Voyager Uncensored #4


 VOYAGER UNCENSORED # 4: "Shore Leave, Part II" by ScatWoman
ScatWoman@aol. com

************************************* Context Notes:

   Be sure to read (at least) "Voyager Uncensored #3: Shore Leave" (part I)
before reading this one.   Preferably, you'd read all three episodes before
this one, but, if not, it's okay.   The plot is light in this one and maybe
reading this one will make you want to go back and read the others.

   This episode takes place after "The Raven" but before "Scientific
Method", in Voyager's 4th season, pretty much right after they introduced

   Content Note:

   This one is, again, pretty extreme.   But I don't do it for sheer shock
value or for the sake of being extreme.   I try to pay a lot of attention to
character and motivation and I try to keep the characters true to my vision
of them, keep them consistent.

   This story contains: F/f, FM/f TS/m, F/m, FM/m, and bestiality, oral,
anal, watersports, scat, humiliation and D/S.

   (Note that "TS" here stands for a woman with a penis, not a man in drag,
trust me, it will make sense when you read it. )

   Also, as usual, no incest, no pedophilia (though I guess technically Kes
is only 6, but then her race only lives 9 years and is mature by 2), no
torture or snuff.   Just thought you'd like to know.

   * * * * *

   "Doggystyle", Part II

   * * * * *

   Kes was well into her third orgasm, lost in depraved, bestial lust, when
Janeway & Chakotay returned to the room.   She didn't even hear the door
slide open.   Chakotay and Janeway were drunk and laughing, but they
instantly heard the sounds of sex coming from the other side of the bed.
They heard the panting, the groaning, the wet slurping of the chingador's
twin cocks violating Kes' cunt and ass.

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  Â  They heard the slap of the
chingador's massive balls on Kes' upturned asshole.

   Janeway and Chakotay stepped quietly around to bed to see who Kes had
"scored", but even *they* weren't prepared for the sight before them!  Kes,
still bound, still with a mouthful of dildo, ass in the air, being ravaged
by a double-dicked alien animal!

   She was so deep in her spiral of shame and rapture that her eyes were
rolled back in her head and she was drooling around her cock-gag onto the
carpet.   Not only was she cumming from the huge chingador cock in her cunt,
but also from the one in her ass.   Since her race only lived 9 years, it
developed a lot of redundant sexual reproductive organs.   Apparently, her
race had a history of not knowing which hole to fuck, to evolution made
sure it didn't matter.   She has a normal clitoris and fallopian tubes, but
she also has an extra clitoris deep inside her ass on her sphincter and one
down her throat, past the epiglottis.   And in both her colon and her
esophagus, there are sperm collection ducts that open up when the redundant
clitoris is stimulated.   So she could become pregnant from sex in either
her cunt, mouth OR ass.   Having a massive dildo rammed down her throat and
the twin animal pricks plunging into both her pussy and asshole was causing
her to have triple orgasms at the moment, something she'd never experienced
before!  And she was soaking up quite a lot of chingador jizz, seeing as
how they ejaculate nearly ten times more than comparably-sized animals
(chingadors usually have litters and need to inject large amounts of sperm
to ensure a large brood).

   "Now, why can't you do me like *that*?" Janeway teased Chakotay.

   Chakotay smirked at her and Janeway gave him a haughty, challenging

   After only a second of hesitation, Chakotay threw his Captain onto the
bed so that her ass was in the air, just like Kes.   Janeway was surprised,
but settled into the submissive pose with a sigh of anticipation.

   "You want to be fucked like a bitch, do you?" Chakotay demanded sternly
as he quickly disrobed and got up on the bed behind her.

   Janeway growled and barked in response.

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   "Okay, bitch, you got it!" Chakotay tore Janeway's dress, exposing her
fishnet stockings under which she wore no underwear.   Roughly, he grabbed a
hole in the fishnets centered right on Janeway's quivering browneye and
tore open a hole to expose her ass.

   Janeway whimpered like a dog in heat, waving her vulnerable ass at him.

   "Is this where doggy wants it?  Hunh?!" Chakotay slapped Janeway's ass
firmly, making her jump and yelp, "Answer me, BITCH!  Is this where doggy
needs to be FUCKED?!"

   Janeway panted and nodded her head, whimpering as Chakotay continued to
spank her ass and tease her while he berated her.

   "Yeah, you've been a bad, bad, little bitch!  Now you're going to get
punished!" And with that, he rammed his rock-hard cock straight into her
asshole with no preparation or gentleness.   Luckily for Janeway, her ass
was already a bit sweaty from all the dancing they'd done earlier in the
night and the pain was dulled enough by the alcohol that is was just enough
to still be enjoyable.

   Chakotay savagely rammed Janeway's shithole as hard and as fast as he
could, matching Pinganto's impressive tempo in Kes' holes.   He grabbed
Janeway by the hair on the back of her head and pulled her up so that her
back was arched awkwardly and her mouth gaped open.   As he abused her
poopchute, she yelped and panted and slobbered and whimpered like a
helpless puppy.

   For another hour, they continued this, every time Pinganto got up his
stamina (and his erections) and fucked Kes, again, Chakotay would give
Janeway the bitch treatment as well.

   Finally, both Pinganto and Chakotay gave out.   Chakotay was glad, too,
because even though he hadn't had sex in a while, and he'd been dreaming
about doing that to Janeway since he first met her, he was only human,
after all, and didn't have the raw reserves Pinganto did, obviously!  He
collapsed, finally, on the bed next to Janeway.

   Janeway, also exhausted, shuffled up to Chakotay's face and licked it,
in appreciation.   Chakotay, barely staving off unconsciousness, weakly gave
her a few pets and strokes on the head and scratched her behind the ears.

   "Good dog," he said, smirking.

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   Janeway, clenching her asshole tightly so as to not let any of
Chakotay's four loads of cum leak out, slid off the bed and down to Kes,
who was still in an apparent state of carnal coma.   She unbound Kes (but
kept her wrists and ankles shackled).   She withdrew the massive black dildo
from her slack jawed mouth and inserted it into her overflowing cunt, to
make sure none of the dog cum was lost.

   Janeway looked around and spotted a flower arrangement in a large
pitcher.   She got up, grabbed it, and disappeared into the bathroom.   When
she returned, the large pitcher was empty.

   She then sat Kes up so as to squat over the pitcher and massaged her
reddened asscheeks.   Globs upon globs of thick yellowish-brown shit-stained
chingador cum oozed out of Kes' stretched-out asshole, making obscene
blurping and splattering sounds as it hit the inside of the glass pitcher.

