The Sexy Hillary Duff Pt. 3


Chapter Three
Lalaine moved her hands up, her breathing become heavier, and grasped both of Hillary’s well-formed tits, bringing forth a long breathy moan that made Lalaine want to fuck her even more. Their hips rubbed harder and harder against each other, the feeble clothing doing little to hide the moistness that was beginning to seep through their pants. Hillary moved to hands under her shirt and pulled it off, her bra quickly following, showing off her beautiful tits to Lalaine’s eyes.

The sexual tension and the sudden rush of cold to her torso made her nipples hard as stone. “Holy shit, Hillary, you’ve got some of the greatest tits I’ve ever seen!” Lalaine commented enthusiastically. Hillary couldn’t help but blush at her words and took Lalaine’s hands to her stomach, moving them up slowly so Lalaine could feel every wonderful curve before placing them right on her tits. Lalaine, being a girl and having breasts herself, squeezed gently at first, rolling her nipples between her fingers, causing Hillary to sigh and moan gently.

“Mmmm!” Hillary moaned and Lalaine gave her right nipple a tug. “Oh God!” Hillary moaned loudly, hornier now than she’s ever been. Hillary practically lay down on top of Lalaine, who got the picture and suddenly took Hillary’s left breast into her mouth, sucking on it and moving her tongue around the breast in her mouth. Hillary was doing something as well, her hands had moved under Lalaine’s shirt and was surprised to find Lalaine braless, although Lalaine didn’t seem to mind as her small tits were suddenly cupped and squeezed hard by Hillary.

Both girls pulled away from each other for a few seconds and took off the rest of their clothing Hillary’s nice tits and white body contrasting a little with Lalaine’s small tits and really tanned body. Hillary slid her body atop Lalaine’s and the two girls shared a passionate kiss, their hands intertwining as Hillary held her to the bed. Their tongues danced in each other’s mouths, their lips and body chased each other with unbridled sexual passion. Lalaine moaned into Hillary’s mouth and pulled her hands away from Hillary’s, wrapping his arms around the beautiful girls back and smashing their tits together.

Lalaine rolled over, placing Hillary on the bed and pulled away from the kiss, moving her lips along Hillary’s neck for a few seconds and then wandering down, licking her small and oddly experienced tongue down Hillary’s nice cleavage.

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   “Mmm! Oh Lalaine!” Hillary gasped out and moved a hand threw Lalaine’s hair, pushing her further down. Lalaine didn’t need much help in that matter, she willingly moved further down, her mouth and tongue biting and licking all the way down to her navel. Hillary was shifting her body with each movement of Lalaine’s wonderful mouth, her breath hitching every time she felt Lalaine’s tongue.

“Wow, Hillary, your pussy is so wet!” Lalaine gasped out and circled the tip of her tongue slowly around the lips of Hillary’s tight cunt. Hillary moaned her encouragement, loving Lalaine’s wet tongue around her pussy and nearly cried out when Lalaine flicked her tongue across Hillary’s clit. “How did that feel?” Lalaine asked in the most erotic voice she could. Hillary closed her eyes tightly and shoved her hips toward Lalaine’s mouth. “If you don’t fuck me with your tongue right now I’ll die!” Hillary yelled out and Lalaine smiled.

Lalaine’s own pussy was literally dripping wet, the juices sliding down her slender legs or dripping off to the bed. She slid a hand down to her tits, playing with the dangling nipples, while her tongue shot across Hillary’s pussy, tasting her lovely juices. Hillary let out a loud moan and looked down to see Lalaine flicking her tongue wildly across Hillary’s pussy. The part that turned her on the most was when Lalaine slid a hand down her own body and moved a finger into her dripping wet cunt. Lalaine felt like cumming right then and there when Hillary moaned in sexual passion, but held it back.

That didn’t stop her from moving two fingers inside of her hot teenage fuckhole and masturbating hard, her tight pussy walls squeezing her relentlessly. Hillary fucked her hips up toward Lalaine’s mouth, gasping and moaning louder and louder each and every second, begging Lalaine to eat her cunt.

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   “Lalaine! Eat my fucking cunt!” Hillary yelled out, her little girl innocence gone and replaced by a sexual beast. Lalaine complied and suddenly pushed her tongue into Hillary’s tongue young pussy. Lalaine couldn’t believe how tight Hillary actually is, and wiggled her tongue around inside.

“Oh GOD YES! Fuck me!!!” Hillary yelled and Lalaine almost came all over her fingers. Instead she moved her body around, getting into a 69 position, Lalaine’s dripping wet fuckhole above Hillary’s mouth. “Make me cum with you Hillary! I want to fill your mouth with my cum!” Lalaine gasped out and practically devoured Hillary’s pussy. Hillary moaned loudly against just before taking Lalaine’s hips in her hands and pulling her pussy down to her mouth. Lalaine stopped tongue-fucking Hillary for a few moments and let out a lustful moan when she felt Hillary’s tongue slide across her pussy.
“Fuck! Suck my cunt!” Lalaine yelled, making Hillary moan at her words and do just that, enveloping her mouth around Lalaine’s fuckhole and sucked hard. Lalaine slid her tongue back into Hillary’s tight pussy and began tongue fucking her with a fervor, going crazy over how tight Hillary is around her tongue and wondered what it would be like if a cock was in this tight hole. The thought of Adam or Yani Gellman fucking this tight teenage star almost sent Lalaine over the edge, especially when she imagined who the two boys would go for after Hillary.

Hillary buried her tongue inside Lalaine’s hot pussy and fucked her wildly while shoving her hips up towards Lalaine’s mouth. Hillary was extremely happy to find that although Lalaine is not nearly as tight as Hillary, this girl is tight enough to hurt any guy who fucked her. “Yes! I’m about to cum!! Fuck me harder!!” Lalaine yelled out, sending vibrations into Hillary’s sexually charged twat. Hillary is nearly over the edge as well, she felt her pussy getting even tighter, threatening to shoot out gallons of her juices.

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Hillary pulled her mouth away slightly and looked at Lalaine’s very fine ass, and not being able to resist, slid her tongue between Lalaine’s ass cheeks. Lalaine felt Hillary’s tongue slide between her ass cheeks and moaned extremely loud into Hillary’s dripping fuckhole. Hillary found her puckered anus and without a single moment of wait, shoved the tip of her tongue inside. Lalaine screamed loudly in both a little pain and a lot of pleasure. Suddenly her pussy exploded with her juices and Hillary moved her mouth down, enveloping Lalaine’s pussy with her mouth again and drinking down her juices.

Lalaine suddenly bit on Hillary’s clit hard and Hillary moaned at the top of her lungs, exploding into a huge orgasm and making the two girls moaned loudly at the same time while licking and sucking each other through the orgasm. They both sucked what seemed to be gallons of each other’s cum in their mouths before they both stopped, their tongues licking and their mouths kissing to make sure every last drop was gone. Lalaine, with barely enough energy, turned around and collapsed next to Hillary, the two girls sharing a huge hug that promised this would not be the last time this would happen.

Their legs entangled with each other and they kissed again, their bodies rubbing against each other gently. Nothing could spoil this moment…well…almost nothing. Suddenly the bedroom door burst open and Yani and Adam fell into the room and onto the floor after the loss of support. The two boys looked up at the two naked girls on the bed, and the two girls looked down at them. No one had any idea of what to say next. .