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 A fire had damaged Sushi Rox, the sushi bar on the PCA campus, and Zoey and her friends were trying to think of a way to raise money to help rebuild it. “I know what we can do. ” Zoey said. “We can have a people auction. ”


   “What’s a people auction?” Nicole asked with her usual confused look on her face.

   “We get some of the kids together and teachers can bid on us and have us do odd jobs. ” Zoey explained looking at her friend. Everybody agreed it was a good idea and they started making plans for their big fund raiser.

    The day came of the auction and Chase and Michael were up for auction. They weren’t happy when Coach Heller bid on them and nobody else bid. Coach Heller was a loud obnoxious person and he blamed Chase for the fire. The auction wasn’t going well they were still $4000 short of the $10,000 needed to repair the damages. Zoey, Nicole and Lola were up for bid next when Logan Reese, the spoiled rich brat, stood up and bid $4000. Zoey started complaining that he couldn’t bid; it was only supposed to be teachers. Dean Rivers told Zoey the rules didn’t say only a teacher could bid and he called Logan’s dad to make sure he could spend that much money.

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   His dad said it was fine so the three girls had been sold to Logan.

   The next day was Saturday and the day the kids were to fulfill their obligations. Michael and Chase arrived at Coach Heller’s, he was loud as usual. He threw them a fish and yelled, “You’re the reason I can’t get any sushi. Now make me a spicy tuna roll. ”

   Back at the dorm Logan is holding up three very skimpy cheerleader uniforms and telling the girls, “You’re going to be my personal cheerleaders for the weekend. Whatever I do you will cheer for it. ”

   “You’re crazy; we’re not going to do that. And these outfits are so small they wouldn’t leave much to the imagination. ” Zoey complained.

   “Well I guess you don’t want my money. ” He said with a smirk.

   “Come on Zoey we can do it. ” Lola said taking her outfit from Logan.

   “Yeah, and these uniforms are kind of hot.

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  ” Nicole said grinning at her friends.

   They went back to their room to change. They quickly stripped off all their clothes. Lola licked her lips and watched as her two friends stripped. Oh how she would love to bury her face in either of their pussies. She masturbated frequently to the fantasy of the three girls having wild sex.  

   None of the girls knew that Quinn, their geeky friend, had installed cameras in their room and was watching them change while she rubbed her wet pussy. She lay on her bed one hand rubbing her hard clit while her other hand squeezed her nipple. She zoomed the camera in on Zoey’s little brown bush and her fantasy played itself out in her head. She had watched all of the girls masturbate when they were alone in their room but it was Zoey that she wanted the most. Zoey was always little miss perfect and she wanted to see how bad she could make her be.

   In her fantasy she and Zoey were alone and talking, then suddenly they were kissing. Their tongues exploring the others mouths as Quinn slid her hand under Zoey’s bra squeezing her peach sized breast and feeling the nipple poking into her palm. Zoey moaned as Quinn quickly removed her top and her bra leaving her bare from the waist up. Quinn kissed her way down Zoey’s neck and took one of her small nipples into her mouth.

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   She slid her hand down to Zoey’s short skirt and rubbed her pussy through her panties. Quinn unzipped Zoey’s skirt and slid it and her panties down her legs. She sat up taking in the vision of loveliness before her, Zoey’s light brown hair framing her beautiful face then her small breasts capped by light pink nipples, her smooth stomach and the small patch of light brown hair just above the hairless lips of her sweet pussy. “Oh Zoey, you’re so beautiful. ” She said as she quickly removed her clothes.

   Zoey stared at her friend as she stripped, she had seen Quinn nude before in the showers but this was different she wanted her friend’s body, she wanted to please her. She sat up and sucked Quinn’s right nipple into her mouth as she slid a finger into her pussy. She was surprised how wet Quinn was she easily slid a second finger into her causing Quinn’s body to shake as a small orgasm swept over her body. Quinn pushed Zoey back on the bed and knelt between her legs. She leaned forward and licked along her slit. Zoey’s ass lifted off the bed as she felt a tongue on her pussy for the first time. Quinn used her fingers to open Zoey’s little pussy so she could lick deeper. She knew her friend wouldn’t last long and she licked the length of her slit then concentrated on her clit. That was all Zoey could take and she screamed. “OH FUCK! I’M CUUUMMMING! EAT ME QUINN!” As she said that her pussy convulsed and she filled Quinn’s mouth with her sweet juice.

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   Quinn was really enjoying her fantasy she was rubbing her clit with one hand as she slid her dildo in and out of her pussy. She was very close to having a mind shattering orgasm when she heard Zoey, Lola and Nicole leave their room. She closed her eyes and drifted back into her fantasy.

