"Its Late"

Erotic Novels

Its late, 12. 30 or so. Jess and Tab are spending the night with Mark and Kristy. Lisa is also away for the night, Owen is at work and doesn't’t need a lift home in the morning as he has plans for the day and won’t be home. As is my usual way I am in my office absorbed in my computer. You on the other hand are in the mood for some serious passion. Without me knowing you slip into our bedroom and start putting your plan into motion. You change into a sexy little top and some very skimpy little shorts. You take all the toys out of your drawer and tuck them under the pillows. The desire you already feel is so strong that you can feel a pulsing between your thighs. There is no way that I am going to say no tonight. Coming out of the bedroom you sense your own excitement. There is a dampness that you need to explore.

You walk to my door. Standing in the doorway, gently stroking the area where that desire is growing through your now wet shorts. ”Baby, I need your assistance” you say.

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   As I watch you, you can see my arousal. You enter the room not needing to say anything. You straddle one of my legs. You lean in and kiss me, passionately. While at the same time you begin a gentle grind against my leg. You thought you were going to control my reactions. But I have different ideas. I lift you up, gently, as if to lead you away. But as you turn toward the door I pull you back. You are back sitting on my leg. But now you are facing backwards. I place one arm around your waist and draw you close. My other hand slips into you top and finds one of your nipples. To my surprise it’s already so hard. As I roll it between my fingers you toss back your head onto my shoulder exposing your neck and your ear.

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   I quickly take this opportunity to nibble your neck which makes you moan. Then as my teeth gently find your ear I can feel you squirm.

You push your pelvis hard against my leg. And again, you start to grind while I still tease your nipples. My arm comes from around your waist and my hand caresses your hip and quickly finds your rhythm. I start to assist your movement. I can tell that you are aching. I guide your hand to the now soaking wet patch on your shorts. You decide to slip it inside and feel just how excited you are as your fingers find the spot you need touched. I feel your body tighten. I squeeze a little harder on your nipple and nibble more on your ear. Your grinding gets harder and faster. You run your other hand up my free thigh and find how excited I am.

You want to take control again, so quickly you stand up. You take my hand and lead me across the lounge to the bedroom.

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   As soon as we are in, you spin around and kiss me hard as you reach for the fastening of my pants. They fall to the floor and you lead me on again so that I step out of them. Then straight away you slip my shirt up over my head. You kiss me again and then step back. You put your hand on my chest and push me up against the wall. Taking two steps back you raise your hand signaling me not to move. I comply.

You start your show again. Touching yourself. Stroking, teasing. You slowly lift your top off. You pinch your nipples. Your eyes close as I watch you give in to your lust. Your hands slip down your sides and into the top of your pants. You push them down as far as you knees and again the stroking starts.

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   I can see your desire rising. You move so that the shorts fall to the floor. I watch as you taste all your fingers one by one. But now you are in the mood for something a bit different. You walk over to our bathroom door. As you open the door you say, “I have a surprise for you”.

Now that’s my part one. I hope it works for you the way yours do for me and here’s a hint to my Part 2
I have 2 options.
Option 1 is that I see the bathroom filled with candles and you have run a bubble bath.
Option 2 is that as you open the door you say “this is my girlfriend (insert her name here)
Now I wonder which option I should take.

Part 2 for you

The candles flicker in the night breeze. The scent from the bath is intoxicating. I lead you to the bath and help you in. I see your face in the glow and you look disappointed. I ask if anything is the matter but you say “No.

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  ” You reach for me but I stop you. “I’d like to wash you if that’s ok”. You nod, and I reach for the sponge. I start at your neck and move slowly down to your chest. You lean forward so I can rub your back. As I move toward your groin, you stop me. “I hear someone outside” you say. “Its one of the kids’ home” You go to get out but I stop you. “I’ll see. You’re wet”. I leave the room.

After a bit I return and let you know everything is fine. “Lay back, close your eyes and enjoy what’s to come” I say. You smile, give me a passionate kiss and lay back. My hand finds the sponge and I run water down your chest.

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   The splashing sounds hide the noise I hope you don’t hear. I can feel you relaxing as I sponge your stomach, groin, thigh, groin, stomach. I smile as he gets harder with each pass I make over him. You moan softly and move further into the bath.

