A Love Poem

Erotic Poetry

Stroking gently, fingers open Thighs that are soft, like words spoken. Parting with ease, fulfil my need Endless hunger, a cry is freed. The petals of my flower you spread Flames of burning passion are fed Like sensors your deft fingers seek To take me up to that high peak You take me up heaven’s door Mindless to cries I beg for more You lift me up, your kisses deep Then we are joined with one sweet sweep You lift me up, you soar with me Each stroke driving, to high degree With all the soft and loving care You choose a star, you take me there. Until the longing you have sowed Deep within begins to explode Your arms are wrapped tight around me As you hold my mindless body. You leave your final burst til then, You know it brings me on again. The rising tide on which we meet Brings us together, one complete. And drifting down like flakes of snow Our passion’s spent, our fire low You kiss my cheek, you’ll move soon behind me, our bodies spooned.