   As Zoey’s orgasm subsided Quinn crawled up on the bed and straddled Zoey’s face pressing her dark haired pussy tight against Zoey’s mouth. Zoey was shocked by this but her tongue slid out of her mouth and licked Quinn’s wet pussy. Quinn ground her pussy against Zoey’s mouth and yelled. “EAT ME ZOEY! MAKE ME CUM! STICK YOUR TONGUE IN ME!” Zoey did as she was told and licked Quinn’s pussy for all she was worth. She slid her tongue deep and sucked out all the sweet juice she could get. Then she took Quinn’s clit in her mouth and sucked as she reached up and squeezed Quinn’s hard nipples. That did it Quinn’s body went into convulsions and she had the biggest orgasm of her life. Zoey thought she might drown in the massive amount of pussy cream that flowed from Quinn’s pussy, but she licked and swallowed as much as she could.      

   Quinn lay on her bed exhausted her dildo still embedded in her pussy as she licked her own juices off her fingers and she thought to her self. “I have to find some way to make this happen. I have to find a way to taste Zoey’s pussy. ”

   While Quinn was enjoying her fantasy Chase and Michael were cutting up the large fish for Coach Heller.

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   “This is disgusting. ” Chase said as he pulled the guts from the fish and through them in the trash. “I wish there was some way we could get back at him for this. ”

   “Maybe there is. ” Michael said with an evil grin.

   “What do you have in mind? I mean I don’t want to get in trouble. ”

   “I’ll show you in a minute just keep cutting up the fish. ”

   They finished preparing the fish and Michael unzipped his pants and pulled out his black cock and started stroking it. Chase stared at him and said. “What in the hell are you doing?”

   “I’m going to give him some ‘special sauce’. Now get your dick out and start jacking off so we can cum all over his spicy tuna. ” Michael said laughing as he stroked his cock faster. Chase laughed and pulled out his dick and started stroking it. Michael looked at it and he couldn’t believe his eyes. It was HUGE! It looked like it was eight inches long and it was still growing.

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   “Damn Chase, that’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. ”

    Chase smiled as he looked at Michael’s six and a half inch cock and said. “I thought you black guys were supposed to be so well hung. ”

   Michael knew his dick wasn’t small especially for a fourteen year old but Chase’s just took his breath away. “How big is it?

   “Ten inches when it’s completely hard. ”

   They continued stroking their cocks and Michael couldn’t take his eyes off of Chase’s massive member. He thought ‘I wonder what it would be like to stroke it or even suck it. ’ He shuddered as he thought of taking it in his mouth. Chase saw him staring at it and said. “You can touch it if you want. ” Michael quickly wrapped his hand around the thick shaft and stroked it slowly. He dropped to his knees; he just had to get a better look at it. Not only was it long but it was thick. He knew Chase wanted to fuck Zoey and he shivered when he thought of Zoey’s tight pussy stretched around this huge dick.

   Chase looked down and saw his best friend licking his lips while staring at his dick.


   He put his hands on Michaels head and pulled him toward his crotch. Without thinking Michael opened his mouth and took his friends cock in his mouth and started sucking. This was not his first time to suck a dick, his older brother had taught him how the previous summer. He worked his mouth up and down Chase’s large cock taking more in his mouth with every stroke. He felt it hit his throat and he gagged. No matter how he tried he couldn’t get it down his throat. He bobbed his head faster as he stroked his own hard dick. He could feel Chase’s dick throbbing in his mouth and he knew he was about to cum. Damn he’d love to swallow that hot load but they needed it for the coach’s sushi.

   Chase was moaning as he enjoyed his first blowjob, he so wanted Zoey to suck his cock but Michael was doing a great job. He could feel his cum rising along his shaft and he tried to pull Michael’s head away. “OH FUCK, I’M GONNA CUM!” Michael couldn’t resist and he sucked harder. Chase groaned as his dick jerked and hot cum filled Michael’s mouth. He swallowed the first shot then held the rest in his mouth till Chase pulled his shrinking cock from his mouth. He jumped to his feet and let all the cum run from his mouth onto the fish.

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   Michael could feel his own balls tighten as white cum shot from his black cock all over the fish as well.

   They laughed as they dressed and took the fish to the coach. He took a bite and smiled saying. “This is the best sushi I’ve ever had. I don’t know what kind of sauce you used but I like it. ”    

   Back at the dorm Logan was telling the girls what he wanted them to do. As he talked Lola thought ‘The way he struts around, I wonder how big his dick really is. ’ She could feel her nipples stiffen and her pussy getting moist thinking about fucking this cute boy. She hadn’t been screwed since she transferred to PCA. The reason she had left her old school was because she had been having sex with several of her teachers and her parents found out.

