Ellen D.

Erotic Poetry

Ellen Dobbins
 her cherry popping
 was a victory celebration
when there was no way in hell of stopping
 her christian defloration
Ellen Dobbins
I wound up robbing
a maiden of her treasure
when I had her on a mattress hopping
to the pounding of my measure
Ellen Dobbins
the girl had blossomed
into a blushing buxom youth
her boobs were big
her ass was awesome
and her braces still looked cute
Ellen Dobbins
my thing was throbbing
with excitement to get in her
and give a girl of god a rodding
and christen her a sinner
Ellen Dobbins
I guess I was stalking
a virgin looking for the chance
to send my lucky penis plopping
into her pristine pants
Ellen Dobbins
my heart was calling
me to take her innocence
and dare debauch the fresh faced darling
still young and blemishless
Ellen Dobbins
my goal was spotting
the perfect opportunity
to get to take what I was wanting:
her prized virginity
Ellen Dobbins
yes, I'd been plotting
inspired to act upon my urgings
to make history by forever blotting
her name from the book of virgins
Ellen Dobbins
while they all when shopping
I took her back to the Holiday Inn
found an unlocked room
and left those new sheets sopping
where I baptized her in sin
Ellen Dobbins
while her friends were stomping
around the tourist market
I was in a closed room pumping
my chosen teenaged target
Ellen Dobbins
she took my cocking
on a king-sized motel bed
her careful moral training mocking
when we left it stained and red
Ellen Dobbins
her tits were flopping
and her asshole felt my balls
when I banged her with relentless rocking
up against the motel wall
Ellen Dobbins
I had her propping
on a pile of fluffy pillows
as a genitals were joined and knocking
and her boobies bounced like jello
Ellen Dobbins
her head was bobbing
with her chin upon her chest
and the silver cross she wore was bopping
on her naked open breast
Ellen Dobbins
our dance was tossing
the sacred sign around her neck
as loudly you could hear the slopping
of the sounds of juicy sex
Ellen Dobbins
she took my whopping
with her legs stuck up and spread
you could hear the honey softly sobbing
when I broke her maidenhead
Ellen Dobbins
my sweat was dropping
onto her naked belly
as I gave the christian girl a focking
and filled her tummy with white jelly
Ellen Dobbins
I used her body
as if she were my wife
in a wanton out-of-wedlock party
that changed a churchgirl's life
Ellen Dobbins
you bet I'm chalking
her holy hymen up
and to this day she's still not talking
about the youth trip she got fucked
Ellen Dobbins
she's playing possum
and pretending it didn't happen
she's a saint in white robes
just like she never lost them
when she felt my scrotum slapping
Ellen Dobbins
these days she walking
around her christian college
where they would surely find it shocking
she's not strange to carnal knowledge
Ellen Dobbins
her brain is blocking
unwanted memories from youth
cause if it came out they'd all be gawking
how her halo's gone in truth
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