The Sexy Hillary Duff Pt. 4


“Damn, Lalaine, don’t make the guys have a heart attack. ” Hillary thought silently but she too also had a hand down, circling a finger around her wet pussy. Both Hillary and Lalaine soon fixed their eyes on the front of both boys’ pants, two large bulges showing clearly through the jeans. Hillary nearly moaned when the image of the boys fucking them hard shot across her mind. The boys were not any better, staring at the two naked girls who has just minutes previous been fucking each other. Hillary could feel the sexual energy in the room and looked at Lalaine again, who’s chest was rising because of her arousal. “Are you boys going to stay there all day or are you going to come over here and fuck us?” Lalaine asked in a seductive voice that again shocked Hillary. She’s never known Lalaine to be so direct, even though Hillary was wondering the same thing Lalaine had asked them. They both seemed rooted to the ground until Lalaine turned her head and gave Hillary a deep, passionate kiss, moaning into the girl’s mouth. Adam went for Lalaine and Yani for Hillary. Right when the boys reached the end of the bed the girls pulled away from each other and crawled seductively towards them. Adam was about to get on the bed but Lalaine stopped him, reaching her hands up and cupping his face, before brushing her lips against his, then kissing him hard. Adam responded to the kiss and wrapped his arms around her small frame, pulling her naked, completely fuckable, body to his still clothed chest. Hillary had stopped Yani too but was a little more direct. She’s been waiting to see Yani’s cock for a very long time and didn’t waste time unbuttoning his pants and sliding them down slightly. Yani’s cock shown through the boxers and Hillary smiled sexily up at him and licked the bulge, causing the really horny Yani to moan loudly.

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  Lalaine, meanwhile, was trying to get off Adam’s shirt without stopping the kiss, which was needless to say a little difficult. Finally the two pulled away from each other long enough to take of Adam’s shirt and then kissed each other deeply again. Lalaine wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down to the bed and atop her, never breaking the kiss. Adam loved the feeling of Lalaine’s soft tits against his chest and rubbed his chest continually against them, making Lalaine moan continually into his mouth. Adam pulled away for a moment and moved his hands to his pants, removing them quickly but kept his boxers on, kissing Lalaine again and rubbing his clothed cock against her wet pussy. “Mm! That’s right, Adam, let me see your hard cock!” Lalaine managed to say between kisses. Hillary was otherwise preoccupied with a moaning Yani. Yani is moaning for a really good reason because Hillary had reached her small hand into his pants and grasped his throbbing dick. Hillary gasped, it feels so alive in her hand, and pulled his full eight-inch hardon from the boxers. “Oh my God…” Hillary said in a mixture of shock and complete arousal. “Yani, you’re so big!” Hillary exclaimed loudly and Yani blushed when Lalaine turned her head to look as well. Hillary looked at the cock in her hand; she’s never handled a cock before, and gave it a squeeze, smiling slightly when Yani moaned his encouragement. Hillary moved his face forward and gave the head a large lick, tasting some kind of liquid on it, and was gifted by Yani yelling, “Oh fuck! Hillary, suck it!’ Those words made her begin to wander her tongue up and down the shaft of his cock, causing similar words of encouragement. Adam, however, pulled Lalaine’s attention back to him by nibbling on her neck. Lalaine kissed him hard and said, “Stand up beside the bed.

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  ” Which he did, Lalaine wasted no time moving forward and sliding Adam’s boxers down, revealing a six inch hardon. It isn’t huge but Lalaine didn’t seem to care as she began rolling her tongue over the head of his cock. She grabbed his cock and moved her tongue further down, licking at the shaft of his dick before taking his balls into her mouth. “Oh yes!” Adam moaned out and moved a hand throughout her hair, gasping and moaning in pleasure. Hillary had been licking Yani’s cock for a little while before she wrapped her warm, tight mouth around the head of his long cock. Yani clenched his teeth in pleasure and moaned loudly, stopping his cock from exploding with cum right then and there. Hillary looked over to Lalaine sucking Adam’s dick and got an idea, pulling Yani over beside Adam, who was currently getting his cock slowly into Lalaine’s lovely mouth. Both girls pulled away from the boys and French kissed each other, tasting each others mate on their tongues and lips for a long time. Finally the two girls turned back to the boys but this time both girls went to Adams cock, licking both their tongues up and down his shaft before taking turns sucking his cock. Adam’s in heaven, moaning with every passing second and breathing so hard they thought he’d burst. Yani crawled onto the bed and came up behind Hillary, making her moan around Adam’s cock when she rubbed his own cock against her dripping wet pussy. Hillary pulled her mouth away and said. “Not yet! Eat my cunt!” Hillary said and Yani was more than happy to comply, laying on his back and sliding his mouth under her hips. His mouth immediately began attacking her pussy, moving his tongue slowly around the wet hole for a few minutes until Hillary started shoving her hips desperately down on his mouth. Yani could only smile at that then slide his tongue into her aroused fuck hole.

