Exposing Myself

Erotic Poetry

Topic: Exposing Myself in PublicMy husband will go out of his way to check out women he sees in short skirts or that may be showing a little more breast than normal. On one occasion he just kept talking about this cute young thing that kept giving him great up-skirt shots at the mall. I finally asked him how he would feel if some guy kept following me around to look up my dress. I was somewhat shocked when he very bluntly asked me if I would do that for him, you know, wear a short skirt and give guys a free look while he watched their reactions. Well, I decided to teach him a lesson, so the next weekend I put on the shortest skirt I could find without any panties and took my husband shopping at the mall. Since I really had never knowingly let men see up my dress I was a bit unsure just how to go about doing this. My husband finally suggested that I go into a sporting goods store and find something on a lower shelf to look at. So before I had a chance to change my mind I went in and went to the section that had the golf equipment, two young men were in the same section and once I was sure they were checking me out I turned my back to them and bent over just a bit, as if I were looking at the items on the bottom. I felt a bit odd and I noticed that my husband seemed to be okay with these young guys looking at my pussy as I bent over. I didn't know for sure what to do so I left and went back into the main mall area. My husband actually thanked me for the show I had put on. I have to admit it did excite me a bit knowing that men were seeing me and that it was turning my husband on. I saw a bench facing a busy store and decided to sit and let my legs drift apart a bit. At first, when I knew someone was looking, I would turn my head away but soon found that it was turning me on when I looked right at the guy and moved my legs apart for him. My husband was really getting turned on and so was I. We decided to go to a western store and try on some boots.

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   I was really nervous when we walked into the store and looked around. I quickly sat down and crossed my legs. My husband went to where he could pretend to look at shoes and watch. I could feel the cool vinyl seat under my butt but fought the desire to pull the dress under me. The salesman was a little older than me, perhaps in his early thirties. He came back and proceeded to kneel right in front of me. My heart jumped as he did. The dress was pretty light so it fell across my legs preventing him from seeing up. There was this awkward nervousness in both our actions as I uncrossed my legs and stretched my leg out for him to measure my foot. His cool hands held my calf as he took the measurement. There was absolutely no way to do this without revealing myself to him.  When he came back he proceeded to slip the boot which spread my legs. Oh My God! I thought the guys eyes were going to pop out as he obviously caught a glimpse of my bare pussy. I have to admit that the reaction sent more than a couple of waves of excitement through me. I didn’t say a thing nor did he as I tried to act natural as I presented my other foot.

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   He was doubly nervous as he held my calf and did my left boot but did manage to get through it. Not a word was said. I think he was in shock. Well he finally finished and I walked around a little before telling him I’d take them. By then my pussy was quite swollen and was getting wet from my excitement. Any more arousal and I’d be leaving a spot on the seat as well as my dress. I let him take the boots off, feeling a little embarrassment for the guy as he tried to act natural despite looking at my swollen pussy lips and the tent in his pants. My husband saw the whole thing and was really excited. We decided the next time, a see-through top and maybe a bit shorter on the skirt. .