Erotic Poetry

1. Adolescent

This lusty vibrant young lad  for some reason came on to me during my vulnerable virgin puberty age with his gay awareness unlike any person I have ever encountered or expected to accommodate. My sissy kid looking profile and smaller penis seemed to turn him on. But I finally relented to his persistence of constant begging for me to kiss him. He could melt me with his ruddy sweet lips and wet gouging tongue. I was envious of his meaty gentiles that were fully blossomed into adult size during his adolescent age each time he’d undress in front of me and flourish his nudeness demanding my admiration for him, and I was ashamed to undress.   He had a smooth hypnotism vocal way of pleading for sexual favoritism unto my bung hole with dark glossy pleading dark bed room shadowy eyes that showed only lust. His gruesome penises was just shy of seven inches long and very white complexioned and a satin slick raw velvet colored head that was larger than the 2 wide breach of the blue veined shaft. He had a foreskin that kept the head covered until withdrawn making it very sensitive when inserted into my rubbery warm ass hole that he constantly wanted so badly to penetrate. So yes I did finally relent bashfully and scary unto his begging to allowing for his first time to do me. It actually felt so very good after the first stretch shock. That then I was later vulnerable and always willing and desiring his fucking my sensitive now yearning loosened wanton ass hole. He had extra large balls that hung way down in a hairless floppy sack that slapped against my balls as he slammed deep inside against my prostate that sometimes climaxed me. And always after his last climax he would urinate inside me so gushy warm. He could masturbate or whatever 3 times to a climax. I felt him climax 3 times several times from banging my bung hole and he could bang hard with force.

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   A couple times because I refused his sexual desires because I knew I was not clean inside I watched him masturbate up to 3 times and on the last climax he would stand there with his dick pulsating and jerking with spasms for a long period of time like he was stuck in a never ending climax.

I already knew how this felt when inside my colon cavity. He was just a little past adolescent age when he left town and I recall that his black tousle hair was not matched to his baby very pale rosy cheeked complexion face with those dark shadows under those bright eyes.

On the last night before he left town for good and no more to see, kiss or touch he came to me and I lay on my back for the first time ever with my legs up on his shoulders as he plunged into me unmerciful to do 2 climaxes while begging me to squeeze his taut  buttocks and pull at his heavy balls. I felt like a bitch in heat under his physical exertions of animal rutting sexual abuse rewarding my longing body to a heated climax.

When he withdrew from my weaken torso leaving me with my climaxed spent and limpid dribbling dick.

 I looked at his huge looming still stiff erect staff with the extra large head with semen gobs on the head ring lip that it dragged out of my bung hole. It looked so gruesome with white lava dribbling from it. I was then shocked at his new desire of slavery unto me. He wanted and demanded for the first time ever that I suck and I lick it clean for him. I felt revulsion at this raw velvety fat head and now still oozing clear liquid. I was hesitantly slow to secumber to his persistence demand and as I recall proceeding to engulf it for my first time to ever suck a dick with that aroma smell of come gobs all over it.

But like the old saying once you get past the smell you got it licked so then I greedily began to savor the morsel I so admired that he was imposing unto me. He kept saying go deeper and ever time it touched my throat I would gag somewhat but finally he forcefully gouged the rubbery staff down my throat and he held my head tight on it smothering me to almost suffocation until  I discovered I could slowly breathe through my nose. Then he ejected deep inside my throat and again the never ending climax began and I was forceful still held tightly by his hands upon my head and I swilled the gushy hot semen down into my gullet.

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   Breathing was slow through my nose and I was getting weak from this lack of oxygen and somewhat dizzy and my eyes were watering and lungs begging for air. Then the pulsing and continuing climaxing began to subside as he held my face tight on his gorgy jerking meaty root for a very long time until it started to dilate and become limber. As it limbered I kept swallowing on it. And it seemed to stretch deeper into my throat. Then I felt his final follow up of his gushing of hot foamy urine down my throat and it lolled it down automatically and felt my tummy glowing by being so full.

Then it came out dangling and my teary watering eyes were envious of how weak he looked and so collapsed all over and him breathless saying-WHEW! That was good.

I lay there breathing ghastly so weaken and spent as he started fingering my loose ass hole and I was enjoying the stretching by his fingers. Then without warning, WHAM! He drove his slim small palmed hand inside my loosen bung hole so fast I couldn’t put out any resistance and the over stretched spinster muscle ring sent shock waves through my system causing a near fainting that caused my legs to quiver and jerk and flounce around uncontrollable. He called me his slut and was enjoying my flouncing around on his wrist.

 I was begging for mercy as for him to hold his imbedded hand still till the shock wave subsided. But not him, he said that there was another opening he wanted to explore and put it deeper which didn’t cause pain in my gullet but then he probed his upturned finger tips pushing humps in my tummy near the navel. Actually I was terrified that I would be damaged inside. After a bit the spasms subsided and I then enjoyed the stretched intrusion to my rimmed out spinster muscle and then he jerked his palmed hand out causing another shock wave but less severe. I lay there so weak with my loose ass actually gurgling as it tried to recede to original size. It seemed to be having internal muscle spasms and I could feel air like it was wide open, I moaned pitifully and timidly told him that he had ruined my ass hole and he looked into it and laughed and said you’ll be OK.

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I said as how it felt so empty and hollow and I need something for it to grasp against to stop the twitching nerves because it was stretched so open and has nothing to grasp against and that it had felt better when his hand was in me. Please, please be gently and put your hand back in me.

He did, with no stretch shock to my system and I felt so merciful calmed by the tighten fulfilling of his hand inside me.

Then I pleaded for him to ease it out just a little at a time and he gradually  withdrew it so very slowly and as my muscles slowly came back together and then after this removable I felt tighter and calmed and I felt so domiciled pleased to know that I was his slave and he was my master.   But now that he is gone I so much wish for to be his slave again. I wish I could have been sucked off by him or could have put my one and one half wide by five and 7/8 dick up his red raunchy elastic forbidden ass hole that he had demanded and made me lick into several times saying pretend it’s a pussy as is actually the vision I used to accomplish the first time. Now I remember that my lustful devouring of his rear was my most favorable delight as was when I was kissing those taut buttocks and tongue cleaning out that aromas satin crevice and savoring the bitter tangy taste of the stretchy bung hole. That was what turned me on most of all and I felt enslaved by those swishy sexy buns. I actually had begged him several times to let me lick and suck at his sexy anus area. Also I confess that I enjoyed his macho humiliations upon me and that being gullible for humiliation turned me on during those acts for him. Now that he has departed from my hometown leaving the tasty remembrance of that throbbing morsel of dick portrayed on my mind and I now keep looking at several good looking lads and wondering how those dicks look or would taste in my mouth. And my non virgin anus sure could use some probing and stretching. Now I sure miss him and also hate him for making me enjoy being queer which I never dreamed would happen to me. Now girls don’t even turn me on because of him and his damn macho chemistry of attraction on me and how he taught me that my ass needs penetrations and my mouth desires man meat more than food… Damn him, because I know he will get someone else and I know I can’t because I don’t have his boldness and chemistry talent or sexy body.

I so much desire for someone to forcefully humiliate and take my vulnerable small sissy body, lay me and let me savor their kisses and devour their gentiles and tongue their aromas nasty        


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