   "That sounds disgusting," Chakotay chuckled just as Kes loudly farted
out a tremendous load of alien animal jizz, "UGH!  Not to mention the

   Kes seemed to be coming to and blankly turned to look at Janeway, and it
seemed she finally noticed she was there.

   "Oh. . .   Mistress. . .

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  Â  you're back. . . " she said softly.

   "Yes, Kes, I'm back, and you've been a very good girl, we're just
cleaning you up a little," she said tenderly, as she stroked Kes' delicate
face, brushing aside hair that was stuck to her face with dried sweat and

   "I think. . .   I think there was. . .   an animal in here. . . " Kes muttered,
still unfocused.

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   "Yes, dear, it's okay, you did great," Janeway complimented her.

   "I did?  Thank you, Mistress. . . " Kes smiled weakly, the dearly-desired
praise of her Captain and Mistress cut through the haze in her mind and
made her truly, deeply happy inside.

   "Looks like that's all of it, better drink it down, don't want it to go
to waste," Janeway said as she held up the pitcher to Kes' lips.   Chakotay
leaned over to take a look.

   "Holy shit, that must be around a QUART of cum!" he marveled.

   "At least," Janeway smiled, "say 'ahhh', Kes!"

   Kes absent-mindedly opened her mouth, not even seeing the pitcher of
shat-out animal jizz.   As Janeway poured the foul mixture into her open and
obsequious mouth, Kes just stared into her Mistress' loving, caring eyes.
She obediently swallowed each mouthful, finishing the whole pitcher's worth
in about 30 seconds.

   "Good girl," Janeway said cheerfully as she put down the pitcher and
wiped some animal cum off of Kes' chin and let her suck it off.

   "Man, if I wasn't spent already, I think I would have shot another load
just watching that!" Chakotay shook his head.

   "Mm, thanks for reminding me!" Janeway wagged her finger at Chakotay as
she stood up and squatted over Kes' mouth, "Here's my contribution, too!"

   Kes had been in this position many times before and knew just what to
do. She opened her mouth wide and swallowed expertly as Janeway shat globs
upon globs of hot shit-stained cum directly into her gaping maw.

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  Â  Of
course, as the last mouthful of jizz filled her mouth, Janeway shat out a
huge turd right into the pool of cum, forcing Kes to close her mouth around
it and start chewing and swallowing, lest she spill some precious spooge or
drop some of her Mistress' brown gift.

   As Kes devoured the shit, Janeway lowered herself onto Kes' mouth so
that her lips were sealed directly to her anus and she was shitting
straight into Kes' mouth.   Kes expertly chewed and swallowed it all -
though Ocampan throats are wide to allow for sexual organs penetrating it,
so she often only had to bite off large chunks and swallow it largely
whole. In fact, she usually had an esophageal orgasm when feeding directly
from Janeway's asshole like this (especially if the shit is firm and in
wide, long logs), but she was so spent from her ordeal with Pinganto that
she didn't have any energy left in her for it.

   Once Janeway had fully evacuated, Kes used her long, bumpy tongue to
snake up inside Janeway's ass and lick her rectum and sphincter clean of
ever trace of spunk and feces.

   Janeway stepped off Kes, thoroughly emptied, cleaned and satisfied.

   "Wow, I'd heard the stories, but I never was quite sure what to
believe!" Chakotay shook his head, obviously impressed with the ritual he'd
just witnessed.

   "Oh, yes, my little Kes is quite an accomplished slave.   In fact, I
think she deserves a bit of refreshment.   Chakotay, would you join me over
here, please?"

   Chakotay looked at his Captain questioningly, not sure what she meant.
But, even though she was asking nicely, he could tell she was back in
charge, now, and expected him to obey her orders.   He got off the bed and
stood next to her over Kes.

   "Kes, clean my filthy shit off the commander's cock, would you?" Janeway

   Kes didn't hesitate a second and efficiently deep-throated Chakotay's
semi-flaccid cock, sucking the cum and shit off of it.   When she was done,
Janeway held her mouth open and held Chakotay's cock pointed at her open
mouth, squatting slightly herself.

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   "Now let's give Kes her refreshment, something to wash all that down
with," Janeway smiled as she began pissing forcefully into Kes' mouth.

   "Ah, good!" Chakotay let loose, too, "All that drinking we did, I have
to piss like a racehorse!"

   Kes sighed as the twin hot streams of strong-tasting urine splashed into
her mouth, mixing their unique tastes and filling her mouth.   She guzzled
down the fresh piss expertly and let it cleanse her pallet and wash the
clumps of thick animal jizz and crap off the lining of her throat.

   As she drank her reward, she thought about how happy she was in her
place as Janeway's slave. . .   and her thoughts drifted to Pinganto. . .   where
had he gone?  Would she. . .   would she ever see him again?  Was she
despicable to *want* to see him again?  Her confused emotions of happiness
and shame swirled around in her brain as Janeway and Chakotay's piss
swirled around in her mouth. . .

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   * * * * *

   "Tom, Dick & Harry", Part III

   * * * * *

   The next morning, Seven worked at the Astrometrics console, leaning over
to make repairs at the back of the unit.   Harry Kim, working on the other
side of the room, couldn't help but glance over and stare at her perfect,
round ass.   He'd love to bury his face in there and tongue her ass so deep
he'd be licking the back of her tonsils.   And, if he was lucky, maybe
*he'd* be doing the assfucking this time!  He mentally slapped himself for
not taking her up on her advances when she confronted him before, but he
was so dumbstruck and intimidated, he chickened out.   Of course, the fact
that she was pretty recently a full-on Borg was kind of scary (who *knows*
what kind of Borg implants she had hidden in there?!). . .   plus, Torres was
pretty pissed that he'd even thought about it - who knows what she would
have done to him if he'd had the balls to follow through with it.

   "Do you REQUIRE something from me, Ensign?" Seven asked sternly.

   Harry suddenly realized he'd been caught staring at Seven's ass, lost in
thought, "Oh, uh. . .   no, sorry, Seven, I was just thinking. "

   "Your task does not REQUIRE thinking, Ensign," Seven berated him, "I
laid out the exact procedure in precise detail.   All that is required of
you is to follow your instructions.

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  Â  If you are to remain on schedule, you
will resume your duties immediately. "

   Harry simply sighed and returned to his work.   What was he thinking, who
would want to have sex with THAT?  She'd probably just criticize him the
whole time and tell him exactly what to do, not his idea of fun.

