I Am Sam


“…. And she called you impotent”, added Naina with a slight smile.

I gagged on my orangeade. “What the — ? How dare she talk about me?! Or for that matter my being potent or not? Who the fuck does she think she is huh?” I demanded furiously, orange juice dripping from my face.

“Wow, look at your face, you could fry an egg on it,” giggled Naina as she went to change into her home wear from the chiffon sari she was wearing.

I didn’t give a rat’s fart as to how red my face was. I was seething. As if I would’ve torn Sanjana Khanna apart if she were within reach.

“You two had a great laugh, I suppose,” I fumed, “Why the bloody hell did she call me that?”

“Well I told her you’ve had 13 girlfriends over the last two years, and she deduced that the reason no girl stuck to you was that you were — ”

“Brilliant!” I breathed hard.

Naina guessed I was pissed off, so she refrained from commenting and sat down with the day’s daily, turning to the glamour section as usual. I noticed that her breasts had become rather attractive by this time and wondered how many boyfriends she was juggling all at once.

Then again my thoughts turned to Sanjana Khanna. My sister’s gang had had the reputation (or disrepute) of being consisted of the most beautiful ladies in town. In my view, my sister was the most stunning girl I’d ever laid eyes on — till the day I glimpsed the new addition to the girl-gang — Sanjana Khanna, heiress to a vast fortune her goon father had amassed in too short a time. And from then on, my dreams had never been of anything other than intercourse with that bitch.

She of course had never seen me.

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   So on what grounds was she remarking on my sexual capabilities? Whatever be the reason behind my break-ups (the subject of much discussion among my sister and her buddies), I could rest assured that nothing was wrong with me.

Imagine my distress and turmoil. Fucking hell, the girl in my wet dreams had called me, Sameer Saxena, impotent!

The little I knew about Sanjana (apart from the bit mentioned earlier) was that she was with an advertising agency and was currently chilling out in our hometown, Mumbai — the city that never sleeps.

And that I wanted to fuck her brains out. Now even more than ever. Gotta show her who she’s called impotent.


“So where did you hang out with her?” I asked Naina casually.

“At her house. That’s only Bandra. She was bored you know, all alone in that hulk of a house,” replied Naina offhandly, folding her blouses that were in a pile resembling a mountain.

I grunted. “You still mad at us?” asked dear sis.

“Forget it,” I conceded.

And left from the room.

Sanjana hadn’t seen me yet.

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   That’s where I was one up. And hey, she was living alone. No shitty relatives.

With my to-die-for features, I was as sure as anything she’d fall for this ‘ajnabee’ hook, line and sinker.



Monsoon was in full swing. And it was late in the night. Naina knew I wasn’t to be expected till morning.

My car seemed to have a breakdown while I was driving down Bandra. The bloody vehicle began making wheezing noises and just wouldn’t start. Or maybe I didn’t try hard enough. See, I had an end to achieve.

Because the nameplate of the house, by which I was stalled bore ‘Sanjana Khanna’.

Knock, knock.

No response.

Ding dong!


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Open up, goddamnit.

I was almost on the verge of saying this aloud when the door opened and a figure stood before me. I started. It was the quickest thing I’d ever seen.

“Who is it?” A wary female voice. God, the voice itself was sexy as hell.

“Um…. Uh…. . may I come in, please?” I said in what I hoped was a supplicating voice. I was soaked to the skin.

“What do you want?” As direct as direct can get.

“Please…. Um, my car’s broken down and I need a roof. Desperately,” I muttered.

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   “It’s okay, I’m not an axe murderer. ”

The figure stepped aside so I could enter.

The lights went out.

What a stroke of luck!

Couldn’t even see her properly, bloody hell.

“Are you all right, mister?” Sanjana, at least I assumed, said.

“Yeah I’m okay. Could do with some light though,” I said aloud.

“Happens all the time this time around. I gonna get some candles,” she said and bumped straight into me.

“Oops I’m so sorry, er — ” she faltered.

“Sa — I mean, Raj,” I managed just in time. “I’ll help you get the candles, er — ”

“Sanajana, ” came the reply, “And I think it’s time we stopped exchanging words in this pitch dark. ”

I felt my way out of that room and followed the dark figure ahead in whatever light came through, to a second room.

