Brother and Sister

Erotic Poetry

Brother and Sister
Police and dogs, they all came, but they found nothing. Of course I was a person of interest, but they found nothing, only a backpack found several miles into another state. It is so fun to watch local law enforcement running around, looking for the lost.

I went to work a couple days latter; blaming high fever for my absence. Other than wearing more baggy close as I wait for my meal to go down, noting really changed much. The girl and I had little to do with each other on a regular basis, other than I was her teacher and neighbor, but who ever jumps to conclusion about a female teacher and a female student.

Its now early summer, and my meal has yet to go down but so far. I guess I couldn’t expect such a strong person to go down without a fight. Of course, she…if I can still call ‘it’ she…has stopped moving a long time ago, I’m still surprised there’s anything left. Of course, hunger hasn’t been a problem for months. It should be for years.

With summer in full swing, at least for the students, I’m out of work. There isn’t much to do anymore, and I stopped doing summer school years ago. I have often though about moving, but the selection here is nice. I look out my window and see waves of children playing in the street, or walking to their latest sports practice, or just laying around in the yard. I like this planet…so many choices, so many shapes, so much uniqueness.

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   What they call ethnicities…I call flavors.

Oddly enough, one that has wet my pallet isn’t all that far away, or all that different from my last…. Christina’s younger brother. Since his sister’s disappearance, he’s been very depressed, no longer the energetic child that he once was. He simply sits on the deck behind his house, mopping around. I don’t know why I didn’t mention him before, the two were practically stuck to one another whenever they had the chance. The boy should have graduated middle school by now, but I haven’t been paying that close attention to him. He looks much like his sister did, light brown hair that sits just above his shoulders, cream colored skin, and very toned. Unlike his sister, he doesn’t seem like an early bloomer from a masculine perspective.

Finally, one day, I find myself in my own backyard, just wondering around, tending to my plant, when I here a crash in a back alley way. I stand and move to my high fence, crack it open and look behind my home. That’s when I see him. He appears to be picking up trash from a tipped over can. I look to him, its such a shame to leave him alone.

“Justin is it?”I call out.

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The boy looks up at me in a way that makes him look just like his sister. It stirs me in a very familiar since.

“Yes?”He responds in his still very adolescent sounding voice.

“How about you come over for something to drink. ”

He shrugs.

Eventually, I have the boy on my couch sipping a glass of lemon aid. It seems to calm his nerves slightly. I sit in an easy chair across from him, look to him and respond,

“You miss your sister. ”

The boy nods his head yes.

“You two were very close. I could see how you would. I think I may know a way in which you can be with her again. ”

He looks up to me. “You do?Where is she?”

“How about this…I will do something for you, and you can do something for me. In the process I’m sure you will find what you are looking for.

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The boy thinks about it for a moment, then nods yes. I stand from my current location and place my wet glass on the table, I extend my hand to the boy. He thinks for a moment. He had always seemed to be more cautious than his sister.

“I’m sure your sister misses you. ”I say to him. Its enough to push him to take the chance. He places his glass on the table and I reach forward, pulling him up. I lead him up stairs and into my room, or my parlor if you will. He steps boldly forward, stopping only as I come behind him and close the door. Then I turn, look down to the young boy, I bend down and kiss him square on the lips, but he is not like his sister. He back off immediately.

“What are you doing?”

“Come on,”I say as I stand back up. You said you would do something for me first. ”

“Yeah, so?And what do you mean, aren’t you pregnant?”

“SOOO,”I say as I return his childish whine, ignoring the pregnant comment.

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   “Its been a long time since I’ve been with a man. Nothing personal, but you are old enough. Come on. Don’t you want to see your sister again?”

The boy eats it up…the part about his sister anyway.

“Yes. ”He responds in a meek tone.

I pull him forwards, and try to kiss him again, but as before I quickly realize he’s not that into it. So, I push him down towards the bed. I kneel down and unbuckle his belt, and pull down his pants. He still wears briefs. I smile at the site, then pulls down his briefs were I see his small, childish manhood. He’s uncut. There are few hairs to get in my way, and while I’ve like the occasional boy every once in a while, typically I would say he’s too young and throw him back.

I take his small, Penis into my mouth and begin suck on him. I continue the motion, licking it up and down.

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  I use one of me hands to play with his probably recently descendant balls. I begin massaging them. This starts his breathing deepening. I can hear a slight moaning in his throat. I then reach up, and take off his shirt, allowing his young chest to breath. I find myself quiet surprised by the definition of this young boys body. His is very much in shape, a decent physical specimen, but his lacks one of his sister’s better features. I can fix that. I push him down. I stand up and pull of my own cloths. I am as naked as he. I stares up at me, transfixed on my luscious body made richer by his sister’s nourishment. I bend over and look to his member once more. I take it in my mouth. Unlike before, where it seems as if he was fighting the sensation, now, his member rises and rises, and rises.

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  Before I know it, I’m having problems holding him my mouth. I back off for a moment, to gauge this item. Its over seven inches long and I don’t think he’s completely hard, and its thick. As I saw before, he’s uncut. I reach forward and pull down his foreskin and find its head, full of blood, and ready for service.