   Suddenly the comm channel in the room came to life, "Torres to
Astrometrics!" B'Elanna sounded irritated, which was not a good sign.

   Seven replied, "Astrometrics here, what is the purpose of this
interruption?" she asked in annoyance.

   "I need Ensign Kim down in Engineering immediately, Seven, send him
down-" Torres began.

   "Unacceptable, Ensign Kim is on a strict schedule and only barely
managing to complete his tasks.   Any distraction would-" Seven replied.

   "I don't give a damn about your schedule, Seven, this is a fucking
EMERGENCY, and I need him NOW!" Torres yelled.

   "Very well, if it is an emergency, *I* will see to it, as I am more
skilled in Engineering. " Seven declared, with no concern for Harry's pride.

   "No, no!" Torres panicked, "Uh. . .   you don't want to fall behind
schedule, you better stay up there and keep working on Astrometrics since
you're so much more efficient, Seven.

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   "This is true, but if it is an emergency, I-" Seven began.

   "Well, to be honest, it was Ensign Kim's faulty programming that caused
the problem, so I need him to come down here and see what he did wrong, so
he learns his lesson," Torres improvised.

   "Ah, very well.   Ensign Kim sorely needs such correction, I will allow
it," Seven nodded in agreement, "Ensign Kim, report to Engineering
*immediately*. "

   Harry sighed, dropped his hyperspanner and sulked out of Astrometrics,
mumbling to himself.

   Seven pressed the comm button on the console, "Seven to Stellar
Cartography. "

   "Stellar Cartography here, this is Crewman Delaney," responded the
female voice on the other line.   It was Meghan Delaney, one of the Delaney
twin sisters that Paris had wanted to double date with Harry.

   "I require assistance in Astrometrics, please send two of your
technicians at once," Seven ordered.

   "Uh. . .   okay, well, I can come right now," Meghan proposed, "Jenny's on
break but can join us in half an hour. "

   Seven sighed in annoyance.   Humans were so inefficient, with their
breaks and personal needs, how did they ever manage to leave their planet,
much less explore so much of it?

   "Very well, it will have to do, I suppose," Seven closed the comm
channel, cutting Meghan's reply off.



   * * * * *

   "Cultural Exchange"

   * * * * *

   Janeway, Chakotay and Kes stood at the beam-up coordinates, having woken
up late from their long night of depraved antics.   They were back in their
duty uniforms (except for Kes, of course).   Janeway yawned loudly as they
waited for Prime Minister Jasmine to come see them off.

   "Captain, I don't see Lt.   Orlando, yet.   She should have met us here
over half an hour ago," Chakotay informed her.

   "Hmm?  Oh, Marlin, yes. . .   you're right.   I saw she left with the Prime
Minister after the banquet last night," she recalled, "I hope everything's
okay. . . "

   Just then, large engraved double doors swung open and in walked Marlin,
Prime Minister Jasmine, and her pet chingador, Pinganto.   Janeway noticed
Marlin was in a flattering flowing blue dress, not her duty uniform.

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   "Lt. ?" she intoned sternly, "What's the meaning of this?"

   "I. . .   I'm sorry, Captain, I wish I'd had time to talk to you about this
privately, but time sort of got away from us last night. . . " Marlin blushed
and she shared a sideways smile with Prime Minister Jasmine who reached out
and grasped her hand, giving her some emotional support.

   "I see. . . " Janeway knew where this was headed, and she didn't like it.

   "Captain. . .

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  Â  I want to stay here, on Yasmina. . .   with Jasmine," Marlin
managed to get out.

   "Really," Janeway replied coldly, putting her hands on her hips.

   "Captain, please, it's not a reflection on you," Marlin pleaded, "It's
just that. . .   well, it's so beautiful, here and. . .   and Jasmine is, well. . .

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   "Right," Janeway nodded skeptically.

   "No, really. . .   Captain, all the women here. . .   are she-males!" Marlin

   "What?!" Janeway gasped.

   "It's true," Jasmine agreed and parted her flowing skirts to reveal a
rather large flaccid phallus hanging between her shapely thighs.   It was
thick and veiny and had an oversized, yet sleekly curved head.

   "Uh. . .   wow.

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  " was all Janeway could manage.

   "So you see?  It's like my dream come true!" Marlin continued, "Torres
was fun, but we were just playing on the holodeck, and, besides, she has
Lt. Paris, now!  And Harry. . . " Marlin shrugged, thinking of her one-time
boyfriend, "well, he's just a useless faggot, now. "

   Chakotay and Janeway exchanged quizzical glances, wondering what that

   "And back on Earth, I don't have any friends or family waiting for me. . .
I have nothing to return to!" she turned her head and looked at Jasmine,
"Here I can be the wife of the leader of the planet!  I can be a Queen of

   Janeway sighed and looked at the two, obviously in love.   She shook her
head, dropped her hands and spoke, "Well, I don't like the idea of leaving
any crew in the Delta Quadrant.   I made a promise to get everyone home, and
I mean to keep it," she looked at the worried looks on Marlin and Jasmine's
faces, "BUT. . .

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  Â  as sad I would be to see you go, Lt. , I can see it's love,
and I'm not one to keep lovers apart.   So if this is where you want to make
your home, than who am I to deny it to you. "

   "Oh, thank you, Captain, thank you!" Marlin leapt forward and gave
Janeway a big kiss on the lips and hugged her tightly.   She held both of
Janeway's hands and looked back at Jasmine.

   "There's one more thing, Captain," Marlin smiled, looking back at
Janeway, "I'd like you to give me away at our wedding!"

   Janeway smiled, "Why I'd be *honored*, Miss Prime Minister," she bowed.

   "Oh, thank you, thank you, Captain!" Marlin ran back over to Jasmine and
hugged her tightly, "You don't know how happy this makes me!"

   "My pleasure, Marlin, it's good to see a member of my crew. . .   my
*family* so happy," she nearly teared up, "it's been a rare thing these
past few years. "

   "Captain," Prime Minister Jasmine stepped forward, "I cannot begin to
thank you for this gift.   In return, please take any supplies you want, any
of our delicacies are yours for the taking. "

   "Well, thank *you*, Miss Prime Minister," Janeway smiled as she looked
back at Chakotay who was smiling at the thought of some decent food for a
change (Neelix's dishes weren't exactly culinary delights).