As I stood like a fool, I heard the opening of something like a cabinet and a few seconds later, a match was lit. I started for the second time that night.

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   She stood much closer to me than I thought. Possibly it was the same with her, as I caught a small gasp before she hastened to light the candles.

And then…. There she was!

God DAMN, I felt quite winded. The first thing that came to my mind was that she was a typical desi beauty. As she stood contemplating me, her lips slightly parted, I could feel myself getting hard.

She was in a blue, see-through sari that was flowing wildly in the wind that blew in gusts. It clung to a body that made my mouth go dry. Her face was ravishing, now that I watched her to my heart’s content, her long dark hair flowing in the wind, some stray strands caressing her face. A short black blouse could hardly contain a pair of full, peaking breasts, the deep cleavage resembling a dark crevice in the quivering light. Her hands played together nervously in front of a sexy midriff, her waist curving in  a graceful arc from underneath her blouse to the bottom half of her sari. The pallu occasionally shifted in the breeze,and in those intervals my eyes couldn’t veer away from a deep, dark navel that adorned her beautiful tummy.

When I had recovered, I saw with a feeling of elation that her eyes were full of the same lust that I was feeling. This wasn’t completely unexpected, mark you, what with my rain-soaked shirt sticking to my chiselled torso and leaving nothing to imagination.


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   Uh,” I cleared my throat that felt jammed.

“Yeah, let’s go to the living room,” She too seemed to break out of a trance.

“Why, you need to change”, Sanjana observed once we were there.

As if you didn’t realize that already, bitch, I thought.

The girl was a plain nymphomaniac, the way she was wearing her sari way beneath her navel.

“No no, I’m absolutely fine,” I said in a deliberately unconvincing tone.

“Don’t be absurd Raj, you’re drenched! As a host it’s my duty to make sure you get all you need,” she said the last three words with extra emphasis.

As she said so, she actually leaned forward to feel my arm, slippery with water, and I just couldn’t help noticing those twin wonders of hers pushing downwards on the flimsy cloth of her blouse, the darkness of her cleavage more palpable than ever.

Oh, heavens above.

I could’ve cried out in exultation. The girl was effectively inviting me to ravish her. Keep calm, my boy, I told myself. Take it easy now. Don’t rush it.

“Well, if you insist,” I mock-sighed.

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   Then instinctively, I began unbuttoning my shirt before her.

I heard her gasp, much louder this time, as my rock-hard torso, with my rippling six-pack abs, came to her full view.

I looked up and caught her in the act of feasting my body with her eyes, and instinct guiding me, looked down immediately, as if abashed and embarrassed.

Sanjana seemed to realize her indiscretion and practically shot out of the room, her face in her hands.

Now then!

The ball was totally in my court. And I was sure ready to play it.

The main door creaked as I made to walk out. Heck, I’d totally forgotten how hard it’d been raining. If anything, it had got worse.

I felt a soft tug at my hand. Whirling around dramatically (I played out my part well), I saw it was (who else?) Sanjana.

“Don’t go Raj, please,” she half-sobbed.

“No. Let me go, Sanjana,” I made to wrench my hand away. But her hold tightened.

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   “Don’t leave me alone like this,” her voice became fiercer.

“I have got to go, you hear that?” I said firmly, and added, “Since the moment I saw you, my mind’s been full of…. Oh God help me, how on earth could I have imagined such things about you?” My voice broke off in a helpless croak.

“Oh Raj, tell me. Tell me what you’ve thought about me,” Sanjana said, as her body pressed closer to mine, “Tell me!”

Restraining from whooping in joy, I lifted my stare to look at her. I looked her in the eye now. “You’re so beautiful, Sanjana, you’ve no idea about the fire burning in me. I’ve only met you tonight, yet it feels as if I’ve known you since…. I dunno when…. ” My voice trailed off as I caressed her face with my fingers, moving down to her gorgeous lips, tracing them softly.

“Oh my God, Raj, don’t stop, for heaven’s sake…. I feel the same way Raj…. Take me, take me Raj…. ” She moaned as I pressed her to a blank stretch of wall.