‘Just like his sister…very, very gifted. ’

I reach forward and begin sucking. The boy’s body twitches slightly as its obvious he is very tender to the touch. I feel safe to extend this, I want to play with him a little. I reach behind his scrotum and feel the entrance of his man hole. I push at its entry way. I immediately feel some resistance.

‘Good. ’

I reach my hand down to my crotch. I begin massaging it, massaging out my own, private member.

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  I make myself erect. I then stand from the bed, and grab the boys hips. He looks at me as if to say ‘what are you doing. ’I press myself up behind the boy and push myself in. There is no hesitation. I push directly into his body, ramming myself as far as I can go.

“Ughhhh!”He grunts, but does not scream. Mine is only a mimesis, a copy, a forgery I decided to have in case I realized that, one day, a new sex may be necessary for my disguise. As a result, its not as hard as a real males. Its more fleshy. Of course, this male, once he is mine, shall bluster this aspect of my body and allow me really be hard, just like his sister has made my body more rounded.

I try to fill him as best as possible. This sensation of being inside another is one I’ve never felt before. I’ve only had the young or dyeing, these siblings are the first fully living, fully health, full blooded human’s I have had since I arrived on this planet. It’s a shame though…I really liked them both.

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  I sort have grown to like these creatures, but this is survival…no…this is fun. I feel his insides, I feel the shape, and the curves of this orifice that was never designed for this purpose. It grabs me and tries to drain me, suck my own, false member. It begins to pump me out. I must keep enough thought to send to him what, and only what I want. I want him to join what his sister once had. I transfer over the necessary fluids. This will take. His sister had to come to an orgasm for my venom to effect her, and right now, with every thrust and gyration I make into this young boy, I can feel his sister’s remains bouncing around my insides providing me a sensation I have never felt before. I ejaculate what I need into him, and watch him change. This more familiar fluid is easily taken by his body, and not defended against, like my venom.

His chest balloons. He looks down to it, and gasps, but I jump on top of him, and take his now open mouth into my own. I reach forward and grabs his B-cup chest…its all I wish too spare for the moment. I massage his new members and he moans into my mouth uncontrollably.

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  He has no defense for this from this…this feeling of pleasure. I can feel his manhood below me pulsate, but I don’t want to miss this. I withdraw from him, bend down his crotch and suck on his member as much as possible until it voluntarily gives up everything I want. It fills my mouth with his seed, and the taste is like nothing I’ve ever had. I’ve had the tendency to prefer females for there ease of access and their innate stupidity, but now…this boy has introduced me to a flavor I had not known. Something that I had been afraid to try for the purpose of having to establish this ‘front. ’It is so wonderful…I only wish I could keep him around. But a promise is a promise.

As his erection dies, I look forward to the young boy’s face with is now blocked by his ample chest. He doesn’t look down at me. Instead, he looks up at the ceiling. I reach up, I want to see the look on his face before I devour him.

He is crying. His face and eyes are red. He is in distress.

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“What’s wrong?”I ask him. I’ve had my share of his species, but I’ve never had this reaction before.

“This is what you did to her…didn’t you?”He says looking at me in a pathetic way.

I smile, I’ve never had one figure me out, but…

Later in the week…

I sit in front of my computer. I type into an internet search bar: www. homes. com. While I really like this area, two that have gone missing may introduce more attention than I care. The police are around, and they are asking questions. Fortunately, my care is currently in Miami where I am check into a hotel. So I just remain quiet while I wait for them to disappear. So far, the new has figured that he has just vanished to try and look for his sister…they were so close, and now they are together. And by the time anyone expects anything different, they’ll just be two aspects of brown sludge on their way to the processing plant. And just think…I can still feel him moving.

Coldness…an odd coldness, that’s all he can describe it as.


  There appears to be no up, no down, just an empty space. The only since of time is the odd pulsating of some sort of all encompassing fluid that seems to surround everything in this world.

‘Were am I. ’He thinks to himself. ‘Maybe I can see. ’

He forces himself to recognize light, colors, and patterns. There is an odd sheen of light in the background. It provides an eerie glow. Inside, objects are distorted by a sort of pale liquid. Nothing is easily identifiable. Most objects appear to be worn out, dried up husks. There appears to be little sine of anything similar to life.

‘Where am I. I don’t want to be here. ’He thinks.

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He begins to realize his ability to look around. He begins to search visually, his mind realizing that there must be something that can be found, but not realizing what he is even looking for. Then finally, in the corner of the space, he finds a familiar object. It’s a young girl. She’s curled in a ball, and appears to be in some sort of stress. Ever so often, small bits of light seem to leave her body, and the girl seems to shrink in some manor that isn’t clear to him yet.

Quickly realizing this is what he is looking for, he begins to turn his focus to arriving at her location, only to find that is this will alone that allows him to travel threw this odd space. He arrives at the young girls location. He places his arms on her shoulders looks to her and instantly responds,

“Christina…Christina. ”

The young girl looks up to him. She looks nothing like she did when he last saw her, she looks younger, years younger.


