A Kiss

Erotic Poetry

It always starts out as a simple kiss Our tongues caressing, our breath coming out in a hiss Your fingers sending my heated body to the brink Thinking it’s a dream, I’m afraid to blink I can feel your swollen cock press against me My craving body oh so ready to pleaseYou lift my skirt up around my hips The palm of your hands rubbing my pussy in pure bliss I can feel the engorged head of your cock against my thighI beg and plead with you to fuck me before I die Lifting me slightly you fill me completely Your perfect cock now buried deep inside of me My hands on your shoulders, my legs around your waist My mouth begging for another taste Pulling your head down to mine Wishing for a frozen moment in time My pussy is stretch to the fullest to take all of you in How can pure pleasure be such sin Your eyes are glazed from the passion and lust No questions of love, no questions of trust Just two people enjoying the moment The sweet torment Fast and faster you are losing control Your touch so perfect you have captured my soulWrapping my fingers in your hair Your eyes I hold in a deep stare Tightening around you I start to release The world around me stops to cease Just this one moment in time is all there is Spilling inside of me, making me his