Truth or Dare, Pt. 1


Truth or Dare
Part 1
Me, Jordan, Courtney, and Romeo sat on the floor of the trailer’s family room, playing truth or dare, the dirty version. Courtney looked at Romeo. “OK, truth…or dare?” she asked.
“Give me a dare,” he answered. We all wondered what the dreaded dare was going to be.
“I dare you to kiss Jenny,” Courtney said. “And not one of those wimpy kisses on the cheek. We wanna see some action! French kiss. ”
“But I haven’t done that. ”
I moved a tad closer to him. “Look, I’ve done this before. Just follow my lead. ” I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him close to me. I pressed my mouth to his in a crushing kiss. In the background I could hear Jordan and Courtney cheering us on. Somehow, I felt a little more than truth or dare in his kiss.

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I slid my tongue smoothly into his mouth, teasing his tongue with mine. After a little more than a minute, Courtney told us to stop. We pulled away, smiling and joking with each other about the kiss.
Laughing, the four of us continued our game, until I looked at the clock that read midnight. “Hey guys, I’m getting tired. ” I said. The others agreed. Yawing goodnights to each other, we split up and went in separate directions to our bedrooms.
I lay awake, staring at the ceiling, thinking about that kiss between me and Romeo. It had been all I could do not to take him right then and there. I glanced at the clock on the nightstand. It read 3:43 in the morning. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on sleep when I heard someone knocking at the door.
“Come in,” I said, annoyed. Romeo opened the door and walked in.

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   “What’s up? Can’t sleep?” Forgetting that I was dressed only in a bra and panties, I sat up.
“Not really. I’ve just been thinking a lot. ”
“You wanna join me? I can’t sleep either. ”
“Yeah, okay. ” he walked over to the other side of the bed and pulled back the covers. Slipping beneath the blankets, he laid his head on the pillow and turned to look at me. “What were you thinking about?”
I hesitated, trying to word my sentences correctly. “I was thinking about tonight. About…” my voice trailed off.
“Yeah, same here. ”
“So…” I tried to make what I was trying to say come out correctly. “You’ve never done anything…sexual?”
“No. Why, have you?”
“Yep. I’ve had sex with a girl, French kissed, made out, and given head to a guy.

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“Geez! You’ve done that? You got to be kidding!”
“I shit you not. ”
“About tonight…I mean, the kiss. I kinda…liked it. ”
“To tell you the truth, I did too,” I answered with a smile that could not be seen in the darkness.
I turned on my side to look at him. Then, slowly, we moved closer to each other.
“Don’t think, Romeo. ” I said before pulling him into a kiss. This time he made the next move, by flicking his tongue on my lip, pleading for entrance. I opened my mouth and his tongue slid in. We stayed like that for over a minute, until finally we pulled away just to catch our breath. He smiled mischievously at me before speaking.
“What do we do next?” he asked me.
“Just follow your instincts,” I answered before pulling him down on top of me. I literally felt like my heart was going to beat its way out of my chest when he moved his mouth down to my neck.

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   I moaned as he rained kisses down on my body. I grabbed his hand and led it to my breast, and he began kneading it through my bra. He reached underneath me and unhooked my bra. Then, pulling it off and tossing it aside, he replaced his hand with his mouth. I moaned loudly as he sucked on my breast, then continued his trip south. He left a trail of kisses down my stomach, then pulled off my panties and tossed them aside. He stared at me wide-eyed.
“Don’t tell me you’ve never seen a naked woman before,” I said,
“I’ve only seen this in porn on the net,” he answered.
“Ahh, I see. ”
He looked at my clit, then, kissed me in the most sensitive spot there. I swear I must’ve screamed. I felt his tongue like silk licking me all over. Moaning and gasping and panting, I clutched my pillow so hard that my knuckles turned white. “Stop!” I exhaled.
“You okay?” he asked.

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“Yeah, I can’t come yet, though. The night’s not nearly over. ” I flipped him over so that I was straddling him. “Now it’s my turn. ” His breathing became shaky as I left a trail of kisses and bite marks down his neck. I pulled his shirt over his head and threw it on the floor. Then, my mouth found his chest and he moaned as I swirled my tongue around his nipple. I looked up at him. “Do you like that?”
“Oh God, don’t stop!” he yelled.
“Your wish is my command. ” I kissed his stomach, then ran the tip of my tongue along the edge of his boxers. He reached down and pulled them off. He was already hard. And damn, he was big! I felt him fist his hand in my hair as I took him in my mouth and began sucking him. He jerked upward, and if we hadn’t been doing what we were doing, I would have thought he was having a seizure!
As I sucked him, he ran his hands through my hair and finally screamed that he was coming.

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   I took my mouth off of his dick and lay down on the bed. He got on top of me and managed to whisper, “Baby, are you ready?”
“Fuck yeah,” I said, the taste of him still lingering on my lips. I wrapped my legs around his waist, urging him in me. He slid his hardness inside me. I felt a little pain at first, but soon it was gone and I felt nothing but pure pleasure. I closed my eyes and let out sighs of ecstasy and contentment, pressing myself against him so he could go deeper. I moaned when he hit my most sensitive area.
“Oh God almighty!” I screamed. I moved with him, yelling for him to go faster. Harder and faster, he fucked me three ways from Sunday. Finally, I felt a feeling building up inside me, like a volcano getting ready to erupt. Before this night, I had only had that feeling with my vibrator. Finally, I reached the point of no return, and, letting out a strangled cry, I came.
I felt Romeo thrust even harder and then he came too, shooting his load in me. My nails dug into his back as he emptied himself in me.

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   For my first time, that had been pretty damn good!
Romeo dropped down on the bed beside me. We didn’t speak, we didn’t have to. For the longest time, I stared into his big brown eyes, then, he whispered, “Same time tomorrow?”
All I could do was nod. I kissed him, then fell asleep with my head on his chest.