You’re enjoying this more than you thought you would. As your arousal grows your aware that the sponge has not moved from him in a while, and you slowly open your eyes. What you see is another woman in the bathroom with us and she is kneeling behind me with a hand massaging my breast and the other between my thighs playing hide and seek with her fingers in my wet area of desire. You slip and slide in the bath splashing water and bubbles over us and onto the floor. It brings both her and me back from the brink and we both smile cheeky grins at you.

“Oh, didn't I mention Vicky was coming over to say hello”. “I wanted to make your first night home special and Vicky said she would love to help”. Your smile grew bigger and you reached for me. Thinking I’m going to get another kiss I move closer to you. But, instead of that kiss, you pull me into the tub. Water everywhere now and some still in the bath you position me on your lap.

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   You drive him deep into a very wet opening. With your hard member inside me you reach for Vicky.

She moves to you and you pinch her pierced nipple. Her moan reaches us and I help by pinching her other nipple. I start to pull on it and she has to move closer. I raise myself off your shaft and help Vicky into the bath. With the three of us in there the water reaches the lip of the tub. You’ve moved to make room. Vicky is between us. We are both pinching her nipples. I start to suck on one and my fingers find her opening. I drive them deep inside and feel the heat from it. Water is also inside and it mixes with her juices. Your mouth is over her other nipple and your hand is playing with her arse.

She moves for you to find her plumb and doesn't’t flinch when you slid a finger into it.

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   Your other hand finds my inner thigh and you trace it to the inner depths. Vicky has found your shaft and is gently stroking it. Your fingers probe her hole and, your lovers. Mine work inside Vicky. We are all building to a climax that might explode before we want it to. With considerable effort I get myself under control. I rise to get out of the tub and you lift your head away from Vicky's boob to see where I am. I motion for you to follow and I see the look on your face. You don’t want to move but stay there and enjoy. I kiss Vicky and whisper in her ear. She also looks at me the same way.

But she rises and hops out with me. She and I are standing with the glow of the candles on our wet bodies.
You rise and step out, reaching for a towel, but I stop you. I begin to lick the water from your fingers.

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   Vicky starts on your arm and soon we are moving over your entire body just licking the water from you. Your moans send a shooting pleasure through me. Both Vicky and I find ourselves at your growing shaft. We lick its entire length till it’s pulsating. I move to your balls while Vicky tends to your cock. Your legs start to tremble. Your knees start to go out from under you and you grab a handful of our hair to make us stop.

We lift our heads to look at you. “Its time for you two to show me what you can do for each other”. With cheeky grins, Vicky and I start to lick each other. We find droplets of water in all the right places. They are dripping off our nipples, down our bellies to our pussy's. And droplets gathering and running down our backs to the creases our arses. You watch us and hold your cock in your hand. Gently rubbing it.

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  ”I’ve got an idea” you say, and we both stop to hear it.

You ask me where the camera is and if the batteries are still fully charged. I nod yes and tell you where it is. Vicky starts to suck on my nipple again and I moan with longing. Is been a long time I think to myself since I have been with a woman and I still love how it feels. I pinch Vicky's nipples hard and they rise to the occasion. You come back into the bathroom with the video camera and start filming. Vicky and I are turned on by the camera pointed at us and we give it all we have. We lick, suck, finger, chew and spank. Our anticipations are mounting of what the rest of the night will bring. You have the camera trained on us and your mind is working overtime on the things you will have all of us doing with each other. All the while with the camera running.

Part. 3. Michael takes control

I follow the two of you from the bathroom to the bed where you push Vicky down.


   My eyes fixated on you enjoying each other for just a few minutes. The passion you both are displaying has you two at a fever pitch and it has me realizing that this could all be over before it can really get started. As the two of you writhe around on the bed exploring each other’s bodies, I find a position for the camera without taking my eyes of you for a second. I don’t want to miss any of this beautifully intimate action.

I realize again my most lustful desire is to watch two women sharing intense physical intimacy. We had pushed the TV into the bedroom earlier to watch your latest porn movie, so I thought the best way to get all the action was to plug the camera into one of the AV channels for the video so that we can all see what we are recording, as well as seeing it on the screen. As I become aware again of what you two are doing I realize that your pace has slowed a little. Did plugging the damn camera in make me lose what was happening or happened?But, no. You are both lying on your sides and your heads are buried between each other’s legs. Vicky's tongue is playing with your pierced clit, fucking it backward and forward and even from here I can see how erect your clitoris has become. You are probing her pussy with your tongue just as deep as you can, and, rubbing her piercing with a finger hard and fast. Then every so often you give one of her buttocks a nice firm spank. After which she repays your cute ass with a good hard slap of her own.

