Fun in the car

Erotic Poetry

This is a true story about me and my friends sister. it all started last year i was driven home from work when i had a text it was her she wanted pickin up from school. so i went to collect her see came out i never really noticed her b4 but wow she had a short skirt on the legs were great, he top had a few butoons at the top missin, she got in my car and as she did i saw she had no knickers on, my cock went hard as a rock i think she noticed. she leaned over me to talk to some one and started to rub my cock, then she said drive some were. so i started to drive to a place i know, as i was driven she was rubbin my cock i couldnt take much more. she pulled my cock out and sucked my cock, she was a born cock sucker. when i pulled up she was still suckin my cock and was goin to cummin she jus sucked faster and took every drop. then it was my turn i lifted her skirt up and licked that smooth pussy, for a 14 year old she new wat she was doin then she pulled me out my car and lifted her skirt up and begged me to fuck her over my car, my cock was hard again so i rubbed her pussy to get her wet and slid my cock in her young pussy we were funckin for wat seem like ages all she kept shoutin was fuck me fuck me thats all i could take i said i am goin cum cum in me she said. i cummed in