Ville Valo Meets Eioffe Ch. 1


 Ville collapsed in the couch in their dressing room,"Ughh. . . "He made an incoherent noise, and closed his black eyelined eyes, that were now smudged from sweat and beer. The audience always threw beer, why not something that came out of hair easilier? Like water! Water was good! But no, the fans had to be difficult. . . He argued to himself in his mind silently, while Linde and Burton began removing their own make-up and changing. Gas was already sleeping, as usual, and he reeked of alchohol, though it wasn't his fault. At the time being anyways.
 The raven-haired singer brushed his long wisps out of his clear blue eyes, and sighed tiredly. Linde finished dressing, and stood in front of Ville, talking about something, or other. . . He was speaking of something about the next tour date. .

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  . maybe. Ville couldn't tell, as he was now trying not to pass out, or throw up, which he both felt like doing.
 Linde glared,"You're not even listening!"He accused, scowling at his friend. That's when Ville chose to puke all-over the floor.
 "Remember, be nice! I've known the people in this band for many years, and I really like the bassist. . . She's so freakin' hot!"Linde grinned.
 Ville rolled his eyes, and took a long drag of his ciggarette,"Big fuckin' deal. . . "He scratched the back of his head, and dropped the ciggarette, smashing out the flame with the toe of his black boot. He looked down at his clothes, then looked back at Linde, trying not glare. Linde had made him dress as best as he could.


   He wore plain black jeans with a long silver chain, and a black muscle-shirt. Yep. That was his best. He grinned at Gas and Burton, who were both drunk as Hell, swaying again and again.
 "Sooo. . . What's the chick singin' look like?"He doubted he'd enjoy Linde's friends' band, nor the bandmates.
 "Ermmm. . . Eioffe. She's hot too, more your type then mine though, she a wee bit on the short side, wears only black, hot-pink, and bright purple, lots of black eyeshadow and eyeliner, black hair at the moment, and she, for some reason, growing up in St. Louis, so I'll never understand, is friggin' pale. "Linde grinned as Ville's eyes lit up a bit.

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 "Sounds hot. "He grinned. This could actually be fun.
 "Eioffe, wanna go to the movies with meh?"Ville asked, trying to sound bored and calm. It had been a week since they picked up Linde's friend's from the airport, and Linde had been correct, Eioffe was H-O-T!
 Eioffe looked up from throwing paperclips at Robby, who was so intently watching TV, the picture from the screen could be seen in his clear eyes. "Eff. . . Ok. Hold on, lemme go get ready. "
 "Alright. "Ville smiled, though he was secretly jumping for joy inside. Yes, damnit!
 Eioffe jumped up, and quickly ran up the stairs, Ville staring at her ass as she did. He sat down, taking her seat. Robby turned towards Ville as a commercial came on,"Sooo.

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  . . Trying to score with what is, basically, my younger sister?"Robby smirked.
 Ville's eyes widened,"I-uh. . . "
 "Nah, it's ok man. I think you may be out of luck though man, she's a virgin, not like my actual little sister. . . "He rolled his eyes, mentioning Julie, his sister, the bassist in the band, who was currently sleeping with Linde.
 "She makes exception for few. . . "Robby nodded,"But.

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  . . hey, I actually like you Ville, so I'll give you a chance, I'll give you a few pointers. . . "
 Ville's lips burst into a wide grin,"Really?"
 "Really. Hmm. . . Let's see. . . She likes it when you talk about the Cure a lot. . .

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  Ummm. . . She also likes it when guys wear make-up. And, err. . . she's really into D&S. . . I know it sounds strange with how she acts and stuff, but her friend Taylor and her do it all the time. . . "Robby smirked.
 Ville's eyes widened again,"No fuckin' way! How's she still a virgin?"He broke out into a grin again.


 "Does it with only girls. It's true, Taylor told me. . . "Robby nodded vigirously.
 "Rea-dy!"Eioffe called, hopping down the stairs, she smiled at Ville, and gave Robby a quick kiss goodbye on the cheek, and skipped out the door to the car. Ville stared at her bosom when she fronted him, and her ass when she turned, he thought he saw her wiggle it purposely more around him, but he wasn't certain.
 She had changed into a black and white plaid mini-skirt with zippers and chains, and many a safety pins, along with a black t-shirt that had Led Zeppelin's name etched in purple. She got into the car, sitting down in the passenger's side, awaiting Ville to come.
 "Good luck man!"Robby said quickly, and grinned as Ville walked out the door.
 "He's a dead man. . . "He muttered.
 Eioffe looked up at the movie screen, her eyes staring at the picture, while Ville looked her up and down, stopping longer at her chest, and the valley in between her skirt.