I can tell by the way you are together that this is not your first time with her. You have been together before but the passion between you shows me that it has been a while since you were last intimate.

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   I quickly come to the realization that you are showing me what Vicky likes and it excites me even more to see that Vicky is a lot like you. She responds to you more when you are rough with her. She squirms each time your fingers find a nipple and give it a hard squeeze and twist.

I hear her moan each time your tongue or one of your fingers probes at her arse. The way you are looking at me as I watch tells me that you are teaching me. But I also see another desire in your eyes. I can see that you want my help pleasuring Vicky. Without either of you losing your grip on each other you roll onto your back. Now Vicky is on top of you and it has given me a better view of your tongue at work and exposing Vicky’s ass and pussy to my view. You reach for my member which is throbbing from the show and pull him forcefully toward Vicky's pussy and your tongue. You move your hand to my balls cupping them and gripping my cock at the base, squeezing even more blood into the shaft. You guide my cock to Vicky's pussy.

Your tongue is pressing him towards her wet outer lips. And, with you being that close, you watch as my length disappears into her dark deep hole. In a second my cock is soaked in her juices and as I thrust in and out, your tongue is there to share in her juice along the length of my shaft.

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   After thrusting for a few moments, you grab the base of my cock and stop his motion. You slowly slide him out and with your other hand you guide my fingers to her pussy so that I can explore her wetness as you devour my cock. All the time she is working feverishly between your legs with her tongue and her teeth and I fear that you are about to explode.

I rub my spare hand down Vicky's back. It slips round to caress a breast firmly but gently. I pull her up to her knees and with her juice over my fingers take both her breasts in my hands and nibble on her neck. She can smell her scent on my fingers and she turns her head and kisses me passionately. I whisper in her ear and she nods excitedly. Quickly she lifts herself away from the two of us.

You sense her movement but you are engrossed on the taste of her juices on my cock still deep in your mouth. Vicky moved to the other end of the bed. She knows what I want to see and the idea has her very excited. She positions herself so that both hers and your pussy'sare pressed together and she slowly starts to grind herself into you. The sensation takes you by surprise. You lose your concentration and release my cock.

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I step off the bed and hearing both of you moaning I frantically search under the pillows for my weapons. Now it’s Vicky's and my turn to go to work on you. I find what I’m looking for. Your favorite two large and one small vibrator and bring them with me back to the end of the bed, where Vicky has you. I give one of the big ones to Vicky and she thrusts it quickly and fully, deep into your pussy and almost instantaneously goes back to pressing her clit against yours.

I have lubed up the small one and start to probe it into your butt. You are now feeling so uninhibited that you allow it to slip in with almost no resistance. I position my knee against your ass so that the vibrator is held in place. Turning the one large vibrator left, to its highest setting I start rubbing it in the area between both your legs that I can see. That just happens to be very close to your clits. The three of us have found a rhythm that is slowing bringing you to a climax.

Vicky is a clever girl though and she senses how close you are and she wants to cum at the same time. She moves a fraction away from you and pulls the large vibrator out of yours and her pussy's. Then, she guides the large vibrator I have between you around to her arse and shows me just how hard and fast to fuck her with it. Then in a deep wanton voice she tells me to use my tongue and teeth on your pussy.

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Not wanting to disappoint I do just as I am told. I felt like a contortionist. I have one hand holding the small vibrator inside your thigh cute ass. As my tongue tastes your juice and my teeth bite hard on your clit. While my other hand is fucking Vicky's arse with the large vibrator. And all this is happening while Vicky has inserted the vibrator that was in the both of you into her soaking wet pussy. And she is pounding it as hard as I’m fucking her arse. And you have the stimulation of the vibrator on high speed buried deep inside your tight hot cute arse.

I feel both of your bodies start to shudder as your orgasms become synchronized. I see from over your pelvis that both of you have grabbed at your nipples, and you are both squeezing and twisting them as hard as you can. Watching you baby pulling them that hard, it looks to me as if you are about to separate them from your tits. Then, at that moment your explosion started, and the magnitude of that is so intense that I see tears welling in your eyes and I hear you sobbing gently. Vickys breathing is more like panting.

You are both lying still, partially locked together and enjoying the heat and the pulsating feeling deep within your groin. As you slowly draw apart (after several minutes) you both remove and discard the vibrators.