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   Hillary began fucking his mouth while moaning in unbelievable lust. Adam could see she was fully focused on the feeling of his tongue in her and was suddenly ignoring Adam’s dick. Hillary couldn’t believe this, she had gone out tonight to have a little bit of fun and here she was having an orgy with her friends. Hillary’s moans rose and rose each time she felt his tongue plunge into her tight virgin cunt until she thought she would explode. Hillary opened her closed eyes to see Lalaine crawling towards Yani’s dick, bending down slightly and wrapping her mouth around the shaft, slowly sliding most of it into her mouth, giving it a huge suck, then pulling back, then down again. That caused Yani to moan as he ate Hillary’s cunt, which sent vibrations into her and made her moan his name loudly. “Oh Yani! Eat my cunt, it’s all yours!” Hillary yelled and was going to say something else when she saw Adam’s cock in front of her face. She smiled and took it into her mouth, so turned on that she sucked it all down until her nose was touching his pubic hair. “Hillary, suck my cock!” Adam moaned with so much lust that Hillary almost came then. Outside the room, a teenager named Aydrian walked by the room and stopped when he heard the moans, waiting for a few seconds but heard nothing else, and with a shrug he walked away. Yani loved Lalaine’s mouth around his cock and was disappointed when her mouth pulled away. He waited for a few seconds and then felt something really warm and way too tight begins to press against it and slide his head in. “Oh fuck!!” Yani moaned loudly when he realized that Lalaine was slowly sliding his cock into her pussy. Lalaine was gasping with every inch as she slowly slid down the long dick. She flinched when his rod reached her pussy but didn’t wait to slam her hips down, sinking his cock all the way inside of her cunt and making her scream in pain! “Oww!” Lalaine yelled and just stayed still with Yani’s cock inside her, tears running down her cheeks.

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   Hillary looked back to see Lalaine impaled on Yani’s cock and became concerned when she saw tears in Lalaine’s eyes. Lalaine saw her looking and shook her head, silently telling her not to be concerned, and after a few more moments Lalaine even lifted her hips up slowly and slid slowly back down his cock. It still hurt her but she didn’t care, moving up and down his shaft slowly, her movements going faster every few thrusts. Hillary felt herself being lifted and Adam laid her back down on the bed, moving atop her and kissing her passionately, his chest rubbing against Hillary’s really fine tits and his dick rubbing against the tight opening to her virgin cunt. Hillary moaned into his mouth and wrapped her legs around his waste, prompting him to take her virginity, which she’s wanted to lose for the longest time. Adam got the message clearly and positioned his cock at her cunt, rubbing it against her for a few moments before she reached and hand down, grasped it, and guided the tip to her opening. Adam pushed forward and was surprised to find out just how tight Hillary actually is, his cock had major problems even sliding a little into her hole and Hillary was already gasping a little in pain. “Hillary, you’re so tight!” Adam said and pushed forward a little harder, the head of his cock sliding in with some effort, and moaned under his breathe. “Oh, it hurts! But don’t stop!” Hillary said with a pained moan. As Adam slid into Hillary, Lalaine was already getting used to an eight-inch cock inside her and was moving her hips up and down his cock wildly. “Oh fuck, Yani, get your huge cock inside of me!!” Lalaine yelled and Yani fought to do just that, slamming his cock up into her as hard as he could and moaning every single second. He moved his hands up and grasped Lalaine’s tits, squeezing them and pulling the nipples. Lalaine moved her hands to his shoulders and rode his cock for all it’s worth, letting out such loud moans she was sure people down the block could hear it. Adam reached Hillary’s virginity and looked into her tear filled eyes. Hillary gave him a slight nod and Adam held his breath then suddenly plunged his cock past her virginity and all the way inside of her.

