca's kind offer of a cup of coffee.    Rebecca paused.    Regaining her composure slightly, she took a hurried deep breath. "Rebecca…" the policewoman murmured, whispering into Rebecca's ear as their trembling lips parted.    Slowly, Rebecca ran the tip of her moist tongue down the dark-blue 'trim' of Angelina's collar lapel…. "Is it true, what they say about Policewomen?" she teased.    She'd smeared lipstick over the collar of the policewoman's issue blouse.    Angelina gazed longingly, into Rebecca's seductive eyes.    She could almost taste the woman's fragrant 'pussy' as she watched Rebecca slip out of her dishevelled uniform shirt. "Yes…" Angelina confessed.    She ran the tip of her finger along Rebecca's sexily-pouting lips.    Rebecca let her shirt fall to the floor.    She took the policewoman by the hand and led her to the Rebecca sighed.   The policewoman's uniform blouse hung loose and unbuttoned from her nubile shoulders.    And, as Rebecca fumbled with her tracksuit pants, the diamond pendant that Angelina wore on a silver chain about her neck, glittered in the sunlight.

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     Angelina unzipped her uniform skirt.    Beneath her skirt, the policewoman could feel her 'pussy' moisten…"Mmmm, "  Angelina whispered, letting her uniform skirt slide to the floor,   "You delicious BITCH!""Policewomen are such SLUTS!" Rebecca added.    Leaning towards the policewoman, she kissed Angelina on the cheek, just as she'd done on her front door-step.    The brunette securitywoman reached down, between the policewoman's thighs…"Rebecca?" Constable Angelina Margarson groaned.    Rebecca tore open the moist gusset of the policewoman's pantyhose. "…Angelina!" Rebecca whispered.    Angelina wore dark-blue regulation pantyhose.    Her 'pussy' was shaved.    And, much to Rebecca's surprise, the policewoman's clit was pierced.    Slipping her finger beneath Angelina's non-regulation G string, the brunette securitywoman teased at her woollen labia. "Yes…" the policewoman gasped.    She closed her eyes.    Rebecca's finger slid between Angelina's 'pussy-lips' and violated her vagina.    Angelina wrapped her arms around Rebecca's hips and cuddled into her.    "……That's it, Rebecca!"
Reaching down, Rebecca slid her hands between the policewoman's firm thighs.

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     It seemed right.    She menaced the teenager's 'pussy' with her fingers.    The brunette 'Probationary' policewoman gasped, whispering a deliciously-lewd obscenity under her breath as Rebecca violated her 'pussy' with a finger.    It was all so surreal…"Angelina…" the securitywoman whispered.    She could barely speak as Angelina fingered her.    The policewoman's body was firm.    Rebecca's skin tingled with an unrequited desire. "Please!" Rebecca begged.    Her hips moved with each thrust of the teenager's  moist fingers.    Closing her eyes, she pressed her lips to Angelina's face an kissed the teenage policewoman on the lips.    Rebecca's cloistered bedroom echoed with the delightfully-obscene sounds of their Sapphic desire. "…'FUCK' me, Rebecca!" the policewoman cried.    Their quivering lips met in yet another, passionate embrace.    As their tongues entwined, they continued to pleasure each other simultaneously.
'Lesbianism' had always been tolerated within the 'Victoria Police'…………………"Come to bed, Policewoman!" Rebecca whispered.

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     "I want you, Angelina!""Yes…" Angelina gasped.    She snatched a hurried deep breath.    A string of saliva hung between her lower lip and Rebecca's mouth.    There was lipstick smeared over the collar of her uniform blouse.    Rebecca's lipstick, providing a seductive contrast with the pale-blue fabric of her 'Victoria Police' blouse. "OH-OH-OH!" Rebecca muttered.    Angelina kissed at the older woman's neck, caressing Rebecca's throat with her lips as the securitywoman uttered a series of low sighs.    As she'd watched the policewoman unlock her front-door, Rebecca had felt a dribble of 'pussy-juice' ooze annoyingly, from between her 'pussy-lips' and slide down the inside of her leg.    Although, she would never have confessed it, Angelina had wanted Rebecca ever since she'd first eyed the securitywoman at her door…"Rebecca…" Angelina gasped.    Rebecca's large bed seemed so warm and inviting.    And, the woman's body was all her's!
Rebecca teased at the policewoman's clit.    Angelina was helplessly impaled on the older brunette's probing fingers.    She moaned.    Constable Angelina Margarson could not believe how much of a TURN ON it was for her - she' d never been so thoroughly pleasured by a woman whilst in uniform before.    She felt so 'SLUTTY'…"Angelina!" Rebecca murmured.

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     She caressed the policewoman's trembling lips with her tongue.    Both women could feel their breasts rubbing against each other.    Wearing only her crumpled 'Victoria Police' blouse, torn pantyhose and G string, the teenage policewoman pulled Rebecca to the bed.    Without saying a word, Angelina relieved the wide-eyed securitywoman of her 'Adidas' tracksuit pants.    "…What would the 'Chief Commissioner' say, Constable Margarson?"Angelina stripped Rebecca of her moist panties.    The brunette securitywoman stared at the ceiling and enjoyed the soft touch of the policewoman's fingers on her tingling skin…"OH…" Rebecca moaned.    The warmth of Angelina's body provided the brunette lesbian a certain reassurance.    Caressing Rebecca's trembling thigh with her fingers, the policewoman kissed the securitywoman's labia.    Drawn to the older brunette's fragrant 'pussy' as she teased Rebecca with the tip of her tongue, Angelina uttered a soft, girlish sigh of delight. "I'm going to 'CUM" all over that police-shirt!" Rebecca threatened.    The flimsy polyester-cotton of Angelina's uniform blouse caressed her skin.    The policewoman looked up at Rebecca's pretty face.    There was a mischievous glint in the securitywoman's eye… Shhh!" she whispered to Rebecca.    "I'm no POLICEWOMAN tonight……!""What do they teach you at the 'Police Academy' these days?" she teased.    The policewoman knelt between Rebecca's outstretched legs.

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     She licked her moist lips, suggestively.    Lowering her head between Rebecca's trembling thighs, the teenager teased at the woman's 'pussy' with her tongue.    Rebecca's body shuddered.    And, the securitywoman bit her lip. "POLICESLUT!" Rebecca gasped.    The policewoman's tongue caressed the securitywoman's waiting labia.    Angelina was not due back at the 'Cop Shop' until midnight.    And, Rebecca had a couple of days off.    Moving her hips in unison with the policewoman's tongue, Rebecca Campbell uttered a sigh.    She arched her back with exquisite ecstasy.    For almost three hours at the 'Control Room' today, one of Rebecca's lesbian colleagues, Melissa Barbar had teased her.    The kinky blonde had seduced a Qantas 'Flight Attendant' at 'The Tunnel' Nightclub.    And, she'd told Rebecca all about it as they sat together…"OH, ANGELINA…" she cried.    Angelina sucked at the woman's swollen clit mercilessly.    Rebecca could wait the couple of days, to see the look on her blonde colleague's pretty face.


     For now, she was going to have some 'FUN' with the teenage police officer.   Rebecca wanted 'a piece of the action' tonight.     Her moist 'pussy' felt as if it were on 'FIRE!'   She would have to wait a couple of days, to see the look on the blonde's pretty face.    Rebecca would enjoy the look if jealousy on Melissa's face.   But, that would have to wait.    She was about to THE END
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