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   You move up to Vicky and caress her lovingly. You kiss her tenderly and say “Thank you”. She says “You are most welcome and kisses you gently at first, but then much more passionately. While the two of you embrace and kiss I slide myself up to you and cuddle into you while my arm goes over you and behind Vicky to drawer us all closer.
Ok baby, your turn again. I hope this has stirred more than just your imagination.

Now I know you are going to call me a bastard but as I see it this story now has another two options.

Option 1. We cuddle for a while all of us catching our breath. Once we are recovered you and I dress Vicky. Give her a kiss and cuddle – thank her for making the night so special and wish her a safe trip home. We then set out enjoying time together.

Option 2. Now after that same long 3way embrace you ask me to get us all a drink. I agree.

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   While I am out of the room you and Vicky plan your next moves.
Remember the camera is still running.

Part4. Now, it’s my turn

The cuddle is wonderful. I’m pressed between you and Vicky. The warmth emanating from the both of you wraps around me like a cocoon. Our breathing has slowed to a gentle rhythm. I press against you and you pull us both closer. You nuzzle at my neck and I move just enough so my arse is teasing your cock that it becomes slightly erect again. I feel the muscle in your arm that’s over me move and I know that you’re squeezing and pinching Vickys nipple. She gives a soft moan and her hand reaches to find my pussy as my hand finds your cock.

I lift my leg enough for Vicky to finger my clit and for me to press your cock between the cheeks of my arse. Your cock hardens and throbs excitedly. Vickys fingers are feverishly playing with my engorged clit. With each squeeze and pinch you give Vickys nipple the harder your cock gets.

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   My desire to do it all over again heightens. Suddenly Vicky isn’t lying in front of me. We both sit up and ask “What’s the matter?” Her reply to that was unexpected “I loved being with you both tonight, but I have an early start with my kids in the morning and if I don’t go now I never will” She sees the disappointed looks on our faces. She smiles and says “You two need some time alone together”. “Besides, we can do this again soon”. “Just don’t turn the camera off. I want to see what you get up to”. With that we all laugh.

Vicky finds her clothes, and starts to dresses as I suggest a cool drink before she leaves, which she gratefully accepts. You tell me you’ll get the drinks. Vicky and I chat whilst she dresses, but before she has the chance to get her knickers pulled up I’m on my back with my head between her legs giving her clit and pussy one last long lick and suck.

You come back into the bedroom with glasses in hand and your cock comes to attention so quick you almost drop the drinks. “Thank god” you think to yourself looking from us to the video camera. It’s still recording and at the angle it’s positioned in, it’s a great viewing of my tongue darting in and out of Vickys pussy and with her bent over the top of me her arse is there to be seen too. We hadn’t heard you come in and I continue to eat Vicky out.

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   My fingers find my clit and I start to massage it. Vicky moans deeply and I know she is ready to cum again. My tongue flickers wildly over her clit and in her wet hole.

You so want to be with me in making Vicky cum but you stay fixed where you stand enjoying all you see. Soon Vicky is shuddering. She can’t hold it in any longer. She cums and I drink her juices that are flowing out of her pussy. I suck and lick till her hole is dry, till there is nothing left. She moves away and bends down to kiss me. It is only then that she sees you. She whispers to me that I have my work cut out. I raise my head to see you standing there. You face alight with desire at what you just witnessed and your cock visibly pulsating with hot blood racing though its entire length. Reluctantly I move and Vicky finishes dressing. We sit on the bed, chatting and sipping on the well deserved cool drinks.

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Our 3some video will be memorable. Vicky makes us promise that the camera will only be turned off when you and I are exhausted and can’t go on. We both promise her and with the drinks finished and the camera still recording we say “Goodnight” to a very special lady who has shared with us a special night. Our kisses and hugs finally over, we walk Vicky out to her car. I give her one last long passionate kiss and say “Thank you so much for being with us tonight”. She hugs me and replies “Wouldn’t have been anywhere else than here with you and Michael”.

With your strong arms around my waist, we wave as Vicky drives off. You turn me round in your arms. The moon is so bright that we look deep into each others eyes. We both see the love, passion and desire deep within. You take my mouth with yours tenderly and our tongues explore the warmth. The heat starts to rise. I can feel it coming from you penetrating my skin, seeping though to my inner core. Without our mouths separating, you lift me up, gently cradling me in your arms tenderly holding me against your powerful chest. I wrap my arms around your neck.

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   My hands move to feel your hair.

