a night at the Vet - pt 4 of 4

Erotic Poetry


A few moments later his dick was within reach, I put my tongue out and the red tip ran across my out stretched tongue. It sent shivers right back to my over stretched pussy. I opened my mouth and let his penis inside. I felt the damn thing grow inside my partially closed mouth. It kept getting bigger and longer. At that moment I realized what an idiot I had been. His fur was near my mouth which meant that there was nowhere for his foot long dick to go but inside my throat. I don’t know how big he had gotten but my mouth was pretty full. A moment later he started humping my face. At first I was Ok, but then he trusted and I gagged. I relaxed and was Ok, but the same thing happened about every few thrusts. This was not being fun anymore. I pushed my head up into his chest and pushed and he took a few steps back. I was finally OK again and had about 6 inches in my mouth. I was getting face fucked by the Dane for a few minutes when I felt a wired feeling in my pussy and the next thing I felt was Shep’s ball coming lose from my pussy. It felt great for a moment, and then there was nothing.

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   I felt like my pussy was wide open. Suddenly I felt the rush of cum pouring down my thing.  
The Dane must have smelled it as he started pumping my mouth harder and again I was gagging. I moved my head to the side to get him out a little, but for some reason at the angle I was now at, I wasn’t choking and I could feel him way down my throat- now I had to concentrate on breathing.
Without notice I start to fart. But it wasn’t from my butt, it was from my pussy. It must have scared the Dane or something as he backed off of me. My legs where still a little frozen and I was able to crawl.   The Sheppard was now on the other side of the pen. I was still moving and the pussy farts wouldn’t stop. I was starting to laugh and was embarrassed.   The Dane finally came around my behind to check me out I guess. I was stupid again just for that one moment and didn’t move away from him. That was all it took, He was up behind and on top of me.
Just like the first time he mounted me I felt his wet dick sliding up my butt crack and again I hopped that he would just do that.

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   Of course he shifted and just like the last time he hit my butt hole. I figured I better shift and let him get it over with and try not to let him into my pussy too deep if I could help it. His next poke hit my butt hole again, but this time he didn’t retract, he trust right from there and a few inches went into my ass. I started to scream, “no, no, you can’t” but he could care less and I felt my butt tear a little as he started to pump me. More and more of him entered my dark hole and I tried to drop to my belly, but somehow that hurt where he was hitting inside me as I was dropping and I quickly moved back up.   I felt more and more of him enter my ass and then just started pounding me. After a couple of minutes of crying and screaming something wild happened. I start to pant, but it wasn’t from crying. I couldn’t figure it out.   I was getting horny again. I was starting to like the feeling. “how could this be possible” I asked myself. I never thought about anal sex as getting a girl off, just the guy. But I was feeling better and better, and for some reason, without my pussy even being touched, I was heading for  about my fifteenth  climax. As I started to get more excited I felt him going in even further, the lube from his dick sprinkling kept my hole wet and feeling good.

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   I sure wasn’t worried about his ball going inside my tight hole, but I was amazed when I felt it hit my hole. I ducked my head down to see how far up his shaft the ball had gone and gasped when I saw it hadn’t moved up yet- I had his entire dick inside me.   I guess the thought of that was all it took and I started to cum. It was different from cumming from my pussy or clit, it was actually more intense and I almost started to howl. I heard myself and stopped for a moment in fear that with all this dog sperm in me that I was becoming one.  
My fear soon ended and my climax continued as the Dane’s huge dick kept pumping my virgin ass. I few minutes later the ball was hitting my hole and he retraced a bit when that was happening. I was still cumming like crazy when I felt his load fill my ass. He was still pumping and all the cum made it feel even better and I got off one last climax before he pulled his long pole out of me.
Again I could not stand and I wondered if I would ever be able to walk again.   I moved along the floor on all fours and went over to the big Dane. He was cleaning off his dick, but a few moments later he stopped. I lied down next to him and put my head on his chest and fell a sleep.
I don’t know how long I was sleeping when I started dreaming of  a man who kept telling me to suck his cock. He kept saying it and then I awoke and realized it was not a dream.

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   I looked over my shoulder and there was the Vet. He was in jeans and tee shirt and he had his dick in his hand. His hand was stoking up and down his pole.   I tried to cover up, but there was noting around and the towel was dirty and wet.
“Hey pretty one; come over here and suck my cock and I will let you out. ” He said. It took me a second to realize where I was and remember what I had done.   “Why would I want to do that?” I asked.   Because from the look of the cum on your ass and legs you obviously are a little slut, and I could use a blow job. ” I just sat there watching him stroke his dick, it was big but nothing like the Dane’s.
“Would you rather I fucked you up the ass, like one of these dogs obviously did?” He asked next. I looked back and asked “Is it morning? Did my mom call you?”  He smiled and said “it’s about 1:00, I haven’t heard from your mom, but I wanted to see how you were doing. ” I noticed his words were being slurred and as I looked his eyes were glazed.   “You knew I was here all this time?” I asked. “Yes, I figured you could use sometime with your dog. 

   I went for a drink and met a nice or should I say a naughty girl, I forgot all about you till she left my place and I was getting into bed. I came over right away, but seeing you lying there naked with our red pussy lips and cum oozing out of your ass, got me all excited again.   So if you want me to let you out now, get back on your hands and knees and come suck me off, or I will leave and come back in the morning with your mother and catch you here in the pen with the dogs. The choice is yours. ” He explained.
I figured this day would never end if I didn’t do him, so I  crawled over, took his dick in my mouth for only a few minutes and he shot his load down my throat.   He did as he promised and let me out and brought me home, after he watched me shower in his office.