Sex with Mrs. Ricks for an A


Didn't study a lot in school and hated math. I did like my sexy math teacher Lydia Ricks though. Unlike my lanky frame, she was buxom. Pretty green eyes and auburn hair. She was in her mid-thirties. I was 14 and flunking math. Maybe because I fantasied about her. Maybe I was too busy doing the boys. Maybe just lazy. An A in everything else and I rarely studied.

On Wednesday afternoon, the sun was bright and I had blown my boyfriend in gym class. We had snuck away so I could give him some relaxation before a big test he had. I dreaded math class except seeing the teacher turned sex object to me. She was conservative. Always prim and proper. She wore skirts and blouses that tried not to reveal her sexy figure.

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   She was a little plump but girlfriends said their boyfriends all wanted to fuck her. She had bent over once and I saw her bushy pussy hiding in some pink satin panties.

She dropped me a note to see her after school. I knew what for--bad grades. Course I was still feeling the effects of my boyfriend cumming in my mouth earlier. I always wore short skirts and silky tops. Mom made me wear a bra. I was and still am only b-cup. Not a slutty dresser but liked to show my legs off. Didn't tan much but my legs had always been long.

I went into her cramped office. We chatted the usual things. How are you and stuff like that. Wasn't much for looking at breasts. That was a guy thing.

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   I liked how sweet she was to me. She sit bad in her chair and said, "You are going to flunk unless we get your grades up on the next test. "

"I know. I just hate math. Don't study much in any other class. "

"Have to study, Lauren. Don't you want to get into college?"

"Can you tutor me? Sure my parents will pay nicely. "

All the chat I looked into her eyes. It was a gaze. She knew my rep around school. I just always swallowed the proof.

"Okay, how about my house Saturday morning?" she said.

"Love too. What time?" I was excited.

I arrived at her small home about ten in the morning on Saturday.

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   It was cute. She had been recently divorced. No kids. Her husband was a cheater someone told me. She drove a cute little Honda. I drove but illegally. I gave my boyfriend a nice sex so he let me drive his car. She answered the door in the same prim and proper clothes. Disappointed she wasn't more casual.

We exchanged the usual hellos, how are yous, and stuff. I paid attention and gave her a check for tutoring. Just needed to actually do the work and she explained it well. Made some excuse to go to the bathroom. I explored her bedroom quickly and found she probably wasn't too sexual. It was crushing.

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   Could usually seduce anyone.

After studying, I asked, "Would you like to go to the beach?"

She looked puzzled. "I don't know. I was going to go to the mall. "

"Yeah, I have to get some stuff there too. Need some more unmentionables. I'll buy you lunch. Least I can do for straightening me out. "

"Suppose it would be alright. "

Making a long story short. We ate lunch and she went to the lingerie store with me. She looked uncomfortable. Told her I had a coupon for fifty percent off. She bought some more of those panties I saw and I paid for them. On the ride back to her house, she said, "You're too nice.

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   That was expensive. "

"If I keep you happy, I'll pass math with flying colors. "

"Your parents give you all that money?" she asked.

"Dad gives me a generous allowance. He's gone a lot so he lets me buy whatever I want with his American Express card. No worries, those will make you feel sexy. Satin always makes me feel sexy. "

We got back. She had loosened up some. Nervous with some deep breaths but loosened up. She thanked me for the clothes and lunch and we hugged and I kissed her. She said no. Can't do this. I told her I never kiss and tell. Said I'll leave if she wanted.

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   We kissed again. Soon we were in her bedroom.

We undressed quickly. I was kissing her deeply in her bed. Her boobs were full, her chest heaved and her skin was shuddering nervously. Unless I did something, she might change her mind. I slipped down and started licking her pussy lips and flicking her clit. She let out a loud moan.

"It's been so long," she said between moans.

I spread her like a flower and licked her clit softly and loving. She bucked her hips. Wanted more. I buried my face and sucked on her clit. A few minutes and she exploded. She squirted all over my face.

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   Never had seen that before. But, my tongue went back to work. An hour later and multiple orgasms she said, "Please. I can't cum anymore. "

I kissed her deeply. She kissed back. Then she was an animal. She turned me on my back and sucked on my hard nipples and tongued down to my pussy. I couldn't move. Didn't want to. She commented my pussy lips were pretty and so big. She licked me and tried to do what I did. I moved her head with my hand to the right place. Later she would tell me she never had been with a girl.

With my urging, she put two fingers in me and explored my inner folds.

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   I moaned loudly as she licked my clit. "Don't stop, Mrs. Ricks. " She didn't. I came hard and squirted for the first time. It was like peeing in an orgasm. I came a few more times in the next thirty minutes. Finally, we laid together.

"I think you need that. "

"I did. Your rep proceeds you. " she said. "You are definitely an ace at sex. "

"I love it. " Kissing her boobs.

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"Same time next Saturday?" she asked.

"Same time. Can we just study in here?"

She agreed. She taught me math, gave me an A, and I gave her a lot of lovemaking. She got married again the next year. I hooked her up with Mrs. Michaels. She was my therapist. All we did was fuck in therapy so not sure why I was there. Of course, that's a story for another time. Ask me for it. .