You feel my whole body shudder with desire that needs to be quenched. Our lips part and you whisper “I love you my darling”. I nestle deeper into you and whisper, “I love you with all my heart, body and soul”. A contented sigh escapes my lips and as we still have our special time awaiting us, we retrace the seeps we took in walking Vicky to her car. With me still in your arms, we climb the stairs, close the door and return to our bedroom where the aroma of our 3some still lingers in the air. We both breathe the erotic fragrance deep into our lungs. With that deep breath, our senses become aroused. I nibble at your neck, then to your ear. Your moan comes from deep within and I know that it is only moments away till we are exploring, experimenting, enticing, teasing, pleasuring, desiring, lusting, loving each other. Without the slightest hesitation you gently lay me on our bed. With a fluid movement you’re beside me.

Your gaze takes in my entire body. Your breathing becomes harder as you move closer to me. A nipple peeps out from beneath my silken robe.


   Your mouth moves to it, and you flick your tongue across it and it hardens. Your tongue traces round the areola. Your teeth nibble at my nipple. You close your mouth over it and suck it deep into your hot wet mouth. I arch my back with the pleasure it’s sending through my body. You know that sucking and biting my nipples hard sends erotic impulses to the very depth of my desire. My fingers run through your hair and I hold you to my breast and you bite harder till my moan is heard a loud.

And now, I turn the final part (or will it be) over to you my love. My juices have been flowing since reading your letter. And after writing this for us my g and pants are soaked through. The taste is sweet and my desire is to have you here with me now between my thighs drinking the love that is flowing from my very hot and pulsating hole. My body is awaiting all the pleasures you so want from it. It is yours to explore to the very core.

Part 5 So many options

I’ve been thinking about where we should go with our story and I am having difficulty deciding. So what I am going to do is give you a taste of 3 options and see which one appeals to you the most.

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Now remember when you left off we were lying on the bed, my mouth was round your nipple and I was sucking on it deeply and firmly nibbling it. Bringing soft moans from you as your desire rose again.

Option 1 Tender and Loving

I can feel you respond to the sucking and nibbling. Your body stretches and I take the opportunity to raise your arms above your head and undo the sash that holds your robe together. I part your robe exposing you to my desiring view, my mouth gently returns to your breast then without leaving your body I start tracing a course from one breast to the other, then down your belly to your hip, across your lower stomach, just above your pelvic bone to the other hip, and back up to your breast. Over and over I trace this route. Every second or third time as I cross from hip to hip I allow my tongue to travel a little lower, just touching the outer lips of that soft sweet pussy of yours, carefully though not to touch your piercing or the horny nib that it passes through. After many minutes of you allowing me to do this you softly say “Baby, I need that tongue between my legs, please”.

I slide myself off the bed and kneel on the floor. You spin 90 degrees so that you are across the bed. I place a pillow under your butt lifting it off the bed slightly. Your heals are on the edge of the bed, your knees in the air. As I kneel there I appreciate what I can see. You are completely exposed to my view. Your arse could be penetrated right there and then with my finger, a toy or my tongue.

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   Your pussy is wet and glistening. I can see across your belly up to your erect nipples. They also seem to be begging for attention.

Ok That’s Option 1. If you choose this one, keep the mood soft, tender and lovingly intimate.

Option2. Hot Hard and Horny

Your whole breast is in my mouth. You grasp my hair hard and press me against your chest, showing me your need. I latch onto your nipple with my teeth and bite down firmly. I hear your whisper, “Harder, bite harder”. As you feel my bite harden you lift my head stretching your nipple. I hear you sigh and I release my grip thinking that I am hurting you, but you force my head to the other breast. I suck it into my mouth and again bite hard on the nipple. Its as has as a rock. Your body is tensing.

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   I feel your hand shift on my head without releasing your grip on my hair, you are pushing me down.

In a deep husky lustful voice I hear your demand. “Eat my pussy”, “Lick it, suck it, bite it”. As my mouth touches the wetness you thrust up with your hips and push hard with your hands. I can feel you grinding with your hips trying to drive your pussy harder against my busy tongue and teeth. One of your hands releases and quickly finds my now erect throbbing cock. Again, your words are delivered as a command. “I want your cock in my mouth”. You are holding and pulling the base of my cock so hard I have to comply. You swallow me whole and press your teeth against my throbbing shaft. Your hand now free of my cock is on a mission to penetrate my arse. You press your index finger in to the second knuckle. As you start sliding your mouth along the length of my cock.

