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This is about a woman thats been a loving wife and mother Samantha or Sam as we call her she not stunning but still a very attractive woman lovely body and legs still turn heads not bad for 42 year old
The store started over a year ago or I think so thats when I first noticed a change in Sam we had moved to a new house which need a lot of work doing on it, it was two houses made into one it was a little odd like we had two stairs a mane one then one at theback the loft had been made into a room in the roof but none of work finished off
We got a builder in to do the work which took quite some timehe came over to me as being a womans man chatting to Sam a lot and our thirteen old daughter
Anne our daughter was quite taken by the attention she was getting I was worried about that and told Sam to keep an eye on it
I was the one that got it wrong it was my wife I should of worried about I now know at the time it never crossed my minded
The first thing that came to mind was my wife got new underwear more sexy things but that at the time didn'tclick in my head or she was not as interested in sex I put that down to maybe age or some thing
I was doing jobs on the house myself by now but Sam was still getting our builder in to do things which I thought I could do it was only time I neededto do all of them I was at the time do most of my work in the loft space
We had vents in each room up stairs in the ceiling which where old heating vents of some sort years old I was sealing then off I had two to do one in our bedroomthe other in Anne's room
One day at this time I was driving to work and the dam car packed up and stopped on me I got it picked up to be fixed and they gave me a lift home, when I got home no one was at home Anne would be at school and Sam was out so I thought I will get some work done some of my D.I.Y out the way and was working in the roof area I had been up there a couple of hours and I heard vices talking I couldn't figure out where they where coming fromI listened they seemed to come from the vent in our bedroom which I had planed to close next
By laying on my tummy looking threw the vent I could see right into our bedroom and there was Sam a bit dressed up for this time of day I thought she was talking to some one I moved myself round a bit and could see Pat our builder sitting on the bed with her talking I could here most of what was said quite plainly he was asking when I would be home
As they chatted his hand was on Sam's leg she didn't push it away or move like I thought she wouldshe leaned over and kissed him which shocked me as they kissed they rolled back onto the bed still kissing Sam's skirt road up I could see stocking tops it was a passionate kiss with Pat more on top of Sam
I watched as his hand moved down toher leg he rubbed the inside of her thigh Sam's legs partednot a little but quite wide I could see her pussy she was offering it to him she had no pants on his hand move right up to her crouch his finger rubbed the top of her slit her clitoris was pocking out like it dose when she is horny Sam has a rather large clit which is quite longtwo fingers move down and slip right inside her she was wet
Sam is holding him tight now still kissing as he finger her pussy
I had to move away in shock and disbelieving what I am seeingmy mind seem dead I couldn't tell you how I felt really I was in shock I think but what worriedme I had a hard on like I never had the like of for years it was that stiff
I moved back to where they where both visible by now they where naked in a 69 with Sam on top sucking on what seemed like a big cock it looked larger than mine longer and fatter Sam must of climaxed they rolled apart
He moved round and between her legs which where bent at the knee and wide open her nipples where hard and stiff sticking out he moved closer she twitched a little as his cock end pushed in her and let out a gasp as it sunk in
He started slowly as her legs came round his back as he pumped her burying his dick right in balls deep each time
He seeded up moving faster she let out little cries and whimpers as he got faster her legs when up in the airas she took his pounding getting him as deep as she could
She started to pant and gasp I had never seen that when we make love her feet came back on the bed she lifted and arched her back and let out a very loud YES her face looked as it was in pain as she climaxed very loudly he must of cum at the same time he was in as far as he could get as she bucked under him they lay together for a time before he rolled off his sperm oozing out of her pussy
Then it hit me we don't use birth control there is no need I had the chop years ago and he dumped his load inside Sam I had to move away ones more I had shoot my lot in my pants by the time I looked back down he was mounting her again with Samon her knees they fucked for quite some time this time ending up with her on her back taken another load
When it was over they lay there chatting then to my surprise my daughter walked into the room with both of them naked on the bed she said hi Pat as it was an every day thing Sam looked and said it must be lateas Ann sat down next to them there is my wife spunk running out of her the man thats fucked her with a semi hard cock and Anne who is only fourteen talking to them Anne leans over and puts her hand round his cock given it a rub and said thats no good now at which they all laughed her mum said to late for that now your farther be home soon we got to get moving
Pat got up and started to dressAnne lay with her mother chatting I herd Sam say now this got you horny and kissed her full on the mouth as Sam hand went between her legs and said hell you are feels as it you ready as Anne lay back to let her mother finger her as Pat said come on you two he e home soon
I had to slip out the house

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