At the sauna with 2 Taiwanese girls

Erotic Poetry

Iā€™m 40 years old and married to a 38-year-old wife. We life in Germany. I often use chatrooms on the internet. There I met two 20-years-old Taiwanese girls who study German language in Taiwan. They told me that they would go to my city in Germany to study at the university there for one year as exchange students. After the girls had arrived in Germany my wife and I took a bit care of them, invited them to our house on the weekends, made some trips with them etc.
Then in winter when it was cold and rainy we asked the two girls if they wanted to go with us to the sauna. First they didn't like because they felt too shy to be seen naked. In Germany in the saunas men and women are mixed in the same rooms and everybody is naked. But my wife could persuade them to go with us.
In the sauna there were not so many people on that day. We took our clothes off and all of us only wore a big towel around the body. We found a small free room in the sauna with a temperature of 70 degrees and some herbs in the air. We had to let our towels outside of that room and entered the room totally naked. It was a small room. My wife and I sat next to each other, the two Taiwanese girls opposite.

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Our knees touched each other. I looked at the two girls. The girl who sat opposite my wife (her name is Yi-fen) had middle-sized breasts that are a bit bigger than my wife breasts and a nice small bush of pubic hair. My wife is completely shaved down there. The other girl who sat opposite me (her name is Hsiang-yi) had very small breasts (nearly flat) but long nipples and a very thick bush of pubic hair. You must know that I really love small breasts, long nipples and thick bushs of pubic hair. So Hsiang-yi looked fantastic in my opinion. And my penis showed a reaction very soon: it began to grow. My cock stood in the air like a flagpole.
My wife saw it and instead of saying nothing about it she really said to the girls: "Look at him! He has gotten a hard on. " Of course both girls looked now with big eyes at my cock. And of course my cock even got harder. Yi-fen asked: "Why is it so hard now?" And my wife answered: "I know why. I guess it is because of Hsiang-yi's pubic hair. " Hsiang-yi blushed and I said to her: "Yes, she is right.

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   You really have a beautiful bush of pubic hair down there. It looks marvelous. " She blushed even more and tried to hide her pubic hair with her hands. But her eyes still looked at my penis. Yi-fen asked me: "How long will your penis be hard like that?"
I said that it depends on the situation and that it could be like that for a long time. My wife asked the girls if it was the first time they saw a hard cock. Both of them said yes. My wife asked them if they liked to touch it. Both girls looked very surprised at her. But my wife said again that they should use their chance to touch a cock and I also said that I would like it. Then Hsiang-yi (the girl opposite me with the small breasts and big bush) touched my hard cock with two fingers for 2 or 3 seconds. My wife said, "No, don't do it in that way. Do it like this. " and she took my cock in her hand, stroked it and pulled the foreskin down so that the head was free.
The girls looked with big eyes at that scene.

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   Then my wife said: "Now it's your turn!" Now Yi-fen (the girl opposite my wife) took my cock into her hand and also pulled the foreskin down. I nearly came immediately because of that exciting situation. But Yi-fen stopped after 1 minute and said to Hsiang-yi that she should do it now. Hsiang-yi took my cock into her hand and began to stroke it. Can you imagine how I felt? A beautiful 20-year old naked Taiwanese girl touching and fondling my cock while another naked 20-year old Taiwanese girl and my naked wife were watching. It only took a short moment and I came. I sprayed my sperm over Hsiang-yi's hand and many drops even reached her small breasts where the run down. It was such a great feeling! Later we sat together in a whirlpool. I sat between my wife and Yi-fen in the water. Hsiang-yi sat left of my wife. There was also another couple sitting in that pool.
The water was moving heavily. So nobody could see what happened under the water. Suddenly I felt Yi-fen's hand under water at my cock. She began to play with it.

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   And I went with my hand to her pubic hair and began to fondle her pussy and her clit. Suddenly I felt a second hand at my cock.
It was my wife. She smiled as she realized that Yi-fen's hand was also there. Yi-fen had much to do to hide her feelings while I fondled her clit. You remember that there also was another couple in that pool. I could feel how Yi-fen's pussy retracted and I knew that she was having an orgasm. After that we went to another small sauna room again. Again we were alone. My wife sat on my lap with her face in front of my face and put my cock into her pussy. So we fucked in front of Yi-fen and Hsiang-yi. I asked Hsiang-yi to come nearer and let me fondle her pussy with the nice bush of pubic hair. She didn't want. She was too shy.
But Yi-fen came nearer, put my hand and placed it on her pubic hair.

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   And while I fucked my wife (or better: she fucked me because she was sitting on my lap) I played with Yi-fen again down there. And I could see that Hsiang-yi was touching herself at the same time while watching us. It was the most erotic stay at a sauna I have ever had in my life. I hope we can do that again. And I hope to get a chance to touch also Hsiang-yi the next time. I never forget the feeling of her hand at my cock.