   "And, as a personal sign of thanks, I'd like you to have Pinganto, my
prized purebred chingador," she motioned to her pet, "He's the best, most
potent breeding chingador on all of Yasmina.   He's sired over 1000
offspring from over a hundred different bitches in just the past 3 years.

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All of them strong specimens. "

   At this, Janeway grinned sadistically and looked over at Kes, whose eyes
widened as her knees visibly began to shake.   Janeway swore she could smell
Kes' pussy getting soaking wet at the thought of the chingador coming with
them on Voyager.

   "I *humbly* accept this great gift, your Highness," Janeway bowed low
and accepted the leash from Jasmine, "I will be sure to have him mate as
often as possible," she nearly chuckled at the thought.

   Kes let out a low groan despite herself.

   "The Marriage Ceremony will be in one week," Jasmine continued, "In the
meantime, please invite your crew to beam down and partake in all the
hospitality Yasmina has to offer. "

   "You are most gracious, Prime Minister," Janeway nodded, "they'll be
thrilled to hear the news. "

   "Chakotay to Voyager, 3. . .   uh. . .   4. .

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  .   um. . .   3 and a *pet*, to beam
up," he instructed into his commbadge.

   In a shimmer of light, they were gone.

   "Well. . .   what now?" Marlin asked of her groom-to-be.

   "Wedding planning, of course," Jasmine replied, "and we shall spare no

   "Oh, I've always dreamt of a fairy tale wedding on some exotic alien
planet!" Marlin swooned.

   "But, first," Jasmine swept her new fiancée off her feet, "I think we
need a little practice for the Honeymoon!" and she carried her bride-to-be
back to their luxurious bedchambers.

   * * * * *

   "Tom, Dick & Harry", Part 4

   * * * * *

   Torres strode purposefully through the corridor, towing the freshly
re-evolved Tom Paris behind her.

   "Whoa, whoa, what's the rush?!" Tom winced as Torres nearly pulled his
arm out of his socket.

   Torres stopped at the Holodeck door, "Do you *realize* that I haven't
had sex in more than 24 hours!?!" she yelled.

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  Â  A passing crewman tried act
like he didn't hear her.

   "Hey, I missed you, too, but gimme a break, I was a catfish just half an
hour ago," Paris said with complete seriousness, "I'm not sure I'm really
'in the mood' after that. . . "

   "Not even for your favorite holoprogram?" Torres teased as the punched
in a code and the holodeck doors opened.   Tom looked inside and saw what he
saw was a holo-Harry in a skimpy cheerleader's outfit, pigtails and all,
sitting in a vintage 1969 Camaro that Tom often referred to as "The Makeout

   "Hmm, not bad. . .   prom night?" He asked.

   "Better!" Torres handed Tom a letterman's jacket and put one on,
herself, "You and I are the star football players and Kimmy, here, is the
new freshman cheerleader who thinks she scored big getting a date with the
big, handsome quarterback," Torres massaged Tom's chest, "not suspecting
that he invited the well-hung defensive lineman (that would be me) to join
in on the action. "

   Tom shook his head and smiled broadly, "you are the perfect woman," put
on his jacket and walked in with her.

   * * * * *

   "Mexcrement" Part I

   * * * * *

   Meghan was squatting beside Seven, working on the auxiliary console in
Astrometrics while Seven was calibrating the holoprojection matrix in the
top of the console.   Like Harry, she couldn't help noticing Seven's
incredibly firm, rounded ass.   It was covered in skin-tight, shiny silver

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  Â  Meghan tried not to stare, but it was practically sticking in her

   Just then Seven let out a loud, long fart right in Meghan's face!
Apparently, Neelix's Mexicano Night cuisine that Seven had gorged on was
having an adverse gastrointestinal effect.

   "Jesus Christ!" Meghan fell back, both in surprise and from being
assaulted by the horribly foul smell.

   Seven looked at her with a mixture of surprise and annoyance, "Crewman
Delaney, what is the matter?"


   "Why have you ceased your duties?" she inquired coldly, "you are *not*
scheduled for a break for another two hours. "

   "But. . .   uh. . . " Meghan didn't know what to say, she didn't want to be
rude to Seven, "I. . .   I'm sorry, Seven, I just. .

κορίτσια στην Αθήνα 

  .   lost my balance. "

   "You seem to be uninjured," Seven appraised her, "please resume your
work, we must remain on schedule. "

   "Yes, Seven," Meghan returned to her spot at the console, the pungent
odor of Seven's fart still hung heavily in the air, but Meghan tried to
breathe shallowly and ignore it.

   Meghan noticed a fault in the isoneural matrix array and looked up at
Seven and opened her mouth to tell her about it - just as Seven let out
another, louder, even more obscene-sounding wet fart right in Meghan's
face. This time, Meghan gagged, hit full-force with the brunt of the stench
as she was inhaling to speak.   She coughed and dry-wretched sitting back
and trying to recover.

   "Crewman, are you ill?" Seven inquired with no apparent concern, other
than for the loss of efficiency.

   Meghan coughed and blinked her burning eyes several times.   Surely Seven
must know what she's doing is considered inappropriate?  Then again, she's
been with the Borg since she was a little girl, maybe she didn't know!  But
Meghan didn't feel comfortable instructing the Borg woman about common
courtesy, she had no idea how she'd take it.

   "The. . .   isoneural. .


  .   matrix array. . .   it's misaligned. . . " she tried to
stick to the facts.

   Seven squatted down to take a look and, in doing so, stuck her
hyperactive asshole right in Meghan's face and let a hot blast of horrid
gas fly right in Meghan's face, AGAIN.   The wind was strong enough to blow
Meghan's hair a bit.   Meghan coughed and gagged and stood up, crossing the
room to get some fresh air.

   "This is easily remedied, I would have thought you- where are you going,
crewman?" Seven scolded her.

   "I, uh. . .

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  Â  I have to go for a little bit," Meghan stammered.

   "No.   Captain Janeway has given me full priority with the construction
of Astrometrics," Seven stood and strode over to Meghan, making an
intimidating figure, "This facility will enable us to navigate the Delta
Quadrant with a 500% increase in efficiency," Seven was standing so close
to Meghan that Meghan's face was practically between the Borg woman's large
breasts, backed up against the wall, "Now you will *remain* here until your
duties are complete. "

   Meghan wasn't sure how much longer she'd be able to stand the stench in
Astrometrics before she passed out, but she didn't want to disobey
Janeway's orders.