Ok, that’s Option 2: if you choose this one keep the mood hot hard and horny

Option 3. Its a woman’s prerogative.

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This option is exactly the same as Option 2 except that after just a minute or so I realise that you have stopped sucking my cock. I was so intent eating your beautiful sweet pussy, that it took a while to register. I move to see what’s going on and to my great shock Vicky is naked at the end of our bed and you are wildly licking and sucking at her dripping pussy again. I jump to my feet and come round behind Vicky. I guide her to lean over you and replace her mouth where mine just left. While she eats your pussy and you eat hers you grab my cock again and guide the head right up against Vickys soaking wet hole. Then you lick the entire length of my shaft.

Ok that’s the Option 3 twist. Vicky either changed her mind or came back because she was still fucking horny or the tow of you planned it while I was getting those cool drinks. And I’m sure you know what mood to use if you choose this option.

Alright, let’s see where I can take this one. Now which option will suit this story?? Well then, better get started and find out.

A deep moan escapes from your lips as I guide you cock ever so slightly into Vickys cunt. Just the head first as I still lick his length. I watch his head disappear into her dripping hole.

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   I can feel you thrusting further in but I still have the base of your cock in my grip and I squeeze hard. You stop thrusting and let me take control again. I torment you with only allowing his head inside her. I continue this for a few more minutes, then, I let him go a fraction further into her soaked cunt hole.

Vicky has stopped eating my pussy as she can feel the sensation of your rock hard cock just ever so minutely in her hot wet cunt and she tries to push back onto him and trap him within her pussy. I still have control over your cock and now I need to take control over Vicky. I take the head of your cock out of her completely and suck her juices off his head. As I do this, and with Vicky still trying to trap your cock in her I force my hand deep into her cunt and she screams with shock. Very slowly I release your cock from my grip and my mouth and now concentrate on Vickys pussy.

She is bent over the top of me and I manage to wiggle out. My hand is still thrust into her dripping cunt. I manage to kneel up and leaning towards her ear I whisper to her. “Now I am in charge here babe, and if I were you and I had your hand buried deep in my cunt I behave”. A soft moan came from her and it was mixed with tears. I knew I was hurting her but at that point I didn’t really care.

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   “I will take my whole hand out of that cunt of your only if you behave and let Michael do what he wants to you. ” The look on her face was enough to tell me she was going to be a good, but very dirty girl.

You have been watching me intently, not saying a word. You knew that look that was in my eyes and you were not sure if it was the one you wanted to see at that time. It had been a fun night but you knew what was setting me off and that was not what was supposed to be happening now. Standing quietly at the end of the bed you waited. That was all you could do. You could see my hand deep in Vickys swollen cunt and you so wanted to have your hard cock in there. But you waited.

After whispering quietly into Vicky’s ear I raised my head and looked deep into your eyes. I could see the look on your face and I knew what was going through your mind. A gentle thrust. A tiny turn. A soft moan from Vicky and my whole hand was out of her cunt. She didn’t move.

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   I wouldn’t let her move as I had a tight finger grip on her pierced nipple. With a twist and a tug I released her completely. Now you moved to her and cradled her in your arms. Her soft whimpers were all that were heard in the early morning. You stroked her gently and kissed her cheek. She nestled into you and turned her face to catch your mouth. That was all that was needed. You two were into it.

I moved away and watched the both of you from the corner of the room. You had no idea where I was and you didn’t care either. I stood in the dark and watched what was happening. The light from the roadway shone bright on the two of you. Every movement was illuminated. You both were intent on taking each other to higher limits.
Your hands are moving towards Vickys erect nipples.

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   Your fingers pinch and stretch them till a gasp escapes from Vickys lips. She throws her head back again and you find her hot mouth. Your tongue is feeling the warmth of her mouth. Your fingers, squeezing, pinching and pulling her nipples harder than before. Your cock is growing. It is engorged with the lustful desire you have for her. Or is it just her hot want to be fucked cunt that is causing it growth.

Vicky moves and manages to slip your cock between her arse cheeks. Your hands move down her belly and they find her clit and her hot wet hole. Her moves are deliberate. She wiggles her arse that it rubs your cock and with the slightest of jerks she has his head firmly at her brown cherry. That was it. You enter her arse hole with ease. Your fingers of one hand playing with her clit and the others have buried themselves deep in her soaking wet cunt.

Slowly but steadily Vicky takes your swollen cock deep in her arse.