“Justin…”the girl replies in a sad tone. “Why…why are you here…you shouldn’t be here. WHY ARE YOU HERE!”

“I came to find you.

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“No now your going to die!”The girl yells and begins crying. The rears immediately change to spots of light, and drift off into the distance. Then, small lights drift away from here, her own age seems to reverse slightly as well.

“What’s happening to you?Why are you…well shrinking?”He asks.

“She ate us!She’s digesting us!”

“Nothing’s happened to me. ”He says looking over himself. “We need to get out of here!”

“How?Were dead!”

“Were not!Come on!We’ll find a way out!”

“We will?”The girl asks.

“We will. ”

The boy embraces his sister.
“Ughhhh. ”

I roll over. My stomach aches with cramps…upset stomach I assume. I stand up from the bed, wonder over to the side, and without warning projectile vomit all over the place. I look up look towards the mess on the floor to find…

“What…how?”I say looking towards the two on the floor.

Both Justin and Christine lie on the floor, both covered in a mucus like fluid, both embracing each other.

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  Then, they break. Christina is younger, much younger that when she last saw her. She now about the age of her younger brother. The two look at each other, and their surroundings, and then too Ms. Harland. She sits on all fours looking over the edge of the bed, watching the two with a blank face.

“Wha…how…why…huh?”Ms. Harland starts.

Justin looks towards her, along with Christina. They instantly become infuriated. The two stand from their previous position and look towards the woman.

“Well, I’m guessing this won’t end well. ”

The two stands, and Christina starts,

“Why…I trusted you!”

“Well,” Ms. Harland starts as she sits back. “I am not from this world.

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  My planet is dead. Mainly from war, of course the supper nova that we were to busy fighting with each other to care about didn’t help. If you human’s think your about to destroy your planet, your nothing but a bunch of tree huggers, to barrow one of your own expressions. Of course, we have special dietary requirements. There’s only a few of us left now. Most went to the other side of the galaxy, but I decided to look threw our database and I found this place. The inhabitants were suppose to be rather primitive, not what I would call intelligent or developed. Of course, at that time, when one of our probes last came by, the most intelligent creatures on Earth was what is called a T-Rex. When I came here, your parents were probably not even born. I adopted your form with some of my equipment and I just integrated into your society. I figured that I could just feast off of your kind. Of course, I kept a low profile, feeding off of the unwanted, people far off in other parts of the world, its actually easy with my equipment. Then…I got use to your lifestyle, and the people, but I can’t stop eating. Your food doesn’t seem to hold me like…well, you do. I’ve been looking for alternatives, and I think I’ve found some, but well, old habits are hard to drop.

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  I had seen you, Christina, for years. You were everything that I had grown accustom to desiring in both a sexually and hunger. Then, your brother came over looking for you and, well. ”

“So…why shouldn’t we call the Air Force on you?”Justin replies angry.

“Well, you still need my help. It looks as if Christina has nourished me enough to hold me over till I can make my own substitute food. ”

“Well,”Christina looks herself over. “I look like I’m thirteen. ”

“You probably are. To be honest, I’ve only heard of what happened to you too, I’ve never actually seen it. Our digestive systems are different than yours. They extract an…an energy rather than the matter itself. So you two can send me packing to the nearest secret base in the desert if you want, but remember…I am still your best chance. ”

“How?”Christina asks.

“Look at you two.

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  You were always together before, now you don’t have four years separating you. I have technology, which I use on a regular basis, that can…allow people to think that’s how things always were. Of course, you can show up at your parents house as is, and well, be subject to all that questioning. But if you do…I’ll save you a jar at Area 51. ”The woman looks to the two with an all knowing smirk, before responding, “Besides, I think you two will make a nice set of twins. ”

Two months latter…
The twins enter into their new high school for the first time. The semi-popular set walk in with their friends talking and having fun. As before Christina wears her little skirts, longer than before of course, as now the school requires students to wear a uniform. The two move to their first class of high school, and take their seats up front in the class, and both prep for the arrival of the teacher. Then, after the early morning bell rings, the student watch shocked as the new teacher moves inside the room. She has a shapely body, and a decent sized chest, legs that has a natural sheen to them that one has to wonder if she’s wearing pantyhose. She wears a tight black skirt, a set of low cut heels, and a tight, white blouse that allows her bra outline to show threw. She steps into the room, looking at the overlooking the room as she presses her small book up against her ample bosom. She walks up to her desk as every eye in the room watches her, nearly all of them with an air of lust…two pairs in a ‘not you’ look on them.

She places her small book on the table, looks at the class too start,

“Well hello class, welcome to 9th grade Health and Human Sexuality.

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  I’m Susan Harland, I’ll be your teacher for the semester. Now, student’s this class is much more aggressive than the ones your use to, and as such, I have a permission slip for you to stay here. If you stay, you can expect to never look at your bodies in the same light again. ”She then winks at the two students sitting up front.

Christina and Justin look at each other, then back forward.

“To put it simply, if you stay, its going to be an interesting school year. ”

The End.