   "Yes, Seven, I'm sorry," Meghan apologized, "But maybe I could work on
this panel over here. "

   Seven sighed, "Very well, but your erratic behavior will be noted in
your record," Seven turned and walked away, but not before leaving Meghan
another noxious cloud of fecal fog to keep her company as she worked on the
panel.   Meghan coughed and gagged, but went to work on the panel, trying to
see clearly through her tearing-up eyes, counting the minutes until her
shift was over.

   * * * * *

   "Tom, Dick & Harry", Part 5

   * * * * *

   Tom slid his meat into Harry's ass slowly and deeply as Torres held
Harry's head by his pigtails and enjoyed the blowjob he was giving her.

   "She's a tight bitch, isn't she?" Torres sneered as she watched Tom work
his nice-sized dick in and out of Harry's hairless ass, which was looking
quite feminine framed by a pink cheerleader's skirt and violently torn
flowery white underwear.

   "Mm, yeah, I think she must have been a virgin!" Tom snickered as he
slapped Harry roughly on the ass, "you like this don't you, bitch?!"

   Harry didn't reply, he was busy trying not to choke on Torres' grotesque
oversized Klingon holodick.

   "Hey, bitch, I said 'you like this, don't you'?!" Tom slapped Harry on
the ass again.

   "Ow!" Harry said as he pulled his mouth off Torres' Kock, "what?"

   Tom frowned and pulled out, "Freeze program. "

   Harry panicked, he had to freeze perfectly still along with the rest of
the holosimulation or Tom would know he's *not* a simulated Harry, but the
*real* Harry Kim!  If Tom knew what Harry had been getting into all these
years, it would spread throughout the ship's rumor mill at transwarp speed!
Harry would be the laughing stock of the entire ship.   He held perfectly
still, not moving a muscle.

   "What's the matter, Pookins?" Torres seemed concerned.

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   "I dunno. . .   I mean, you did an awesome job with this Harry simulation,
but. . . " Tom pondered, "Maybe it's a little *too* realistic, you know?"

   Harry suddenly had a spark of hope that maybe Tom felt guilty doing
this, maybe Torres would put and end to these sessions, finally!

   "What do you mean?" Torres asked, confused.

   "Well, I mean, it's definitely Harry, I mean, he really seems
uncomfortable, like I'd imagine he would be, being fucked by his best
friend, and all," Tom mused, "But. . .   you know, maybe it'd be better if you
really made him, you know really WANT it?"

   Harry was shocked.

   "Oh!" Torres smiled.

   "Yeah, I mean, really make him a total sex-crazed faggot slut, you
know?" Tom got hard again just thinking about it, "It's not really a turn
on when he just lies there and takes it like it's some sort of chore, you
know?  I want him to WANT it, BAD, like his life depended on having my cock
inside his worthless faggot holes, you know?  Make him a total fucking
SLUT! THAT would be HOT!" Tom began stroking himself just thinking about

   Torres beamed a sadistic, toothy grin and replied, "Of course, why
didn't I think of that?  Computer!"

   Harry panicked as the computer voice responded with a chirp.

   "Computer, reprogram Harry Kim to be a 'sex-crazed faggot slut'," Torres

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   In the brief pause, Harry considered his options - play along, or blow
the whole deal and run screaming from the Holodeck.

   "Program complete," the computer lied (the holoprogram having been
written so that a fake computer pretended to acknowledge that Harry was
part of the program).

   "Resume program!" Tom blurted eagerly.

   Harry decided being stuck on this ship for the next 70 years meant he'd
better think of the long-term and play along.   As the computer chirped, he
turned around and looked at Tom and Torres and got into character.

   "Oh, please, gimme your fat cocks, you big studs!" Harry gushed, using
his theater training from his Starfleet Academy extracurricular days, "I
want your big, manly dicks!" he lied as he grabbed both cocks and began
stroking them.

   "That's better," Tom nodded and got into it, "Oh yeah, you're a real
SLUT, aren't you?!"

   "Yes, yes, I'm a worthless whore!" Harry tried to sound earnest, trying
to think of himself as someone else, to detach himself from reality and
protect his true identity.

   "Yeah, and where do you want our huge cocks, SLUT?!" Tom asked

   "Wherever you want, please, just give it to me!" Harry replied.

   "You want my cock up your ass, don't you, you filthy fucking whore!" Tom

   "Yes, oh, god, yes, please fuck my tiny little shithole with your big,
hard cock!" Harry stroked Tom's rock-hard penis.

   "Why don't you lube it up, first, bitch?" Tom suggested.

   Harry obediently gobbled down Tom's cock, forgetting until it was too
late that it had just been up his ass a couple minutes ago.   He had to just
go with it and suck his shit off Tom's cock as he vigorously slobbered on
his friend's long, hard cock, deep-throating him expertly.   Harry had
gotten very good at deep-throating, having been accustomed to taking up to
a third of Torres' massive cock in his mouth.

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   "MMM, yeah, this cunt knows her stuff!" Tom grinned as Torres watched
with sadistic glee, stroking her own huge erection.

   Tom grabbed Harry by his fake pigtails and pulled the slave off his cock
with a wet "pop!", then threw him down on the ground, face-first.

   "Get that dirty fucking faggot ass in the air, you worthless cumbag!"
Tom ordered Harry.

   Harry stuck his ass up in the air and reached back and spread his
cheeks, "Please, Master, feed my worthless asshole your magnificent rod,
shove it up inside me, I need your studly seed deep inside my bowels!" he
expounded as he wiggled his ass at Tom.

   "Goddamn!" Tom exclaimed as he practically pounced on Harry and rammed
his throbbing meat straight up his begging shitter, ramming it home with
such vigor and tempo that it knocked Harry off-balance and made him
collapse on the floor, Tom's cock buried in his ass, digging for gold.

   "Ugh!" Harry grunted at the pain and surprise.

   "Yeah, this is how fucking WHORES like you need it - rough and hard,"
Tom hissed in Harry's ear, "it's what you deserve, isn't it?"

   "Yess, yes, please, you fucking stud, hammer my ass, I need your fucking
cock, Master, ravage my butthole, I'm just a worthless ass-bank for your

   Torres couldn't believe how well Harry was improvising with all this.
She always suspected some deep-down part of Harry really was a submissive
faggot, but now she knew for sure!

   "Hey, join on in," Tom invited Torres, "I think this bitch needs some
cock for her potty mouth, too!"

   "Oh yeah, please feed me your jizz!" Harry chimed in.