Our lips were ever closer when I muttered, “But you don’t even know me, Sanjana.

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   What if I’m a mere burglar, about to ransack your house?”

“I don’t give a damn,” she muttered back and the next second, we were kissing as if it were the last moment of our existence…. Her soft lips were crushed by mine, but matched my passion all the same, our tongues were tasting each other ravenously, her teeth administering small bites on my lower lip…. I reached for her breasts and grabbed them on top of her blouse, fondled and squeezed them as hard as I could even as I sucked on her lips like a man possessed.

After what seemed like hours, we broke apart and I held her by her waist, my eyes burning into her lusty gaze. Her scarlet lipgloss was smattered all over her lips, but it only made her look hotter. “That was…. Heaven”, she murmured.

“No, it’s you who is heaven,” I said. Now I was removing the pallu of her sari, as the vast, flat, soft expanse of her midriff revealed itself to me. The candlelight threw her exquisite navel to sharp relief, and it resembled the entrance to an endless tunnel right in the middle of a snow-desert. I began to set her body on fire, my index finger sliding down her lovely neck, to the cleavage between those breasts, to her midriff, right down to her navel. At the same time I was getting so damned hard myself that it was quite an effort to keep my finger steady.

I reached her navel, and let my fingers trace out a circle round it, before my tongue started exploring it. I was licking her entire midriff, like a famished pauper, my left hand holding tight her waist, her moans ringing in my ears, egging me on….

“You have a lovely navel, you know that, girl? Anyone ever told you that before?” I mumbled as I kept on increasing her titillations while teasing her navel with my thumb, occasionally licking it.

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“Oh God, yeah, lick me…. Bite me, Raj,” she moaned in ecstasy. I wondered when on earth I should pull off the real shocker. After I’ve raped her, I decided.

Seamlessly I started to undo the hook at the back of her blouse. Her breasts, dying to break free, sprang out into my face.

They were flawless. I’d seen plenty of naked boobs to realize these made a godly pair. Full, round, high peaked and taut, they were begging to be ravished. Sanjana’s nipples were a lovely shade of red, and fully developed, with brown aureoles.

And ravish them I did. At my slightest touch, Sanjana let out a purr of ecstasy as her nipples hardened. Next, making her shriek with pleasure, I grasped both of them in my two fists, and began sucking them.

I did it with great care. I consider lovemaking an art.


   To rush something so intricate is nothing short of a criminal offence in my eyes.

Grabbing both her breasts together, I put my mouth on one of them, taking into my mouth as much of the fleshy mound as I could manage (I had no intention to gag on them, damn it. ).  Ignoring her writhing and her moans, I suckled on her nipple, slowly, my lips covering the entire area of her breast before closing on the nipple, and then sucking and tugging on it till it became brightly red and if possible, even more swollen….

I did the same with her other breast. It was pure ecstasy, making love to that heavenly bosom while my erection process reached its peak….

“Don’t stop. Please Raj, keep on sucking…. Show me you’re an animal,” Sanjana sobbed in ecstasy, her body arching backwards and forwards, her pelvis thrusting in the process.

I made wild noises in my throat as I fondled and suckled her breasts for God knows how long. I grabbed them so hard it was as if I wanted to rip them off her chest.

Then suddenly, I stood up and grabbed a fistful of her hair, drawing back her head. “Unnhh,” she let out a gasp of pain.

“Off with your sari, now!” I growled.

“Take it off, or I’m gonna rip off your clothes, I swear to God!”

“Do it.

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A minute later, a naked Sanjana dropped down on her knees, her face level with my throbbing penis, hard and erect.

“What are you waiting for?” I yelled. “Take it in your mouth!!”

I threw back my head in a throe of ecstasy as she sucked on my organ. Hell, she was a pro, a genius…. My cock was at least two inches inside her mouth, and that sensation burned me, I was like putty in her hands…. Me, Sameer Saxena, who considered himself the dominator over any girl he had an intercourse with…. But I had no qualms whatsoever in admitting that her cocksucking just blew my mind…. Her dexterity (her fingers squeezing my swollen testicles vigorously, sometimes increasing the tempo, and at times easing it) had me panting and grunting and uttering random words as I grabbed at her beautiful hair.

