First Time

Erotic Poetry

The first time is cherished like a first kiss.First time we hold each other tightFor the first time my heart beats close to yours.Nervously we touch, caress, and laugh softly.exploring our naked bodies for the first time.Being able to experience my first time with youis the most precious reward I could ever receive.The most beautiful feeling ever is when you enter memaking me gasp as I hold on to you never wantingto let you go.My innocence washes away slowly whileyour body glides over mine.Together we learn about love and trust.Expressions of enjoyment fill your face.We smile capturing the beautiful moment thatcan only happen once in a lifetime.I shudder with delight as my first feeling of excitementescapes me. You close your eyes letting your love flow in me.I've experienced the sheer delight of becoming a woman to the man I love