   "You got it, faggot!" Torres agreed and got down on her knees in front
of Harry, picked up his head by his pigtails and slid a full third of her
Kock in his mouth, pumping it deep and steady.

   "No, no," Tom complained, "Don't be gentle with this cunt, GIVE it to
her!  Ram that meat down her throat, I want you to face-fuck this faggot,
balls-deep, and hard!!!"

   "Uh, Tom, I don't think he can take-" Torres started.

   "B'Elanna, please, don't break the mood, Honey," Tom sighed, "He's just
a hologram, it's not like you can *hurt* him!"

   "Oh, yeah, you're right!" Torres lied, unable to hide the sadistic glee
in her voice.

   "So pound that punk's face, I want to see you fuck his throat like it
was a two-credit Terellian whore!"

   And Torres did just that, shoving the entire length of her super-sized,
ridged, throbbing Klingon Kock down Harry's throat.   From then on, Harry
wasn't playing, all of his squirming and screaming was totally authentic,
him trying to ride these two rapists for his very survival!

   As they raped him mercilessly for the next two hours, he wondered how
things could have possibly gotten *worse* than they were before!

   * * * * *

   "Mexcrement", Part 2

   * * * * *

   Meghan thought that, after an hour of inhaling Seven's nasty gas, she'd
have gotten used to it, by now.   She was wrong.   Seven let out another
stinkbomb that tore through her skin-tight costume as if it wasn't even

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   As Meghan tried not to gag, she noticed Seven was clutching her abdomen
and seemed to be wiggling her hips.   Her brow was furrowed and she looked
annoyed.   Maybe she was finally getting the hint that there's something
horribly wrong with her digestive system, Meghan thought, "Human food must
not mix well with Borg physiology!"

   "Seven," Meghan called out, "are you okay?  Maybe you should go see the

   "I am fine," Seven insisted, annoyed at the suggestion, "I believe I
mere require a toilet. "

   Meghan thought "Well, DUH!!!" but kept that observation to herself,
"Sounds like a good idea, Seven," Meghan agreed, glad to get Seven out of
her hair for a while and even more glad to get rid of the god-awful
ass-stench exploding from her rectum every couple minutes.

   "My bladder is at maximum capacity," Seven analyzed herself, remembering
all the prune juice she drank at Neelix's Mexicano Night, "I must piss,
NOW. "

   Meghan chuckled to herself, "that's not ALL you need to get out, lady!"
the thought.

   "Well, go ahead, Seven, I'm not stopping you," Meghan insisted, eager
for Seven to leave.

   "Very well, since you insist," Seven said and strode straight toward

   "Seven, what are you do-" Meghan stammered, confused that Seven was
walking towards *her*, not the door to the corridor.   She stopped in
mid-question when Seven's uniform seemed to disintegrate right before her
eyes!  Seven had programmed her nanites to synthesize the uniform and then
destroy it whenever she needed to quickly disrobe in case of a waste
disposal emergency such as this.

   Meghan was speechless as the tall, statuesque, completely naked blonde
Borg woman stopped in front of her, grabbed her roughly by the hair, and
used her Borg-enhanced strength to drop her to her knees.   Seven swiftly
squatted over her face and shoved Meghan's mouth onto her hairless cunt and
unleashed a powerful stream of hot, rancid piss right down her throat!

   Meghan's mouth was already full with its first pissload before her brain
even fully registered what had just happened to her!  She came to her
senses and tried to pull away, but she couldn't, Seven was just too strong.
She squirmed and flailed and pushed on Seven's powerful thighs, but could
not escape.   She tried to scream, but ended up swallowing a mouthful of
piss, instead.   She moaned and groaned and tried to struggle, but to no

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   "Crewman Delaney, you volunteered for this duty," Seven complained, "it
is a very simple task, but you are making it more difficult for yourself
than it need be.   Simply do your duty and swallow. "

   With that, Seven shoved Meghan's face against her gushing cunt even
harder, pressing Meghan's nose against her pubic area and cutting off her
air flow!  Meghan realized she had better do as Seven said or else she
might suffocate - Seven didn't know how fragile humans were, Meghan
figured. So she stopped struggling and started chugging.

   "That's better," Seven declared and loosened her grip just enough to let
Meghan breathe through her nose again.

   Meghan gulped and swallowed as fast as she could.   She wasn't thinking
about the strong, acrid taste of the hot piss she was drinking from another
woman, she was only thinking about how easily she had been totally
dominated by this statuesque bombshell of a woman.   Somehow, she thought,
it seemed natural to her.   Then, to her surprise, she felt her pussy quiver
and felt some moisture run out.   She was wet!  She was actually getting
turned on by being forced to drink Seven's toilet!

   What was wrong with her, how could she be enjoying this, she fretted.
To be made another person's toilet, even one as tall and gorgeous as Seven!
It must be the power, she thought, Seven is just so domineering, that her
power is seductive.   She could make anyone do anything, Meghan thought.

   Meghan stopped resisting and gave in, totally, now.   She reached down
and pulled off her duty slacks and thong and started rubbing her clit like
crazy, moaning and groaning, really enjoying slurping down Seven's urine
straight from her cunt.   As she committed this debased act, she flushed
bright red in shame and embarrassment - what would people think of her if
they found out?  Luckily, Astrometrics was still under construction and
only people scheduled to work there were allowed in, so the chances of
anyone stumbling across them were Just then, the door opened and Meghan's
twin sister, Jenny, walked in.

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   "Ugh, what's that stench - WHAT THE FUCK?!" Jenny screamed as the froze
in her steps, gawking as the vision of her twin sister frigging herself
like crazy while (she presumed), eating out the new hot ex-Borg chick.

   "Ah, Crewman Delaney, I could use your services, as well," Seven
instructed her, "come here," she demanded, firmly.

   Meghan's eyes opened wide, staring at her sister, wondering what she
must be thinking of her.

   Jenny, almost hypnotized by the whole scene, absent-mindedly obeyed
Seven and walked over to them.   As she stood at Seven's side, she looked
down right into Meghan's eyes and saw she wasn't just licking or sucking,
but. . .   gulping?

   "Meghan. . .   what're you *doing*?" Jenny asked in bewilderment.

   Seven grabbed Jenny's arm, "No, I need you back *here*," she clarified
and pulled Jenny behind her.

