The Potion Ch. 1


It was one thing to see stills of this beautiful woman; to see her in person was an incredible experience. I drank the potion to make myself invisible and easily slipped past security at the hotel the models were staying at. Being invisible I was easily able to procure the information I would need to find out which room she was in. After passing by Tyra Banks room (I must make a return visit), I found Heidi's. Her door was open a crack but two people were in there. She and her soon to be ex-husband were fighting. She was in tears as he stormed out leaving the door open. I crept in before she shut it. I was now in a room with a goddess!As she cried she removed her clothing and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. Her beautiful tits glistened as water began to fall on them. Watching her lustrous hair fall to her legs as she bent over to wash her legs sent me over the edge. I elected not to wear clothing (the only drawback to the potion) since those were visible so I was already naked from the moment I first saw her. My cock was at half-mast when I walked in but upon sight I was ready to explode. As she concentrated on soaping her tits I crept into the stall with her and began jerking off right next to her. To my surprise though Heidi turned around and went to put the soap back. I was standing right in front of her as she went to return the soap to the soap dish but her hand bumped into something.

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  I froze for her hand had bumped into my stomach. She still had no idea what was happening so she pressed harder into my stomach. I could no longer take it and guided her hand down to my cock. At first Heidi was shocked by the fact that she was handling what felt like a hard cock. In fact it was my 8 inch hardon in her hand. I then decided to have some fun with her. "HEIDI," speaking as if I was God, I felt like on at the moment. "Do as I say". Trembling she replied, "Who was that and what do you want with me?""I do not wish to harm you Heidi but merely to make you feel better. ""What is it you wish me to do?", asked Heidi. "Turn off the shower but do not dry yourself with a towel. Sit down on the bed and listen for more instructions soon. "She did as she was told remaining naked. I was still hard as a rock as I approached her commanding her, "Open your mouth". When she did I stuck my cock into a place you can only dream about.

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   Since I was invisible she had no idea how big my tool was and just kept my cock in her mouth in a sucking "O" motion. I took a hold of her hair and pulled her off and on my cock forcing her to deepthroat me. She would gag every so often silently moaning as little dabs of precum fell onto her tongue. "Oh God, baby Oh God baby" I moaned. "Keep those lips around my cock thats it baby. Oh I can't stand it anymore!" I was on the verge of unloading my balls into her mouth but didn't want to end right then. I took my cock out of her mouth and placed my dick between her big titties and told her to pinch them together. I grabbed a hold of her monstrous boobs and helped her as I titfucked her. Her soft skin felt great against my smooth glistening cock. Finally I could not contain myself anymore and unloaded a helping of my cum all over her boobs leaving them cumcovered. As I stood there panting trying to catch my breath she did about the hottest thing ever and pulled her nipples up towards her face and stuck her tongue out and licked my cum into her mouth. My cum was visible too her as soon as I shot it all over her. "Mmm you taste good", she said grinning, "What's your name?"I decided not to tell her as I pondered whether or not I should stick around with the pussy currently in front of me or seek out a new model or two. What do you think?.