a walk in the park part 2 by jb

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The two girls got their heads together again and shortly after one of them left. One of the lads took a sock off and roughly shoved it inside me, the two lads then took turns in pissing inside me saturating the sock. The remaining girl removed the old panties and spat in my mouth slapping me and telling me to swallow. the sock was removed and replaced with my own panties. I was made to suck the sock which was heavy with sweat and piss. They told me I couldstop only when I pissedmyself. As much as I tried I couldn't do it. The girl remove the sock, squatted over me and pissed directly into my mouth. At this point my bladder loosened soaking my panties, these were yanked out of me and crammed into my mouth. The dog was licking at my cunt causing me to spasm, one of the boys pushing its nose into my wet fanny. The smell was turning the dog on but because of my position it couldn't get at my cunt so it started to hump my leg. The girl was looking out of the door, they're here she said and pulled the dog away.
In through the door walked the other girl followed by three of the old wino's who could be seen regularly drinking in the park. I was dragged by the hair into a kneeling position. Grubby fingers grabbed at my tits, another filthy hand grabbed at my cunt, long dirty nails forced inside me, At this point I felt my hands being freed, hope flooded through me, was my ordeal over. The hope was short lived however.

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   A thin nylon rope was wrapped around my throatabout four times then tied to a post leaving about four foot of slack. I heard the swish of a cane, then felt the burning agony as the cane connected with the top of my thighs. Tears welled up in my eyes as my hair was grabbed and i was shoved roughly against the post. Thetwo girls were stood with the wino's rubbing at their groins. I was told to treat the wino's like boyfriends. If I didn't I would be beaten with the canes and they would still have me anyway. My ankles were untied and my legs roughly kicked apart.
The first ofthe wino's approached me, hooking his arm around my neck, his mouth closingover mine, his mouth sour with the stench of stale booze as his tongue flicked onto mine. He grabbed my hand placing it on his cock, his head quickly dropping to my tits, tongue flicking over my nipples, mybody acting against My will as my nipples started to harden. As I started to undo his pants to release his ever hardening cock fingers were pushed roughly up my arse causing me to gasp. His pants were opened and my hand was inside feeling an above average cock and balls his pubic hair mattedand greasy. Fingers were deep inside my arse now, the third winoshoving his hand between my legs , grabbing my free hand and shoving it down his pants. Regardless of my revulsion I could feel my juices start to run again. The fingers were pulled from my arse and replaced by a cock, the fingers running through my hair. Two hands were now tearing at my cunt, fingers pulling at my pussy lips in their urgency to get inside.

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   From the back the cock continued to pound away inside me as he came the hot cum trickling down me he was replacedby another cock, then finally the third cock was pushed into my wet cunt slidingin with ease. as they were fucking me I saw the girls leaving with the dog. i knew if they came back it would not be with anything pleasant. Once the wino's had finished I was forced to my knees while they took turns at rubbing their rancid cocks and balls into my face. One of them dropped his pants and rubbed his arse in my face, twisting cruelly at my nipple forcing my mouth to open soI had to rim him.
My heart dropped as the two girlcame back carrying a couple of bags of shopping. My arms were grabbed again and tied roughly behind my back. . and I was thrown face down onto the floor. The girls grabbed a leg each and I was dragged across the rough floor, my tits and face taking the brunt of it. Tent pegs were hammered into the ground and I was staked out, For a while I was left in relative peace, just the odd tweak of a nippleor a couple of fingers inside my cunt. . One of the wino's decided to climb on top of me and help himself to a nice slow fuck, yet again my body responded my hips rising up to meet his thrusts, that all too familiar warm feeling flushing through my cunt. One of the girls now sat on my stomach, rubbing her foot in my face, telling me I could never leave, I was going to be kept here as there plaything. All my drinks would be made with piss, all my food chewed into a soft mush for me, they all gathered round me now with canes, I lay there dreading the beating that was coming.

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   Instead they started prodding at my cunt and arse trying to get the canes inside me. this was hurting like hell and they knew it and enjoyed it. Clothes pegs were attached to my nipples and my swollen and tender pussy lips. these were twisted and pulled reducing me to tears. The girls got a wino each and started to wank them off over me whilethe rest of them continued with the pegs delighting each time I flinched or squealed in pain.
Eventually the wino's came over my face and boobs. One of the girls started squirting washing up liquid onto the spunk while the other divested a wino of the grubbiest pair of underpants I've ever seen. The piss soaked clothing from earlier was rung out over my body. a generous amount of washing powderwas added I was then given a wash down with the underpants, particular attention being paid into pushing the vile mix into my mouth. .