   Meghan suddenly realized what Jenny was in for and started yelling into
Seven's still-pissing cunt, trying to warn Jenny to get away!  If Seven's
gas was so raunchy before, she could only imagine what was going to come
out of that ass if Jenny went down there!  Jenny didn't know what was
really going on, here, she probably thought Seven and her were just "dyking
out" on each other like Tom Paris was always trying to get them to do for

   But Jenny smiled perversely and said, "well, if it's good enough for my
sister, it's good enough for me!" she giggled as she got completely naked
and voluntarily lowered herself to Seven's ass.   She began licking and
kissing Seven's beautiful, round butt.

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   "Excellent," Seven acknowledged and reached back and grabbed Jenny's
head by the hair tightly and SHOVED the unsuspecting twin sister's face
deep between her cheeks and unleashed the most tremendous, horrid, raunchy
fart either sister had ever had the misfortune to inhale.

   Jenny, caught completely off-guard and being right at the source, caught
the worst of it.   She gagged and nearly vomited, grabbing Seven's asscheeks
and trying to push herself away.   But all she managed to do was spread
Seven's cheeks even wider and get her mouth stuck open - as she opened it
to wretch, Seven pushed Jenny's mouth against her asshole even harder and
wedged her jaw open.   Jenny panicked as Seven continued to fart
explosively. She screamed into Seven's flapping asshole to no avail, she
wasn't about to get help from anyone, nor mercy from Seven.

   What Jenny *did* get, however, was a mouthful of explosive diarrhea!  It
shot out of Seven's asshole like a firehose, a disgusting brown river of
pure shit, sprinkled with small chunks of firmer shit.   It was strong,
nasty and spicy.   Jenny was nearly in shock, now, not understanding what
was happening to her.   Was Seven actually *shitting* in her mouth?!  She
inadvertently swallowed some, her reflexive swallow reflex kicking in as
the shit stream reached the back of her mouth.   It was liquefied enough
that she didn't even have to chew (which she couldn't anyway, not with her
jaw wedged open), it just slid down her throat and into her stomach!  She
gagged and struggled even harder, feeling the need to vomit welling up
inside her guts, but fearing what would happen if she did.

   "Hmm, my fecal consistency is not normal," Seven observed, "and the odor
is quite offensive.   I would appreciate if you would swallow my feces more
efficiently, Jennifer Delaney, it is not pleasant to smell. "

   Jenny merely groaned and her eyes rolled back in her head as she felt
the diarrhea quickly filling her mouth and bulging-out her cheeks.

   Meghan felt bad for her sister, but she also couldn't help being turned

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  Â  She found her sister's thigh between Seven's spread, muscular legs and
started rubbing her cunt on it, wetter than ever.   Seven's piss stream was
still going, not as strong as before, but still a steady flow of salty,
tangy Borg piss, and Meghan was eagerly drinking every drop.

   Jenny felt her own cunt getting wet from being rubbed by her sister's
thigh.   Somehow through her ordeal, she remembered fondly the times when
they were teenagers and they used to sleep together, sometimes practicing
kissing and rubbing each other's cunts on their thighs like this.   Of
course, this was a bit different.   They didn't have a 6 foot tall Borg
bitch pissing and shitting down their throats!

   Seven felt resistance, now, her diarrhea had nowhere to go and it began
to cause cramping in her abdomen, again, "Crewman Delaney!  You were
instructed to swallow my fecal matter, why are you disobeying my order!
You are endangering the success of this operation!"

   Jenny's cunt quivered at the authoritarian tone of Seven's commanding
voice.   She opened her eyes and looked up at Seven.   It was a beautiful
sight, looking past Seven's perfect buttocks up to her stern yet attractive
face, her blonde hair perfect and undisturbed even in the midst of this
extreme act.   She felt her sister's cunt grinding on her thigh and knew
Meghan was turned on by the whole affair.   Meghan, as if sensing Jenny's
state of mind, reached out with her hands, wrapped one around Jenny's back
and pulled her closer, then began massaging one of Jenny's breasts,
pinching and twisting the sensitive nipple every so slightly.   Jenny moaned
and stared directly into Seven's cold, disapproving eyes and gave in.   She
swallowed the entire mouthful of chunky diarrhea and came instantly,
gushing female ejaculate all over her sister's flexed thigh.

   Feeling her sister's orgasm and realizing what Jenny must have just
done, Meghan lost her control and came, too, harder than she ever had in
her life!  The two sisters screamed their muffled shrieks of pleasure into
Seven's cunt an ass simultaneously.

   "Much better," Seven complimented them and resumed squirting her liquid
shit into Jenny's now-empty mouth, "Now be sure to keep up, it seems to be
quite runny and there is a lot of it.   I suppose I shouldn't have eaten
quite so much of Neelix's 'chili'.

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   Jenny groaned as she finally recognized the taste.   She had eaten some
of Neelix's chili at Mexicano Night, herself, and had horrible runs for an
hour afterward.   Now, she was being forced to eat it again, only having
been recycled through Seven's digestive system first.

   Suddenly, Jenny's stomach revolted, it couldn't take it anymore!
Without warning, she found herself barfing up some of the shit she'd
already managed to choke down, some of it shooting up into Seven's loose
asshole due to overflow - her mouth was FULL of diarrhea and vomit, the
rest had to go *somewhere*!  Jenny groaned, relieved to have vomited, but
nauseated by the fact that a mouthful of it was sitting in her mouth,
forcing her to taste it.

   "Crewman Delaney!!!" Seven yelled, now seriously pissed-off, "You will
desist with this disobedient behavior immediately!  Swallow that vomit back

   Meghan had heard Jenny wretch and could only imagine the terrible
situation her sister was in.   She had started to get a little bit jealous
that Jenny was getting such a dirtier experience out of this, but now she
was glad she was in front!

   Jenny gurgled and shook her head at the order from Seven, there was no
way she was going to be able to swallow back down the putrid mixture of
vomit and diarrhea in her mouth.

   Seven's eyes narrowed to slits in anger at Jenny's disobedience.   She
let go of Meghan's head with her other hand (Meghan had long since needed
to be forced to keep her mouth glued to Seven's cunt) and reached back and
squeezed Jenny's nose, cutting off her air supply.

   "SWALLOW. " Seven ordered her once again, the power and anger in her
voice unmistakable.

   Jenny panicked.   She couldn't breathe and hadn't even had a chance to
inhale a decent lungful before Seven had pinched her nose.   She couldn't
imagine that Seven would actually let her suffocate, but who knew what the
Borg were capable of - they had no compassion, no concern for human life,
that was obvious.   She had no choice.   She squeezed her eyes shut tight and
concentrated on the task - she gulped down the disgusting cocktail of her
own vomit and Seven's Mexican-food diarrhea.