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   Your fingers are working their magic on her cunt and she is riding your cock hard and fast. I watch as it slides in and out of her arse. I watch as your hand drips from the juice of her cunt. She is hot and horny. “Baby” she says, “Fuck my arse hard”, “Don't let me do all the work”. “And get that hand deeper into my cunt”, “I want her stretched so much”. Those words echoed in my ears and my mind. I wanted to stop it but it was a promise I had made to you. This was your first night home and I wanted it to be ultra special for you. Well I got that wish, and more.

Suddenly there was another voice in my head. “Oh god Rob, I need you”. Those were your words. They came from your mouth. Vicky was so intent riding your cock she didn’t realise your hands had moved from her cunt and that they were on her waist.

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   And your cock though still very hard, was slowly extracting itself from her arse hole.
You search the room and find me standing in the corner. You search my face and find my eyes. You look deeply and longingly into them and ask, “Why aren’t you here with me?” “Why are you standing in the corner watching?” “This is for you and me baby”. “Its for you first” I reply. “ I am here for when you want me”. You could hear the pain in my voice. You hold out your hands from round Vicky and your eyes tell me you want me.

Vicky, oblivious to what was happening round her suddenly screams out “I'm about to cum”. Well that was our key words. We smiled at each other and went to work as a couple on my slutty friend. You slide your cock out of Vicky stretched arse and lay her down on the bed. I climb up beside her. But before I can touch any part of her body, you take my hands and pull me close to you. “I want you, Rob”.


   “I need you and only you” you whisper in my ear. Your mouth finds mine and our kiss explodes. Your fingers find my aroused nipples and your cock it pushing into my belly. Then its down at my pelvis. Then my wanting pussy.

But I stop it from going any further. We feel movement on the bed and realise it Vicky first we need to make cum. And that was what I wanted to do with you. I watched her for just a second then knew what had to be done. I positioned myself over her head. She could smell my scent and her tongue was out of her mouth searching. I lowered myself down till the tip of her tongue was on my clit. I gyrated on the tip of her tongue and loved it. Her hands moved from her cunt to mine and with both hands stretched my pussy wide and drove her tongue deep into me.

I looked up at you and smiled.

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   That was all the confirmation you needed. A cheeky smile comes across your face. I look down at Vicky having her face fucked by my cunt and she is loving it. Her fingers are working in my wet hole. I keep watching and see her put both lots of fingers inside my cunt. I can feel her stretching it as wide as she can make it. I take my eyes off what she is doing and nod to you. That was the signal you were waiting for. Your cock had gone rock hard again from you watching what Vicky was doing to your woman's pussy. You reach for some baby oil and pour it over her arse. You love oil over my arse and get the same reaction from Vicky as you do me. She raises her arse up to you and her brown hole is level with your cock. You have an oiled arse right in front of you and then you look up as see me over Vicky face getting licked, fingered and eaten out.

You position Vickys arse just right. With oil on your hands you rub it into your cock and feel him pulsating in your own hands.

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   You grab the base of your cock and begin to penetrate Vickys arse slowly. His head disappears in her butt. Then inch by inch your cock it sucked into her arse. You start to thrust and with each thrust Vicky bites my clit and stretches my cunt hole wider and wider. Taking my eyes off Vicky for just a moment, I look at you and plead “Baby, fuck me please”. ”Fuck me hard” I beg to you.

“I will fuck you my horny little bitch, but, I want you to do something for me first” “What do you want me to do?” I ask. From out of now here a strap on appears in your hands. “Where did that come from?” I ask. A devilish gleam lights your eyes. “I have been saving this for the right moment, and baby the time is oh so right now. “But that means I have to get off Vickys face” was my down cast reply. You raise my chin and lock my eyes with yours. “No babe, it’s all going to work out just right”

I look down again at Vicky happily munching my pussy. I move slightly just to release her teeth from my clit.

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   Then I raise myself off her face but her hands are still buried deep in me. You see I’m having difficulties so you reach for her nipples and reef on them. That made her reaction instantaneous. Her hands dropped away from my cunt and went straight to her tits. I stand beside the bed and strap your new toy to me. It feels uncomfortable. “Must be how a male feels”? And that wasn’t expecting an answer. But I got a laugh. Now it on I look ridiculous, but you take my hand and lead me to your side at Vickys arse. Slowly you pull your cock out of her arse. She moans but doesn’t move. You pull her knees up that her heals are now resting on the edge of the bed. Her arse is in line with the strap on so you grab my hips and place me in front of you. Your cock is sticking in my arse cheeks and I wiggle. I get a slap on my cheek and I turn and look at you with trembling lips.

