The Renters - part 1

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__The Renters__


Awhile back I answered a Craigslist post from a desperate lesbian couple that went like this:

>>My girlfriend and I are in a difficult situation. Both of us lost our jobs recently and are and received an evection notice this week. We’d desperately need a place to stay and store our things until we get back on our feet. We will try to pay with what ever we have. I am a very athletic build with shot blonde hair, my girlfriend is very feminine with long brown hair if you prefer someone more girly.   Please email this us back at **********<<

I was cautious about this post but I replied anyway. I explained I have an extra vacant room at my place and a garage to store their things. I am very civil and professional young male with a good paying job and a nice place. I suggested that we meet up an talk to see if I could help out with their situation.

It was summer time and very hot here in the Carolinas. I had suggested meeting in a public place like a coffee shop for our initial meeting. She told me that it would be just her meeting me at first. I told her that was okay.

Not sure what to expect. I dressed casually in some nice jeans and a form fitting t-shirt. I told her I’d be wearing a white tee and blue jeans and I’d have a surfing magazine lying on the table for her to identify who I was.

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   When she walked up I was pleasantly surprised. I had pictures more of a butch type girl with a masculine face. But she was had a pretty face slightly boyish. She kept her bleach blond hair in a short pixie cut that was very cute and suitable for her look. I could she had some shape to her toned body with small but round breasts that showed a peak of cleavage in her grey tank top, a firm butt, but oh my did she have some defined legs coming out of those track shorts she was wearing.

I gave a friendly smile as I pulled out the chair for her to sit down. She smiled back nervously. We exchanged brief greetings. Her name was Katherine, Kit for short.

We began to talk. I informed her what I had to offer and they could stay for a few weeks and if we got a long they could stay for more if needed. She nervously asked what I was expecting in return. “You of course, once a week I said mildly. ”

“Uhm. Ok.

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   But isn’t that a little often?“

If I like your girl, and you guys agree.

You can trade off weeks. But I’ll be paying all your electricity rent and food.

“Ok. ” She agreed it would be a good deal.

“Come,” I motioned toward my BMW, “I’ll show you the place, we’ll hangout for a bit and you can make a decision. ”

We drove over to my place. I showed her my house and property.

“You even have a pool?” She was a bit surprised.

“Yep. ” I replied matter-a-factly and continued the tour of the place. She admired the big bedroom and private bath.

I asked about her situation and how she got into it. She explained it was because of layoff and provided me here past work history to verify. I made a few phone calls for a background check and provided my information for her too.

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“How do you know we aren’t just secretly crazy?” she said half jokingly.

“I don’t,” I replied. “It’s a risk on my side. Just like you took a risk on your side. ”

She gave a half smile and said, “So why are you doing this? You seem like you’d have no trouble getting laid. ”

“Consistency. ” I said. “It’s a lot of trouble to get laid randomly. I’m not really boyfriend material either. ”

I rented a UHaul for them and went with her to pick up her girl and their stuff and I was even more surprised. Her girlfriend Laura was a beautiful lush wavy haired brunette with an amazing rack. She was defiantly not as athletic as Kit but has such soft curves and pale beautiful skin. She was quiet around me but occasionally broke out randomly thanking me for my help and saying they scored a good deal. I helped them move their belongings out of their place and into mine. Cooked a good dinner for them and took a shower preparing for bed.

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   As I headed down the hallway locking things up for the night, Kit stopped me. She was wearing just an oversized tshirt. Those gorgeous tan athletic legs were on full display.

“Uhm when would you like me to pay you?” I froze for a minute not sure what to say at that moment.

“Let’s not do it tonight. ” I said. I really didn’t want to spoil my prize by rushing into anything.

“Well, you moved all our stuff and you don’t expect anything right way?” She seemed surprised.

“I like to eat dessert on special occasions,” I explained. She smiled nervously understanding the statement.

I started to turn toward my bedroom. “On second thought, I’ll take a small down payment. ”  She looked at me waiting for what my request would be.

“I’d like a good night blowjob. You think you can manage that?”

“I guess.

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  ” she replied. I could hear nervousness in her voice. I motioned her to follow me to my bedroom.

I calmly began to disrobe. My cock was already half way hard. She eyed my naked body nervously and in wonder. Uhm… she reached out to touch my every stiffening member. You’re actually big… uh really big. I wasn’t extremely big. I had a bit over 7 inches and I wondered if she was just saying that to stroke my ego. But her hands were trembling and she was fumbling nervously with my cock. She knelt down and began to stroke it.

“This is my first time…” she was stuttering. “I-I’ve never done this before,” she blurted hastily. But before I could respond.

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   She licked the head of my cock it twitched slightly in her hand and I closed my eyes and tilted my head back as I felt her lips follow slowly wrapping around my shaft. I enjoyed it -more of the thrill of it being her first time than the blowjob itself. Honestly she wasn’t that great at it. It reminded me of my first blowjob in 8th grade.

“I’m going to lie down on the bed and let you continue,” I said moving over to the mattress and laying down. She continued but out of the corner of my eye I saw Laura peek in the doorway. This got me more excited as she watch her girlfriend sucking my cock. I couldn’t really see what her expression was but I began to wonder what she was thinking knowing she may end up getting a turn at performing the duty. I was getting really close to climaxing and I gently ran my finger though Kit short blond hair. She looked up at me. I want you to swallow all of it. She nodded timidly and began to deep throat me some more.

Within seconds grabbed her short hair firmly as my cock erupted in her mouth. I could tell she was having trouble swallowing all of it and she choked a little bit so I let go. Some come dribbled down her chin as she caught it and swallowed the last remaining bit.

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   She leaned down and licked my cock some more making sure her job was down. I smiled and said thank you as I started drifting to sleep. The last thing I remember was her girlfriend meeting her at the bedroom doorway, hugged her, and told her she did good before they headed down the hall. I smiled and dreamed of what more that was to come.

>>> End of Part 1

I hope you enjoyed this. Please like, comment or give constructive feed back. If I get a good reader response I’ll continue writing and posting.