Good Night

Erotic Poetry

Stroking, caressing, kissingLicking, suckingThroat tickling. . . Tonsil choking. . . Mouth massageAm I stroking it okay, want me to apply more pressure, less pressure, go faster, or slower. Your wish is my command. . . . One hand or both, Or mouthMy warm moist mouth, deep suction. . . Massaging your balls. .

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  . Gently sucking on your balls now. One at a time at firstThem cover both between my lipsLicking and sucking, stroking youhmmmmHumming while your balls are in my mouth for that extra vibrationSurround you with my full sized breast, squeezing them over you, moving them up and down and licking the headAll while looking you in your eyesTaking you back in my mouthSucking hard and fastBring you close to that pointThen slow it up againSo you can get your breathing right. . . Get your heart beat close to normal beatingYou love itThen start all over again. Rubbing the pre-cum accross my lips. Before I take your head back in my lipsStroking myselfMy nipple and your head in my mouth, gently nibbling, licking suckingHow does that feelmmmmmmmmmmmmStick your balls back in my mouth, caressing you and stroking me. Climbing on, pussy muscles swallowing you inch by inch until you filled me completely. Ride or dieThen put you back in my mouth, i love the taste of my pussySucking you faster, more pressure, more suctionHumming and suckingSucking and hummingmmmmmmmmmmYour head smashing into my tonsils, I love it. Gagging a little but still taking it all in. Sweet honey spilling out of me, rubbing it all over you and take you back in my mouth again. Your eyes are closed, pulling my hair.   Controlling my head to the rhythm of your desire. Pushing my head deeper over you, taking you further and further into my throat.

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   Let me taste you.   Let me drink you. I want it all.   I promise I wont' waste a drop. Sticking my toy deep inside me, pushing you further into my mouthUntil you get that feeling deep in the pit of your stomach.   Your balls tighten upYou get harder, longer, wider, pulsing, pulsingYou are getting ready to explode.   I’m waiting to swallowSucking your balls with the rest of you at the same timeTaking you all in. . . Then slow down again. I want this feeling to last for you. . . . Nibble at your headYou want to release, but i won't let youI want you to hold on to this feeling a bit longerLicking up on the down side, down on the up sideLeft side up, right side down.

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    My lips are glisteningI rub some of my juice across my lips before finally taking you in my pressuremore suctionfasterPull my hairSlap my assYour head is smashing my tonsilsBut that’s okayThat’s what i wantThat’s my desireThat’s your desireExplode nowI want to taste youI want to swallow you upYou and what you have to offerDrink it down like water, or milkI’m so thirsty, pleaseFaster and fasterMore suctionDeeperAre you ready to let goAre you ready to give it to meI’m readymmmmmmmmmmGah dayyyuum, feeling like your floating on a cloudIt’s coming up now, You’re pulsating, your heart beat is racingYou need to release cause it’s about to drive you madmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmSwallowing. . . . . Once I’ve swallowed all you had to give to be, I still hold you in my mouthSlowly and gently suckling you back to the desired hardnessFeel you expanding in my mouthGrowingharderwiderlongerPull my hair, slap my assPush that toy deep inside meYour getting ready to explode againuuuuhhhhhhhh, there spent, satisfied, breathing heavyFall into a deep sleepWith you still tickling my tonsilsmmmmmmmmmmmmHow did it feel?Sweet dreams.