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“Baby, I want to help you fuck Vicky, please” you plead. I mouthed “I love you” and let you position me just right. You reach for the oil again but this time you pour it over her cunt that it runs down her arse and into her crack. Then you take my hand and pour oil onto it. “Now babe, rub it all over your cock”. That sounded so strange but I did as you asked. I could feel every single ridge along its length. And its length was amazing. A whole 10 inches, and that was going in her arse.

Then you said I was ready. You placed my hands on her cheeks. Slowly you helped me spread them wide. It was slippery so to get a better grip I dug my nails into her arse. We got a very long deep moan from Vicky. “She is a lot like you baby” you said.

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   “She loves it rough and nasty too”. Gaining confidence I started to push my cock into her arse. The head first, just to test if her arse would stretch to coverthe circumference of the fucking thing. Surprisingly Vicky moved so the head was dead centre with her hole. Then I pushed it in some more and about 4 inches was inside her. Her moans became pants and I really worried I was hurting her. But to my surprise she knelt up and thrusted her arse back onto the strap on and before I could do anything, it was embedded deep into her arse.

You gave my hips a squeeze and kissed my neck. “She wants it baby”. “ Just relax and let me guide you with the thrusting”, “It won’t take you long to get into a rhythm and fucking her by yourself. I relaxed and let you thrust my hips into her. Then came the long slow withdrawal out of her arse, carefully not to pull it the whole way out. I had to admit it felt amazing fucking someone else apart from Michael. But that is another story.

I was getting into the rhythm now, first in and out slowly.

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   Then to go deeper and harder. Up to harder and faster. Then back to a slow thrust. As I was doing this and having my nails dug into Vicky arse cheeks, you crouched down behind me and spread my arse cheeks wide. My tight little brown cherry was your desire. Your tongue gently and slowly licked her. Starting at my tail bone and finishing at my cunt hole which was dripping uncontrollably. You moaned deeply into my cunt. You love eating my pussy. And now I love you licking my brown cherry. I wanted more of it but I had to concentrate on fucking Vickys arse.

She was starting to thrust back harder and faster against my cock. Releasing one hand from her cheeks I pulled your hair. You stopped licking with your tongue at my arse. “Baby, you know how much I love you doing that but you want to help me with making Vicky explode?” With one last long slow and sensual lick you stood up beside me.

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   “What can I do to help?”you whisper. “I want Vicky with her feet on the floor, bending over the end of the bed with just really her head on the bed”. “Any why do you want that baby?” you ask. “Because my love, you are going to get on the floor between Vicky and me and you are going to lick her cunt and finger mine”.

A huge grin spread over your face. You liked my idea and a willing participant in doing just that. So with my help you got Vicky on her feet but it was difficult with the 10 inch strap on still buried deep in her arse. But we did it. Her head was now on the bed. You placed her hands on her nipples for her to squeeze, pinch and pull to her hearts content. As for us, we had her legs spread wide, with her rear end and her pussy to do with as we pleased.
Surprisingly the huge cock had not moved out of her arse. So with this in deep I motioned for you to go down and eat her out and finger my pussy. You disappeared between us and soon Vicky was moaning and squirming with erotic pleasure. And just when I got my thrusting to a maximum you slipped a finger into my wet cunt, then another into my wanting arse.

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   I thought I was going to explode right there on top of you. But I controlled that strong urge.

Together we made a good team and Vicky was the prize for winning. Her moans became pants. Her thrusting back onto my cock became harder and faster. Her cunt was like a running tap and you drank the very depths of her. “OH FUCK” she screamed. “I'm cumming. I'm cumming. Immmmmmmmm” And she collapsed on the floor on top of Michael. He didn’t have a chance. The huge cock had slipped out of her arse and hung down in front of me like it was spent. You poked your head round Vickys body and had the celebratory grin from ear to ear.
“Well baby”, “Do you think we made her explode like she has never done before?” I was proud of what we had accomplished with Vicky. But I wasn’t proud of what I had done or said to her earlier.

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   I hoped that she would forgive me for being such a nasty bitch to her. But as for Vicky she was still on the floor but sound asleep. I motioned for you to pick her up and lay her in the spare room. I may have been finished with Vicky, but I was definitely not finished with my baby. Michael was in for another surprise.