   The girls followed Logan all day cheering what ever he did. It was getting late and Zoey was fed up with Logan’s attitude. “I’ve had enough of this Logan. ” She said. “You’ve had your fun now give us the check.

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   “No way, the deal was you’re to be my cheerleaders for the weekend. ”

   “Surely there must be some way we can work out a compromise. ” Lola said as she smiled at him.

   “What do you have in mind?” He asked as he felt his dick jerk hoping she meant something sexual.

   “Oh I don’t know. Surely you must have something you’d like us to do. Like maybe clean your room or something. ”

   “Well I’m going to my room. ” Zoey said. “Come on Nicole. ”

   “I’ll be there soon maybe I can work out a deal with him. ” Lola said to Zoey as she and Nicole left.

   Lola turned to Logan and said. “I know there has to be something I can do to make you give me the check. ” She licked her lips and let her hand lift her skirt slightly.

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   Logan stared at this sexy, thin, thirteen year old and his cock was straining against his shorts. He walked over to her and kissed her. She responded by opening her mouth and letting his tongue in to wrestle with her own. He slid his hand under her top and bra and squeezed her small breast. He could feel her nipple poking into his palm as she moaned and slid her hands down his back and squeezed his cute ass. He couldn’t believe this was happening; he was finally going to get layed. Even though he was always coming on to all the girls and acting like a stud he was a fourteen year old virgin.

   Lola broke the kiss and quickly removed her cheerleader uniform then her bra and panties. He couldn’t move as he stared at her nude form. He thought how beautiful she was with her very small breasts and their hard pink nipples, then her flat abs on down to the small patch of brown hair above her pussy lips. “Well,” She said “Aren’t you going to get undressed?”

   “Oh yea, I guess that would be a good idea. ” He said as he started tearing his clothes off. She licked her lips as he took his shirt off and she saw his well defined abs. Then he pulled his pants and underwear down and her heart sank as she saw his tiny four inch dick. She almost laughed as she thought about him strutting around like a stud.


   ‘Oh well, I might as well make the best of it. ’ She thought as she dropped to her knees and took it all into her mouth. She bobbed her head faster as she licked his small cock with her tongue.

   Logan was in heaven as Lola sucked his cock. He grabbed her head with both hands and began fucking her face. He knew he wouldn’t last long and he could feel the cum rising from his balls. “OH FUCK,” He screamed as he filled her mouth with his hot load. Even though his dick was small he shot a massive load and Lola moaned as she swallowed every drop.

   “Damn, Lola that was amazing. ” He said as he collapsed on his bed. “Where did you learn how to do that? I’ve never felt anything like it. ”

   “It’s just something I picked up at my old school. She said grinning as she crawled onto the bed. “Now it’s your turn. ” And she straddled his head and pressed her pussy tight against his mouth.

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   He had heard of eating pussy and had seen plenty of pictures of it on the net so he slid his tongue along her slit getting his first taste of sweet pussy. She shivered as his tongue licked her hard clit then slid into her wet pussy. It had been so long since she had felt somebody’s tongue in her and she could feel her orgasm building.

   “OH SHIT! EAT ME LOGAN! MAKE ME CUM ON YOUR FACE!” She screamed as her body convulsed and she flooded Logan’s mouth with her sweet cum. As her orgasm subsided she fell onto his bed beside him and she lay there panting trying to catch her breath.

  Logan’s dick was hard as a rock and he crawled between her legs and he easily slipped it into her. He started humping her and he thought. ‘Damn, she’s not very tight. I wonder who she’s been fucking. ’ He fucked her fast and even though she wasn’t getting much pleasure from it Lola moaned and said. “Fuck me Logan; let me feel you shoot your hot cum in me. ” That was all he needed to hear and he thrust one last time and shot another huge load into her. She moaned as she felt his cum filling her and she had another small orgasm.  

   As Zoey and Nicole were walking back to their dorm they met Chase and Michael. The boys stared at the girls in their skimpy cheerleader uniforms and they both felt their dicks start to harden.

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   They talked the girls into getting something to eat. As they walked across campus every boy and most of the girls stopped to stare at the 2 sexy girls.

