Training Ms. Lohan and Ms. Reid


It was almost midnight when the girl came out of the club. She walked to her SUV, which looked ridiculously large compared to the small girl, wearing her low cut top that barely covered her breasts and tight pants that accentuated her ass. As she rummaged through her purse for her keys, he made his move. Walking towards her quickly, yet quietly, he pulled the bottle of chloroform from his pocket, dousing a small handkerchief with it, he was careful to keep the thing away from his nostrils, so that the powerful, yet odorless, fumes wouldn't knock him out. Stepping up behind her he slammed the cloth over her face, she struggled for a few seconds and then went limp in his arms. Throwing her over his shoulders he tossed her in the back of her SUV and covered her with a tarp he had ready. Taking the license plate from his car he quickly unscrewed hers and placed his in its spot. Then he drove off. With Lindsay Lohan safely in the car he had one more package to pick up before he left for his destination.
He waited for her to leave the high end party she was at before making his move. She was drunk and it would be even easier to take this package then the previous one.  As the girl stumbled down the pathway to her car he repeated with her what he had done with Lindsay. Gagging her with a chloroform covered cloth until she went limp and then tossing her under the tarp with Lohan. His second prize was now in his possesion. Tara Reid was all his.
It had taken him several hours to drive up to the cabin he had in Northern California, but it was well worth it.

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   The cabin he had was sound proof and deep in the woods. They wouldn't be disturbed or found out here. Undoubtably the police and other authorities would be looking for the girls already, but he rested easy as he took the girls into the cabin. After all, they were so deep in the woods the girls would never be able to find their way out, and the authorities would never be able to hear them or in any way track them to this cabin. Now all he had to do was decide which of them  he'd play with first.
He stripped them both down, taking all their clothes off except their panties, Lindsay was wearing a black g-string and Tara had on a sexy red lace thong on. He admired their bodies for a few minutes before tying them up. He was an expert at making knots, and with the thick rope he had on hand, neither girl would be getting out anytime soon. He bound them quickly, but effectively, tying Lindsay's wrists together and then attaching the knot to a post above a chair, before tying both her ankles to the chair legs. He oiled her body up, rubbing her breasts and tweaking her nipples until they were hard and then blindfolded her, tying a silk cloth above and below her beautiful breasts, so that they bulged out between the cloths like ripe melons. He didn't care what anyone said, fake or real Lohan had the nicest set of breasts he had ever seen. Next was Ms. Reid. Tying her hands above her head to the bed posts he then bound her ankles to the back of her thighs an then her knees together around her waist. This left her juicy pink pussy exposed for his pleasure when he decided to remove her panties.

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   He didn't bother blindfolding this one, but he did oil her up and bind her breasts before gagging her.
He double checked to make sure that the girls were properly tied, then proceeded to check the status of all the toys he had brought with him. They were in good condition and their batteries were fully charged, so he placed them in a trunk at the foot of the bed; the better to preserve the mystery and fear for later. He chuckled to himself as he placed several boxes of clothing in the closet for the girls. It was going to be a good holiday.
It only took the girls an hour or so to come around, and he was watching the international man hunt for them when he heard Lindsay shouting in fear, struggling to get loose. Shutting off CNN he proceeded to the bedroom and stood in the doorway watching her for a bit, when he did he saw Tara beginning to come around. She took in the sight of Lindsay tied and bound and then saw her own predicament. She started to struggle too, screaming into the gag as she did so. He decided that it was time to get down to business and walked into the room.
"Well ladies it looks like you're up. I wasw beginning to wonder when you'd come around. " at the sound of his voice the two girls froze, trembling and looking all the world like deer in the headlights, it was a thouroughly erotic look for the two of them. "My name is Vincent, but you'll be calling me Master or sir from now on, unless I say otherwise. I only have a few rules, and if you obey them, I won't have to punish you.

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   But don't take that to mean that I won't enjoy punishing you if you misbehave. You've heard the first rule, now here's the second. You are not allowed to orgasm without begging for it and then getting permission from me. Third, you are not allowed to hurt my person or yourselves or eachother. Fourth, you are to follow my instructions exactly as I say them. And fifth, don't bother running, we're in miles of woods, there are no phones or any other ways of communicating out here and I will be severly angry if either of you tries it. So angry in fact that I'll punish both of you if either of you runs. Understood?" Tara nodded meekly while Lindsay let out a shaky "Yes. "
"Good. " he said striding forward "Now it's time to get to your training, Tara you watch, Lindsay gets to have the first lesson. "