Called in Sick

Erotic Poetry

Call in sick
There she is. Always in her short little skirts, always with those legs shaven so smoothly than she looks like she’s always wearing a set of perfectly sheer nylons, that is when she’s not wearing them. Often I find myself playing, guess what’s she’s wearing while I sit dazed in class. Only I wish that I could focus more attention on her at times, but of course decorum does not allow that. I have had my eyes on this girl for ages it seems like. The first time I saw her was when her family moved in. This was the first time I realized just what type of girl she was going to be. She was ten then, yet already looked like a grown woman…without the bust; that, she grew into latter and I was able to watch ever last minute of it. I specially liked it when it turned out our rooms were facing each others, just a stroke of luck. Every so often, this beauty would leave her curtains open allowing me a watch that none existent bust of hers to grow to a full D-cup by my best estimation. That, combined with her long, naturally curly, light brown hair and her hazel eyes and that lovely, oh so naturally, unadorned cream colored skin makes me shiver every night I just think about her.

But for years, I’ve been able to hide my thoughts, and my inhibitions until finally one day she ended up in my class. That’s when things really got bad. That’s when I started to truly admire those legs of hers, that’s were I nearly confirmed that 42D cup size of hers when we had a girl’s only Health sessions in my class. Of course, now the beautiful ten year old is a voluptuous eighteen year old, a senior, and one of the favorite students of the staff. Very rarely does a day go by when a one of my contemporaries doesn’t comment on something that she’s done.

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  I myself often find me, playing with what God gave me to her image, replacing the girl’s I see in the few porno’s I have with her image.

After months of this, my hunger for her has grown and I had to have her. I wanted her, and I figured out how to get her.

“A C-. ”She nearly yells in shock. Its now after class, and her section has left, and I’m about to have my ‘bye’ hour when she comes up and talks about this latest test grade.

“Well I’m sorry Christina, but you didn’t do that well, I’m sort of surprised about this. I’ve also been grading your paper, and it too leaves much to be desired, specially from you. ”

I’m not lying, her work is normally in the high B low A range, but for some reason, she just crashed recently.

“Well, practice has been getting in the way…Ms. Harland, you have to let me make this up, I can’t fail health. ”

“Huh,”I scoff, “even with a few low grades, you are far from failing the class. Now…I can’t let you make up the test, you know my rules, but I will allow you…re-work your paper. ”

She nods yes.

I bend over and open my desk draw only for the realization that the papers are all at my house.

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  I sit back up look to her and say,

“Sorry, it looks like I took those home alrea…”before I can even finish the sentence, the girl yells,

“Well, can I come over and work on it?You’re just right next door. ”

It was something I hadn’t thought of…what do you think I said?

By four, the young girl ditched her cheerleading friends, and showed up at my front door. I crack it open to see her in her little, yellow cheerleading outfit, one that immediately causes a wet spot to form in my crotch.

“Come in Christina. ”I say as I let her in the door. I watch the tight butt of hers sway as she enters the house. I am really going to miss that sight.

She turns towards me and comments, “I was wondering, can you help me with it, I was having some problems with it. ”

“Problems?”I ask as I close the door, and head to my dinning room table where her paper sits. “With what?”

“Well…my parents say that…people shouldn’t really think about sex as being pleasurable…that its all about having children. ”

“Well, sex is all about having children. Its just that, that pleasure is an incentive for us to fallow threw. ”

“Well…I figured that…its just that…I’ve…”She pauses.

“You what?”

“I’ve…I know were suppose to be open about these things in class, but…I’ve never…even really dated a guy. I’ve always been to busy with extra-curriculars.

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“So, you feel as though you have no frame of reference?”

“Well, I guess, I mean, I ask my friends, and they’ve all had sex before. So they all know how to work there way around pleasure, I don’t. ”

“Have you ever masturbated?” ‘What…I am the health teacher after all?’

“Yes. ”She says with a bright red face. “But not often. ”

“Well it’s the same thing. You can use that as a frame of reference. But I don’t know what you are talking about…its just a research paper. ”

“I know…I know…but…I…”

Then, from nowhere I hear the words, “Would it help if I gave you a frame of reference. ”Shoot out of my mouth.

She looks to me with an innocent face, smiles and says, “Yes. ”

I have here.

“Well, then, let’s go upstairs. ”

I lead the young woman up to my bedroom, ensuring to close the blinds when we arrive. I then walk over to her and kiss her full on the lips, ensuring it is a deep, wet, long kiss.

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  She hesitates at first, then eagerly accepts the kiss. I move my left hand down to her crotch and begin feeling her smooth underside while my right hand moves around to her rear, feeling the oddly seductive feeling of her bra strap as it fights to hold all her flesh in place.