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  “Oh fuck!!! That hurts!!!” Hillary screamed as she felt his cock inside of her unnaturally tight cunt. Adam kissed her gently, showing her he won’t move until she’s ready. Hillary kissed him back and tried not to think of the pain in her pussy. It seemed to take forever but the noises of Lalaine and Yani fucking like wild animals made Hillary so horny she didn’t give a damn about the pain. She gave Adam a kiss then whispered in his ear, “If you don’t fuck me right now I’m going to kill you…” Adam smiled down at her in lust and pulled his cock out until just the head was in and plunged back in. Hillary let out another pained moan but it also sounded like she liked it so he pulled his cock out and plunged in again. Adam couldn’t stop his own moans from coming forth as the speed hastened, his cock slamming in and out in long, hard strokes. Lalaine got an idea through all the madness and slid herself slowly off Yani’s cock, tightening as she did, then moved over to Hillary and sat her pussy on Hillary’s mouth. Hillary got the idea and slid her tongue Lalaine’s pussy. Yani was not about to let Lalaine go so easily and came up behind her and without warning, shoved his entire cock inside her pussy. Lalaine’s moan sounded more like a scream and she fucked back against Yani’s dick wildly while Hillary licked around the thrusting cock and even licked the shaft when it was not inside Lalaine. Adam took that moment to lean forward and kiss Lalaine while she was being fucked. His hands were on Hillary’s hips, fucking into her hard and wildly enough to make Hillary scream in pleasure and Lalaine to moan in ecstasy. The sounds circulating about the room was arousing to say the least. The sounds of slapping hips, slapping wet pussy, loud mixtures of moans and screams, and the creaking of the bed.


  Lalaine felt herself about to cum first, throwing her pussy back at him harder and faster by the second. “Yani, I’m about to cum all over you cock!! Cum with me!!” Lalaine yelled in unrestrained lust and just then her pussy constricted around his long dick and she came hard, moaning loudly. Yani fucked into her hard a few more times before falling her over the edge, shooting thick streams of cum deep inside her pussy, almost instantly filling the girl up. “I’m cumming inside of you, Lalaine!! Ahh, take my cum!!” Yani yelled back and kept fucking her even as she cum shot into the back of her pussy. Hillary was, of course, licking up what cum came out of her pussy and she just couldn’t stand it anymore, Adam’s cock was driving her wild. Hillary pulled her mouth away from Lalaine’s pussy and moaned so loudly she thought they would all go deaf. “Adam, slam your cock into my tight cunt!! Fuck me hard!!! I’m about to cum!!!” Hillary yelled and just hearing that made Adam yell at the top of his lung and Hillary could feel a giant stream of hot cum hit the back of her pussy, driving her over the edge as well and making her pussy squeeze his cock until it hurt them both and cum as hard as she could. “I’m cumming!!” Hillary screamed and Adam didn’t need to be told, he could feel her juices around his cock and spilling out of her. His cum mixed with hers and he fucked her hard until finally he stopped cumming, collapsing atop her and looking over at Yani, who was currently holding Lalaine really close and smiling at her, kissing her every few seconds and whispering something. Adam looked down at the breathing, gasping, moaning Hillary Duff and admired this angel before him. Hillary looks beautiful when she’s clothed, and amazing when she’s not, but nothing matches her beauty after the throes of sex. After a few minutes of settling down Adam pulled out of her and lay beside her. Hillary smiled cutely and laid her head on his shoulder, her arm around his chest. Hillary looked at Adam who seemed to be falling asleep and smiled. “Not the person I expected to sleep with…” Hillary commented silently.

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   “But definitely the boy who was meant to fuck me…” Hillary looked up and saw Lalaine sleeping contentedly in Yani’s arms and Yani was falling fast asleep right along with her. “This is going to be one interesting year…” Hillary said silently and smiled, drifting off to sleep. .