  Â  She fought the strong urge to
throw up again, knowing it would just lead to having to drink it down once

   To Jenny's surprise, once she had finished forcing herself to drink her
own barf, Seven didn't resume shitting in her mouth!  Surely she wasn't
done already. . . ?

   "You are clearly incapable of executing your duties efficiently,
Jennifer Delaney," Seven scolded her, "therefore, I relieve you of this
responsibility - you do not deserve it. "

   Jenny couldn't believe it!  Did Seven actually have some mercy, a soft

   Seven suddenly turned around, shoved Jenny's mouth onto her cunt and
resumed pissing, this time down Jenny's throat!  She then reached back,
grabbed a stunned Meghan and shoved her head back so that her mouth was
forced open.   Seven sat right on her open mouth and forcefully expelled the
remainder of Jenny's vomit into her twin sister's mouth along with a
generous helping of fresh diarrhea!

   "Your sister will resume your duties," Seven declared.

   Jenny couldn't believe what Seven had just done to Meghan!  And she
couldn't help creaming on her sister's leg at the revoltingly perverse

   For her part, Meghan found herself with a sudden mouthful of not just
Seven's incredibly putrid diarrhea, but her own twin sister's puke, hot and
steaming from having been stewing in Seven's colon for several minutes.
Reflexively, she, herself, immediately threw up and added her own stomach
contents to the mix.

   "Meghan Delaney!  You disappoint me," Seven admonished her.

   Meghan, already sunken to the depths of depravity, was hurt by Seven's
disappointment in her.   She looked up into Seven's eyes and swallowed down
the waste of all three of the women dutifully and without hesitation or
resistance.   She devoured it hungrily, grabbing at Seven's hips and gulping
enthusiastically as Seven's eyebrow raised in surprised admiration and she
let loose her torrent of liquefied turds into the hungry girl's ravenous

   Now the two sisters were completely lost in their scatological
debauchery.   Seven no longer had to instruct them how to serve her, they
were fully willing toilets - drinking down her piss and diarrhea and loving
every second of it, masturbating themselves on each other's thighs.

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   Finally, after several more minutes of expelling her wastes, Seven felt
better, nearly emptied out.   By now, Jenny was eating Seven out
passionately and Meghan was shoving her tongue up Seven's shit chute,
desperate for more.   Seven pulled herself away despite the groaning
protestations of the twisted sisters.

   But, to their pleasure, Seven seemingly had a little bit more for them.

   "This part is. . .   much firmer, open your mouth, Jennifer Delaney," Seven
grunted as she squatted low to get the last of her "Mexcrement" out.

   Jenny immediately put her mouth under Seven's twitching anus and opened
wide, fingering herself in anticipation.   Meghan moved close to get a good
view of the action, she, too, masturbating like crazy.   Seven unleashed a
massive blast of foul flatulence that struck Jenny square in the face.   But
neither Jenny nor Meghan gagged or coughed anymore.   Jenny simply licked
her lips in yearning desire.

   Seven's asshole began to bulge out - Jenny could see the tip of a wide,
hard stool, struggling to be free from the tight confines of Seven's
bowels! Jenny could see corn wedged in it, and the obscenity of the sight
just turned her on more!

   Seven strained and slowly, slowly, her anus began to dilate to
accommodate the humongous turd and Jenny opened wide to do the same.
Meghan stopped masturbating, grabbed Seven's cheeks and spread them as far
as she could to help out.

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   Then it came.   Meghan stared, wide-eyed as it forced its way out of
Seven's rectum and directly into her twin sister's gaping maw.   Sluggishly,
at first, its width seemingly increasing with every inch that slid into
Jenny's eager mouth, then it began to come out faster and faster.   Meghan
saw chunks of onion and peppers in there, as well as the corn!  Seven must
have barely chewed Neelix's "Mexicano Surprise"!

   Jenny fit as much as she could in her mouth, but the massive log had
already lodged itself in the back of her throat and was now sticking out of
her mouth by at least three inches, and it was still coming!  By the time
it was done, Seven had dropped nearly 14 inches of hard, thick crap into
Jenny's mouth!  No wonder Seven had so much gas Meghan thought sizing up
the beast of a shit that the Borg bitch had just expelled.

   Meghan licked Seven's stretched-out browneye hungrily, pulling out a
couple small chunks of firm turdlettes, one of which had some sweet corn in
it.   It tasted foul, but sweet and spicy at the same time.   She chewed it
up and swallowed it down quickly, then turned to her sister, whose
shit-stuffed face was the hottest thing she'd ever seen.   She jumped on her
twin and buried the other end of Seven's towering turd in her own mouth so
deep that the sisters' lips touched.   They chewed and licked and swallowed
and kissed and shared Seven's tremendous shit with total abandon, their
arms and legs coiled around each other, rubbing their red, swollen cunts on
each other's thighs as they devoured their nasty feast, moaning and
groaning like animals.

   Seven stood above them as her nanites reconstructed her work uniform.
She looked down at the two sisters who were lost in degenerate lust,
rutting like beasts.

   "I find this simultaneous expulsion of waste to be quite efficient," she
informed them, "I will require your joint services again.   Regularly. " And
with that, she left, leaving the two sisters writhing on the floor in a
scatological orgy of gluttonous rapture and depraved ecstasy.

   * * * * *

   "The Hot Date", Part 1

   * * * * *

   Later that day, Harry was in the Mess Hall ordering some food.

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  Â  He was
starving after his "reunion" encounter with Tom and B'Elanna.   He thought
it would never end.   Of course, he was pretty full of their cum, but he
needed some real food, badly.   Having to play along and be so energetic
took a lot out of him.

   As he waited for his food, he looked around and was surprised to see Tom
sitting a couple tables away!  And, if Harry wasn't mistaken, it looked
like Tom was staring right at his ass lasciviously!  Harry squirmed and
mentally urged the replicator to work faster.   Finally his food appeared
and he grabbed his tray and attempted to slip out and eat back in his

   "Hey, Harry, where ya goin'?" Tom called out to him.   Harry stopped in
his tracks and looked back.   Tom was waving him over.   Harry figured he had
to keep up appearances or Tom might start to suspect the truth.

   "Come on over here and join me!" Tom invited.

   Harry looked around for an excuse, but found none, so he reluctantly
walked over and sat with Tom.   He was appalled to catch a glance of a
noticeable erection in Tom's lap as he sat down.

   "Long time.
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