I rub my hand along her bottom side. I try to feel for a build up of wetness, but her little cheerleading brief is just too thick. I take my hands, move them both up to this silky undergarment’s sides and in one move, push down the bloomer. She then backs off.

“Ms…Ms…. ”She says out of breath… “I thought you were just going to give me one of your videos or something…not this. ”

I want her…I ache for her. My own area is nearly soaked with the anticipation of having her. Every part of me hungers, burns for her. I can’t let this go now.

“What’s the point. ”I start, realizing I must have made the mistake a few times of playing my videos right after seeing her change. After all, if her curtains were open, and I could see her clearly, she sure can see anything over here just fine.

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  “You feel as though you need a frame of reference. Well, the only real way to give you one…is too give you one. Come on, we’ve talked about lesbianism in our class. There are no children, nothing broken, just two girls exploring each other at their own pace. ”

The girl processes this for only a few seconds, then, she kicks off her little white shoes, pulls that brief down to the ground, and removes it. I catch a dark spot in the clothing item, a sign that I was much closer than I thought to getting her juices to leak threw. She then steps back up to me, puts her arms around me and kisses ME, full on the lips. We stay that way for a moment, rapped in each others arms before an internal sensation tells me its time to move on. I gently push this girl down on the bed. I undue the small button on the front of her pleated skirt and pull them off her young body. An intoxicating whiff enters the air, and as I look to her still hidden crotch I see a dark spot in her blue, satin panties that seems to have been soaked in a combination of some water and semen. I look up to her blushing face and comment,

“Have you cum already. ”

She shakes her head no, but its under duress…she was close. I decide to completely unclothe this morsel of human flesh. I remove her top and then her bra, revealing those fleshy globes I so always adorned from a far.

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  Even on her back, these perfectly tear dropped shaped mounds seem to hold their shape, standing proudly off of her chest. Then I move down to the area in which I’ve found the best…. all-around… stimulating, her vagina. I pull down her soaked panties and find her cunt drooling with fluid. This virgin child, who seems to even be reluctant to play with herself, is so hot and bothered because of its sheer innocence. A shame it must end tonight. With her panties gone, there is nothing to stop her smell from entering the room at full burn. She fills my nostrils and my body begins to grown for her, but I owe her this one chance. I move my body up her breast and take one of them in my mouth and sample the taste of her clear skin. I suck on her nipple, causing this girl to moan in wild ecstasy.

“Uh, Ahhhhh!”The sounds are so unlike this quiet girl who always seems so reserved, but she is a cheerleader, something she was forced into but still. I continue my assault on her body. My free hand moves to her other breast were her nipple has turned rock hard and supper sensitive. Just touching it causes her to buck wildly. I play with it only momentarily before moving my hand down to her crotch.

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  I wipe a finger across the surface, just glazing her clit and picking up her fluids. I then bring it around, but dare not lick it. Instead, I take it to her mouth and feed it to her. She eagerly sucks on her own taste,her own fluids…she enjoys it.

“Now you know why. ”I say to her.

I move down to her crotch and look at what I have waited so long for. I extend my tongue and tease my taste buds with her juices. The taste sends shivers down my spine. I try her again, only for the same result. I then stick my tongue into her perfectly formed, untouched lips and push as far into her as I can go.

“AHHHHHH!!!”She bucks violently, pushing my tongue out, but rewards me by expelling more of her fluids as she orgasms. I push my mouth up to this port and drink up her fluids, swallowing them down, realizing that this is the best part, the part I had been hoping for. It lasts a full half a minute, but the girl continues to shiver for another two.

I watch her, I let her enjoy the experience.

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  Then, when her eyes finally open and she looks down to me, she smiles at me kindly, as I do to her.

“I love you. ”
I say to her.
“I have waited for this for so long.
Good bye. ”
I extend my mouth beyond the limits that these humans are forced to deal with, and trap her midsection in my mouth. I suck down with all my might, trapping her in an awkward position, her legs forced up to her chest. She looks completely surprised and stunned. She tries to scream, but my venom has long since taken effect. I suck her down, inching that beautiful smile, that beautiful body into mine.
Finally, once her hair has disappeared into my mouth, I reseal my mouth to its human proportions.
I stand from my position, move and lie on the bed and prepare for her to reciprocate. I place my hand on the large bulge in my body, and feel as she wiggles and kicks and moves. I feel her trying to breath, I feel her heart beat, I feel her warmth. My body fills with ecstasy as I find it harder and harder to move, to think about anything else, anything at all.

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  I feel her as she gets weaker and her mass reduces.
After ten minutes, no movement.
She’s a quarter of her original mass, and all I can think is
‘I’m glad I called in sick. ’