   “I can’t believe I’m wearing this in public. ” Zoey said as she watched everybody staring at her. “Just look at all these people staring. You’d think they never saw a cheerleader before. ”

   “I know, isn’t it neat?” Nicole laughed. “I just love having all these cute boys lusting for me. ” Zoey wouldn’t admit it but it turned her on to have everybody staring at her.

   “Well you do look really hot Nicole. ” Michael said trying to act cool.

   “Do you really think so?” Nicole asked smiling as she noticed the lump in his pants.

   “Oh yea, I never knew how hot you are till I saw you tonight. ”

   “Well you look pretty impressive yourself. ” She grinned as she ran her hand over his crotch.

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   They sat at a table to eat and Chase and Zoey started talking about their day. She him how embarrassed she was to have to be Logan’s cheerleader and she told him that Lola was trying to get Logan to let them out of the next day. As Chase and Zoey were talking Nicole had her hand under the table rubbing Michael’s hard cock and he was rubbing her pussy through her panties.

   “I’ll talk to Logan maybe I can get him to let you off. ” Chase said as he stared at the girl of his dreams. He had wanted to fuck her since the first time he saw her.

   “Thanks, I’d appreciate that so much. I’ll owe you a big favor if you can get him to do it. ” She said as she smiled at him and put her hand on his thigh. “By the way how did your day with Coach Heller go?”

   Chase and Michael both started laughing and Chase said. “It went good we made him some sushi with a ‘special’ sauce. ”

   “Yea it was real creamy. ” Michael said and the boys nearly rolled out of their chairs they were laughing so hard.

   “I don’t  get it. ” Nicole said.

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   “Yea, what’s so funny? What was in the sauce?” Zoey asked.

   “Let’s just say it was high in protein. ” Chase laughed.

   Michael leaned over and whispered in Nicole’s ear what they had done. First she gasped, she was shocked that they would do such a thing, then she started laughing and she couldn’t stop.

   “That’s not fair, why did Michael tell Nicole but you won’t tell me?”

   “I don’t want to ruin your dinner and you might think we’re weird.

” Chase said as he stared at the ground. How could he tell the girl he loves that he and his best friend jerked off on the coach’s fish? Not to mention that Michael had actually sucked him off.

   “Come on, you can tell me anything. I mean we are best friends. ” Zoey pleaded squeezing his thigh. She thought she felt something bump against her hand but that couldn’t be her hand was half way down his thigh. She could feel her pussy getting wet as she wondered how it would be to have sex with Chase.

   “Sorry Zoey, I just can’t tell you. ”

   Nicole’s pussy was soaking wet from Michael rubbing it and from the thought of the coach eating the boy’s cum.

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   She looked at Zoey and said. “They jerked off and shot cum on the fish. ”

   Zoey felt her pussy twitch as she thought about the guys jerking off in front of each other. She had looked at porn on the net and she always liked gay porn the best. “Oh my god, you didn’t do that? Did you?”

   Chase was blushing as he said. “Yes we did. It was hilarious; he ate it and loved it. He said it was the best sushi he ever had. ”

   They all laughed and Zoey felt something against her hand again. This time she slid her hand up his thigh and squeezed. She heard Chase moan and his dick throb. She looked him in the eye and said. “Maybe we should continue this conversation somewhere more private. ”

   They walked hand in hand to the boys’ dorm so they could go to their hangout on the roof. As they walked by Chase and Michael’s room they thought they heard moaning coming from inside.

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   They all smiled as they thought of Lola and Logan. When they reached the roof Zoey threw her arms around Chase’s neck and pressed her lips tight to his. They kissed passionately as their tongues danced. Zoey wasn’t the sweet and pure virgin everybody thought she was. In fact she and her little brother Dustin had been having sex for almost a year. As they kissed Chase massaged Zoey’s small breasts. She lifted her arms so he could pull her top over her head. She looked at Nicole and Michael and was shocked to see Nicole on her knees with Michael’s pants around his ankles and his hard black cock in her mouth.

   She licked around the head then licked down to his heavy balls and sucked each one into her mouth. She looked in his eyes as she stroked his six and a half in. black cock and said. “I’ve always wanted to try a black guy. You taste so good and you’re so big. ”

   “Yea suck my black dick baby. Let me feel your lips stretched around this hard cock.