“Yeah, just like that, babe…. ”, “Oh God that’s fucking brilliant…. ”, “Awwhh, fucking shit!” were amongst other things that I was saying as she continued to suck on my erect, throbbing penis with the same passion, with which I had licked at her naked breasts. Pretty soon her fingers were slippery with the fluid that came oozing out of my cock.

As if hours later, she paused in her act, practically purring in ecstasy; this wasn’t a new thing to me at all, countless girls before her had looked at my still erect organ with the same loving, affectionate stare as she was that moment….

“Oh wow…. I’ve never seen a cock so beautiful as yours, Raj,” she said, holding it with her fingers wrapped around it, the tip of her tongue slowly sliding over the tip of my organ.

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“You’re so fucking beautiful…. Get up, Sanjana, stand before me. ” It was almost like an order to her, and I just relished that expression of anticipation  — half awe, half excitement as to how high I could take her in this sexual adventure — on her face as she obeyed me without a word.

The next few minutes saw her gasping and shrieking and swearing, as  I thrust repeatedly into her, my penis shattering her defences, as I came into her from behind, my fingers tightly grasping those heavy, taut breasts as if I were a drowning man clutching at a piece of wood….

Her fingers were grabing at my buttocks tightly, she was whimpering…. She had had no idea it was going to be this amazing…. And soon enough, I felt the onrushing gusher of semen flowing out like lava and I cried out to the Lord…. My cry was echoed by her, as she was wrapped around me now, and as orgasm after orgasm wracked her body, I spoke to her.

“You don’t find it odd?”

“God, Raj, don’t talk now…. Oh fuck…. Just keep fucking my pussy…. ”

“No listen, Sanjana,” I breathed into her face even as I fucked her to the floor, “You’ve got to listen!”

“Oh my God Raj, what?”

“It’s odd, eh,” I panted, my penis thrusting into her, “that I’m wearing a protection? I mean, what kind of a guy has got protection with him and just happens to meet with a sexy bitch like you and get to fuck her? A bit odd, don’t you think, Sanjana?”

She said nothing, just stared at me, her huge brown eyes fearful, her brain too slow to react to what I just said.

“What — ? I don’t — what are you talking about, Raj?”

I wrenched myself away from her with such force that she was thrown back against the wall, where she stood cowering.

“Listen to me carefully, you slut,” I breathed, my victory now assured, only the last stroke remaining to be played. “You know anyone named Naina? Huh? Do you?”

She couldn’t cope up; she was yearning for more, just as I expected.

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   “What the hell are you saying, Raj,” she sobbed, and then stretched out her arms. “Come fuck me, Raj…. Don’t leave me like this…. Make love to me…. Oh God this is killing me…. ”

In two steps I was within her reach. Making her squeal in pain, I grabbed her hair again, and said, “Killing you, huh? Listen to me, bitch. You know Naina?”

Now it hit her, as her eyes widened in horror, realization hitting her….

“You’re Sameer?” she gasped.

“Got there finally, huh? Funny, eh, that you’re begging to be fucked all night by someone who you called ‘impotent’ just days back?” I was spitting the words, taking time to say them, so that their full impact could hit Sanjana, who seemed to have lost the power of speech.

“If an impotent man does this to you, I wonder what state you’d be in after a potent guy has finished with you,” I continued, my voice dripping with sarcasm.

 “Please…. Please”, was all Sanjana could mutter, the bloody cocksucking slut.

I threw her away, and walkedout, feeling a job had been well done….

Her sobs were ringing in my ears….

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I was laughing like a complete maniac right now….

God, only if Naina had been here….

—     By KK

Disclaimer: This is purely a work of fiction. Any resemblance…. Blah blah blah.


P. S. My choice for Sameer in this story: Upen Patel. I know the guy can’t act for nuts, but has got the right body, looks and attitude.


For Sanjana: Celina Jaitly. NO ONE ELSE. If ever there was one I’d pay to have sex with, it’s this babe.

For Naina: Maybe Amrita Arora. Or Anjana Sukhani.

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