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   She crossed her fishnet-clad legs, and took a sip of her soda. Their elbows were touching, and just that sent shivers down his back. He took a deep breath, and placed an arm around her shoulders. She smiled and snuggled a bit closer, resting her head on his shoulder. He almost stopped breathing, his heart pounded so hard he thought she'd probably be able to hear it. The movie was ending soon, and he'd have to do something soon. So far, he hadn't even bothered paying attention to the plot line. She sat up, and whispered into his ear soflty,"This movie sucks, wanna leave?"She looked at him with her large oranger eyes, outlined in solid black, and he grinned, nodding his head.
 He hadn't made his move, and now he'd lost his chance with the beauty! But really, it wasn't just her good-lucks that made him want her so, but the fact that they could have actual intelligent conversations, about music, movies, books, politics. . . anything! He thought the looks had a slight edge over the whole intelligent thing, since it was the one that aroused his swollen, rigid male sex part, but you know. . .
 It was the next day, well, next night actually, and Ville was the only one home.

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   Eioffe had left to go to a friend's party with Julie, Linde, and Robby, and Ville had stayed home, he had been meaning to shedule some time to himself anyhow lately. Jake, Gas, and Burton had left to go drinking at a club.
 Ville was now watching D&S videos on the internet, trying to imagine him taking control of Eioffe. He soon had to slip his hand into his pants, and help himself out a bit, before getting the blue balls he had been getting lately, from watching Eioffe.
 He suddenly heard the door open, and someone stumble in, assuming it was Gas or Burton, he stood and walked down the hall, towards the door. He was surprised to see Eioffe struggling to hold herself up, obviously drunk. He grabbed her around the waist right before she fell. She laughed,"Opps!"She said rather loudly. Yep. She was drunk alright.
 He lifted her and carried her into the living room, where he had been before, and set her on the couch. She balanced herself and blinked at the computer screen, then looked back at Ville smirking. He blinked, then looked at the computer too, he nearly jumped out of his flesh, and turned it off quickly.
 She laughed softly. He stood beside her,"Sorry.

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  . . I was just. . . "She smiled seductively,"It's alright. . . "She lifted her heavy head, and kissed him on the lips gently. She wasn't wearing a bra, and he noted right away that her nipples were hard already. He then kissed her back, soon both of them were kissing harder and harder, and Ville was lying on top of her, his hand warm against her breast.
 He began removing her purple and black-striped shirt, that showed off her shoulders, then, shortly afterwards, her black pants, black and purple bondage strips dangling from the backs. He was surprised, and delighted to find she wore no underwear, and removed his black muscle shirt, as she helped with his black cargo's. She then removed his black boxers, and grinned happily, seeing his well-endowed cock.
 She lowered herself, sucking and licking at it, until it became hard and harder, growing in her mouth.


   He thrashed around, and groaned slightly, then took charge and stopped her, he stood,"Follow me. . . "He took her by the wrist, and uncomfortably, dragged her up the stairs, into his room. He stood her near the harrow grey, single pole standing near the wall. He pulled out some rope he had from when Linde had tied Gas to a chair to make him shut up. He first tied her, her wrists tightly, then spread her legs apart and tied them seperated.
 She looked up at him, her eyes shining with amusement. He grinned at what he'd done, and sat upon his heels. He stuck out his pink tongue, and began running it across her inner thigh, ever-so-close to her pussy. She squirmed, and gasped lightly as he let it slip over the lips of her pussy for a second or less.
 He looked up, smirking,"So this is what you've wanted all along, huh you little slut? Faking that innocent little-girl tone with me? While really you were a whore. . . "She moaned lightly, closing her eyes tightly as he slipped his tongue into her slit.

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   Her black varnished nails dug into her palms as she cried out in pleasure.
 He stood, and placed his dick right above her pussy. She struggled to impale herself, but couldn't make it. She whimpered, looking up at him with baby-like eyes. He stared back hard,"You want it bitch? Hmmm. . . ?"
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