   As Nicole was sucking Michael, Chase had removed Zoey’s bra and her short cheerleader skirt. She was standing there in just her tiny bikini panties. His cock was so hard he thought it would rip his pants. Zoey pulled his shirt over his head and quickly licked his left nipple causing him to moan. She licked down his flat stomach and unfastened his pants and slid them and his boxers down his legs. As his boxers slid down his cock sprang up almost hitting her in the face. She gasped when she saw it and said. “HOLY SHIT! I’VE NEVER SEEN A DICK THIS BIG! Hey Nicole look at this monster. ”

   Nicole looked over and couldn’t believe what she saw. Not only was it long but it was really thick, Zoey couldn’t reach around it and she was stroking it with both hands. Michael led her to one of the chaise lounges that were on the roof and quickly removed her clothes. He sucked on her tiny hard nipples as his hand slid through the small patch of fine brown hair then he slid a finger along her slit. She was soaking wet and his finger slipped easily inside her. She moaned as he kissed his way lower. She grabbed his head and pulled his face against her crotch and she screamed as his tongue licked her clit.

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   “Oh yes eat me. Let me feel your tongue in my pussy. ”

   He held her lips open as he drove his tongue deep into her wet pussy. Her hips were bucking trying to make his tongue hit all her spots. He could hear her breathing getting faster and more labored and he new she was going to cum. He focused his attention on her clit and sucked it into his mouth then gently bit down on it. That was all she could take and her body stiffened as a massive orgasm swept over her. She held his head tight and screamed. “I’MMM CUMMING! OH MY GOD!” As her pussy released a flood of its sweet juice covering his face.

   Zoey had been stroking Chase’s monster cock as she watched Nicole cum. She leaned forward and licked the head sending a shiver down his spine. Chase knew he would cum way too soon with the love of his life licking his cock. He tried to think of other things and tried not to look down at her. Then he felt her lips wrap around his cock and slowly slide up and down. He looked down and saw her lips stretched tight around his shaft and that sent him over the edge.

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   She felt his cock jerk then her mouth was filled with his hot cum. She swallowed but he kept shooting load after load. She couldn’t keep up and she choked causing cum to shoot out of her nose just like milk when she laughed. She pulled her mouth from his huge cock and another shot hit her face then another and it dripped off her face onto her small tits. She finally caught her breath just as the last of his cum was oozing out of his cock so she slid it back in her mouth and swallowed.

   Nicole watched her friend being covered with cum and she pulled Michael between her legs and said. “Stick that black dick in me and fuck me till I can’t take anymore. ”

   Michael lined his cock up and pushed. Her pussy was so wt he slid in easily. He could feel her gripping him as he fucked her slowly making sure he was letting her feel all of his hard cock. She kissed him hard as he stretched her pussy. She was a virgin but she had broken her cherry with a hair brush last year. He fucked her faster as he felt the cum start its journey from his balls. “Nicole your pussy feels so good.

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   Fuck baby you’re gonna make me cum. ”

   “Oh yea, fuck me harder let me feel you shoot your cum up my hot pussy. ”

   Michael fucked faster and she lifted her ass to meet his strokes. He groaned as he slammed his cock into her one last time and he filled her with his huge load. She was bucking wildly as she felt the hot cum coating the walls of her pussy and she squeezed him tight as her own orgasm shook her body.


   Chase laid Zoey on the lounge and kissed her hard. He could taste his cum and he loved it. He licked her face clean then licked her tits. Zoey loved watching him clean up his cum and she squirmed as he fingered her wet cunt. She wanted to feel his huge cock stretch her young pussy. He licked lower bringing his mouth to the pussy of the girl he wanted more than anything. He licked her wet slit savoring the taste. His cock was still hard. It hadn’t softened at all. He crawled between her legs and looked her in the eyes and said.


   “I love you Zoey Brooks. ” 


   She moaned as she felt huge head of his cock spread her lips. He slid into her slowly a few inches at a time. He was only partially in when he pulled back then slid back into her. He did this over and over. He had finally gotten seven inches in her when she screamed and started cumming. “OH MY GOD! I’VE NEVER FELT ANYTHING LIKE THIS! FUCK ME CHASE!”

   He kept fucking her going deeper with each thrust. Then he pulled out of her causing her to moan. He grabbed her hips and flipped her over so she was on her knees. He slid back into her and she moaned as he went deeper. She wondered if she could take all of his ten inch cock. She was determined to try and she began rocking her hips back to meet his thrusts. Then she felt his pubic hair against her ass and his balls were hitting her clit as she took the last of him. She screamed again as she started to cum her pussy was gripping his cock like a glove and he fucked her faster.


   He grabbed her ass and fucked her as hard as he could then he slammed into her and groaned as shot after shot of thick cum filled her pussy.

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   When he finally finished he collapsed next to her and kissed her. They looked each other in the eye and said in unison. “I love you. ”

                                                          The End

  I hope you enjoyed this story any and all comments are welcome at lisa_7485@yahoo. com

























































































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